All about independent holiday in Greece – 2022

Rest in Greece in 2022

Greece is a universal country for vacations. Here you can relax by the sea, watch the ancient sights, go to the mountains and explore the local cuisine. In short, Greece is a country not just a beach holiday. Today we will tell you about all the details of a trip to Greece in 2022.

When is the best time to go to Greece

Greece is a country where you can come all year round. The best season to vacation depends on what you want to be here for.

From June to September is the time when the season in Greece for beach holidays is in full swing. During this period, the highest prices and the most tourists. But you can swim in the Ionian, Mediterranean or Aegean Sea and enjoy the cleanest beaches. The temperature in summer is ideal for a beach holiday, but in July and August it can be too hot. June and September is the best time to go to the sea.

Cheap tickets from Moscow to Athens, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Heraklion or Corfu in August and September can help you find Uflyts.

The first half of autumn in Greece is like summer. For example, in Rhodes or Crete, the bathing season lasts until November. In the second half of autumn in most parts of the country it rains, but tourists come to relax in spas and see the sights.

Greece vacation

You can fly to Athens, Rhodes, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Corfu and other Greek cities not only from Moscow, but also from Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody and other parts of Russia

Winter in Greece – time for ski season. And although this is not such a well-known destination for skiers and snowboarders as Switzerland, the number of ski resorts in Greece is impressive. In addition, winter is a time of sales, and those who want to shop in the country go there.

To go to one of the ski resorts, you need to book a ticket to Thessaloniki, near this airport are most of the slopes.

Spring in Greece is very warm, already in March the air warms up to +20 ° C. This is the perfect time for a wedding holiday in Greece. Plants are in bloom everywhere, the weather is nice, you can see the most beautiful places of the country without the crowds of tourists and the scorching sun and relax in the spa.

In spring you can book tickets to Greece inexpensively to almost any city. Youflyts will help you find the best ticket for a romantic vacation.

Greece: vacation conditions in 2022

Greece, as always, is ready to welcome tourists. In the summer it will certainly be in the top destinations for tourists.

Is it possible to go to Greece now?

Greece is waiting for tourists from Russia, the authorities of the country officially announced. In 2022, you can rest in this country, but with compliance with certain rules:

Let’s talk in detail about each item.

  • Visa formalities;
  • rules related to protection against the spread of the coronavirus.
Holidays in Crete with children - 2022. Top Hotels and Resorts

Visa to Greece in 2022

As before the pandemic, Russians, to visit Greece, require a Schengen visa. Consulate of this country continues to issue visas to Russian citizens in the normal mode. The list of documents required for holidays in Greece has not changed: you need to submit an application form with photos, financial documents, insurance, hotel reservations and round trip air tickets.

There is no direct flight connection between Russia and Greece right now because many EU countries have closed their skies to Russian planes. You can fly to Greece by transit, for example with a connection in Istanbul – it is the most affordable option.

Greece holidays by the sea

The price for Russians remains the same: 35 euros for 1 tourist. Schengen price may be higher if the visa is not executed directly at the consulate, and through the visa center.

Holidays in Greece in 2022: coronavirus

The pandemic has finally abated: many countries, including Greece have abolished strict coronavirus requirements. Nothing is required for entry, the tourist does not need to submit a PCR test, a vaccination certificate or a health form.

Restrictions on room occupancy, sightseeing regimes and other requirements have been abolished. Cafes, restaurants, clubs, and all other public places operate as they did before the covid.

All that still reminds of COVID-19 is the mandatory wearing of a mask indoors.

visa to Greece 2022 price for russian citizens

For holidays in Greece, the psr test for children is also required. This rule applies to children over the age of 12 years. Rules for entry to Greece for children under 12 years old do not change: PCR test they do not need.

If a tourist has a certificate of vaccination, he must have it with him. This will make some formalities easier, but is not a reason not to do the PCR test. Only the Sputnik V vaccine is recognized in Greece.

Holidays in Greece in 2022: What are the other requirements

In addition to having a visa and psr test, there is another important rule for a holiday in Greece. The tourist must get a QR-code. It may be in electronic as well as in printed form. In order to get it, it is necessary at least 24 hours before the arrival to Greece, to fill the questionnaire at . This is a special state site, for the convenience of tourists on it you can choose the Russian language.

At the site, it is required to enter an e-mail address and answer some questions. After this, the QR-code will be given, which should be saved.

Is it possible for the tourists to go to Greece

As you can see, holidays in Greece in 2022 are open to Russians. The counter rules are not too strict and don’t affect the quality of the vacation, it is only necessary to fill the questionnaire at the special site and pass the psr test. Therefore, restrictions do not affect the flow of tourists, and already thousands of tourists from Russia have gone on holiday to Greece this summer.

June, July and August weather in Greece - 2022

air tickets to Greece

Holidays in Greece in 2022: prices

When we plan where to go on vacation, of course, we are interested in the prices. And it is important not only how much tickets and hotel rooms cost, but also the prices for food or entertainment. We will tell you about the current prices in Greece.

Air ticket prices

Direct air travel between Russia and Greece has been stopped again. As between other European countries. The most affordable way to Greece, both financially and organizationally is to fly to vacation through Istanbul. You can also get there through Belgrade.

The average cost of flights to Greece from Russia – from 15 to 25 thousand rubles each way. The minimum ticket price for the Moscow – Istanbul in summer 2022 is 8 thousand rubles, on average – 10-11 thousand rubles one way. From Istanbul to Thessaloniki is possible to get for 6-8 thousand rubles one way.

A ticket for a direct flight Moscow – Belgrade costs from 34 thousand rubles, on average 40-45 thousand rubles. The ticket from Belgrade to Saloniki costs from 9 thousand rubles.

Prices for tours to Greece in 2022

The price of a trip to Greece in 2022 with a flight from Moscow starts from 80 thousand rubles for two. Although for such a price are not very many options. Usually the answer to the question “How much is a trip to Greece? – is from 120 thousand rubles. All-inclusive vacation in Greece in 2022 costs from 100 thousand rubles. The cost of a tour to Greece is usually higher than an independent trip.

Lodging in Greece

The choice of hotels, apartments and guest houses in Greece is huge. The cheapest room in Greece is only 10 euros – which is how much you can rent a family room in Loutraki, and by the way, in the courtyard of the guest house there is even a pool. If we talk about the average price in the resort towns, for 25 euros you can always find a small but cozy room. Room in a 4-star hotel costs from 40 euros, and in the 5-star from 65 euros. Youflyts will always help you find a good accommodation at a nice price.

Find a hotel in Greece

Food prices in Greece in 2022

Many tourists are surprised, but the cost of food in Greece is almost the same as in the most expensive supermarket in Russia. And some goods are even cheaper. Fish costs from 6 euros per kg, depending on the species, as well as pork. Beef – a little bit more expensive – from 8 euros. A liter of milk costs 0,8-1 euros, and yogurt is served in large liter packs at a price of 2-3 euros. The cost of fruit is also comparable with Russian stores, for example, 1 kg of melon costs 1 euro.

Street food is widespread in Greece. And this does not mean that it is harmful. A popular dish is gyros which is a pita with fillings like meat, vegetables and sauce. Usually such a dish costs from 2 to 4 euros, and the portion is quite enough to fill up.

The Agora in Athens

Lunch in a café or tavern will cost 10-15 euros, and in a restaurant from 20 euros.

Excursions in Greece: the prices 2022

There are many travel agencies in Greece, we recommend to go on trips with local guides who can tell a lot about the country. And here in hotels and bureaus often work people from Russia and CIS countries, who come for the season, of course, in this case, you will be expected only a memorized story.

To find an interesting tour, we recommend Tripster. There you can read reviews and about the program, and the guide himself. And the prices are often lower than in travel agencies. For example, the price of the excursion from Rhodes on the boat to the island of Simi – only 30 euros.

And you can also rent a car, and explore the country on their own. We told about all the nuances of rental cars in Greece in this article.

Budget holiday in Greece

As you can see, it is possible to rest in Greece inexpensively. Youflyts will help you find cheap tickets to the country from different cities, book a cheap but cozy hotel, and find excursions at a bargain price. Enjoy your vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we’ll help you organize it!

Going to Greece on your own: a guide in 5 steps

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Independent vacation in Greece without any tour operators is very easy to organize. We did it! And before that we have never been to Greece, and even a Schengen visa in your passport was not there. In today’s article we tell you how to go to Greece on your own without a travel agency can any of you.

Travelling to Greece by yourself: 5 steps to a great vacation

How to go to Greece on your own without a tour operator: a guide in 5 steps

  • Get a Schengen visa (if you have one – skip this point)
  • Plan your itinerary
  • Buying air tickets
  • Buy medical insurance for Schengen area

Book hotels:

  • Booking hotels in Greece on
  • Hotel Reservations in Greece for Experienced Travelers

Step 1: Get a Schengen visa for Greece

In order to go on vacation to Greece on your own (and through a travel agency, too), the first thing you need is a Schengen visa. If you already have a double Schengen or multiple entry visa – congratulations, then this point you can skip and immediately proceed to drawing up an itinerary. If you do not have a Schengen visa, it is not a problem, because Greece is one of the most loyal countries to Russian tourists. And you can get the Greek visa not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but also in dozens of other Russian cities. About how to get a Schengen visa for a vacation in Greece, we describe in detail in this article:

How to go to Greece on your own: getting a Schengen visa.

How to go to Greece on your own: the first thing you need to get a Schengen visa. And the best way is to get several at the same time! Therefore, when you apply in the application form, put a check mark in the “multiple entry” item.

Rest "all inclusive" in Greece. Tour prices - 2022

Step 2: Create an itinerary

There are a thousand and one ways to organize your independent vacation in Greece. After all, Greece is an incredibly interesting and varied country. Hellas is ready to offer you both a relaxing vacation in a luxury hotel on the beach and a variety of routes around the islands or the mainland by car and buses, ferries and planes. So, how exactly to build your independent vacation in Greece, it depends only on you! We prefer an active, educational tourism, so we for three weeks have traveled around five islands and a little more run on the mainland Read about it in the article Our tourist itinerary in Greece .

Detailed stories about all these amazing places, reviews and a million and a half photos are in upcoming articles. Sign up for updates from and let’s drive this cool itinerary again, this time together! Our articles are sure to tell you how to build an itinerary for an independent trip to Greece.

How to go on holiday to Greece by yourself without travel agencies: the island of Milos, beach Firiplaka.

We can tell you about how to go on vacation to Greece on your own without a travel agency. But it is up to you to decide which places to go! In this photo is the beautiful island of Milos, where we certainly advise you to visit.

Step 3: Buy air tickets

Once you have made your route to Greece it is time to buy your air tickets. Many cities and islands in Greece have international airports, where you can quite inexpensively fly to and from Russia directly or with a connection. When purchasing airline tickets to Greece, it is important to remember two things:

1. Many airlines fly to Greece from Russia (mainly from Moscow), but flights are very seasonal and appear now and then disappear. Therefore it is best to look for airline tickets to Greece not on the websites of companies, but with the help of special search engines – they automatically compare the prices of different airlines and ticket agencies and give you the best prices. There are several such search engines, we use . Here are links to search for airline tickets to the most popular destinations in Greece:

2. If you are going to the islands, it’s worth checking not only airfares, but also ferry prices. Often it’s cheaper to get to the island you want if you fly to Athens and take a boat there. First of all it concerns not huge Rhodes or Crete, but small islands of the Aegean Sea – Mykonos, Milos, Santorini, etc. You can find out the cost of tickets for Greek ferries on this website – we used it ourselves all the way, the prices and schedules match 100%. And for the most detailed instructions on how to use Greek ferries, check out our article:

How to go to Greece on your own without a travel agency: ferry to Mykonos.

Going to Greece on your own can be done not only by air, but also by sea. If you are going to the islands, you can combine both plane and ferry in one trip.

Heraklion Airport: How to get to the city center

Step 4: Buy insurance for traveling abroad.

If you are going to go to Greece by yourself and get a visa, then without insurance you simply won’t get it. If you already have a Schengen visa (double or multiple), then theoretically you can fly to rest without insurance policy. But if you want to have a rest by yourself in Greece without any worries, we strongly recommend you to buy insurance. What if something happens, treatment will be very expensive. In contrast, the insurance can be (yes, yes, it happens) quite budget-friendly.

What insurance to choose for an independent trip to Greece? There are a lot of insurance companies, and reviews on them are very different. The choice is yours, but we can share our experience: in our travels, we always buy a travel insurance policy of Liberty. It is fairly inexpensive, and every time we had to go to the doctor, the insurance company covered all costs.

Step 5: Book Hotels

Booking hotels in Greece on

When the itinerary is ready and airline tickets are bought, you can already move on to booking hotels. Everyone knows the system, where you can book hotels in any country in the world, including Greece. For simplicity, here are links to a selection of hotels in various cities and popular islands in Greece, all of which lead to the official website:

Independent vacations in Greece: hotel reservations.

Many of the hotels here look like ordinary nice Greek houses. That it is a hotel, says only the sign on the facade.

Hotel Reservations in Greece, experienced traveler level

How to go to Greece on your own and book a hotel at the best price? To do this you need to compare hotel prices in different booking systems (Bucking, Agoda, Ostrovok, etc.) and book where it is cheaper. We always use hotel search engine Hotellook in our travels – it automatically compares hotel prices in different booking systems and selects the best deals. And when you choose, it will direct you to the site of the reservation system (,,, etc.), where the booking is made. Try it, it’s very convenient:

How to go to Greece by yourself and book a hotel at the best price?

On the island of Santorini, the best views of Caldera come from hotels built on the side of a cliff. True, accommodation in them is quite expensive.

When the visa is obtained, the itinerary is made, the insurance is bought, airfare and hotels are booked, the only thing left is… Wait, there’s nothing left – just get on the plane and enjoy your vacation in this magical country! This is the end of the story about how to go to Greece by yourself. In the next article we will describe in detail which hotel in Greece you should choose and why.

And don’t forget: a lot of useful and interesting information about independent holidays in Greece you will find on our website…

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