7 reasons to visit Prague

10 reasons to visit Prague

1. Prague is a living encyclopedia of architecture. Romanesque churches and dungeons, Gothic churches, Baroque gardens and castles, magnificent Art Nouveau buildings and unique Cubist buildings – all this makes Prague unique. You don’t have to be an architectural expert to appreciate the splendor of the Czech capital. The Rotunda of St. Martin, the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the Waldstein Palace, the Municipal House or the Kovářovič Villa will leave a permanent impression on your mind. The Dancing House by Frank Gehry was the landmark of modern architecture in Prague, the National Technical Library and the group of buildings in the Karlin district are also remarkable in terms of their modern architecture.

2. Prague satisfies the wishes of music lovers of all genres: classical, folk and alternative, rock and pop styles. Those who are fond of classical music should visit the Rudolfinum, Municipal House and numerous churches (organ or sacred music concerts). Fans of alternative music should visit concerts in Roxy, Akropolis, Cross or the multimedia center MeetFactory. The biggest club in Central Europe – the five level Karlovy Lázně complex – also awaits its guests, every floor of which is dedicated to a different kind of music. Prague’s islands also immerse themselves in the kingdom of music during the annual summer festival United Islands.

3. Beer is an integral part of Prague’s history and modern life. According to experts, the best beer in Prague is brewed in the district of Nusli, in a beer house called Zlý časy (Bad Times). From the twenty-four taps you can alternately taste many varieties of the amber nectar produced in small and large breweries in the Czech Republic and abroad. If you are not physically able to taste all varieties during one visit, take advantage of the huge bottle “archive”. Wonderful draft beer in Prague is served not only in pubs, but also in restaurants and bars. Of course, it is worth to combine it with culinary delights of Czech cuisine to feel the true harmony of tastes. There are a lot of places where the tradition of beer drinking is carefully preserved and developed: the beerhall “U Jelinků” has a century-old history, and popular among tourists and locals “Lokál”, and the legendary place “U Pinkasů”, where Prague first started to serve Pilsen beer. It is also worth visiting Pivovarský dům (Beer House), Břevnov Monastic Brewery of St. Vojtěch, and Strahov Monastic Brewery.

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4. Not every metropolis can boast such a lively attraction as the navigable river . The Vltava, without a doubt, is not only a waterway but also the soul of Prague. Its hypnotic power will be experienced by anyone who has at least once walked across one of 30 Prague bridges or visited one of ten islands. The river’s course can be watched from picturesque embankments, which, depending on the season, alternately transform into beaches, farmers’ markets, cycle paths or dance floors. A unique view of the Vltava shores opens during river walks: from the deck of a large motor ship, a tiny river boat, a Venetian gondola, a water bike. And, of course, the jewel on the graceful “neck” of the Vltava is the medieval Charles Bridge, with its thirty “pearls” – Baroque statues.

5. The charm of Prague lies in its quiet and airy atmosphere, which is completely conveyed by famous cafes. Many creative personalities of Europe and of the world – composers, writers, architects, artists, scientists – spent their free time here with quiet conversations. For a cup of aromatic coffee one can visit the famous Slavia Café, which is opposite the National Theatre, or Café Louvre in Paris with its bohemian atmosphere or Grand Café Orient, which is unique by its interior and is located in the Cubist Museum. Café Savoy and Café Imperial are a favorite of Prague citizens; if you’ve been there, you’ll understand why they’re so popular. Modern cafés also struggle to win the hearts of Prague’s guests: Café Lounge is renowned for its signature desserts, Pražírna for its coffee specialties, and Monolok Café for its fun design.

6. Not only sightseeing in Prague will be calm and pleasant, but also shopping! Even in the huge shopping malls (Palladium, Nový Smíchov, Chodov, Arkády Pankrác etc.) you can shop without fuss and rush, not to mention the fashion marathon in Paris – the main street of brand boutiques. Connoisseurs of antiques will be delighted by the offer of antique shops. A wide range of jewelry is offered by the Uhlíř salon; paintings and porcelain are on offer at Starožitnostech v Karmelitské. A large selection of modern and antique paintings is available in the Galerie Petra Brandla, and works by Czech designers – in the Modernista store or in the DOX Contemporary Art Center.

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7. Prague ancient gardens and parks are the main attraction of the capital. There are about two hundred of them in the city and the oldest ones are hundreds of years old. The first gardens of Prague were laid out in the monastic estates; the next generation emerged during the Renaissance and became a tribute to the fashion among the rich citizens of Prague to have a garden or park near their residence. Each century enriched green spaces with special landscape design and decoration, thus creating harmonious ensembles with an individual philosophy and undoubtedly raising the status of the property and its owner. A turning point for park architecture was the Baroque period, its splendor and monumentality could not fail to affect the decoration of gardens and parks of the capital. The Castle Gardens of Prague Castle, the Waldstein and Riegrov Gardens, the gardens on Petřín Hill, and many other islands of serene peace and tranquility will certainly leave you with the most beautiful impressions of your stay in Prague.

8. 8 In the course of time, Prague has gone through many stages of cultural, social and economic development, which could not but affect its architectural appearance. Unbiased witnesses of such transformations are the technical monuments which demonstrate the radical difference between the present day and the not so distant past. Such a trip in the opposite direction to the passage of time can be taken through the underground labyrinth of the Prague sewers, to the Novoměstská water tower, the Nuselský bridge, the Petzold lime factory, the former Vetrník windmill, the Petřínka funicular railway, the Kršižík fountains or through the halls of the National Technical Museum. It is worth visiting the wastewater treatment plant in Bubeneč, which at one time was one of the most modern technological complexes in Europe. This is where the filming of the movie Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise took place.

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9. Prague offers a lot of opportunities for active recreation for families with children of all ages. A special ferry from the center of the city takes you to a favorite vacation spot of all Prague citizens – Troja Zoo. The youngest guests will certainly enjoy a visit to the Toy Museum at Prague Castle, which displays historic toys from all over the world, including a large collection of Barbie dolls. The boys will be fascinated by historical steam locomotives, cars and their predecessors, airplanes and other machinery of the last century and the century before that. A ride on the historic streetcar or a visit to the Žižkov Tower will impress the entire family. The icing on the cake for a “walk through Prague” is a stop at one of the many Prague pastry shops, for example Ergartová on Letná Street, U puhovka on Ujezd Street or the legendary Myšák café on Vodičkova Street.

10. 10. Prague – the center of Europe . From Prague it takes just a few hours by car (bus or train) to reach the cities of the Old Continent, the beauties of which cannot be neglected, if you find yourself so close to them. Moreover, it is so close that after a full sightseeing tour of historical monuments and even leaving time for a little shopping, you can on the same day back to Prague! The distance from Prague to Dresden, where it is worth visiting the famous gallery, is only 153 km. Four capitals of the neighboring countries are also situated close by: Austrian Vienna – 312 kilometers, German Berlin – 350 kilometers, Slovak Bratislava – 323 kilometers, and Hungarian Budapest – 560 kilometers.


Prague:in your pocket.

A practical guide-brochure with basic information about our capital city.

7 reasons to visit Prague

Why do we love Prague?

Prague is a controversial city: it has many flaws, but there are also a number of pluses. Despite the fact that we didn’t like Prague, it’s still worth getting to know the Czech capital – and there are 7 reasons for that. Learn about its best side in this post.

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1. Gastronomic interest

Czechs love to eat! We love to eat, too. Their cooking is delicious, sometimes even very good. Particularly good are the Haggische Knee and grilled cheese. The portions are large and hearty. In addition, you can find an inexpensive business lunch from 90 CZK.

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What to Try in Prague

2. alcoholic drinks

We don’t like alcohol, but it would be strange to be in the Czech Republic and not drink beer. We ended up drinking as much as two liters for two people during the trip (which is a lot for us, actually). The Czechs drink it like water. Our verdict: the beer is really good. We recommend the dense Pardubice dark porter (13º) at U Járy beer hall.

We were in Prague around Christmas time, so it was impossible to get past the fairs where the smells of honeydew, mulled wine, plum and punch wafted. Good to warm up!

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What to Try in Prague

What to Try in Prague

3. Attractions

Not all attractions in Prague are worth the attention, money and time spent. The much publicized Lennon Wall, for example, causes only bewilderment. Nevertheless, there are a number of places for which it is worth to visit the Czech capital at least once – we tell you about them in our big guide.

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4. Le Style Mucha

There is a museum of Alphonse Mucha in Prague, also his works are exhibited in the National Gallery. However, you will not see the famous “Slav Epic” now – it went on tour. Those who are interested in the artist’s work, we highly recommend visiting the museum – it’s chamber and pleasant. A lot of personal belongings, photos, sketches. There is even the first children’s drawing by Mucha.

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You can also see the artist’s work in the Public House – he used to decorate the Mayor’s Salon. In St. Vitus Cathedral, look carefully at the stained glass windows, because one of them is by Mucha.

Look for author tours on the websites of Sputnik8 and Tripster.

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5. Swans

– There are more swans there, aren’t there? – Yes, swans.

This place brings to mind the movie “Laying low in Bruges.” Do you like swans? There are hundreds of them behind the Kafka Museum! They are not afraid of people, take food from their hands and fight with nutria, which take away tourists’ attention and food.

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6. Peter’s architecture.

Seriously, some parts of Prague just can’t be distinguished from Tekhnolozhka and Petrogradka. If you love the typical architecture of St. Petersburg, but have been to the city many times, go to Prague and enjoy the Gothic and Baroque churches together with typical St. Petersburg buildings.

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7. Gardens and parks

Gardens and parks are a good refuge for those tired of the hustle and bustle. Also there are panoramic views of the city. We have only been to Riegrovy Gardens and Vysehrad. In low season, some parks and gardens are closed, such as the Royal Parks.

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Bonus: the eighth reason

If you go to pre-Christmas Prague, visit the fairs. It’s probably one of our highlights! Try the svarczak (mulled wine), cherry punch, roasted almonds with spices and trdelnik with chocolate. The most beautiful fair is in front of the Cathedral of St. Ludmila on New Town Square.

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