10 Best Budapest Hotels with Thermal Pools

Review of the best Budapest hotels with thermal springs

Budapest is a unique city in its own way. On the one hand, the capital of Hungary offers excellent opportunities for sightseeing trips and on the other hand you can also take advantage of thermal springs, of which there are as many as 130. A visit to Budapest allows you to combine a classic trip to Europe with a rest almost by the sea, thermal waters gush out of the ground all year round, the water temperature is about 70 º C, ie natural water has to be cooled in order to bathe in it. Budapest is even better than the sea.

Since March 7, 2022 Russian citizens can enter Hungary without restriction with a valid Schengen visa in spite of the Ukrainian crisis. It is no longer necessary to show a COVID 19 vaccination certificate or PCR test to anyone. Read more about covid restrictions in Budapest

What is the difference between hotels with spa and hotels with thermal pools?

There are a total of 5 hotels with thermal pools in Budapest. It is important to distinguish hotels with a spa, hotels with a pool, and hotels with thermal springs. In the ordinary spa hotels normal tap water is used, but in the five pearls of Budapest listed below water is taken from underground wells, it is highly mineralized water, used for spa treatment. Thermal water from Budapest springs can also be drunk after consulting your doctor.

I wrote a great comparative article – Budapest’s baths, which one to choose? It is quite natural that hotels with thermal springs are located near the most famous baths of the city, in close proximity to the sources of thermal water. Supply of mineralized water by pipes for a long distance is not possible, it will inevitably lose its properties. That is why it is transported on very short distances up to 1 km maximum.

The five Budapest hotels with thermal baths offer only two types of thermal water to choose from: from the Gellert Spring and from Margaret Island. The thermal water of Margaret Island compared to Gellert has a lower mineralization, contains calcium, magnesium, soda, with a low concentration of salt. The Gellert spring water contains sulfates and sodium fluorides in addition to the aforementioned components and feels more concentrated.

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Below is a list of all hotels with thermal pools:

In winter, it is especially nice to stay directly in a hotel with a thermal pool. After the treatment, you don’t have to dry off before you go outside, you can go to your room in your hotel robe. Hotels with thermal pools in Budapest, a much more budget-friendly solution compared to the spa hotels of the Hungarian capital. This is because the former focus on the therapeutic effects and the latter on pompousness.

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Danubius Hotel Helia, 4* hotel, modern building

Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia (agoda.com) (Danubius Helia) is not located in the heart of the city, but it is the second hotel after the Gellert for easy access to attractions. Metro station Dózsa György út is a 5-minute walk, to the Hungarian Parliament building a 30-minute walk in a straight line. There is a supermarket nearby and plenty of cafes around. The hotel is in a modern building on the banks of the Danube in a very green area. You can take the D11, D12 to the island Margaret or you can take a romantic boat trip to the center of town. The boats D11, D12 are part of the Budapest public transport network, all passes are valid but only on weekdays, on weekends you have to buy a separate ticket.

Danubius Hotel Helia - hotels with thermal pools

Danubius Hotel Helia

It offers a huge restaurant with excellent breakfasts and also a spa and fitness center with a gym and a schedule of group programs. The visits to the thermal pools are included in the room price. The thermal water in the pools comes from the neighboring island of Margaret. Bathrobes are provided and towels for the pools are available at reception.

  • 1 indoor swimming pool with a water temperature of 26-28 °C
  • 2 thermal pools, one with a temperature of 32-34°C and one with a temperature of 36-38°C
  • 1 pool with counter current
  • Russian steam room, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, solarium
  • sun terrace

Hotel advantages: excellent breakfast, live music in the lobby, great SPA complex, renovated rooms, use of thermal pools is included in the price.

Disadvantages of the hotel: have to use public transport or call a cab, the hotel is not located in the city center.

Ensana Thermal Margaret Health SPA Hotel, a 4 * hotel, a modern building on the island of Margaret

Ensana Thermal Margitsziget Health Spa Hotel (agoda.com) (formerly Danubius Margitsziget) is located on Margaret Island right above the spring. Previously, this hotel was called Danubius Thermal Margaret Island, now due to the reorganization of the network has changed the prefix “Danubius” (Danubius) to “Ensana”. The thermal spring was discovered on the island at the end of the 17th century, and in the 19th century a fashionable spa complex was built there, which perished during the storming of Budapest in 1945. Only in 1979 a new modern building was erected, the last reconstruction took place three years ago. As a result, the interiors were completely renovated.

Ensana Thermal Margaret Island - hotels with thermal pools

Ensana Thermal Margaret Island

Margaret Island is a true resort in the middle of a big city. Almost the entire area is occupied by a large park. Traffic is forbidden in most parts of the island, there are jogging and biking trails, you can explore the historic sites – the ruins of the Dominican monastery from the 13th century, climb the water tower of the XIX century and enjoy the view of the surroundings.

The spa complex offers services to holidaymakers:

  • 1 outdoor swimming pool with a water temperature of 27-28 °C
  • 1 open-air pool with a water temperature of 33-34 °C
  • 1 thermal water pool, temperature 37-38 °C
  • 1 therapeutic exercise pool, temperature 33-35 °C
  • 1 spinal traction pool (35-36 °C), by doctor’s order only
  • 1 Kneipp pool (contrast baths, first cold, then warm, very useful)
  • Solarium, sunbathing terrace, relaxation areas

It is a hotel not for sightseeing, but rather for rest or even treatment; breakfast and dinner are available. The hotel has a medical center, where they can prescribe a number of purely therapeutic procedures, electrophoresis, for example. Ensana Thermal Margaret Island is so good that you just do not want to leave it. Many clients come to rest and heal not for the first time.

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To communicate with the city center you need to use the bus number 26, it runs a limited time only from 7:00 to 21:00. Walk to the Hungarian Parliament is 3.5 km, about 45 minutes.

Advantages of the hotel: excellent breakfasts and dinners on request, great SPA complex, fresh repairs and furnishings, use of the SPA complex is included in the price.

We had a lot of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops in the area.

Ensana Grand Margaret Island, a 4 * hotel, an old building on Margaret Island

Ensana Grand Margaret Island (agoda.com) is located in close proximity to the previous Ensana Thermal Margaret Island option, as well as the neighbor it used to be owned by the Danubius chain, but has now moved to the Ensana chain. Both hotels use the same spa, i.e. all pools, bathing areas, changing rooms are common. The only difference is the room inventory.

Grand Margaret Island and the next modern block

The Grand Margaret Island to the left and the modern building next door

Ensana Grand Margaret Island is housed in a late 19th century building. The interiors of the rooms are in a vintage style. In fact, we can say that the hotel on the island has two buildings: one modern, one ancient. But vintage does not mean that the hotel needs renovation. It is kept in excellent condition.

The Aquincum Hotel Budapest, 4* hotel, the most remote from the center

The Aquincum Hotel Budapest (agoda.com) is located far from the center of Budapest but on the banks of the Danube with a great view of the river. If you take public transportation to the center, you will first have to take the train, then the streetcar, bus, or metro. Minimum cost of cab ride to the center is 15€. The restaurant offers excellent breakfasts. At check in take a deposit from the card 30 €, the deposit will be returned within a month, but the fault of such a long period is not the hotel, but the banks of Russia, which are allowed to remove the block from foreign operations in such time.

The Aquincum Hotel

Hotel building

The water in the thermal pools is supplied from the neighboring island of Margret, and many complain that it smells like chlorine or is diluted, perhaps it is being treated for transportation after all.

The spa complex offers services to holidaymakers:

  • 1 large swimming pool with a water temperature of 26ºC
  • 2 thermal pools with water temperature +38 º C
  • Jacuzzi
  • classical Finnish saunas (separate for men and women), steam bath, aromatherapy steam bath and infrared cabin
  • Fitness club

Spa treatments including massages, facials, body treatments and relaxing spa rituals at extra charge.

Advantages of the hotel: good spa complex, which is included in the price, decent restaurant.

Disadvantages of the hotel: previously hotel Aquincum had 5 *, over time, the crown on the side tilted, the situation is not as new as many would like to. The restaurant is expensive, in cafes nearby will feed for much less money.

What to choose?

If coming to Budapest for the first time, with sightseeing in mind, it is best to stay at Danubius Hotel Gellert or Danubius Hotel Helia. There are different reviews about rooms in Gellert hotel, it depends on the habits of the individual person, if you always stay only in 5* hotels, you will definitely not like it in Gellert, but if 3* hotels do not seem to be the hell, then Gellert is quite acceptable solution.

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Hotels on Margaret Island are more about healing and relaxation than sightseeing. People usually stay on the island for at least a week or two, to have time for treatment and take a look at the Hungarian capital at a leisurely pace.

The Aquincum Hotel Budapest is a compromise. If you want a hotel with pools but prefer a cheaper option and don’t mind taking public transportation, why not? Tourist agencies like to send to Aquincum, sometimes forgetting to specify that it is far from the center.

Danubius Hotel Gellert, a 4* hotel in the center near the metro

The hotel has been closed for renovations for several years.

Danubius Hotel Gellert (agoda.com) is the only hotel with thermal pools located in the city center near the metro station and bus and streetcar stops. The hotel was built in 1918 in the fashionable Art Nouveau style, a very beautiful historic building right on the Danube. The springs of thermal waters in this area were first mentioned in the chronicles of the 10th century in connection with the story of St. Ivan, who healed people by bathing and mud near the mountain Gellert.

Gellert thermal baths - hotels with thermal baths

The Gellert baths

Adjacent to the hotel is the world-famous baths “Gellert”, for hotel guests a 30% discount on entry, earlier the first visit to the baths was free for guests, subsequent ones had a discount of 50%. But alas, that is a thing of the past. It is possible to book massages, spa treatments, beauty treatments. The hotel guests are provided with bathrobes, you do not need to go outside to go to the baths. The Gellert baths are considered the number 2 baths in Budapest after the Széchenyi baths, but there is no hotel there. In winter, the Gellert baths can be considered number one.

At the Gellert baths you will find:

  • 4 pools with thermal water of 36-38 ° C (indoors)
  • 2 post-sauna refreshment pools with 19 °С water temperature (indoors)
  • 1 whirlpool with a water temperature of 26 (indoors)
  • 1 massaging pool with water temperature 36 (outside)
  • 1 indoor sitting pool with water temperature 26
  • 1 Wave pool with a water temperature of 28° (outside).

The wave pool is open only in summer, as well as the sunbathing terrace around the pools and on the roof of the building. Swimming caps will be required for some of the pools, and are available for rent at the reception.

The hotel has a very good restaurant. On Sundays, brunches are held from 12 to 3 p.m., famous all over the city.

Advantages of the hotel: convenient location for sightseeing of the city, access to the baths without going outside, a great restaurant with an equally great breakfast.

Disadvantages of the hotel: the hotel needs renovation, some rooms are very Soviet interior.

If you have ever stayed in one of these hotels, don’t be lazy to share your impressions, what did you like, what caused negative emotions?

Where is the best place to stay in Budapest for a tourist to see the city – a complete overview of the districts with selections of hotels in each of them, the answer to the question, where is better in Buda or Pest, what is the center of Budapest and where is it located.

thermal hotels in Budapest

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Thermal Spring Hotels in Budapest

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Best spa hotels in Budapest with thermal pools and baths

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Budapest hotels with thermal pools are a great way to not only save money on bathing trips, but also to combine business with pleasure! On the one hand, these hotels give their guests the right to visit the thermal baths for free. On the other hand, you also stay in a great hotel, because all thermal hotels in Budapest have at least four stars.

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In this article, we will tell you about all the hotels with baths in Budapest, and you can choose for yourself the best of them.

Budapest spa hotels with thermal pools: affordable luxury

Hungary is a country not only of thermal spas, but also of budget holidays. Therefore, even the wonderful Budapest hotels with thermal pools offer its guests quite reasonable prices. And what else do you need for a great trip? Come back in the evening after a walk through the beautiful city, lie down in a thermal bath and forget about the world… Beautiful!

In our article you will find not only a story about the thermal hotels of Budapest and their photos, but also links to the pages of these hotels on Bucking. There you can see even more photos and read tourist reviews, as well as find out the prices for the dates you are interested and book a room.

Ensana Thermal Margaret Island: on an island in the middle of the forest

Booking.com rating: 8.6 out of 10

This lovely four-star hotel is located on Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube. Not far from the city center, and at the same time around – the river, greenery, beauty! By the way, about greenery and beauty: the hotel has a huge territory, on which grows its own forest, which is more than a hundred years old.

Car traffic is forbidden on the island (except for cabs and rare buses), the air is clean, so in combination with its own spa complex this hotel is what the doctor prescribed.

Without further ado, the Ensana Thermal Margaret Island Hotel in Budapest calls its spa complex one of the best in Europe, and it’s not far from the truth. Thermal pools and saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpool and fitness center, salt cave and aromatherapy: your body will repeatedly say “Thank you!”

And your wallet will agree with it: for such a luxurious hotel, the prices here are very even humane.

Thermal Margaret Island hotels in Budapest.

Best thermal hotels in Budapest: Ensana Thermal Margaret Island was built more than a hundred years ago on the site of an ancient bath.

Ensana Grand Margaret Island: soulful and Russian

Booking.com rating: 8.5

This hotel, like Ensana Thermal Margaret Island, is located on Margaret Island. What’s more, these Budapest thermal hotels are part of the same chain and share the same spa complex: the same one, one of the best in Europe.

The area around the hotel is a beautiful park with squirrels and hedgehogs, and the building itself is a real architectural masterpiece of the second half of the XIX century, almost all of its rooms have a view of the Danube or a beautiful garden.

The hotel has Russian speaking staff. Many clients come to the Ensana Grand Margaret Island Hotel in Budapest year after year, and you can understand them!

Hotels with thermal baths in Budapest. Pictured: Ensana Grand Margaret Island.

The best spa hotels in Budapest with Ensana Grand Margaret Island thermal pools (left) and Ensana Thermal Margaret Island are on Margaret Island.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia: close to the center

Rating on Booking.com: 8.2

If the previous Budapest hotels with thermal water pools are on Margit Island, this hotel is already on the “big land”, but right in front of them. Moreover, Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia is located not just on the banks of the Danube, but also within walking distance from the subway, and if you want it is possible to get to the Hungarian Parliament on foot.

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“Helia” is the closest hotel in Budapest to the city center with thermal springs and baths. There is also a market nearby and several supermarkets with everything from clothes to ready-made food.

Danubius Hotel Helia has four pools: one for swimming and three with thermal water of different temperatures, a salt room, jacuzzi and several saunas.

Thermal Margaret Island hotels in Budapest.

If you are looking for hotels in Budapest with thermal pools in the center… well, almost in the center, Helia is not only beautiful bathing facilities, but also conveniently located.

The Aquincum Hotel Budapest: in a quiet neighborhood by the river

Booking.com rating: 7.5

Two saunas and a steam bath, a hot tub, two thermal pools and one swimming pool are all at the disposal of the Aquincum Hotel. It is a little farther from the center than the other spa hotels in Budapest with thermal pools.

On the one hand it is a minus, but on the other hand, the area is quiet and very pleasant, surrounded by beautiful old houses and the center can be reached in half an hour by public transport.

Thermal hotels in Budapest: The Aquincum Hotel Budapest.

In Budapest, many hotels with swimming pools with thermal water are located near Margaret Island. The Aquincum is no exception – you can walk to the island in 5 minutes over the bridge.

Danubius Hotel Gellert: Hotel at Budapest’s best thermal baths!

Booking.com rating: 7.8

As you guessed from the name, this hotel operates at the famous Gellert Baths . Or, on the contrary, the baths work with the hotel))) In general, they are located in the same beautiful historic building on the right bank of the Danube near the subway and the bridge of Freedom and the hotel guests can proudly parade right from the room in the bathrobe to the most beautiful bathing house of Budapest.

But with a caveat: while Budapest spa hotels with thermal pools, which we reviewed above, allow guests to use the baths for free as long as they want, the Danubius Gellert Hotel gives its guests a discount on bathing.

 Thermal hotels in Budapest, Hungary. In the photo: Hotel and baths Gellert.

The best spa hotels in Budapest with thermal baths are in the most beautiful buildings! Gellert is another example.

Aquaworld Resort Budapest: two in one

Booking.com rating: 8.6

And for dessert – not just a hotel with thermal pools, but also a water park! Aquaworld is one of the largest water parks in Europe, Aquaworld Resort is a hotel that occupies an adjoining building.

All hotel guests can use both the water park and the spa complex, which includes ten water slides, as many different saunas, three Jacuzzis, several outdoor and indoor pools, including thermal waters. It is not a hotel, it is a real city of water amusements!

True, it is located on the outskirts of Budapest. But you can get to the center both by public transport and by a free bus. It goes 4 times a day from the hotel to the Heroes’ Square, and there are attractions nearby, and the subway, and even the famous Szechenyi Spa.

Thermal hotels in Budapest. Pictured: Aquaworld Resort Budapest.

Best thermal spa hotels in Budapest: Aquaworld Resort Budapest – a real city of water attractions!

Thank you all for your attention, that was all the spa hotels in Budapest with thermal pools. Book, relax, but remember: in addition to baths there is a lot more to see in Budapest. So don’t forget to go out: when you live in such hotels, you may not think about it

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