22 ideas where to rest inexpensively at sea in 2022

Where to go to rest in the summer of 2023 (inexpensive).

Summer is the hottest time for vacation. Therefore, it is better to determine in advance where to go to rest in the warm season. Here are a few proven options for you to choose where to relax in Summer 2023.

Where to rest inexpensively in summer

/ photo © Vyacheslav Argenberg / flickr.com

The southern nature and endless beaches of the Crimea have brought up more than one generation of tourists. Sandy beaches are located on the eastern (Feodosia) and western (Evpatoria) coast of Crimea. South coast from Sevastopol to Yalta and from Yalta to Sudak take mostly pebble beaches. For a comfortable stay more suitable hotels and resorts in Greater Yalta and Alushta. If you want to explore the peninsula with a tent, you should pay your attention to the west and east coasts.

Multifaceted nature and rich, full of mysteries and riddles, the history of the Crimea attracts and makes you return to the peninsula again and again.

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Sochi and the south of Russia

Where to rest inexpensively in summer

/ Photo © Igor M / flickr.com

In the summer season, beach resorts in Sochi become especially relevant. It’s hard to think of a more affordable and diverse vacation. This option is perfect if you want to relax on the beach without burdening yourself with long flights or the cost of processing a visa.

Of course, most tourists come to Sochi for the beaches. Here there are more than a hundred of them. Organized beaches are equipped with necessary infrastructure. There are installed awnings, sunbeds. Holidaymakers spend time in cafes and restaurants. City beaches are open to all comers. Part of the beaches belong to the sanatoriums, access to them is limited, the entrance to some beaches is paid.

The central beaches are adjacent to the amusement parks and city parks, where on a hot day you can hide in the shade of trees.

In addition, rest in Sochi in the broadest sense – it is not only the Black Sea coast. Here is a unique opportunity to combine beach holidays with skiing on the Red Glade. Such a combination can rarely be found even in Europe.

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where inexpensive to rest in summer

/ Photo © Ninian Reid / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

During the summer season, many charter and scheduled flights fly from Russia to Turkey. Most of them land in Antalya and Istanbul. There are also flights to other popular resorts: Dalaman, Bodrum, Izmir.

In May in Turkey begins the swimming season, when the water in the sea warms up to +18. +22 degrees. The temperature reaches its peak in mid-July, and the most comfortable weather for recreation, according to many tourists, falls in September.

Sandy beaches are dominant in Belek and Side, on the Aegean coast you can often find pebbles. Many beaches for a high level of quality awarded the Blue Flag.

The philosophy of rest in Turkey “all inclusive” applies not only to food. All the entertainment and services are also located on the territory of the hotel, so many tourists throughout the vacation does not even once go outside.

Beaches The nature of the coast depends on the area. Sandy beaches are prevalent in Belek and Side, stony bays are typical for Antalya and Kemer. On the Aegean coast almost everywhere is a pebble.

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Lake Onega

where inexpensive to rest in summer

/ Photo © Sergei Gussev / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Lake Onega is a real treasure of Karelia, hidden among the rocks and forests. Onega is the second largest lake in Europe. Its southern and southeastern shores are low-lying, sandy, in some places – pebbly and boggy. In the north, the coast steeply falls into the water. Tourists take a large number of recreation centers, campsites and hotels. Here is the first Russian resort, founded by Peter I – “Marcial Waters. At the resort you can still have a great vacation and undergo recreational procedures.

The famous capital of Karelia – city of Petrozavodsk – is based on the shore of the lake. From the river station of Petrozavodsk almost every hour boats go to the museum of wooden architecture on Kizhi island.

Beaches The most popular vacation spots on Lake Onega are located on the sandy stretches of the western shore.


where inexpensive to rest in summer

/ photo © mikrob111 / pixabay.com

The name Seliger we are used to refer to a system of lakes in the Tver region, connected by short narrow channels, rivers and reservoirs. Moreover, some of its 160ti islands have their own inland lakes. But more importantly, it is a great place for tourism, fishing, diving, windsurfing and other water activities. Tourists come to Seliger and stay at recreation centers and tents all year round. Near the village of Volgino Verkhovye in the vicinity of Seliger is a place where the Volga begins. This is a pure spring, beating out of the ground, covered with a wooden house.

The natural factors of the lake are actively used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, neuroses, hypertension, metabolic disorders.

Lake Seliger is a popular place of pilgrimage. On the shores are many ancient temples, including the Nilov Hermitage monastery on Stolbny Island.

Beaches There are a large number of wild places of rest and equipped private beaches with clean fine sand. Smooth entrance to the lake in most places is a great advantage for tourists with children or those who are just learning to swim.

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where inexpensive to rest in summer

/ Photo © Hotice Hsu / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0

Bathing season in Montenegro falls in the period from May to October. Among the 75 kilometers of Montenegrin beaches you can find a variety of options: the golden sand, pebbles and concrete platforms. Most beaches are safely sheltered from winds and waves in picturesque bays.

Holidays in Montenegro – it is also a pleasant walk through the old cities (Budva, Ulcinj, Herceg Novi), pictures against the background of ancient streets, churches and monasteries.


where inexpensive to rest in summer

/ photo © Fif’ / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0

Bulgaria’s most famous beaches are sandy, public and, pleasantly enough, free. Only umbrellas and sun loungers are paid for separately. For excursions it is worth to go to Rila Monastery in Sofia, the city-museum of Nessebar, Sozopol. The local microclimate has a positive effect on the treatment of pulmonary diseases, and the mineral water of Sandusky resort is used in case of problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Where to rest inexpensively in summer

/ Photo © Alexander Baranov / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Egypt is a country of eternal summer. Going to the country of the pharaohs, you can be sure to expect bright sun, beautiful sea and other joys of a beach holiday. Most tourists, planning a trip to Egypt, choose between two resorts: Hargada – the oldest Egyptian resort with gentle sandy beaches; and Sharm el-Sheikh, where the coast is not only sand but also coral. Among the coral reefs are colorful fish – the hallmark of the Red Sea.

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Where to rest inexpensively in summer

/ © photo by Andrey Gaverdovsky / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Cyprus has everything for a quality holiday – sunny beaches, mild climate, beautiful ancient cities. Tourist infrastructure is most developed in the resort town of Limassol: amusement parks and autoparks, clubs, bars and discos. Volcanic sand on the beaches of Limassol has beneficial effects on the skin. Some of the best beaches on the island are located in the resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras. Ruins of ancient settlements of the Stone Age, beautiful Byzantine churches, the ruins of ancient cities are a reminder that Cyprus is an island of many eras.

Prague is a treasure trove of places of historical and cultural value. In the old town you can find houses and churches from the 13th century. The Old Town Hall, Astronomical Clock, Vysehrad and of course Prague Castle are must-see places.

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Krakow’s historic center is occupied by a large 13th-century market square. Also of interest are the Catholic churches, particularly the Franciscan Church and the Cathedral of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslas. A dark chapter in the history of mankind – the Holocaust – is recalled in the exhibition of the Jewish Museum of Galicia. After a day full of impressions you are sure to want to eat something, and there are a variety of restaurants and cafes at reasonable prices.


where to go this summer

/ Photo © moyway.ru

The city is known for its numerous baths, springs and spas. You can experience all the delights of local spas at the Szechenyi Thermal Baths and Turkish Baths. The admission ticket to the baths usually allows you to use only the pools, and various massages, thermae, mud and other baths are paid separately. Therefore, it is advisable to decide on the amount of procedures you will need. Also must-see Roman ruins: Aquincum Museum, Heroes’ Square and the Statue Park.

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where to go this summer

/ Photo © moyway.ru

Crete can offer a good and varied vacation. Sandy beaches hide behind high mountains, bustling modern cities share the coast with ancient ruins. The streets of Cretan towns reflect the architectural styles of the people with whom the history of Crete is linked: the Minoans, the Venetians, the Ottomans and the Greeks of today. For those who choose to stay in the city, with its bars, restaurants and nightclubs, it is better to stay north of Chania or Heraklion. South of Chania and in Rethymnon there are many beautiful beaches, hiking areas and clean air.

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Where to go to the sea with children in August 2022
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Where to go on vacation in 2022: Top 10 Best Destinations

From Sochi to Kaliningrad: You can plan your vacation in 2022 now

At a time of pandemic, traveling abroad is not easy, so the domestic tourism is actively developing. Our country has a lot of places for active recreation and beach holidays. We tell you where to go in Russia in 2022.

1. Sochi .

The most expensive and developed Russian resort receives travelers all year round. There are always a lot of tourists – from January to November 2021 in Sochi visited more than 5.7 million vacationers. They come here to relax on the Black Sea, go skiing and see the natural attractions of the Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve.

There are always many vacationers in Sochi. Photo: Viktor KLYUSHKIN

It is always possible to add splendid hotels, entertainment centers and lots of excursions to the advantages of the resort town. The disadvantages are high number of tourists, overcrowded in the high season beaches and high prices.

2. The Crimea

Sunny Peninsula is one of the most popular holiday destinations. It attracts with its beautiful landscapes, excellent climate, ancient palaces and luxurious parks. In January the temperature is up to +6°C and in summer it’s usually hot +30 … +33°C.

The Crimea attracts tourists with its beautiful landscapes. Photo: Julia ALEKHINA

As for advantages – a wide choice of places for rest: from luxurious resorts of South Coast to secluded bays in the Western Crimea. On the downside, the infrastructure of Crimean towns and villages is inferior to that in Sochi. There is still a problem with drinking water on the peninsula, but local authorities do their best not to let it affect Russian tourists’ recreation in any way.

Dombay or Elbrus: where is better to go?

Both Russian resorts claim to be the most popular and compete for the attention of tourists. And often it is quite difficult to make a choice between them. We hope, that our analysis of infrastructure and services in Dombaj and Arkhyz for the season 2022-2023 will help you. We’ve gathered recommendations of experienced travelers and instructors, which will hopefully come in handy for you.

3. Anapa

If you like wide sandy beaches – pay attention to Anapa and the surrounding resort villages. It is not as humid as Sochi, there are mineral springs and curative mud. Anapa part of the Black Sea coast is considered one of the best balneological resorts in Russia, so vacation in Anapa 2022 is good for families with children and anyone who wants to improve their health.

Anapa – a great place to relax with children. Photo: Vitaly KARNAUKH

Where to go to the sea with children in June 2022

The advantages of Anapa are its beautiful gentle beaches, excellent hotels, a lot of entertainment for children and adults. At the resort you can relax on an “all-inclusive” and at affordable prices. The main disadvantages of the seaside town – the eternal crowd and not too clean sea. Tourists who like secluded rest, choose the suburbs of Anapa – Dzhemete, Vityazevo, Blagoveshchenskaya or Sukko.

4. Kazan

The capital of Tatarstan is a good place not only for a weekend trip from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also for a full vacation. Kazan has a real winter – up to -25 ° C in January and a warm summer – up to +27 … +30 ° C in July. The ancient city delights with beautiful embankments, well restored Kremlin, ancient temples and mosques. Kazan has excellent hotels and interesting museums.

Kazan is one of the most attractive cities for tourists. Photo: pixabay.com

On the plus side, one should refer to the convenient layout of the city, impressive architectural monuments, pleasant places to walk, delicious national cuisine and the opportunity to have a great time in all weathers. The downsides, mentioned in the reviews of tourists, are the abundance of kitsch, remodeling and toilets.

What will surprise “Benderiada” and the knights’ tournament in Mari El?

As if a magnet attracts tourists to Mari El amazing festivals. Here the knight tournaments are held: they put on armor and take up medieval weapons. For 25 years already every year humor lovers and admirers of the talent of the Great Combinator come to the republic. And if you are a car fan, you will definitely want to visit the exhibition of retro cars. Some exhibits are already over a hundred years old and they are still in operation.

5. Kaliningrad region

Western enclave of Russia before WWII was located on the territory of East Prussia and was called Konigsberg. In Kaliningrad it is interesting to walk around the old forts, visit Kant’s tomb and buy original souvenirs, especially amber. For beach recreation tourists go to the quiet suburbs of the city – on the Curonian Spit, in Yantarny, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Pionersky and the Baltic Spit.

Kaliningrad’s forts are considered one of the city’s main attractions. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

The pluses of vacationing on the Baltic are a comfortable climate, many architectural monuments and comfortable European-standard hotels. Minuses – cool summers, high humidity, changeable weather and a large number of overcast days. The Baltic Sea is warm only in July and August.

6. Veliky Ustyug.

The small provincial town in the Vologda region has become famous as the birthplace of Santa Claus, and here is his main residence. Most tourists, especially parents with children, come to Veliky Ustyug for the winter vacations, but it is interesting to rest here at any time of year. The ancient city, the same age as Moscow, is famous for its ancient monasteries, temples, authentic folk crafts and museums.

In Veliky Ustyug, there are many ancient monasteries and temples. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

It’s easy to get to Veliky Ustyug. The disadvantages of the trip – there is no public transport in the city. On New Year and Christmas, there are always long lines and it’s difficult to find a cheap hotel room.

How to get to Veliky Ustyug

Every child dreams of visiting the main residence of Santa Claus. And parents who have decided to arrange a winter holiday for their children, ask themselves the question: how best to get to Veliky Ustyug? There are different options – by train, plane, bus. Or is it better to travel by car? We found out how to get to the Grandfather Frost Estate, so it would be more convenient for you to make your choice.

Where to go to the sea in September 2022. Where inexpensive and warm

7. Baikal

The Baikal is the dream of all those who like active tourism. In summer, the largest lake of the planet is visited for fishing, picking mushrooms, berries and pine nuts, climbing peaks and driving along the Circum-Baikal railroad. Winter is a great time for mountain skiing, walks on the Baikal ice and snowmobile trips. At any time of the year, vacationers enjoy stunning views, historical monuments and wonderful Buryat cuisine.

In winter, tourists tend to walk on the ice of Lake Baikal. Photo: Viktor Guseinov

The main advantage of a trip to Baikal is a wonderful vacation in nature. From disadvantages it is possible to note rather high prices and weak infrastructure.

How We Caught Tigers in a National Park

KP journalists from Siberia traveled 12,000 kilometers to set up a photo trap in a national park in Primorye. Their efforts were not in vain! Watch unique photos and videos of wild cats, which were shot with our help.

8. Karelia

Another region that nature vacationers appreciate is located in northwest European Russia. Karelia is a land of wonderful lakes, rivers, monuments of wooden architecture, ancient petroglyphs and interesting historical sights. Because of the Gulf Stream passing nearby, the climate in Karelia is mild. In winter the air temperature drops to -20 ° C and below, and in summer the thermometer rises to +25 ° C.

In Karelia there are many historical and natural attractions. Photo: Mikhail Frolov

The advantages of this region include a good environment, interesting cities, beautiful forests, waterfalls, an abundance of mushrooms, berries, excellent fishing. In Karelia are excellent conditions for skiing. Unfortunately for tourists are mosquitoes and underdeveloped road network. It is difficult to get to the remote corners of the republic in bad weather and in winter.

9. Adygeya .

If you want to be in the mountains, come to the small picturesque republic, which is surrounded by the Krasnodar Territory. Adygea is easy to get to from the major cities of the country. The republic has a mild climate, excellent opportunities for hiking, horseback riding tours, rafting on mountain rivers, jeeping, ski trips and recreation at hot springs.

Adygea is great for outdoor activities. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Pros of Adygea – beautiful landscapes, many monuments of nature and relatively low prices for recreation. Minuses – the infrastructure for tourists is only developing, so you should not count on great comfort and huge entertainment centers, as in Sochi.

10. Altai .

Increasingly popular is a remote destination for recreation – the Altai Mountains. Siberia is a real treasure trove of nature, and the Altai Mountains have a special place in it. You can touch the pristine nature and swim in the clearest rivers and lakes

Altai Mountains is a fabulous place with mesmerizing views. Photo: Christina Bezborodova

The pluses of a trip to Altai – there are comfortable places to rest and vast areas to travel through with a tent. Most of the Altai attractions tourists visit for free. The disadvantages of the region are the short summer season. Most travelers come to Altai from mid-June to the end of August. You have to get to remote areas by off-road vehicle.

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