9 ideas for a 1-day trip from Budapest

Where to go from Budapest: 10 excursions for 1-2 days

10 ideas for where to go from Budapest. The Danube River, Balaton and Heviz, cities in Hungary that are easy to get to in a day. Even on your own, without a tour.


Budapest is located in the northwestern part of Hungary – Central Europe, near the borders of Austria, Slovakia and Croatia. The city is surrounded by picturesque mountains, protected corners of nature, historical and architectural monuments. From the capital of Hungary in one or two days you can make fascinating trips to neighboring cities and resorts. The list consists of 10 ideas where you can go from Budapest for 1-2 days. Brief descriptions, tour prices, and detailed descriptions of how to get there on your own – which can be more exciting than traveling with a guide – are included.

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Popular excursions in Budapest

The most interesting tours are the itineraries from locals on Tripster . It is always interesting to start with a sightseeing tour of Budapest (to see the iconic places of Buda, Pest, Obuda, to outline the routes of future walks). And then go to the countryside – to the romantic Journey Along the Bend of the Danube. They say that Budapest suburbs (Szentendre, Visegrad, Esztergom) are more beautiful and comfortable than the capital itself! The guide will tell you how to spend your free time and save money on your vacation.

Where to go from Budapest for a day

1. Szentendre

The road No. 11, 22 km away

Szentendre, Budapest suburbs

Szentendre is a city of museums, artists and craftsmen. An atmospheric place with graceful towers of baroque churches, cobbled streets, colorful apartment buildings. In the old center of Szentendre there are many galleries, art, craft and souvenir shops. Tourists should visit the museum of ceramics and marzipan, ethnographic “Skanzen”, visit the National Wine Museum.

The journey to Szentendre from Budapest takes 40 minutes by train HÉV on the H5 line: green suburban trains run every 20 minutes from Batthany station to Szentendre. If you have bought a ticket for Budapest, pay 1 € extra, if not – take tickets for public transport and the commuter train, the total is 2,1 €. There are also intercity buses to Szentendre, from the stop Árpád híd M.

2. Visegrád and Esztergom

Distance: 42-48 km by road no. 10, 11

Excursions to the Budapest suburbs: Visegrad and Esztergom

Vysehrad and Esztergom can be visited on a day trip. Each of the cities has its own unique historical flavor. Esztergom, the birthplace of the first king of Hungary, is located near the border with Slovakia. The main attraction is the grandiose Basilica of St. Adalbert. Visegrad, the former capital of the state, is famous for its ancient fortress and theatrical knightly tournaments.

You can visit both cities, as well as Szentendre, during an organized excursion along the Danube bend. The cost of a guided day trip with return to Budapest starts at 150 € for groups of up to 4 people (4 to 8 hours).

Both cities can also be reached by intercity bus. Trains to Esztergom station run 24 hours a day from Nyugati, the ticket price is 3,7 €.

3 Pannonhalma Abbey

Distance – 130 km via M1

Pannonhalma Abbey, Hungary

Pannonhalma Abbey is an ancient Catholic shrine of Hungary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second largest monastery in Europe. The abbey is open to tourists, but you can only visit the abbey with a guide. It is allowed to see the monastery’s basilica, library and luxurious refectory, to visit the Tree nursery – the monastery’s botanical garden. It is possible to visit the winery. A group tour with a transfer from Budapest costs 60 € for a single tourist, an individual tour costs 250-275 € (for 1-4 people).

The 6 Best Budapest Restaurants with National Cuisine

You can get by train from the station Keleti, with a change in Győr to the station Pannonhalma. Ticket price from 9 to 11,6 €. There are buses from Győr to the abbey.

4. eger

Distance – 138 km via M3

Excursions from Budapest: The Eger Wine Region

Excursions from Budapest: The Eger Wine Region

Excursions from Budapest: The Eger Wine Region

Excursions from Budapest: The Eger Wine Region

Excursions from Budapest: The Eger Wine Region

Excursions from Budapest: The Eger Wine Region

Eger is located 140 km to the northeast of the Hungarian capital, at the foot of mountain ranges Matra and Bükk. The main architectural monuments of this town are the neoclassical Esztergom basilica of the 19th century and the Egri Var fortress of the 13th century. The ancient resort is famous for its baths, baroque architecture, wine cellars in the fertile Valley of Beauties, dug in the rock caves, and the famous wine Egri Bikaver. At 10 km from the city, in a place called Egersalok there is a snow-white salt mound with a thermal spring just like in the legendary Pamukkale.

The individual excursion “To Eger – the homeland of the Bull’s blood” lasts more than 12 hours. Besides the legendary wine and halasle in the Valley of Beauties, it includes a visit to the karst cave and a tour of the historic center of Eger.

Those who want to understand everything by themselves will not have problems with the organization of the tour from Budapest: there are direct trains from the Eastern Railway Station. The 2nd class ticket costs from 8 to 8,5 €. Buses #1050 depart from Kacsóh Pongrác út. The ticket costs from 5 to 8 €. Travel time is from 1.5 hours to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

5. Balatonfüred .

Distance – 128 km via M7

Balatonfured from Budapest

Balatonfured is a magnificent old resort, the pride of Hungary. People come here not only to swim in the legendary Lake Balaton, but also to try the healing water in the old pump room, to walk the linden alley of Rabindranath Tagore, visit unusual churches and the famous Balaton Aquarium.

There are about 50 trains a day from Budapest Deli and Kőbánya-Kispest stations to Balatonfüred: travel time is 2 hours and 46 minutes. The ticket price is 8,26 €. The bus number 1201 from Újbuda-központ will take you in 2 hours and costs 5-8 €.

6. Tihany peninsula

The distance is 137 km on the M7 freeway

The Tihany peninsula is a protected romantic place, only 12 km², dividing Lake Balaton in two. It is home to the old abbey of Tihany with crypts where kings are buried. At Tihany you can see the beautiful lavender fields and buy all kinds of lavender products in the souvenir shops. The hill on the peninsula is considered the best vantage point with a view of Lake Balaton. You can get to Tihany by train and bus, but only through Balatonfüred, and from there by boat or bus. More convenient to go as part of a group, for 60 € per person; individual excursion for 1-3 tourists will cost 275 €.

7. Keszthely

Distance – 188 km on the M7 highway

Keszthely, Hungary

Keszthely is a resort town on Balaton, 190 km southwest of Budapest. On the central square stands the Baroque Town Hall and the Gothic Franciscan church, the “plague” column of the Holy Trinity. In Keszthely there are many museums of various themes. The pride of the city is the Festetics Palace on the shore of Lake Balaton. This is a magnificent baroque residence, reminiscent of Versailles, with luxurious interiors and an art gallery, with a museum of carriages and hunting, with a greenhouse Palm House and a regular garden. There are three daily trains to Keszthely from Deli station and four from Kőbánya-Kispest; the ticket price is 11,70 €. On the way you will have to make 1-3 connections.

Prices in Budapest - 2022. How to save money

The first and most comfortable flight (with one change) is at 04:05 am. Volanbusz buses on route #1188 depart from the Újbuda-központ stop; ticket price €8-12.

Where to go from Budapest for two days

1. Lake Heviz

Distance: 191 km via M7

Hévíz is a well-known thermal spa with miraculous baths, about 190 km far from the capital of Hungary. This small town on the shore of the thermal lake of the same name is surrounded by the green garden. A medieval church of Arpadov (XIII century) has survived here, an archeological park with fragments of an ancient Roman villa was opened. Numerous private hotels and spa centers are built here. The water in Lake Heviz is radon water, very clean and warm all year round (+23-34°C). The main attraction of the resort is a thermal complex with four pools and outlet into the lake. There are direct buses to Hévíz from the Nepliget bus station, up to 10 trips a day. Tickets cost from 12 €.

There is no direct train: you can get to Keszthely, walk there to the bus station and then drive to the place. A train ticket will cost 11,70 €, a bus ticket – 1,30 €.

2. Vienna

Distance – 244 km via M1 and A4

Where to go from Budapest for 2 days

Vienna and Budapest are two neighboring capitals located 250 km apart by road. In two days you can see the main sights of Vienna. Include St. Stephen’s Cathedral and its famous catacombs in your sightseeing itinerary. Stroll along the lively Graben, full of museums, stores, and cozy cafes. Listen to the organ in the Peterskirche on Peterplatz. Marvel at the scale of the enormous Hofburg and visit the legendary Empress Sissi’s museum. Marvel at the Parliament and City Hall.

If you can get tickets, spend an evening at the Staatsoper. Buy the legendary Sacher cake in the hotel’s pastry shop on Philharmonikerstrasse 4.

The first train from Budapest to Vienna from Keleti station goes at 05:40 am, the last one at 20:40. Travel time is from 2 hours and 38 minutes and tickets cost 19-40 €.

By bus it takes a little longer: 2 hours and 45 minutes. The route is served by RegioJet, Eurolines, Infobus and Flixbus, with tickets starting at 9 €. In summer you can also get to Vienna by Danube: 99 € on a fast boat.

3. Bratislava

200 km on the M1 freeway

Best day trips from Vienna: Top 8

Bratislava is only 200 km from Budapest, and you can take a two-day trip to the Slovak capital. The main attraction of the city is Bratislava Castle, a majestic tenth-century castle. The most beautiful and famous temple is St. Martin’s Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. In the old center of Bratislava, take a walk from Michael’s Gate along Michael Street, admire the buildings of the Main Square, the Town Hall, and the Roland Fountain. See the unique Church of St. Elizabeth, an elegant blue Art Nouveau church.

If you have time, take a ride on the cable car above the forest park, where you can see a picturesque panorama of Bratislava. And, of course, pay tribute to the local beer and Slovak cuisine in the city’s restaurants and cafes.

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Budapest

Trains to Bratislava go from stations Nyugati and Keleti, travel time – 2,5 hours, the trip costs 27-40 €. Buses leave from Nepliget – the first trip leaves at 7 am, the route is served by Eurolines and Flixbus. The ticket costs 7 – 12 €.

Where to stay near the station

Booking all possible excursions from Budapest in one list is certainly a good idea. But not cheap, to say the least. Traveling in a guide car, going to the most hidden from tourist groups corners, getting structured information is very fascinating. But not everyone can afford to spend 100-200 € for a route. And not everyone wants to: many are more interested in understanding everything on their own experience – even with electric trains and regular buses.

To simplify life on your own travels in the suburbs of Budapest, it is better to settle near the train or bus stations.

1. Novum Hotel Golden Park ****

Address: Baross tér 10, 1087 Budapest

Hotels in Budapest near the train station: Novum Hotel Golden Park

Novum Hotel Golden Park (Kelechi, Budapest)

Hotel (from €42) is located as close as possible to the Keleti train station. From there you can go to almost any destination in Budapest. It is a business district of the city with many stores, inexpensive cafes and supermarkets. The rooms are freshly renovated, bright, though small; wi-fi works.

2. Hotel Hungaria City Center ****

Address: Rákóczi út 90, 1074 Budapest

Where to stay in Budapest: Hotel Hungaria City Center

Standard Room at Hotel Hungaria City Center

Hotel is 300 meters from Budapest Central Station (from € 62). Near the Keleti Pályaudvar metro, from where you can go anywhere in the city. The rooms are spacious, no frills, but high-quality (good beds and orthopedic mattresses); some have panoramic views. There is ample parking. The breakfasts are super!

To summarize.

Is it worth planning every possible excursion from Budapest?

It is worth it, of course. But it may take at least 10-12 days, by the number of destinations. And that’s not counting the walks around the city itself, tours to museums and rest in the baths. Probably have to choose what is more interesting – architecture, landscapes, wine or swimming in the lake. If you don’t have three or four weeks of vacation in stock.

9 ideas for a 1-day trip from Budapest

Where to go from Budapest

Sharing ideas of where to go from Budapest for one day. The most interesting and unusual places around the Hungarian capital and not only. How to get there conveniently, how long it will take to get there, prices for travel.

Look for guided tours on Sputnik and Tripster sites. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Look for hotels with discounts on Rumguru. Here are the main rules for finding hotels.

The beautiful “city of Baroque” is located 130 km from Budapest. It is worth visiting for its unique architectural heritage: an ancient castle, a large neoclassical basilica, the Serbian church of St. Nicholas and the graceful Minorite Church.

The thermal baths in Eger are famous for their healing waters. The suburb of Eger “valley of beauties” is famous for its restaurants and wine cellars. Try the drinks of one of the most famous wine regions of Hungary!

Excursions in Budapest - 2022: prices and descriptions

It is more convenient to get to Eger by bus number 1050, which departs from Budapest Kacsóh Pongrác út station. The trip takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. Tickets cost 1700-2700 HUF.

Popular excursions to Eger:

Where to go from Budapest on your own

Eger (Photo: eliduke / flickr.com)


Where to go from Budapest to experience the tradition of Hungarian wine making? We recommend to visit Tokaj, a small town located at the confluence of the Tisza and the Bodrog.

Old Tokaj is called multi-storey not because of the tall houses here. There are a huge number of cellars and underground tunnels in the Hungarian town. Taste the famous Tokay wines, see the picturesque palaces of the prince Rakoczi and Janusz Szapolai, appreciate the beauty of the former synagogue and the town hall.

The distance of 221 km between Budapest and Tokay takes 2 hours and 40 minutes by train. The ticket costs 3000-4700 HUF.

Where to go from Budapest

Wine Tokaj (Photo: adamnsinger / flickr.com)


The ancient Hungarian city has survived several invasions and, like the Phoenix, has been reborn from the ashes every time. Come and see the large basilica of St. Adalbert, the palace of the Arpadov dynasty, the Vizivaros Church, the colorful Szechenyi Square and the 500-meter-long Maria Valeria Bridge spanning the Danube.

Esztergom can be easily reached by bus number 800, which runs from Budapest Árpad híd Autobusz-Állomas station . The bus covers a distance of 45 km in one hour. The ticket costs 680-1100 HUF. Trains to Esztergom go from the West Station Nyugati palyaudvar . The fare will cost 1200 HUF.

Popular excursions:

Where to go from Budapest for one day

St. Adalbert’s Basilica (Photo: unsplash.com / @barnabas_1)


The city was built on lands where the ancestors of the Hungarians came during the great migration of peoples. Sökesfehervar was built in 972 AD, and for a long time it was the capital of Hungary. Fifteen Hungarian kings were crowned and buried here.

The museum city is adorned by sumptuous Baroque buildings: St. Stephen’s Cathedral, St. Anne’s Chapel, Bishop’s Palace and the Garden of Ruins, where Hungarian monarchs are buried. If you come with children, go to the Puppet Museum or the Ethnographic Museum.

Buses to Szőkesfehérvár leave every 30-40 minutes from the Népliget bus station. The journey takes 1 hour 15 minutes, the ticket costs 1450 HUF. Hungarian Railways trains reach the city in less than an hour. The journey costs 1000-1700 HUF.

Where to go on the outskirts of Budapest

Sökesfehervar Cathedral (Photo: B.Gergely / flickr.com)


Twenty kilometers northwest of the Hungarian capital is an amazing city of artists, worth a 1-day trip from Budapest. The main attractions of Szentendre are the narrow cobbled streets, the red tiled roofs, the Catholic Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the Church of the Annunciation, the Church of the Epiphany and the art galleries. Be sure to visit the unusual marzipan museum.

How to get to Szentendre? Every 10-30 minutes from the station Batthyány tér to the city runs an electric train. The trip takes 40 minutes and the fare is 670 HUF. You can take the bus from the bus station Újpest-Városkapu . In 30 minutes you will be there! For water-borne travellers we suggest the water cabs and motorboats, which ply the Danube from May to September from the piers Vigadó and Batthyány . A one-way ticket costs 3400 HUF.

Where to go from Budapest

The lodges in Szentendre (Photo: Kotomi_ / flickr.com)


If you haven’t decided where to go around Budapest, we suggest heading to the city where the famous Royal Palace is located. Adjacent to the imperial chambers is the large Elisabethan park, where Franz Joseph’s wife, the beautiful Sisi, loved to walk. In the luxurious halls, exquisite moldings, antique furniture, and objects used by members of the imperial family have been preserved. The trip will be very memorable and romantic!

Budapest Airport: How to get downtown

The distance between Budapest and Gödöllő is 30 km. Take the suburban train at Keleti Station and it will take you to Gödöllő station. Buses go from the east station. The trip takes half an hour and the fare is 680 HUF.

Gödöllő tours:

Where to go from Budapest as a guided tour

Gödöllő Royal Palace (Photo: AZso / flickr.com)

Lake Hévíz

The small town of Hévíz is 190 km from Budapest. It has a population of just over 4600 people. There is a thermal lake nearby, where the Hungarians like to come both in summer and winter.

Hévíz is the largest thermal lake in the world. The outflow in the lake is so great that the water is completely refreshed in one day. In summer it is heated to +36 ° C, and during the cold season – up to +24 ° C. It is very comfortable for swimming!

In addition to the healing water, there are many interesting things in Hévíz. You can take a walk through the town and admire the pretty houses on Vörösmarty street and the Church of the Holy Spirit, visit the local vineyards and try Hungarian cuisine.

The drive to the geothermal spa takes about 3 hours. You can get to Hévíz by train and bus. Tickets cost from 2,100 to 3,700 HUF.

Popular excursions:

Where to go from Budapest

Thermal Lake in Heviz (Photo: heatheronhertravels / flickr.com)


Hungary’s capital is at the crossroads of transport routes, so it’s convenient to travel to any part of Europe from Budapest. The main city of Slovakia is only 200 km from Budapest. There are many restored monuments, medieval buildings, churches and picturesque squares in Bratislava.

There used to be ships between the two European cities, but now there are no flights on the Danube. There are several high-speed trains to Bratislava from Budapest every day. The trip takes about 2.5 hours. Tickets for trains are sold at the Nyugati pályaudvar West Station ticket office and for buses at the Budapest Kelenföld bus station.

We advise you not to waste time in queues, and to buy tickets online on the Russian-speaking service Omio. There you can also check the current train and bus schedule from Budapest to Bratislava. A train ticket costs 3100 HUF, and a bus ticket costs 2700 HUF. Buy a round-trip ticket and you’ll save a little!

Where to go from Budapest to Europe

Bratislava (Photo: unsplash.com / @martinkatler)

Pannonhalm Abbey

Tourists who are interested in the country’s culture have very popular trips to Hungary’s oldest monastery, Pannonhalma Abbey. The male Benedictine monastery stands on top of St. Martin’s Mountain at a height of 282 meters. The buildings of the monastery have been rebuilt many times, so they retain features of different architectural eras.

On the territory there is a monument to the 1000-year migration of Hungarians to the Danube, a library, a basilica, a refectory, wineries and a store selling herbal teas and local wines. Guests at the monastery are received from 9:00 to 19:00 and the museums are open until 16:00.

To get to the ancient abbey, you have to get to the town of Győr and then travel 20 km by bus or train.

How to get there:

Where to go from Budapest

Pannonhalm Abbey (Photo: Miroslav Petrasko / flickr.com)

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