Agur Waterfalls and Gorge in Sochi: route, photos, how to get there

The Waterfalls of Agur, the Eagle Rocks on our own

About Agur Waterfalls in Sochi I had heard about them and was going to visit them at the first opportunity. And so on May holidays I was in Sochi, and one day we went to Agur Waterfalls.

Agur Waterfalls: Where are they located?

The Agur Waterfalls are located between Matsesta and Mount Akhun. To the north of Mount Akhun flows the Agura River, which forms a cascade of waterfalls as it descends to the sea.

Agur Waterfalls on the Map

Routes .

Before figuring out how to get to the Agura waterfalls, let’s look at what the options for routes may be. You can choose quite simple and see only the waterfalls, you can grab a few more interesting places.

Near the Agura waterfalls are the following attractions:

at the bottom of the waterfalls – Stalin’s dacha ,

in the upper part:

on the south side – mountain Akhun with a tower, on the north side – Eagle Rocks and Matsesta .

You can pass Agurskoye Canyon both from the bottom upwards and in the opposite direction. It is clear that it is easier to walk downwards. But in that case you will have to start your way either from Akhun mountain or from Matsesta through Eagle Rocks.

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

The simplest variant is to drive up to the gorge from below and to walk from Sputnik Recreation Center along the river by the path. You can admire the waterfalls and go back the same way. At any time you can turn back (say, your leg hurts, it’s too hot or tiresome).

If you feel yourself to be strong enough, after passing the cascades you may turn right and climb Akhun Mountain or turn left and climb Eagle Rocks.

If you come to Agur Waterfalls by car, you have to drive back to the place where you left the car. In that case the best way is to take a radial route: to pass waterfalls, to ascend Akhun Mountain and to descend to the parking point by different path. And then you are to visit Eagle Rocks separately.

itinerary Agurskie waterfalls akhun

How to get to Agur Waterfalls

From the bus stop Sputnik.

The nearest bus stop is “Sputnik Recreation Complex”, or simply “Sputnik”. At “Sputnik” stop buses 2 (every 45 min) and 115 (every 25 min), as well as the route bus 48 (every 15 min).

If you are coming from the center of Sochi, take them right away. For example, near Sochi Railway Station.

If you are going from Adler direction, the only way to get to Sputnik without changing is to take bus 115. It goes from Lazurnaya Dolina to the center of Sochi (to city hospital #4). You can take this bus to the railway station Adler and get out at Sputnik.

You may also change the route from Adler to Sputnik. You should take one of the following buses: #50, 55, 88, 105, 105c, 125p. You should stop at the Maly Akhun bus stop and change to the 48 route.

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Line minibus 48 goes every 15 minutes from Kudepsta to Sochi City Center (to Municipal Hospital #4).

how to get to agursky waterfalls

From stop Maly Akhun to stop Sputnik just 1,8 km, so if you want you can walk and not wait for 48 bus.

Another option is to go to the Green Grove stop, walk to Stalin’s dacha, and then get off at Sputnik. From Green Grove to Sputnik through Stalin’s dacha is 2.3 km.

From Sputnik stop to the entrance to Sochi National Park – 1,2 km. In front of the entrance there are ticket offices and parking.

Entrance to the national park costs 200 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children. They only take cash. When approaching the park we met a woman who had to go back, because she had only a card, but did not have a Nala, and she was not allowed.

From Matsesta.

The most common route is a bunch of Macesta-Orly Rocks-Agur Waterfalls (see map above). This route is convenient because most of it you will be going down (although going down from Eagle Rocks is hardly easier than climbing up).

So, if you want to start from Matsesta, you have to go to the stop Staraya Matsesta (final stop) by bus #3. This bus runs every 20 minutes from Vishnevaya Street through the center of Sochi to Staraya Matsesta.

how to get to matsesta

Buses 120, 121, 123 and minibus 43 will also suit you. Their stop is farther, but not much farther. The stop is also called “Staraya Matsesta,” and it is not the terminus.

If you are going from Adler side, you should change the stop to Matsesta, and then walk 370 meters to the stop “Station Matsesta”, and take one of the following buses: #3, 120, 121, 123. You can also go to station Matsesta by train.

Getting off the bus in Staraya Matsesta, you cross the river and walk along an asphalt path through the forest to the entrance to the national park (about 4 km).

Be sure to download the app “” on your phone, because it will help you get to the initial point of the route without any problems.

You will have to pay 200 rubles at the entrance to the national park. Although people try to bypass the entrance by the forest. It is easier to do this in the area of Eagle Rocks than at the entrance down in the Agura River Gorge.

You can take a cab straight to the entrance to the national park.

The third variant of the route is to start descending to Agura Waterfalls from Mount Akhun. In that case you should take a cab to the viewing platform Akhun, and from there go down to the Agura river and then walk along the river and waterfalls to the Sputnik stop.

Excursions to Agura Waterfalls

There are excursions to Agura Waterfalls, Akhun Mountain and Eagle Rocks. If you do not want to deal with local transport, take an excursion. You will see more different interesting places at once. If you do not like group tours, you can take individual or small group ones.

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Our itinerary

We went to Agur Waterfalls by ourselves, and this was our route: our stop – Green Grove – Stalin dacha – Sputnik stop – Vysotsky Glade – Agur Waterfalls – Eagle Rocks – Staraya Matsesta stop. The whole route took 5 hours.

And now – details and photos.

Stalin’s dacha

In the morning, about ten o’clock in the morning, we got off the bus at the bus stop Green Grove (driving from Adler).

Just before the bus stop we saw a sign “Stalin’s dacha – 100 m”. It turned out, that it was 100 m till the turn to Stalin’s dacha, and then we had to walk 15 minutes more up the asphalt path to Stalin’s dacha.

sochi stalin's dacha

At the dacha we spent an hour and a half: first we had a guided tour, then we walked there ourselves. Behind the dacha was a stall with coffee and pies, and there was a place with benches and tables. There we had a coffee and a snack.

From Stalin’s dacha it took us about twenty minutes to get to the Sputnik stop. On the map it seems that you can go shorter, but in fact the terrain around is hilly, so we have to take a winding path.

Agur Waterfalls

From Sputnik there is an asphalt road leading to the waterfalls.

To the right of the road flows the Agura River. On its banks is a monument to Vysotsky. This place is called Vysotsky’s Glade, although there is no glade as such, the monument stands among the woods.

sochi glade of vysotsky

Shortly after Vysotsky’s Glade, the road comes out into the open. There are parked cars, and behind the parking lot behind the barrier girl sells tickets to the Sochi National Park (200 rubles).

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

The girl looked at us dubiously and asked us to carefully read the information on the poster. It said that the route goes through the mountains, such as to calculate their strength. We said we understood everything and wanted to go further. We bought tickets and went.

The asphalt ended, the landscaped trail began. By the way, the path along the Agura was cut in 1911.

Agur Waterfalls how to get there

The Agura gorge is narrow, with rocky walls, and above the rocks there is lush subtropical vegetation.

Soon you will see the first sign – the Devil’s Pool. The waterfall here is not high, but the place itself is very picturesque. The waterfall is surrounded by rock walls, under it is a blue lake.

Aguri waterfalls

After the lake, the river bed widens, there is not much water in the bed, but a lot of stones.

Aguri waterfalls

Aguri waterfalls

After the Devil’s Fistful, the trail goes uphill. In some places, you can clearly see the Eagle Rocks, towering on the opposite bank of the Agura.

eagle rocks

Along the trail there are interesting natural objects: One-Eyed Tree, Living Arch, Tears of Prometheus (in the form of huge stones).

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

We cross the hinged bridge to the other side and end up in front of the lake with a waterfall.

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Agur Waterfalls by yourself

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

There is a lively atmosphere around the lake. Lots of people, some are swimming, some are just walking along the stony bed.

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

At the top of the waterfall, at the very throat, you can also see people.

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

Going up to the neck of the waterfall

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

The lake at the bottom of the waterfall

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

A little further and here is the highest waterfall.

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

agur waterfalls photo

The top of the falls

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

Soon the terrain flattens out and we find ourselves in a wide clearing.

Agur Waterfalls by yourself

This is a fork. From here you can go to the right side, to Akhun mountain. You can go up steeply and come out to Eagle Rocks. Or you can go a little bit further and take a more gentle way straight to Old Matsesta.

Eagle Rocks

From the fork we start the ascent to Eagle Rocks. The path is stony and not comfortable. This is the most difficult part of the track.

agursky waterfalls eagle rocks

agursky waterfalls eagle rocks

Good footwear is essential. We found suitable poles in the forest and used them while climbing, they are much more comfortable.

At the edge of Eagle Rocks there are observation decks. On some of them there are benches.

eagle rocks sochi

eagle rocks sochi

As you climb up, the views open up more and more beautifully. One can see the tower on Akhun mountain and the sea.

eagle rocks sochi photo

eagle rocks sochi photo

And here is the most famous place of Eagle Rocks – Prometheus with chains. You can rarely find him alone, all the time someone takes pictures with him.

eagle rocks prometheus

Next to Prometheus, there are tables set up right in the woods. You can eat your own supplies, you can order something in the cafe.

eagle rocks sochi photo

eagle rocks sochi photo

There is a cave under Prometheus, which is accessed by steps carved in the rock. The entrance to the cave costs 150 rubles. Visitors must wear a helmet on their heads. There are a lot of people at the top, someone might inadvertently drop something or run down a pebble, so without a helmet is not allowed.

eagle rocks sochi photo

eagle rocks sochi photo

The cave is small, there is not much to see, but there are beautiful views when you go down the stairs along the rock.

eagle rocks sochi photo

eagle rocks sochi photo

From Eagle Rocks the trail leads down. We pass the ticket office. The trail changes to a dirt road. There are occasional cars along the side of the road.

eagle rocks how to get there

The road leads to a large picnic glade.

eagle rocks how to get there

There is an asphalt road from Matsesta to the glade. Many people park on the edge of the glade and walk to Eagle Rocks from there.

eagle rocks how to get there

On the road we go down to Matsesta. There is dense southern forest around.

eagle rocks how to get there

Passing by the old bus stop Eagle Rocks. Behind it the houses begin.

eagle rocks how to get there

And here we come out to the shore of the river Matsesta, to the balneological complex.

macesta eagle rocks

We crossed the river and found ourselves at the bus stop of bus number 3. By the way, and the bus was already standing under couples. We sat down, and in 5 minutes the bus started.

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So ended our hike Agur Waterfalls – Eagle Rocks.


  • At 10 am we arrived at the bus stop Green Grove,
  • at 12:50 we entered the territory of the national park,
  • at 14:50 we had passed Agur Waterfalls and were at the fork (where we had started the ascent to Eagle Rocks),
  • at 15:50 we were at the Prometheus,
  • at 17:10 we came to the stop Staraya Matsesta.

Certainly, we walked slowly, admired the sights, took pictures, stopped for a snack: at the waterfalls and near Prometheus.

The place, certainly, is popular. However, we were on holidays, on May 8. I think that in summer there are even more people here.

Rent a car in Sochi

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Agur Waterfalls and Gorge in Sochi

Popular in Sochi Agur Waterfalls do not cause strong emotions, but for a pleasant walk quite suitable. The main aim of the trip is to explore the rocky shadows of the valley, to see the rocks on the ground and to see the rocks on the banks of the river.

Agur Waterfalls is a very popular tourist route of 2.5 km long. However, the gorge did not make a grand impression on us. Yes, quite beautiful, quite interesting, but no more. If you have been to the Psakho Wet Canyon or the Svirsky Gorge, you are unlikely to be impressed by these waterfalls. However, for a pleasant hike through the forests and mountains, the route is quite suitable! Let me tell you how the route to the waterfalls looks like.

The route to Agur Waterfalls

At first the path is wide and well-trodden, it’s easy and pleasant to walk there. You will come out to the most beautiful beginning of the canyon – Devil’s Fistful. By the way, it is the most ancient trail, it was laid in 1911 by enthusiasts of mountain club.

Devil’s font in the Agura Gorge. Tourists go to take pictures.

Then the trail, carved in the rock, begins to loop and there is a slope. And here is the observation deck for the first Agursky waterfall. It is 30 meters high and consists of two cascades. After a long drought, there is not much water in the waterfall, but it is beautiful in the spring.

This is what the civilized part of the trail to Agur Waterfalls looks like. You have to try hard to see the waterfall in the photo – this is how it looks in the dry season.

Next is the second waterfall with the height of 21 meters, it is multi-jet and flows on the rocks. The third waterfall with the height of 23 meters we did not see because of the drought.

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Agursky waterfalls and gorge

The second Agursky waterfall.

At the very top, above the third waterfall, there are fancy tubs, undulating bends of limestone, and cascades of micro waterfalls. Further the Agura river becomes calm and smooth.

Bathtubs above the third waterfall. Bathtubs above the third waterfall.

At the upper point of the route there are two forks: on the right – to the mountain Akhun, on the left – to the Eagle Rocks and Matsesta, where you can return to the hotel by bus (about 8 km).

You will be interested to know:

Itinerary “Agur Waterfalls + Eagle Rocks”

Was it possible, you ask. It is necessary! If you like hiking and are not afraid of difficulties, we advise to combine Agur Waterfalls with Eagle Rocks – we did exactly that. You should start with the rocks, not the waterfalls. That way you will spend less energy to climb and see two beautiful places at once, and you will pay only for one of them.

Both paths join on the river Agura, above the third waterfall. The whole way will take about 8 km (4-5 hours). The minus of this hike – you will have to move by public transport, because the route is not looped. That is you will start in Old Matsesta, walk up to Eagle Rocks (you can cheater and hire a cab to the rocks), go down to Agura and pass waterfalls, coming out in New Matsesta. Learn how to get to Eagle Rocks.

Agursky waterfalls and gorge

View of Eagle Rocks from the trail in the Agura Gorge.

Useful information

  • Entrance to the reserve costs 200 rubles.
  • You can eat at the restaurant at the entrance to the trail, and there are pay toilets there as well.
  • In general, any healthy person with minimal fitness will pass the trail.
  • In summer, there are a lot of excursionists, so do not hope for complete solitude. Even in October, we met people all the time.
  • Most beautiful here in the spring and after the rains.
  • At the waterfalls are wet and sometimes cool, bring a thin jacket or windbreaker. It is better to wear non-slip shoes. We had trekking shoes, but ordinary ones will do.

How to get to Agur Waterfalls

To get to Agur Falls on your own from Sochi is very easy. You can go by car directly to the entrance of the gorge – there is a parking lot. Just enter “Agur Waterfalls” in your navigator.

If you are coming from Sochi by bus, you should take a fixed-route taxi №48 or bus №2 from the railway station and get to the stop “Health Complex Sputnik”. There you will have to walk 1,2 km (about 15 minutes) along the street with the name Agurskoe Gorge.

If you do not want to plan the trip by yourself, take an excursion – there are a lot of them from Sochi!

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