9 reasons not to go to Fukuok

Bad reviews of tourists about holidays in Fukuoka

Bad reviews of Fukuoka

Disposable Fukuoka tourism – why people don’t want to come back

I have tried to talk about the minuses of Fukuoka and Vietnam, but in the general flow of me and Nastya rave reviews about life and childbirth on the island, all the cons somehow pale into insignificance. Nevertheless, there are things to remember, going to rest on Fukuoka. On this I want to write today. By the way at the end of the article is a video – for those who do not like “lots of letters. So if you do not have limited traffic and you are not tired of my beard, you can immediately scroll down.

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To all who like to read, or more easily absorb textual information, this is dedicated. I decided to begin the story with a package tour, because this year there are a lot more of them. According to eyewitness accounts in Russia, especially in those cities from where charters to the island, is very actively advertised our wonderful Phu Quoc. Yes, that’s right. I continue to like the island, but I and Nastya requirements are not as high as a vacationer accustomed to the Turkish comfort.

Posters of Fukuoka are full of pictures of blue lagoons with white sand, deserted beaches, cleanliness and serenity. In practice, most tourists are settled in Long Beach, where there is nothing like this. By the way, a really white, fine sand, like flour only on one beach Fukuoka – Bai Sao. And that littered enough that after your first visit did not want to return to him, although, there are a couple of great places, but not everyone gets to them.

Pay attention to the new series of articles-advice on package holidays in Fukuoka. In the new series, I try to gather all the most useful information for those who are flying to the island for a couple of weeks:

    – For those flying for a couple of weeks – getting to know the island

Once you arrive in Phu Quoc, vacationers are often disappointed. There is no bounty tale, no Persian fairy tale with dozens of attendants either. In front of them appears a narrow strip of beach, with the same tourists, watching the plums from the hotels and orphaned floating plastic bag. I’m thickening the colors a bit, so let me tell you in more detail.

Myths about vacationing in Fukuoka.

I should point out right away that in my unassuming opinion, the hulk is a good place. However, when choosing a vacation here, you need to remove the rose-colored glasses and look at reality clearly. Let me tell you about a few features of Fukuoka.

Clean beaches on Fukuok Island

There are beautiful bays in the north of the island on the closed areas of expensive hotels, where there is almost nothing except the hotels and in the evening you can die of boredom. Long Beach, unfortunately, can not boast special purity and transparency of the water. I will come back to it below.

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For fans of clean water there are excursions to the southern islands by boat or by cable car (the longest in the world – I’ll talk about it separately another time). However, it’s not the cheapest pleasure – once or twice you can ride, but definitely not every day. In addition, there are a couple of problems with excursions in Fukuoka:

  • The tour operator, which brings people to Phu Quoc, first intimidates vacationers “terrible street tours,” and then he himself with a significant margin gives tourists a local agency, which has the most complaints: tours are not there, jammed boats, where people, as a herring in the barrels, guides, lived on the island for a couple of weeks (by the way, according to my information, guides really do not stay long – it is difficult to endure the constant stream of complaints)
  • Local guides and agencies do not make the situation much easier: almost every agency overly criticizes their competitors, even more confusing tourists in the price and quality of services.

In order not to get into trouble with the prices for tours, I recommend that you get acquainted with all popular trips to the site PhuQuoc24, which works with many local agencies and private guides, providing not only information about current prices, but also the opportunity to make a reservation. However, no one forbids, knowing the real price to walk down the street or listen to your guide.

The attitude of the Vietnamese staff to tourists

Holidaymakers often forget that they came to Asia, not their favorite Turkey, where everyone is ready to lick you. Vietnam is a proud country, and Phu Quoc, not yet spoiled by tourists. Not so long ago, there was an ordinary village and people are not used to fawning in front of white tourists. Moreover, sometimes you can even meet the negative attitude of the elderly, for whom all white people are indistinguishable from Americans. Therefore I often advise to begin a dialogue with a simple Russian “hello” rather than foreign hello.

In general, flying to Fukuok, be prepared that you will not get special attention. Tourists are not very interesting: sometimes the cab driver is too lazy to take you to the night market, and the seller will not open his eyes during lunchtime sleep, and certainly the favorite gesture of the local “light bulb” with any lack of understanding and unwillingness to communicate very quickly you get tired of – although I personally got used to it. I even use it myself sometimes.

The myth of cheap food in Fukuoka

This is a separate topic of conversation. I have already been accused of insincerity and embellishing the budget of the winter. Budget 2017-2018 I have not summed up, but last year I wrote everything to the exact ruble, what’s the point of lying to me? So. There are people who arrive in Phu Quoc, after reading my stories through a line and immediately go to expensive restaurants, frightened away their eyes from my favorite locals. For comparison: a set dinner at a lokalek costs from 65 rubles per person (first, second and tea), the cost of a dish at a restaurant can go up to 500 rubles, and the total check gets a few thousand. I’m not saying that the restaurants are bad, on the contrary, I have even written several articles on where to go to eat in Fukuoka. But let’s make a distinction. There is affordable food at local diners, there are inexpensive dishes at local cafes, and there are borscht and other exotics at a restaurant, where you go to decide your budget:

Best beaches in Phu Quoc : map, reviews, photos

If you are a little more daring, like to taste the local color and not trying to spend a lot – feel free to go to a local canteen (a place with a fixed price and a couple of dishes without a menu), neither I nor my friends were not poisoned in them (but there were cases of poisoning in the local cafe, so there should be more careful). If the budget allows, and you flew to Phu Quoc specifically to try the Vietnamese borscht, then choose a cafe with the whitest tablecloths.

A few more unpleasant things

Be sure to keep in mind a few more nuances so as not to be upset when you arrive on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. Talking about the pros of the island, I often forget that not all tourists the basics of safe travel are so obvious. I wrote an article – how not to become a victim of scammers on the road – be sure to read the simple rules of safe behavior in a foreign country, and in their own. Perhaps after reading the following information will be less relevant to you.

Safety on the island of Phu Quoc

Life on the island is relaxing. They do not always lock the doors, do not keep money in safes, leave the keys in the bikes, and bags are safely left on the beach. Written as an advertisement for thieves … However, we should not forget that the mass accumulation of relaxed people – always lures the criminal element. Where there is a lot of money, there are those who want to take it.

No, you certainly won’t be mugged on the street and the cab driver won’t drive you into the hands of bandits. The island is safe for simple walks, even for single girls, fortunately, in Vietnam, unlike India, there are no problems with violence against women. It is possible to get into a local conflict by pissing off the locals, but it is not easy to do, especially if you remember that we are guests here.

Nevertheless, your money can interest those who came to earn money and if some of them are trying to earn honestly or almost honestly, only slightly inflating the prices, the others act more brazenly:

  • From vacationers and guests of the island there were complaints of theft at the night market, so try to keep your money and valuables in inaccessible places.
  • There have been cases of robberies in several hotels, but this is rather nonsense. I am sure that the hoteliers themselves will find the culprits and organize a quick retaliation.
  • Recently in the chat room Telegram saw a complaint of counterfeit bill.
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In general, watch yourself and your valuables, especially in crowded places.

No usual supermarkets in Fukuoka

I want to end the article with a cry of general pain. Every second person who comes to Phu Quoc and gets into one of the groups on the island (links in the sidebar) or in the telegram channel, ask about the big supermarket, where there is everything. Alas, on the island of Phu Quoc in contrast to mainland Vietnam is no hypermarkets. There are small and medium-sized stores, but the choice of goods there is limited. Although this year has been much better. The changes in Phu Quoc I wrote a separate article, which I also recommend reading:

So the old-timers are getting a little tired of answering the question about the stores. The main difference between Fukuoka and the same Thailand, it is just the absence of such stores, where you can come once a week and stock up. However, I will write about them in a separate article.

Access to the beaches in Fukuoka

A little trouble, which fortunately does not affect everyone, but soon could become a massive problem – it is access to the beaches of Fukuoka. Tour operator often settles tourists in the hotel on the second line (on the far side of the road from the sea), forgetting to say that the approach to the sea is not everywhere. Very often the passage is blocked by a large hotel, whose guards do not always let holidaymakers, arguing that it is a private territory. It turns out that the beach is public, but the approach to it is not.

For example, in our area of Long Beach, there are two ways to get to the sea:

  • Past the construction site at the abandoned resort. Make sure you get there before 5 p.m., otherwise the entrance will be closed and you’ll have to find a workaround.
  • Trying to go through the hotel. We are allowed with a stroller, but precedents have happened. And to the nearest non-hotel entrance walk about a mile and a half – but the promenade is useful.

In the end, another video, this time about the disadvantages of Fukuoka.

As you can see not everything is not so terrible in Fukuoka, some of the problems are not problems at all, so I personally am already thinking about the third season of Fukuoka. See you later.

Is it worth to go to Fukuok?


Leaning back in a hammock, watching the gentle waves, basking in the rays of the Vietnamese sun, you may wonder why so many people still do not know about Phu Quoc Island. Of course, because it is not as much discussed in the press as the islands of Thailand, and maybe it will not even offer you in the tour company, which you will contact before starting your vacation. And why not – with wild jungle, squeaky white sand and clear azure waters, this island of 600 square kilometers is more than suitable for the picture of paradise, which you probably drew in your head.

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The island, which is shaped like South America, is 65 kilometers off the southwestern coast of Vietnam and only 15 kilometers from the coast of Cambodia, which, incidentally, used to own this piece of paradise.

Although the continuous beach line (120 kilometers) stretches along almost the entire length of the west coast of the island, only a small fraction of the beaches are prepared for the rest of tourists. That is, the island, we can say, semi-wild.

Those who have been to many islands in Southeast Asia (which themselves are just amazing), will still be impressed with Fukuok. The combination of isolated and deserted beaches and the thriving, small but still cleanest and nicest main town of Duong Dong makes Phu Quoc a rare find indeed.

Given the ease of access (a 20-minute flight from Ratze or an hour from Saigon, but you can also take a ferry from Ratze or Hong Chong – also relatively short), this amazing island remains underdeveloped and, one might say, untouched. However, the Vietnamese government has huge plans for the island – they want to make it a tourist attraction with many hotels and entertainment centers. So far, these plans remain unrealized, and hopefully will remain only on paper for the foreseeable future.

The island has something for everyone – and it really does! Surrounded by more than a dozen bays and beaches, with yellow sand and streaks of dazzling white sand, with a scattering of small islets off the south coast (which are wonderful, especially for diving), with damp jungle and a few fishing villages – in general, the island has plenty of beautiful places that will make you wish your vacation was endless.

The best beach, according to many, is Long Beach, Long Beach on the west coast of the island. With a few bars, it is comfortable and quiet at the same time. And endless. True, the sand there is a little rougher, but it does not upset anyone at all. Also, this empty beach can be a little dirty with the trash, which the sea brings – but it’s not cans, slips, paper, and the typical “sea” garbage – wood and seaweed, although sometimes a couple of plastic bottles swim in. But mostly the water is very clean, very warm and calm, especially in the morning.

In the south of the island you will find Sao Beach– A great beach with fine white sand, calm waters. There are, oddly enough, not a lot of people there, despite the massive restaurants. However, to get to Sao Beach is not very convenient because of bad roads, so that a miserable 30 kilometers can be a complete agony.

Beach Ong Lang Beach on the west shore is very secluded and romantic. There are a couple of seafood restaurants, and a couple of bungalows – straight romantic boutique! Moreover, the bungalows are on a gentle hill, and there’s a coconut grove nearby. Just a few minutes walk and you will find Bo Resort, followed by a 5-kilometer empty beach, without a single bungalow or bar, and most often without people.

Vietnam in July 2022. Weather and where to rest

Accommodation options in Fukuoka cover the full spectrum for all budgets. From backpacker guesthouses to rather unusual and beachfront resorts and hotels. But you won’t find the luxury hotels you might expect here. But it is not necessary – with such beauty of nature!

It is worth to note that the tourist infrastructure here is also not so good, for example, there is no ideal service, the roads are not ideal either. The beaches here, though paradise, but in some places, the entrance to the sea is simply unbearable. From sports – diving and snorkeling (there are diving-centers), but other kinds of sports are not particularly developed. Well and to lie on the beach and relax to the ends of the hair – the best place, and, it can be done almost all year round, except for October, when the rainy season begins. There are no tsunamis, no violent waves, and no sharks (if anyone cares about that in the first place). So, most guests arriving on the island do nothing but make the daily journey: bungalow-beach-restaurant-beach-bungalow-and so on for the rest of the vacation. So if you like that kind of vacation, welcome to Fukuok.

In contrast to Thailand, accommodation options are of a different standard. There are few bungalows as such, and mainly, brick and stone chalets and something like that. And the hotels are bigger. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to book a room, but during the rainy season you won’t have any problems.

If you don’t want to be lazy, rent a bike and a map – there is a lot to explore and admire. The beaches are the best on the south end of town. Some beaches on the island are private and belong to the hotels, the rest are free to visit. You can also stop by the pearl plantation. sea pearl plantation – for the joy of the ladies. About how the pearl grows in the shell – there you will be shown clearly, and it’s very impressive. You can buy something at the same time, though do not count on low prices.

Also, unlike the islands of Thailand, Fukuoka has a very limited selection of bars and clubs. There are a couple of places where you can drink beer at night, but with a very high probability, you’ll be alone.

In general, the pluses of the island – a great climate, gorgeous secluded beaches, few tourists, cheap accommodation, romantic views. The best place for honeymoon honeymooners, perhaps! And what pictures you get!

The most active tourists leave Fukuok for dessert – as a final stop in Vietnam before going home, and then upset that a couple of nights on the island – just not enough. So, make sure beforehand that you can afford to spend enough time on Phu Quoc.

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