33 waterfalls – a beautiful cascade near Sochi. How to get there, reviews, photos

33 waterfalls in Sochi

33 Waterfalls in Sochi

Not far from the resort village of Golovinka in Sochi, you can find an interesting natural attraction – 33 waterfalls on the brook Dzhegosh. They are located in a gorge surrounded by a dense oak forest. The waterfalls are part of the Sochi National Park and a natural monument protected by the state.

If you visit the place in summer, you can bathe in the water quite well, but the waterfalls may seem unimpressive due to the fact that their water sources dry up from the heat. But in the spring and fall, at high water, their power is really fascinating.

Excursions to 33 waterfalls in Sochi and their prices

Visiting waterfalls is possible as part of an excursion program (such excursions offer from all nearby resort places – Lazarevsky, Sochi, Tuapse) or independently. Consider excursions offered by users of Tourister. Ru.

33 waterfalls

The excursion lasts for 7-8 hours and consists of several stages:

  1. Museum of tea and retro cars. In the museum tourists are welcomed and served hot tea.
  2. Big Kichmai aul. Here you will get acquainted with the life of Adygs, their cuisine. Free tasting of honey, wine, and real Adygean cheese is also included.
  3. Trip to waterfalls. In addition to the view and photos, you can also learn more about Adygean cuisine by ordering their specialties.

If desired, a visit to the tulip tree is possible. At the end of the tour tourists are taken to the place where it begins.

The cost is negotiable. Travel and admission to the park with waterfalls and museum are extra charge.

33 Waterfalls in Sochi

33 Waterfalls + Caucasian Tableau + Mountaineer Show

This option includes the same excursion “33 waterfalls”, but from 9 hours and with a more rich program. A special feature is the Caucasian feast with Adyghe dishes, as well as colorful show with dancing.

Every day, of course, no one arranges a feast, so the record for such an excursion is possible only on holidays and weekends. As in the last option, the cost is negotiable and it includes only the guide’s help and the delivery there and back.

33 Waterfalls in Sochi

33 Sochi Waterfalls and Volkonsky Dolmen

In addition to waterfalls and treats from the Adygs, tourists are waiting for the monolith Volkonsky dolmen. Additionally, you can visit the Adygei costume show, including the night. The cost depends on the number of people in the tour group: from 12 to 21 thousand rubles, with a group of 1 to 18 people. The cost includes only the work of guide and transfer.

At waterfalls.

You’ll need to pay an entrance to 33 waterfalls: 200 rubles per person older than 10 years old. If you want to arrive on your own, it is better to do it before 12:00, because then organized tours will start dropping you off.

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Around the waterfalls there is a wooden circular path about 600 meters long with a railing. Nearby there is a changing room built for those who want to swim. Seventeen waterfalls are open to the public, under the jets of which those who wish can stand. The rest are too dangerous to climb.

All waterfalls here are from 1.5 to 12 meters high. The highest one is the first one and is the most suitable for swimming. Tour guides will further inflame interest by telling the legend that the water from the mountain stream heals.

33 Waterfalls in Sochi

What to visit nearby

Near 33 Falls, there are other attractions mentioned earlier.

Panorama at 33 Falls – Google Maps

Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree, a natural monument of the Krasnodar region, grows in the coastal village of Golovinka. Its age varies from 150 to 250 years, opinions differ. The trunk is almost 290 cm in diameter and more than 32 meters high! In mid-July the tree begins to bloom, it is advisable to visit at this time.

Here, too, the legend is not without precedent. If you believe them, you should throw a coin into the hollow of the tree and the wish will come true. And the farther one is at the moment of throwing, the faster it will come true. Nearby you can buy various souvenirs, charms and the like to consolidate the result.

Beaches in Golovinka

Golovinka also has several beaches on the Black Sea:

  1. Central. This is the main beach of the village. The shore is covered with a mixture of pebbles and sand and is about 50 meters wide, and 100 meters wide. Here you can rent any beach accessories and have a delicious meal.
  2. Beach sanatorium “Azure Coast”. It belongs to the sanatorium, but the entrance is free for everyone. The beach has the same developed infrastructure, but inferior in size. But here is noticeably cleaner, the resort workers closely monitor this.
  3. There is enough of wild beaches. If you don’t need to rent anything, and you just want to be with your family far away from everyone: to fish, sleep overnight in tents or just sit by the fire, you are right here.

33 Waterfalls in Sochi

Volkonsky Dolmen

Dolmen is an ancient funerary structure made of stone slabs. The last full-size monolithic dolmen in the world is situated in Krasnodar Krai. It is about 1.5 meters high.

The structure is well preserved, but you should treat it with reverence. The stone is quite soft and quickly erased, as well as subject to vandalism: some tourists like to leave a trace of themselves, even if they have to carve it on the monument.

How to get to 33 waterfalls in Sochi

If you do not need the help of a guide, you can get to the place on your own. First you will need to get to the village of Golovinka, you can do this in two ways: on your own or by car.

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In the Krasnodar region also operate all the popular cab services in Russia, including Uber, Gett and others.

On your own .

If you do not have a car to get to 33 Sochi waterfalls on your own, you can take one of the suburban electric trains to Golovinka. For example, you can find the timetable and prices of electric trains from Tuapse here, and from Sochi here.

33 Waterfalls in Sochi

Then you have to get to the bus stop “Golovinka”, through which the suburban bus number 158 goes from the stop “Lazarevsky Station”. Get off at the terminus “Aul Bolshoi Kichmai”. Then there are several possible ways:

  • pay 500 rubles and take a cab;
  • To get the help of the locals;
  • To walk about 5 km.

Hiking on foot in the heat is less scary than it seems, because you can always stop and take a dip in the Shakhe River.

By car

In Golovinka you need to turn at the sign to Bolshoi Kichmai, and then drive along the river, towards the mountains.

The route from the village of Golovinka to 33 waterfalls by car – Google Maps

It is desirable to have a car with four-wheel drive and good suspension, as the road is not the easiest. On the territory of the waterfalls there is a spacious parking lot in the shade, but it is paid.

Description of Sochi Natural Monument 33 waterfalls

The natural monument 33 waterfalls belongs to the territory of the Sochi National Park. The object is a cascade of waterfalls coming down from the mountains, flows into the mountain river Shakhe, is located in the Dzhegosh tract.

Description of the natural monument 33 waterfalls in Sochi

In Sochi, in addition to the objects of the 2014 Olympics and the famous ski resort Rosa Khutor, there are many interesting tourist trails. They include the famous 33 waterfalls, also known by another name – Dzhegoshsky, after the name of the stream that forms this cascade.

ZZ waterfalls

The walk will not take long, as the length of the trail for tourists with wooden planking and handrails is only 600 meters. Adventurers can climb higher on their own along an unpaved path, where the waterfalls are also located. Please note that it is best to walk up the dirt trail in comfortable shoes, otherwise you risk twisting your ankle. Reward the brave and stubborn will be magnificent scenic views, you can make a lot of great pictures in nature.

Description of waterfalls

The name does not lie, the cascade really has exactly 33 waterfalls, some of which the locals attribute special qualities. Most likely, this is a common marketing ploy to interest tourists.

The first one is believed to bring good luck to everyone who washes in its waters. This waterfall is the highest of all the falls in the cascade, just over 10 meters. Most tourists bathe in it or just wet their feet – everyone wants to get a piece of luck. There is also a money one, it is the fifth in number. If you need to improve your financial situation, you can take a dip, maybe it will work.

A total of 17 out of 33 waterfalls you can stand under the streams of falling water, all of them are shallow. The water temperature in summer is around 15-18 degrees, so tourists are happy to take a dip in the cool after the scorching southern sun. At other times of the year Dzhegoshsky brook is too cold, suitable for swimming except for walruses.

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ZZ waterfall stairs

By the end of the hot summer (closer to August), when there is almost no precipitation, the creek may dry up or become like a Bakhchisarai fountain – a thin trickle of water. Therefore, when putting the object on the list of excursions in Sochi, take this fact into account.

Stories and legends about 33 waterfalls

Like any tourist site, 33 waterfalls in Sochi has its own legend.

Once upon a time, this valley was inhabited by a terrible giant, harming people in every way. At that time there lived here an ancient clan Mugu, whose heir was a brave young man named Guch. One day he had a dream about his late grandfather, who told him how to deal with the giant.

Guch did as his ancestor told him: he put two big barrels of thick aromatic honey at the foot of the mountain. The giant was a gourmand, without hesitation, running both hands into the honey, wanted to pull, but it was not there. Suddenly evil bees swooped in and began to sting the giant. He got scared and ran to the top of the mountain, overcame the rise in 33 steps, and where he had stepped foot, there were deep traces of dents.

At the top of the giant was waiting for a brave Gooch, where he crushed the villain with a single strike of his sword. He collapsed on top of the mountain and split it open. From the crevice began a stream that flowed down and washed with its water all 33 steps.

The cascade became a tourist attraction in 1983, when the Sochi National Park was founded. Over the years, the popularity of Dzhegosh waterfalls is increasing, holidaymakers are happy to come for a tour, leaving this valley with a lot of positive emotions and impressions and lots of beautiful pictures.

Excursion route to 33 waterfalls in Sochi

The excursion of 33 waterfalls is indicated in all the brochures that you will be provided with in the hotels or handed over by the promoters on the street. And vacationers themselves, planning their vacation, make the picturesque cascade into their checklist in advance.

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ZZ waterfall cascade

Tourists are usually divided into two types:

  1. They believe that the tour is easier and clearer, the guides know the area well and can tell a lot about the object. They want to simplify the logistics, not going into details: “at which stump to turn right”.
  2. They want to see everything on their own, not to depend on the guide, not limited in time for sightseeing.

Excursion by bus with a guide

A simple guided bus tour is recommended first. The road will take:

  • 1.5-2 hours from Sochi;
  • 2,5-3 hours from Adler;
  • about 1 hour from Lazarevsky.

In the bus guide will start telling interesting facts about the surrounding area. To get directly to your destination on the bus is not possible, and will have to move to the car GAZ-66 in the back. Such a trip is not for the faint of heart and not for small children, unless you like extreme. After half an hour cars arrive to the final stop – 33 waterfalls.

ZZ waterfall valley

How much does the tour cost

Excursion to the waterfalls is paid, you have to pull out your wallet several times:

  1. The cost of the tour itself is 750 rubles.
  2. The trip by car GAZ-66 to the destination and back – 350 rubles.
  3. Ecological fee of the national park – 100 rubles.

How long the tour to 33 waterfalls in Sochi lasts

For a walk to 33 waterfalls in Sochi, the photo of extraordinary views and the purchase of accompanying souvenirs is about 2 hours. Add to this time the way there and back, 4-5 hours, lunch – 1 hour and it will turn out that the tour takes the whole day.

How to get there on your own

Many tourists prefer to get from Sochi to 33 waterfalls on their own, because it removes the time constraints. Someone wants to walk around the picturesque area for a longer time, taking their time to take pictures, not being distracted by the chatter of the guide. You can get to the national park on your own in two ways: by public transport and by car.

It is believed that 33 waterfalls in Lazarevskoe, because the distance is much closer than from Sochi and Adler, but due to the flow of tourists, mainly from the capital of the Olympic Games, everyone got used to believe that the cascade belongs to Sochi.

Waterfall section

By public transport

You can get to Dzhegosh waterfalls only by a shuttle bus, there is no direct route. Along the Black Sea there is a railroad bed, which will lead to the station Golovinka. Time on the road:

  • From Sochi exactly 1 hour;
  • From Adler half an hour longer;
  • From Lazarevskoe only 25 minutes.
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Ticket price: 114 rubles.

Near the peninsula is a bus stop, with the end point of the aul Bolshoi Kimchai, go there. The bus rarely runs, so it is better to download the schedule in advance, the trip takes just over an hour.

Ticket price: 107 rubles.

The adventure does not end there, 5 km of asphalt and then macadam road is waiting for you. On public transport the route is quite difficult, for travel with young children and elderly people is not suitable, especially on foot in the heat. The only plus – you can order a cab, the trip will cost about 500 rubles.

Waterfall in Lazarevskoye

Return will be a little more pleasant, as the evening buses go on the route: 33 waterfalls – Lazarevskoye.

By Car

The most comfortable way to get from Sochi to 33 waterfalls on your own is by car. Judging by the map, the road will take about an hour and a half, if without stops, stopping to try the delicious cheeses, honey and tea – longer. But you can comfortably taste and buy everything you like calmly, without the tourist fuss.

The car on arrival can be left at the parking lot for an additional fee – 100 rubles.

Interesting stops along the way

The road to the waterfalls will take longer than the way back. All tourists (by tour or traveling on their own) make stops at private farms for tastings, where you can buy the goods you like, these are:

  • apiary;
  • winery;
  • cheese factory;
  • a tea plantation.

Waterfall Sochi

The tastings are beyond description, how delicious and fresh everything is. And such a refreshment is very helpful, by the time you have time to get hungry. It is not superfluous to buy something to eat on the road.

33 waterfalls: seasonality

The tourist route is especially popular in the summer during the peak vacation season. In the fall and spring tourists can be found very rarely, and in winter – almost impossible. All cafes and restaurants are closed for forced vacations from November, so do not count on them, planning a winter trip to thirty-three waterfalls.

Tourist reviews of Sochi’s 33 waterfalls

Of all the tourists who visited the waterfalls, few were dissatisfied, most of them left charged with positivity, having enjoyed the views. This can be seen by the many good reviews on the Internet. The only thing that is not to everyone’s liking is off-roading the last 5 km by trucks. For fans of extreme sports this trip is sometimes remembered brighter than the contemplation of the cascade itself.

33 Waterfalls is a tourist attraction, which must be visited by everyone who has come to rest in the Krasnodar region on the Black Sea coast.

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