11 best beaches in Spain. Photos, descriptions, hotels.

11 best beaches in Spain. Photos, descriptions, hotels.

Best hotels with sandy beaches in Spain

Where are the best beaches in Spain for summer holidays? We have prepared a selection with photos and descriptions, itinerary, tourist reviews and a list of the best nearby hotels. Best nudist beaches in Spain. Map in Russian.

Spanish beaches are considered one of the best in Europe. To make it easier to decide where to spend your vacation, we have prepared for you an overview of the most beautiful and comfortable beaches in Spain: with white, golden and black sand, wild, civilized and nudist.

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Beaches on a map of Spain

Beach Ses Illetes.

One of the best sandy beaches in Spain for recreation is on Mallorca, near the town of Illetes, whose name in Spanish means “islets”. Ses Illetes is so good that year after year it is one of the five best beaches in the world. According to reviews from tourists, the sea is always clean, the coast is covered with fine white sand and the descents into the water are gentle. The beach is ideal for family vacations, and on the beach you can see many parents with small children.

The beach is municipal, that is, it is allowed here freely. You have to pay to rent sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. The set of two chaise lounges and umbrellas costs 16 euros. It is not the highest price – in Barcelona for the same thing they ask 20 euros. The hotels are away from the beach, so vacationers do not interfere.

The best hotels are next to the beach Ces Illetes:

If you’re vacationing on a trip, look for tours to these and other hotels on the Travelata service.

Best beaches in Spain

(Photo: gnomusy / flickr.com )

Benijo Beach

A stretch of coastline in the north of the island of Tenerife is considered one of the best wild beaches in Spain. It is 30 meters wide, 300 meters long and covered with a mixture of black sand and finely rolled pebbles. The coastline is framed by rocks, which the islanders call “Crocodile’s teeth”.

According to reviews from tourists, Benijo is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. They come to these places to admire the picturesque landscapes and take pictures of the blue sea and white foam of the surf. The water entry is gentle, but swimming near the beach is not safe because of the strong coastal currents and waves. For the same reasons, Benijo is very popular with windsurfers. Most holidaymakers come to the beach on weekends, and on weekdays Benijo is almost deserted.

The beach strip is almost not landscaped. To go down to the sea there is a path with stairs, and on the shore they put trash bins. If you want to vacation in this part of Tenerife, ask about the tide schedule – during high tide, the coastal strip is completely hidden under the water.

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Best beaches in Spain with photos

(Photo: Gouldy99 / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Cala Bassa Beach

One of the best sandy beaches in Spain is 9 km from the small town of San Antoni de Portmany. It is just over 200 meters long. The beach occupies a small bay, which is surrounded by pine cliffs. The sea here is almost always calm, and the depth even at 50 km from the shore reaches only 1.5 m.

Cala Bassa is loved by tourists because of its fine golden sand, clear sea water and excellent diving opportunities. Two dive sites of 8 to 15 meters depth are located on the east and west sides of the bay. For the convenience of holidaymakers there are wooden walkways over the sand. You can also rent sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach.

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Cala Benirras Beach

A small stretch of coastline in the northwest of the island of Ibiza is often referred to as one of the best beaches in Spain. Cala Benirras became famous as a symbol of freedom and a haven for hippies. The beach stretches for 150 meters. Every Sunday, to celebrate the sunset, it gathers people with drums, and many tourists gather to watch this colorful spectacle.

Otherwise, Cala Benirras is not much different from other well-equipped beaches in Spain. There are lifeguards on duty, sun loungers and umbrellas for hire, showers and beach boutiques, cafes and restaurants. If you want, you can ride a catamaran here.

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The best hotels near Cala Benirras beach:

If you’re vacationing on a trip, look for tours to these and other hotels on the Travelata service.

Spanish beaches on the map

(Photo: sky_hlv / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license)

Cathedral Beach.

The beautiful beach on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea stretches for 300 meters and is located near the town of Ribadeo. According to tourist reviews, one of the best rocky beaches in Spain features turquoise water, strong tides and large colonies of seabirds. There are no Christian temples on it. The unusual name arose because of the large weathered rocks that rise high above the sea at low tide.

On the shore is one of the most often photographed places on the planet – three beautiful rock arches. The beach has the status of a national nature monument and attracts many tourists.

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Reviews about the beaches in Spain

(Photo: fgr 1986 / flickr.com / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

La Rodas Beach.

Several years ago, the British newspaper Guardian named Spain’s La Rodas Beach the best beach in the world. The picturesque beach is part of the Cies Islands archipelago and is located on the island of Monteagudo. It has a width of 60 m, a length of 1.3 km and is covered with fine white sand. Nearby there are areas of natural dunes.

According to tourist reviews, La Rodas is very well suited for family holidays. The beach has lifeguards, wooden walkways for vacationers, restaurants and camping. For the cleanliness of the sea and coastline, as well as the high quality of service, La Rodos has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag.

Spain with white sand beaches

(Photo: reservasdecoches / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license)

Bologna Beach.

Those vacationing in Andalusia choose one of the best beaches in Spain, located 20 km from the city of Tarifa. The beach near the village of Bologna is covered with fine white sand and surrounded by sand dunes. A corner of unspoiled nature is considered a great place for family and youth holidays. It is located close to the African continent, and on clear days from the beach you can see the outlines of North Africa.

The southern part of the bay has a constant wind, so it is beloved by surfers. The central part of the beach is more organized. On it you can rent deck chairs and sun umbrellas. Lovers of nude sunbathing choose the southern part of the beach – El Chorrito.

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Spain's most beautiful beaches

(Photo: Lucía Expósito CC / flickr.com / BY-SA License 2.0)

There are several small cafes and restaurants on the beach, whose owners prepare traditional Spanish cuisine, including the delicious fish pasta garum. History lovers can visit the archaeological site – the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia.

Since many young people come to the beach, there are several hostels nearby. Those who want more comfort stay in hotels.

The best accommodations near the beach are Bologna:

If you’re vacationing on a trip, look for tours to these and other hotels on the Travelata service.

Beaches of Andalusia

Malvarosa Beach

The city beach borders the Valencia neighborhood of the same name, named after the mallow processing plant. It stretches for 3 km and is up to 100 m wide. Malvarosa was once a place where only the wealthy Spaniards vacationed. Now it is a place where city residents and tourists enjoy spending time. It is also considered one of the best beaches in Spain for recreation.

Next to the beach stretches planted with palm trees embankment, there are restaurants and cafes. Owners of many of the institutions assure visitors that they had visited the Ernest Hemingway. According to tourists, the beach is covered with fine sand, has a gentle entrance to the water, and the sea is always quiet. On the beach there are no water activities, but there is a playground and several free playgrounds for volleyball.

The best hotels on the beach Malvarosa:

If you’re vacationing on a trip, look for tours to these and other hotels on the Travelata service.

Hotels in Spain with its own beach

(Photo: pixabay.com / ApartUP Patacona Deluxe)

San Juan Beach.

One of the best sandy beaches in Spain tourists call the sandy coastal strip 9 km from the center of the resort town of Alicante. San Juan stretches for 3 km and has a width of up to 60 m. Along the beach stretches a beautiful promenade of palm trees, next to which there are cafes and restaurants. Many of them are open to guests and at night.

San Juan was awarded the “Blue Flag”, as it meets the strict European standards of service, convenience and cleanliness. There are children’s and sports grounds on the beach. Rent of beach equipment is not expensive. You have to pay 5 euros for a deck chair and 10 euros for the set with an umbrella. Keep in mind that the sunbeds are set quite far – 30 meters from the water.

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The best hotels on San Juan Beach:

Spanish sandy beaches

(Photo: pedro_m_l / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

La Granadella Beach.

Want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the resort? Then head to the picturesque bay of La Granadella, located near the city of Javea. The beach is 20m wide and covered in fine pebbles, so shoes are recommended for walking on the beach. Nearby there are several good restaurants where tourists are offered dishes of rice and fish. Tourists appreciate La Granadella beach for the purity of the sea water and the opportunity to go snorkeling.

Quiet Beaches in Spain

(Photo: Diego_Delso / flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Nudist Beaches

The Spaniards are quite loyal to nudists and do not mind sunbathing without clothes, so about 400 nudist beaches have been created in different parts of the country – both on the mainland and the islands. Get acquainted with the best nudist beaches in Spain.

El Saler Beach, Valencia

The best nude beach in Spain with white sand is considered a beautiful stretch of beach on the border of the Albufera Natural Park. It is located half an hour south of the center of Valencia. Unlike most of the wild nudist beaches in Spain, El Saler has excellent infrastructure. Here there is a rental of sports equipment, sun loungers and umbrellas, and tourists can relax in the cafes and restaurants. During high season, there are medics and lifeguards permanently on duty on the beach.

Nudist Beaches Spain

(Photo: anroir / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC 2.0)

De Castilnovo Beach, Andalusia.

A good place for a quiet nude holiday is located in the beach area of Conil de la Frontera. The unequipped sandy beach stretches for 2.6 km and is up to 180 m wide. It gets its name from the ancient quadrangular tower, which rises next to the coastal strip of fine sand. The nudist area is between this stone tower and the bunker.

El Portus Beach, Murcia

Murcia’s best nudist beach stretches near the port city of Cartagena. It is covered with rounded pebbles and boulders. Tourists have access to the rocky shore. Nudists love the eastern part of the beach, where Camping naturista El Portus is set up.

Spain's best nudist beaches

(Photo: nudistblr / flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

El Torn Beach, Catalonia.

In Tarragona, on the border of the resort area of L’Hospitalet de l’Infant, there is a well-kept and clean sandy beach that is very popular with nudists. According to tourists’ reviews, it offers good views of the nearby mountains. El Torn is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable beach holiday. It has showers, toilets, cafes, restaurants and camping for nudists.

Maspalomas beach, Canary Islands

The coastline of white sand dunes attracts beach lovers to Maspalomas. The sun rarely goes behind the clouds in this part of the Spanish coast, and sea water and air temperatures can be a little higher. The Canarian beach is well organized. It has cafes, bars, restaurants, small stores and attractions. Maspalomas is divided into four zones isolated from each other. The first is designed for family holidays, the second gathers homosexuals, and the third and fourth are created for nudists.

The best beaches in Spain: the most beautiful places for recreation

Numerous beaches in Spain please with beautiful nature, developed infrastructure and good conditions for recreation. Annually more than 80 million people rushes to the homeland of flamenco and bullfighting, dreaming of clean turquoise water, soft sand and traditional resort entertainment. But with an impressive number of secluded rocky coves and long stretches of sandy coastline, it’s hard to choose the best option. To help you choose, we have compiled the top 15 best Spanish beaches.

Beach View

Playa de Fenals

When looking for the best beaches in Spain on the map, pay attention to Playa de Fenals, located on the Costa Brava. Occupying a picturesque cove, which length reaches 700 m, it is characterized by beautiful nature and excellent facilities. The coastline is covered with coarse grained sand. The sea here is calm and crystal clear, but the entry is steep and the depth is 3-4 meters from the shore. The natural shade is created by a pine forest, to which several concrete paths lead.

Playa de Fenals.

On the territory of Fenals there are several cafes, stores and restaurants, guarded parking, stalls with ice cream and drinks, changing rooms, showers, playground with simulators and toilets. There is a diving club, children’s center, animators and water transport rental station. For people with disabilities there is a ramp with chairs for safe diving in the sea. Free Wi-Fi is available all along the coast. Sun loungers and umbrellas are issued for a fee. Fans of outdoor activities can take part in aerobics, dancing, athletics, as well as parachute flights and various watercraft rides.

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Playa Roca Grossa

A small secluded beach, conducive to a quiet and relaxing holiday. Located in a picturesque bay between two popular resorts, Calella and Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona, Catalonia). The total length is about 800 m, but the width is very modest – only 8-9 m. The surface is a fine pebble. The sea is very clear and completely transparent, which makes Roca Grosse a suitable place for diving and glass-bottom boat rides. The depth increases sharply, so vacationers with children should be careful.

Playa Roca Grossa.

The beach has a small restaurant, minibar, rentals, ball game area, toilet and shower. Nearby there is a campsite, you can see the lighthouse from the shore. The only drawback – it is always very windy, and in the water every now and then there are jellyfish.

Cala Futadera

The list of the best beaches in Spain continues Cala Futadera, a small rocky bay, located a few kilometers from Tossa de Mar. The length is only 150 m, width – no more than 20. Coverage – grainy sand, which often encounters small stones and shells. The entrance to the sea is gentle. Water is very clean, a beautiful bright blue color.

Cala Futadera

Because of its inaccessibility (to get here is possible only by a long steep staircase) the beach is sparsely populated and almost wild. In contrast to other resorts of the Costa Brava there are no showers, deck chairs, beach cafes, stores and other amenities. But their absence is compensated by the beautiful nature and the special atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet. Nearby is the campsite.

Castle beach in Palamos (Platja de Castell)

Beautiful sandy beach located on the Costa Brava (northern Spain). It is part of the protected area of Castell – Cap Roig. Length – 400 meters, width – up to 40.

Castle Beach in Palamos (Platja de Castell)

Despite the considerable distance from settlements, Platja de Castell has all the necessary facilities. On its territory there is a small bar, a school of kayaking, toilets, parking, umbrellas and sun loungers rental points, yachts and sports equipment. For people with limited mobility are equipped with special decking. In high season medics and lifeguards are on duty. Walking distance from the beach, you’ll find a lush pine forest with a wide bike path and Salvador Dali’s secret cabin, which is considered the main local landmark.

Cala Pola

A small rocky cove located near Tossa de Mar. Among the cleanest and perhaps the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Despite its rather modest size (about 60 m long and just under 30 m wide), it is in great demand.

The main features of Cala Pola are the fine grained sand, the gently increasing depth, the easy entrance to the sea and the clear azure water, which is suitable for swimming with a snorkel. However, there are stones at the bottom, so do not forget the special shoes.

Cala Pola

You can get to Cala Pola either by car, on foot or by boat. The basic facilities are cabins with fresh water, toilet, small snack bar and rental of various equipment and equipment (including bicycles). Safety of tourists is monitored by lifeguards. Not far from the beach there is a big observation deck.

Cabopino Beach

Popular beach with light yellow sand, clear turquoise water and smooth sandy bottom is located near the town of Marbella, the resort capital of the province of Málaga. Its length reaches one and a half kilometers, and its width is at least 30 meters. Nearby there is a pine forest, a guarded parking lot, several hotels and a great variety of bars, cafes and restaurants offering food for every taste.

Cabopino Beach

Cabopino Beach is suitable for families with children – besides swimming in the sea, they can play in the playgrounds and play sports. As for adults, they are offered a slightly larger range of entertainment – dolphin photo-hunting, water skiing, catamaran and boat rides, as well as a walking tour to the old lighthouse and the local port, hosting a huge number of ships, yachts and boats.

Rent umbrellas and sun loungers are handled by the beach cafe staff. There you can go to the toilet and use the showers. Despite the fact that there is no road near Cabopino, there is a small parking lot, which is never empty.

Santa Cristina Hermitage

Santa Cristina Hermitage is a beautiful country place located on the outskirts of Lloret de Mar. Topping the list of the best beaches in Spain for holidays with children, it boasts a comfortable entrance to the sea, fine light yellow sand and two rocky hills, which reliably protect it from the wind. The bottom is sandy and rather elastic, the depth increases gradually. The coastline is at least 500 meters long.

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Santa Cristina Hermitage

Another important advantage of Santa Cristina is a developed infrastructure, represented by beach equipment rentals, showers, litter garbage cans and toilets.

There are several restaurants, a tennis court, ice cream kiosks and a comfortable hotel. In high season on the beach are on duty by doctors and lifeguards. Practiced rent yachts and sports equipment. Near the coast there is an equipped parking lot and an ancient chapel, dating from the middle of the 14th century. For cleanliness and excellent service, the beach of Santa Cristina has repeatedly been awarded the “Blue Flag”.

Playa de la Barrosa

Located near the resort of Chiclana de la Frontera in the province of Cadiz. It features golden sand, turquoise water and soft gentle bottom. It is more than 6 km long and almost 100 m wide. Near the shore is very shallow – a good option for couples with children. By the way, for the latter here are equipped with several playgrounds.

Playa de la Barrosa

Despite the fact that Playa de la Barrosa is more popular with locals than visitors, it has everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable holiday – bars, cafes, restaurants, several large hotels, parking, showers, toilets and other elements. There are no changing rooms at all, sun loungers – not much, so do not forget to bring an umbrella and a mat.

On windy days, this part of the Atlantic Ocean has high waves, which are a real boon for surfers. Best of all, you just can’t get bored here – if you get bored of swimming and sunbathing, go on a guided tour of Chiclana de la Frontera, one of Andalusia’s oldest cities.


The list of Spain’s best beaches for a family vacation continues with Playa Llevant, nestled on the eastern coast of Benidorm. The main features of this place are fine yellow sand, lack of great depth and a gentle descent to the water. Waves are not frequent. The total length is just over 1 km.

Llewant beach

Being the center of partying life of its region, it offers tourists a lot of different entertainment – from water sports and foam parties to festivals of sand figures and theatrical performances. Llewant has a long promenade lined with stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and other attractions.

There is very little natural shade on the beach, but you can always rent an umbrella and sun lounger. For the convenience of vacationers with disabilities, Playa Llevant is equipped with wooden decking, ramps and chairs for safe bathing. There is a medical center and a team of lifeguards. There are children’s play areas and sports fields, garbage cans, toilets, showers and other facilities.

Cabo Roche

A small wild beach located very close to the fishing town of Conil de la Frontera in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It is ideal for hikers who are in good physical shape. Despite the fact that it is possible to get here from the city center on foot, the road will take a lot of time and effort, but is sure to provide unparalleled views.

Cabo Roche

Cabo Roche itself is very clean and fairly sparsely populated – the lack of any tourist infrastructure and the need to carry absolutely everything from a beach mat and umbrella to snacks and water. However, all these inconveniences are compensated by the beautiful untouched nature and high waves, creating all conditions for windsurfing.

Burriana Beach

The review of the most beautiful beaches in Spain continues with Burriana Beach, a crowded resort located on the Costa del Sol. It is up to 800 m long and about 40 m wide. Coverage – a soft light gray sand, which is only sometimes diluted with small stony areas (you should take aqua shoes). Entering the sea smoothly, the water is very clear, rich blue, the waves are moderate, the depth increases gradually. In the distance in clear weather, you can see the hills and houses, decorated in classical Andalusian style.

Burriana Beach

The beach infrastructure is very well developed, and the service is at the highest level. For the convenience of vacationers on the beach are columns for washing feet, modern showers, rental units of various equipment, toilets and changing rooms. There are also playgrounds, side-shows, water slides, volleyball courts and sports grounds. If you want, you can ride a banana, rent a catamaran or go rafting in a kayak.

Burriana Beach has a picturesque waterfront with hotels, apartments, stores, restaurants, nightclubs and discotheques all along its coastline. As one of the best resorts in the country, Burriana regularly receives the “Blue Flag” award and is awarded the tourist “Q” mark.

La Fontanilla (Playa de La Fontanilla)

A wide and long beach with fine light yellow sand, easy access to the water and a gentle, soft bottom. Located within walking distance of central Conil, as well as the city’s main attractions and attractions. Length – just under a kilometer, width – 35 m.

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In the high tourist season here are all the necessary facilities: showers, toilets, rental beds, changing rooms, etc. Tourists’ safety is monitored by a professional team of lifeguards.

Playa de La Fontanilla

Another important feature of this beach is a clean and completely clear water, allowing a variety of water sports (any of the equipment can be rented). Along the coastline of La Fontanilla there is a beautiful promenade filled with bars, stores, restaurants, cinemas, sports clubs and big shopping malls.

Bologna (Playa de Bolonia)

Deciding to search for the best beaches in Spain on the map, do not forget about Bologna, a picturesque corner located in one of the popular resorts of Andalusia. The main features of this place are the long coastline (almost 4 km), clear water, easy entrance to the sea and thick sand, which is perfect for morning jogs and long walks. Just behind the beach grows a coniferous forest. Traditional beach activities are available to holidaymakers.

Playa de Bolonia

Playa de Bolonia can be divided into 3 zones – central, southern and western. The first is concentrated in the main tourist infrastructure. There are showers and toilets, rental beds, souvenir kiosks and a huge parking lot (but it is difficult to park because of the many tourists). You can have a drink and a bite to eat in bars and cafes, and stay in hostels or hotels. The second, the southern, is beloved by surfers and lovers of nude sunbathing. Well, in the third, western, are 2 local attractions – the famous complex Duna de Bolonia, which in 2001 was declared a natural monument, and the ruins of the Roman city Baelo Claudia.

Playa de Zahara de los Atunes

Part of the municipality of Barbate, suitable for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Long, wide, deserted, with clear turquoise sea and golden sand, it attracts tourists with its pristine nature and beautiful panorama. The surf in this place is moderate, the depth increases gradually, and the bottom is clean and smooth. True, snorkeling here is not as interesting as on other beaches in Spain, because on Playa de Zahara de los Atunes there are neither algae nor jellyfish or other marine life. But there are always waves, which fans of surfing and sailing will surely appreciate.

Playa de Zahara de los Atunes

Tourist infrastructure is represented by showers, changing rooms and toilets. There is a first aid station, a team of lifeguards on duty, and flags signaling the state of the sea are placed all along the coast. During the summer season there are several bars and restaurants in the area of Zahara de los Atunes. A large campsite and free parking can be found just off the coast. Some of the best local attractions include an ancient fort and the remains of an old sunken steamer, which are clearly visible at low tide.

La Concha.

Describing the best beaches in Spain, it is impossible not to note another beautiful place located near the town of San Sebastian in the Basque Country. We are talking about the famous La Concha, famous for its long coastline (almost 1.5 km), fine golden sand, clear water and increasing depth. The best time to visit is June-September, but you can come here even in mid-autumn – the mountains Urgul and Igueldo, which surround the beach from two sides, reliably protect it from winds, storms and other natural disasters.

La Concha

La Concha is suitable for both noisy groups and families with children. For the latter there are water rides. But adults can try their hand at surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and beach soccer. Parallel to the coastline is a promenade with cafes, restaurants, stores and souvenir shops. From the coast there is a panorama of St. Clara Island, which can be reached not only by boat or kayak, but also by swimming. The beach infrastructure is represented by changing rooms, showers, toilets, as well as several parking lots and paid storage facilities. There are no sun loungers or umbrellas. Instead there are tents and chairs.

All beaches in this rating are marked on the map of Spain in Russian.

Another selection of the best beaches in Spain – in this video.

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