5 inexpensive sanatoriums Pyatigorsk with treatment. Prices 2022

How to choose a sanatorium in Pyatigorsk + 5 inexpensive

Health resorts Pyatigorsk

If you want to relax and improve your health at the oldest resort in the foothills of the Caucasus, come to Pyatigorsk! We will tell you how to choose a health resort with treatment. Learn about the best health resorts with low prices in 2022.


How to get to a sanatorium for treatment

To get into a health resort in Pyatigorsk, you need to have a sanatorium voucher for treatment. It is drawn up in the polyclinic in the place of residence – it is necessary for doctors in the sanatorium to present your anamnesis. To do this, you will have to undergo several doctors and take tests. If you do not have time to do the examination, find out in the sanatorium if it is possible to come without a health card. As a rule, holidaymakers are going to make advances.

Privileged categories of the population receive such vouchers for free, they are paid by the state or an enterprise. Anyone can go to a sanatorium at their own expense.

Health resorts of Pyatigorsk offer comprehensive treatment programs, such as “Women’s Health”, “Men’s Health”, “Healthy Joints” or “Healthy Spine”. There is a great demand for health resorts with treatment in Pyatigorsk in summer, so look for a voucher in advance!

Rest and treatment in Pyatigorsk

Sulfuric spring on the slope of Mashuk Mountain. Photo: ppl1958 / Depositphotos.com.

How to choose a health resort in Pyatigorsk with treatment

Pyatigorsk is one of the oldest health resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The city has more than 40 sanatoriums, preventive clinics and resort hotels, which work all year round.

Because of the great competition prices for recreation with treatment at health resorts of Pyatigorsk are quite budget-friendly. In 2022, placement of one adult costs from 2050 rubles. a day. For this money you will be put in a 2-3-bed room, provide meals and 2-5 medical procedures a week.

It is not necessary to spend time looking for a suitable option on the Internet! All the necessary information is on the site sanatorium.ru. Here you will learn about the features of the spa resort, get acquainted with what and how they treat Pyatigorsk, and be able to book a room at any health resort.

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What is the treatment in Pyatigorsk

The spa town is recommended for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, kidneys and urinary tract. People come to health resorts in Pyatigorsk for treatment of joints, bones, spine, diseases of the nervous system, skin, endocrine system, gynecological and andrological ailments, and also to undergo rehabilitation after complex operations and injuries.

What is a recreation with treatment at sanatoriums?

The resort’s main treasure is its unique climate and mineral waters. Pyatigorsk has over 40 natural springs, which are divided into carbonated water, or narzans, saline alkaline sodium bicarbonate chloride water, sulfide and radon springs. Healing water is drunk by courses, used for inhalations, irrigations and recovery baths.

In Pyatigorsk the treatment with sulphide and silt muds from Lake Tambukan which is 10 km from the town is popular. Mud wraps help with diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal system. All health resorts in Pyatigorsk practice terrenekurs in the parks, therapeutic physical training, diet therapy, physiotherapy and massage.

On the day of admission or the next morning, the patient is examined by a doctor. The specialist performs diagnostics, does an ECG, prescribes procedures and monitors the course of treatment. Meals for adults are usually three or four a day, while children get five meals a day.

kolobkova: “A big plus is that in “Pyatigorskiy Narzan” sanatorium there is a made-to-order menu. I do not have to run around the room with plates. When you come in, you are served politely and at the end of the meal they ask whether you liked it all. The food is delicious.

MikK: “Zori Stavropolya” is a wonderful sanatorium in the center of Pyatigorsk, with its water procedures in one building. The staff is qualified and attentive. You can go on excursions to Dombay, waterfalls, Kislovodsk. We liked it”.

Treatment in Pyatigorsk

Lake Proval in Pyatigorsk.

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Inexpensive health resorts Pyatigorsk with treatment

Sanatorium Pyatigorye

One of the oldest health resorts in the resort was built 55 years ago, but underwent a complete reconstruction, so the treatment base meets the latest requirements. Visitors are offered comfortable rooms, a beautiful park for walks, rental of bicycles and sports equipment, excursions to the sights of KMV, and little guests – a room for games. The sanatorium uses water from its own mineral spring.

Address: Boulevard Gagarin, 1.

Price from 6600 rubles for two per day.

The resort uses water from its own mineral spring. Photo: Pyatigorye. Territory of the resort. Photo: Pyatigorye.

Don” sanatorium.

On the quiet slopes of Mount Mashuk is an inexpensive sanatorium in Pyatigorsk, which takes guests with and without therapeutic procedures. Vacationers really like the health program “Movement without pain”. The health resort is surrounded by a luxurious park of more than 11 hectares with walking trails. Wonderful view on Caucasian Ridge and town center opens from windows of comfortable rooms. The sanatorium has a swimming pool, massage room, sauna, dance hall and library.

Address: Lermontov Street, 14.

Price: from 7600 rubles for two persons per day.

Room in the sanatorium. Photo: Don. The territory of the resort. Photo: Don.

Sanatorium Pyatigorsky Narzan.

The popular sanatorium is located in the center of Pyatigorsk, not far from the park and the cableway to the Mashuk. In addition to an excellent medical base, there is a swimming pool, its own pump room with mineral water, a gym, a Finnish and Turkish baths. For exact diagnostics doctors use the newest hardware-software system “Multimag”.

Address: Boulevard Gagarin, 1A, Bldg. 5.

Price from 13700 rubles for two persons a day.

Four-chamber bath. Photo: Pyatigorsky Narzan. Territory of the sanatorium. Photo: Pyatigorsk narthex.

Sanatorium “Zori Stavropolia”.

The twelve-story high building near the picturesque park “Tsvetnik” has been accepting patients since 1983. The main profile of this health resort in Pyatigorsk is treatment of diseases of locomotive system, nervous and urinogenital system. Guests are offered their own pump room, which receives water from the famous Lermontovsky spring. Take a walk in the historic park and enjoy music programs in the large concert hall!

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Address: Dzerzhinskogo street, 57.

Price : from 9600 rubles for two people per day.

Spa-capsule. Photo: Zori Stavropolia. Sanatorium. Photo: Zori Stavropolia.

Sanatorium named after. Kirov

One of the largest health resorts of Pyatigorsk stands at the foot of Mashuk Mountain. For more than 40 years it helps to restore health and treat all kinds of ailments. The sanatorium has its own mud cure clinic, park area of 7 ha, pump room with three kinds of mineral water, gym and swimming pool. The dormitory building and medical and diagnostic buildings are connected by warm passages.

Address: Boulevard Gagarin, 39.

Price from 10600 rubles for two people per day.

Halochamber in a sanatorium. Photo: Sanatorium. S. M. Kirov. The spa house and diagnostic and therapeutic buildings are connected by warm passages. Photo: sanatorium. S. Kirov sanatorium.

Sanatoriums Pyatigorsk – official prices in 2022


Top sellers

  • Located in the resort area
  • Unique balneo-mud natural healing factors
  • Nearby is the upper Radon Water cure clinic


Top sellers

  • Strong therapeutic base
  • Located at the foot of the Mashuk Mountain, not far from the Proval Lake
  • Perfect place for family rest
  • Strong therapeutic and diagnostic base
  • Located at the foot of the mountain Mashuk, not far from the lake – well Proval.
  • Numerous pump rooms with mineral waters are within walking distance.

Choose a suitable hotel on a hundred of parameters. Current availability, instant confirmation and online payment.

  • Modern comfortable rooms
  • City infrastructure in walking distance
  • Developed internal infrastructure


Top sellers

  • Excellent rehabilitation program
  • Own pump room in the building of the sanatorium
  • Comfortable rooms after renovation
  • Within walking distance from the park
  • The pension has its own medical base
  • Is part of the resort polyclinic them. Pirogov
  • Modern diagnostic equipment
  • Nearby there are drinking wells with springs №1, №2, №7, №24 and Krasnoarmeisky.
  • Located in the center of the resort area, close to entertainment infrastructure
  • Strong therapeutic and diagnostic base
  • Large green well-maintained area – 7 hectares
  • Located at the foot of the Mashuk mountain, in a picturesque forest park zone
  • Powerful treatment and diagnostic department
  • Located in the area of Perkalsky reserve, at the foot of the Mashuk mountain
  • Good sanatorium for families
  • Located in the foothills of the Mashuk mountain
  • Modern medical diagnostic and treatment facilities
  • Own well-groomed territory of 6 hectares
  • Located in the center of resort area
  • Has own park territory with mineral water pump room
  • View of Mount Elbrus from the rooms
  • Own pump room – Lermontovsky source
  • Own mineral water pipe with radon and hydrocarbonic waters
  • Located in a picturesque, ecologically clean area, the view from the rooms on Mashuk mountain.
  • Modern medical equipment
  • All city sights are within walking distance
  • All kinds of diagnostics, own laboratory
  • Strong therapeutic and diagnostic base
  • Large protected area with beautiful scenery
  • High technology methods of rehabilitation Cabinet
  • View of the Caucasus Mountains from the rooms
  • Radon pipeline, mud cure clinic and pump room with mineral water
  • The latest therapeutic and diagnostic equipment
  • Modern medical diagnostic and treatment facilities
  • Walking distance from the central drinking water gallery
  • Own picturesque park zone with shady alleys
  • Perfect place for business meetings
  • City infrastructure in walking distance
  • Restaurant with a view of Elbrus
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Sanatoriums and resorts in Pyatigorsk

What diseases are treated in the health resorts of Pyatigorsk?

  • Musculoskeletal system – 14 sanatoriums
  • Organs of digestion – 13 sanatoriums
  • Kidney and urology – 12 sanatoria
  • Nervous system – 12 sanatoria
  • Gynecology – 12 sanatoria
  • Skin diseases – 10 sanatoria
  • Metabolic disorders – 10 sanatoria
  • Endocrine system disorders – 9 sanatoria
  • Covid-19 – 7 sanatoriums
  • ENT Organs – 7 sanatoriums
  • Respiratory system – 6 sanatoria
  • Cardiovascular system – 6 sanatoria
  • Male genital diseases – 6 sanatoriums
  • Ophthalmology – 2 sanatoria

Rating of the most popular sanatoriums and resorts according to customer reviews:

    – 127 reviews – 102 reviews – 98 reviews – 68 reviews – 52 reviews

The cost of a spa treatment in Pyatigorsk by month and season:

Prices are per adult for 1 day.

  • Prices for September 2022 from 1300 rub.
  • October 2022 prices from 1300 rub.
  • November 2022 from 1300 USD.
  • December 2022 from 1200.
  • Prices for January 2023 from 1300 rubles.

The most cheap sanatoriums, resorts and hotels in Pyatigorsk (prices for two people):

    from 2600 rubles from 2700 rubles from 3500 rubles from 4850 rubles from 5400 rubles from 5700 rubles from 5900 rubles from 6800 rubles from 6900 rubles from 7100 rubles from 7200 rubles.

The most booked resorts and boarding houses Pyatigorsk (price for two persons)

Sanatoriums Price
im. Lermontov from 4,850 rubles
Lesnaya Polyana from 5,400 rubles
Rodnik from 8020 roubles
Iskra from 2700 rub.
Tarkhany from 2600 rub.

What procedures and medical services are provided in Pyatigorsk health resorts:

    (in 14 sanatoria) (in 13 sanatoria) (in 13 sanatoria) (in 13 sanatoria) (in 13 sanatoria) (in 12 sanatoria) (in 12 sanatoria) (in 12 sanatoria) (in 11 sanatoria) (in 11 sanatoria) (in 11 sanatoria) (in 11 sanatoria) (in 11 sanatoria) (in 10 sanatoria) (in 10 sanatoria) (in 10 sanatoria) (in 10 sanatoria) (in 9 sanatoria) (in 9 sanatoria) (in 8 sanatoria)
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Attractions of Pyatigorsk:

Boarding houses and rest homes, 1 accommodation facilities in total:

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