7 best excursions from Side: prices 2022 and description

7 best excursions from Side

Picked 7 most interesting excursions in Side, which were loved by us and tourists.

Where to buy tours

The most expensive and lowest quality excursions are offered by tour operators. So it is better not to get anything from the hotel guides. In general, it’s better not to deal with them – you won’t meet a bigger cheater anywhere. What nonsense they do not believe in to gullible tourists! Sightseeing and especially renting a car in Turkey is very dangerous, no one is responsible for you, and locals are just waiting for an opportunity to rob you. In the era of the pandemic, these scoundrels have invented another trick: allegedly, only buying an excursion from the hotel guide, you can get into a kind of police “base” and get the opportunity to freely walk around the resort and move around the country. And how can they not be ashamed of such a brazen lie? In general, it is better to stay away from these rascals. Learn the truth about the tours in Turkey.

All tours we buy only on our favorite service Tripster. There you can read real reviews of tourists, so it is easy to choose a good and interesting excursion. Prices are lower than the street vendors, and there is more reliability. In addition, there are unique author’s tours that will show you the country from a new side. I heartily recommend it.

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Useful articles about Side:

Fall in love in Side

You might think, what’s so interesting about a regular sightseeing tour of the resort? That’s what we thought, until we took a similar tour, but in Antalya. It turned out that the competent and enthusiastic guide can tell you a lot of interesting things and help you look at the familiar resort with different eyes!

In 4.5 hours you will learn the history of the resort from ancient times to the present day. The program includes the entire ancient Side with the Agora, the theater and the slender temple of Apollo, the Manavgat waterfall and the Kuliye mosque with bright ornaments.

Price . The 2022 Side tour costs €155 for a group of 1-3 people.

Tourist reviews . This tour is conducted by different guides, but all the storytellers like tourists.

Albina : “Great tour! Wonderful guide Haidar. He told us a very interesting and accessible story of antique and not only antique Side. Interesting and adults and children (with us were kids 9 years old and 3 years old).

Excursions in Side

Nymphaeum in Side.

To see the unique landscape of Cappadocia

While vacationing in Side, be sure to take a tour of Cappadocia – I guarantee you will fall in love with these wonderful landscapes! Two days in the Land of Beautiful Horses is not enough, but enough to see the main beauties and to be impressed. By comparison, we spent almost a week there and went around all the valleys. Read our review of Cappadocia.

This super-full two-day tour to Cappadocia is a tourist favorite: the program is interesting, the views are amazing, and the guide is passionate. During the trip you will see many beautiful valleys, an underground city, cave churches with frescoes, rock fortress cities, and get to fly in a hot air balloon! The flight is paid for separately. We can recommend this tour on a hot-air balloon (here cheaper, there are reviews). Book it in advance, because in the season is not always available.

Price . The 2022 tour from Side to Cappadocia costs 60 € per person. It is almost all-inclusive: this price includes travel, entrance fees, accommodation and meals (except lunches).

Tourist reviews . All holidaymakers are satisfied with this excursion. Many call the trip to Cappadocia the best trip of their lives. We bought other excursions from the organizer Anna and were completely satisfied.

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Catherine : “The tour exceeded all expectations. I have been to Cappadocia before and didn’t expect to see anything new. He is so positive, non-standard and emotional.

This is me in Pashabag, the valley of monks in Cappadocia. The Valley of Love in Cappadocia.

Sailing through the Turkish fjords.

If you’re bored with a beach vacation, take an excursion from Side to the picturesque Green Canyon – it’s cool and peaceful there. Quietly splashing emerald water, proudly towering cliffs, rustling leaves of trees.

First, we were shown the Small Canyon, then we went fishing (fish caught only the captain – can not be excluded that it was worked out a scheme from “Diamond Hand”), then we were fed, but then began the most beautiful – a trip through the Grand Canyon. Glad that at this point we played epic instrumental music, so that we could imagine themselves as a Viking, sailing among the majestic fjords. And the local scenery really does look like fjords! The canyon is so narrow and the mountains so high that even a wide-angle lens can’t capture all this grandiose scenery in one frame. It’s a very beautiful place, very impressive. And other than from the water, these stunning views just can not be seen, so this excursion in Turkey is definitely not worth missing.

Price . In 2022 the tour costs 35 € per person. Lunch, transfers, drinks and fishing gear are included.

Alexey Sinitsyn : “Excellent excursion, there is nothing to complain about. Transfer was well organized: arrived on time, we were driven personally by ourselves, because there weren’t so many tourists. The Canyon is beautiful, especially the Grand Canyon (the second part of the program). It is worth seeing this place from the water. Lunch was pretty light, but quite tasty.

Best excursions from Side

Lyosha at Green Canyon.

Going to Pamukkale and flying in a hot air balloon

Pamukkale is the second most popular natural wonder in Turkey. Just imagine – it is a spa resort with a 2200-year history! The place is wonderful: the snow-white travertine with blue water, the ancient ruins of the city, mentioned in the Bible, the famous “rejuvenating” Cleopatra pool. In general, it is beautiful, interesting and healthy. :) So I advise to come here. The place, though untwisted, but we liked it. Learn about the best thermal springs in Turkey, and see our review of Pamukkale.

Note that this tour does not waste any more time shopping and only takes you to wine tasting. If you want a Pamukkale tour with shopping, check out this tour.

Price . A one-day excursion from Side to Pamukkale in 2022 costs 50€ per person. Also, recently they started launching balloons over Pamukkale, just like in Cappadocia. The trip and balloon flight costs 100 € per person. Individual tour costs 289 €.

Ekaterina: “It’s not our first tour with this company, the organization is great! A special thanks to Lisa, did everything in her power to make us feel comfortable. Even changed the lunch time, so we did not get caught in the rain, and had time to look around Hierapolis.

Off excursions from Side

This is me cooling off in the mineral water pool in Pamukkale.

Getting to know Antalya

Take a trip from Side to Kaleici, Antalya’s cozy Old Town! We love these narrow streets with cafes and colorful stores. There are Roman ruins neighboring Ottoman houses, and mosques converted from Christian temples. Guide Ugur will lead you through the maze of streets and tell you many interesting stories about Kaleici, will show the port, and then take you to the impressive waterfall of the Lower Duden, which falls directly into the sea. Read our review of Antalya.

Price . The 2022 tour from Side to Antalya in Russian costs 172 € for a group of 1-4 people.

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Olga : “I will start with the fact that the group tour with our tour operator shocked me, which is why I started looking for another option for a more detailed acquaintance with Turkey. Therefore, if you value your time, you are impressed with individual approach and you do not want to overpay, feel free to choose Ugur Besli guide and you will be satisfied!”.

Popular excursions in Side

The old city of Kaleici in Antalya has beautiful streets with cozy restaurants and cafes.

Feel the breath of antiquity in Mira

We went to Mira and Simena on our own by rented car and we advise to visit these ancient places at least with a tour. After all, it’s a great opportunity to be transported back 2000 years! You will visit the ancient amphitheater and the Lycian tombs of Myra. You will see the sarcophagus where the relics of Saint Nicholas were kept, you will learn about the life of the saint and his miracles. From the boat you will see the ruins of a sunken ancient city near the island of Kekova, and look at the other ancient cities of Simena and Teimussa. And, of course, you can swim in the clear turquoise water!

Price . The tour costs 30€ per person.

Excursions from Side

Antique City of Mira.

Sail on a pirate yacht

You can safely go on this excursion from Side with children. It lasts for 7 hours and takes place on board a pirate schooner. You will sail along the picturesque coast of Side and see the Temple of Apollo, the beautiful bay of Karaburun and the large sea turtles. If you are lucky, you will meet dolphins!

Price . The boat trip costs 18€ per person.

Oksana : “Really enjoyed this event! Everything is well thought out, precise and professional. The excursion itself fascinates with its scales: a huge pirate ship, big and interesting route, the show on the ship, and even with the shade on the ship everything was thought over (there was enough for all, no one left in the sun without desire).

Boat excursions in Side

These are the kinds of ships are usually on the boat trips.

All excursions in Side, tickets and entertainment

Buy the most interesting of 94 excursions in Side for 2022, 393 ⭐ reviews, prices from €18, visit attractions: Popular places , Amphitheatre, Pamukkale, Old Town, Lake Salda, Demre, Kekova and Peace, Aqueduct, Manavgat Waterfall. Today can be booked for September, October and November

Side - the harmony of antiquity, beauty and modernity

Ancient Side and Manavgat Waterfalls

The Old City of Antalya and the Düden Falls: a trip from Side

The Ancient City of Side, Manavgat Waterfalls and Kuliye Mosque Ornaments

The Antique Cities of Perge and Aspendos: A Journey from Side

From Side to Pamukkale and ancient Hierapolis

Fall in love in Side in 1 day

From Side to Perge, Aspendos and Kursunlu

From Side to ancient Kibira

Your perfect Antalya day

Pamukkale and ancient Hierapolis

Antique City of Mira and the Temple of Saint Nikolas: A Trip from Side

Lake Salda and the Ancient City of Sagalassos: Journey from Side

From Side to Lake Salda: Escape from the Heat

From Side: To Tazi Canyon and Ancient Aspendos

Antique Side and Dinosaur Park

Cappadocia Kaleidoscope - for 2 days from Side

Safari Mix of Side: Canyons of Köprülü and Taza, Devil's Rocks and antique Selge

Malachite Kingdom: Driving through Green Canyon from Side

Through the canyons of Köprülü and Taza from Side: rafting and jeeping

Rafting in Köprülü Canyon from Side

White water rafting on the mountain river

Pirate boat trip along the Side

Pamukkale group tour

About Side City.

Tula, one of the oldest cities in Russia on the bank of the river Upa, has a long history with rich traditions that can still be felt today. We associate the city with three things: gingerbread, samovars and weapons, the production of which it has been known for many centuries, but don’t stop there, you will also find interesting entertainment and places to visit during your visit

Why is it worth a visit?

Tourists come to Tula to get acquainted with its long and interesting history, to explore the Tula Kremlin and to admire the Cathedral of the Assumption, to see Tula samovars and the oldest arms museum, to visit the most interesting museums and of course to drink tea with the famous Tula gingerbread.

What to see on excursions in Side?

Tula is not a big city, but it is full of unique attractions due to its long history, these are numerous museums, and beautiful architecture of religious sites, and charming green area of the central park of culture and leisure, as well as interesting places located outside the city

What are the main sights of Side?

Tula Arms Museum

In Tula, back in the early 16th century, local residents began to produce guns, a hundred years later the production ceased to be artisanal and turned into manufacturing. This stage in the life of the city was the most rich, but after 1812 this industry was in decline. The Museum of Arms itself was founded in 1873, and in 2012 it moved to a new building, inside which there are samples of ancient weapons, which were made by the best Russian smiths. Russian military equipment of the second half of the 20th century is also exhibited on the territory of the museum

Icmeler. Leisure time reviews. Do I go to 2022?

Tula Kremlin

This Kremlin has become the most famous historical symbol of the city. It was erected in the 16th century and stands as a striking example of Russian architecture. When it was a defensive object defending the state from attacks of nomadic tribes, it earned the status of the most impregnable fortress in Russian history. The complex is preserved in excellent condition, do not miss the opportunity to see it

Tula Gingerbread Museum

This museum is probably one of the most popular cultural sites in the city, and all thanks to the most delicious and popular national sweet. In the museum you can learn in detail about the history of Tula gingerbread, see ancient molds and confectionary devices that were used by local masters in the old days. You will also have a unique opportunity to try the gingerbread and buy them as a souvenir for your loved ones.

Bogorodsky palace and park complex

The complex itself is located in the outskirts of the city and is an important tourist destination. The luxurious palace was owned by a famous count’s family. The residence was built in the 17th century, and it is considered the most charming structure in the area. The palace is surrounded by a park, so we recommend visiting this place in late spring when everything around is in bloom and fragrant

Tula samovars museum

To see all kinds of samovars of XVIII-XX centuries, you need to visit the museum “Tula samovars”. It is worth mentioning that at the very beginning of the XX century there were 50 fairly large factories for the production of samovars, and a total annual production of more than 500,000 of this product. Also in the museum you can learn about the history and technology of

Assumption and Epiphany Cathedrals

Both cathedrals are located on the territory of the Tula Kremlin. They were built at the expense of wealthy local merchants. They are distinguished by an incredibly beautiful decoration. Inside the Assumption Cathedral you can see the beautiful paintings and frescoes, but in the Epiphany Cathedral is now located the old building of the Museum of Arms, it failed to return its religious status after the Soviet period

What is a tourist to do in Side?

Tula is visited mainly to explore its numerous museums, to see its beautiful historical symbol, to taste sweet gingerbread and to drink tea from the Tula samovar, but also to take a trip to Yasnaya Polyana, where lived and worked the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy

What to do in Side on excursions and by yourself?

Take a walking tour of Tula

Walking through the historical center of the city, you will admire the buildings of the late Middle Ages and see how they are intertwined with modernity. Then explore the Tula Kremlin and walk along the Kazanskaya embankment, take in ancient mansions and the most famous monuments in the city

Touch the main crafts of Tula

To get acquainted with the most famous crafts in the city, we recommend going on an excursion. You can find a suitable one in our catalog. Usually excursions of this format are exciting, the Museum of “Tula gingerbread” where you can bake a printed gingerbread man yourself, visit the museum of accordion and learn everything about this musical instrument, paint a Filimonov toy in one of the ancient mansions and learn to distinguish samovars

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Visit the Kulikovo field

What can be more fascinating than to visit the place of former glory and see where the most important battle of the Middle Ages took place? Interesting facts about the battle of Kulikovo are waiting for you, you will also visit the memorial complex “Red Hill” and the memorial in the village of Monastyrschino. You can choose the appropriate tour in our catalog

Take a trip to Yasnaya Polyana

Take a trip to the picturesque ancestral home of Leo Tolstoy, walk along the famous Prešpekt alley, admire the Big Pond, visit a mansion with the same interior as in his lifetime, and don’t neglect the family cemetery

Explore ancient temples

Admire the temple architecture, then you just need to learn about the main cathedrals and churches of Tula. Get acquainted with the main ones during one of the excursions. As a rule, most of them involve such monasteries as the female Borogoditse-Rozhdestvensky and male Panteleimonov, you will also visit the Church of the Annunciation and others, learn about the intricacies of temple construction, about the process of worship and church ethics

Discover the first vineyard estate in the North

The Kulakovo vineyard is located in the Dubno region and you can visit it with a guided tour. You’ll have a chance to walk around the northern vineyard, you’ll be told about grape growing, and you’ll be able to participate in the tasting of local wines

What can you do to make your vacation memorable?

Tula is a small city and you can visit it as part of a one-day tour, for example, from Moscow. But the city is rich in historical sites with which it is worth getting acquainted in more detail, here you will find numerous tours that we have collected in our catalog in order to ease the trouble of choosing. You just have to choose the right one, book it, the rest is up to the guides. Enjoy your trip

Latest reviews of “Tours of Side”.

This incredible trip decorated our stay in Turkey ❤️ And we did not regret in the slightest that we allocated 2 days of our vacation for it. We had a lot of positive experiences. For 2 days we saw all the beautiful places of Cappadocia, as it seems to me, we learned its history from the other side. ❤️ Special thanks to our guide Serkan, he was very interesting and positive, at the end of the trip it was even sad to part with the whole team, we wanted to go somewhere else. I recommend everyone who is thinking about going on this trip.

We drove with my wife along this route. Everything is very beautiful and wonderful, there is a lot to see, immerse yourself in both nature and history. The escort was a nice guy , Russian speaking. All questions about payment and transfer were resolved instantly. I took one point off for the fact that we were always the third car in the convoy on the way, all the dust, and most importantly, the exhaust gas from the car’s pipe in front of us was blowing in our faces. The car is not new and probably eats oil, so the smoke was concentrated))) if the sequence of cars in the column varied in the course of the route, it would be more pleasant and interesting. It does not overshadow the views and nature, otherwise all is fine, I recommend it! Well, the fact that the machine is not a Land Rover:) have already written in the reviews. Ford cars, more roomy, but in fact, maybe even more comfortable. Since the reviews have read it before the trip was not upset and was ready:)

Did not spoil your rating, because the guide liked it. But the second day was so-so. Too much shopping and not enough sightseeing (sweets, coffee, pottery, stones, leather …). It’s a long drive as it is (470 km), all those stores ” for tourists” are starting to piss me off. And the food . First day breakfast and second day lunch – brrrr. And so everything is cool, the balls and natural beauty are impressive, Serdar is a great guide, the hotel is very nice and clean.

Istanbul in winter. Weather and temperature. What to see?

Unforgettable trip – Ugur is a great storyteller and history expert. Ugur’s professionalism, tactfulness and depth of knowledge delighted the entire trip. We had a difficult request – my mother is not very mobile, and the road was a long one, Ugur organized a comfortable transfer with a very nice driver. We would love to go to Ugur again, I recommend him to everyone! .

It was a beautiful trip with its own nuances. Everything was well organized in time, no delays on the way – everything was on time. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, but, it is necessary to understand about weather in 40 degrees of heat and unnecessary stops such,,to drink tea, with obtrusive sellers, who here as here and wait for tourists, as any crowd with money, which really divorce on money, selling for incomprehensible prices magnets and so forth – it spoiled the impression in the end. After all, the road one way is about 11. hours. I do not advise to take children younger than eight-ten years old – the road is heavy, many children in the bus were sick and it was bad. About Cappadocia we can talk endlessly, it is beautiful and unbelievable. Our guide Serdar was cheerful and communicative, he made us laugh on the way).

Great crew on the boat! We saw turtles, no dolphins. The food is normal. The coves are beautiful. In terms of organization and timing, everything is clear. You can get a mask on the ship for a $5 deposit. The last stop was unnecessary, as it seemed to us. But all in all we liked it).

Holidays with children in Side at the end of August, booked a trip in advance. I booked and paid for the booking in advance, Tripster was on line on Vatsap all the time. In a day or so we wrote out and clarified the time of the transfer. A great comfortable bus came to pick us up. The driver was very friendly and great guide Garik (in Russian). We found out a lot of interesting things, not only about the sights, but also about Turkey. We liked it very much on the way there were many stops fed three times (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Went to a fruit wine tasting, couldn’t help but buy pomegranate wine. You can go, thank you very much to the team.

Well, let’s proceed from the impression of the trip on the fact that from Side to Pamukkale drive about 6 hours. The trip itself had technical stops, and the description without shopping with a stop for a tasting is quite true. Travertine in August, almost dried up, a lot of people, the sun scorches mercilessly. In general to go here has sense only in a not season, well and consider that the pool with thermal water can cause a worsening of chronic diseases. (Do not linger in it more than 20 minutes).

The flight was very cool. The views of Alanya are just bombastic. Take off/landing went smoothly. If you want, you can make a little turn over the sea. Fear of heights and flying was not at all. 4* I put it because we originally stipulated that there would be free time for a walk in Alanya (we had a rest in Side), but in fact asked for extra money for a later transfer. In the end, the walks were cancelled and it spoiled the experience a bit. But otherwise unequivocally recommend.

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