All about rest in Grigoleti. Prices 2022, reviews and personal experience

Grigoleti: vacation tips

Rest in Grigoleti

The village with a sandy beach near Poti is not as famous as Batumi, but Grigoleti has many fans. I tell you about vacation prices in 2022. Find out what beaches are at the resort and what attractions are around.


Impressions of the resort.

Ureki and Shekvetili are not the only ones boasting sandy beaches! Sixteen kilometers south of Poti lies the small resort village of Grigoleti. There are tall pine trees and a spacious sandy coast. Every year new hotels and cottages appear in the Georgian resort, and the infrastructure develops.

I like the cozy atmosphere in Grigoleti and the truly rustic idyll. It’s nice to swim in the warm sea, sit in a cafe on the beach and admire colorful Black Sea sunsets!

Other tourists also love Grigoleti. Look how they talk about the village:

Julia: “You can’t imagine what a wonderful place this is. It is so nice and warm. Here I want to come again and again. The sea is amazing. In June the water is like fresh milk”.

Olga Mazurenko: “Healing air, filled with the scent of pine needles. The sea is wonderful and tender, though the water is not quite transparent. The only disappointment was the absence of at least some decent infrastructure, worked only a store, where the choice of food and drinks was not.

Rest in Grigoleti

It’s a pleasure to bathe in the warm sea, sit in a cafe on the beach and admire the colorful Black Sea sunsets! Photo: bignrg /

What a sea and beaches

In Grigolleti, the wide coastal strip is covered with a mixture of fine gray sand and rounded pebbles. It is more comfortable to swim in aqua shoes! The entrance to the sea is gentle and safe. Almost all having a rest mark that on a coast constantly carries a garbage. You can try to clean it, but there are piles here and there.

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The tourists are not interested in Grigoleti by itself – there is a long row of houses along the road. But for those who are focused on a quiet holiday by the sea, it’s a good place.

Panorama of the beach in Grigoleti

Hotels in Grigoleti

The price level of accommodation in Grigoleti in 2022 is one of the lowest in Georgia. Don’t look for an all-inclusive and full-board vacation at this resort!

During the high season a double room in a guest house costs 1000-1300 rubles per night, in a hotel with a pool – 1400-1700 rubles, in a 3* hotel – 2200 rubles, and in a 4* hotel with breakfast – 4000 rubles. Search hotels and guest houses in Grigoleti on Hotelluk service, the best ones according to tourist reviews:

    – from 1187 ₽/day – from 1305 ₽/day – from 1661 ₽/day – from 1661 ₽/day.

Food Prices

There are few cafes and restaurants in Grigoleti, so tourists prefer hotels, where guests cook breakfasts, lunches and dinners, or rent apartments with a kitchen. Prices for food are almost the same as in other seaside resorts in Georgia. You can have a hearty lunch for two for 20-25 GEL. Georgian pickles cost 5 GEL, tomato and cucumber salad with nuts – 6 GEL, fried fish – 10-12 GEL, cheese assortment – 4-6 GEL, and kharcho – 4,5 GEL.

In the stores you can buy a liter bottle of Borjomi for 1.1 GEL, a bottle of Georgian lemonade – for 2 GEL, wine “Khvanchkara” or “Twishi” for 25 GEL. Georgian wines on tap cost 5-15 lari per 1 liter.

Iris2002: “The place itself is cool, it’s quiet, peaceful, lots of greenery, which creates shade. There are places to buy products, even homemade ones, including unforgettable homemade Georgian wine.”

What are the prices in Grigoleti

Khachapuri in Oajarian style costs 8-10 GEL.

What to see and do

If you came to the sea in a company for kebabs or for a beach holiday with your family, Grigoleti will be to your liking. The village has no entertainment centers, nightclubs and attractions. For lovers of partying, Batumi and Kobuleti are more suitable.

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We advise to get acquainted with the locals! In Grigoleti lives a community of old believers, who keep the old ways and traditions.

From the village is very close to the national park “Kolkheti” and the sights of Poti. According to reviews, from Grigoleti tourists willingly go on excursions to Gori, Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Prometheus Cave, Okatse Canyon and Kinchkha waterfall. Prices for day tours start at $30.

What to see in Grigolleti

Cathedral in Poti. Photos of the author.

Holidays with children

Grigoleti is ideal for holidays with kids. There is good ecology, a picturesque pine forest and a large sandy-pebbly beach. According to statistics, the sea water in Grigoleti is the warmest on the entire Black Sea coast of Georgia.

The disadvantage is that this Georgian resort has no children’s entertainment and stores with products for children. For all necessary things will have to go to Poti, Kobuleti or Batumi.

Ekaterina: “Guest House Guriani is a great hotel and the area is beautiful. We had a 5 year old child with us. Lots of toys and a pool. The beach is clean and well maintained, with lots of toys and a pool. On the territory of a great cafe, where they cook very tasty. If you do not want to go to a cafe, there is a fully equipped kitchen.

Holidays with children in Grigolleti

In Grigoleti there are no children’s entertainment and stores with goods for children, for this you have to go to Poti, Kobuleti or Batumi. Photo: cosh_to_jest / / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

When it’s best to go

Grigoleti is a beach resort. Bathing season in Georgia lasts from May to October, but most tourists come to the sea in summer. In July and August there are many Georgians vacationing in the village.

If you can’t stand the hot weather, plan your vacation in Grigoleti for June or the first half of autumn.

is it worth to go

According to reviews, Grigoleti is a pleasant provincial Georgian resort without the hustle and bustle. Here the fresh sea air is mixed with the smell of pine trees. The E70 highway laid along the village does not interfere with a quiet holiday by the sea. On the contrary, you can take a minibus and in 25 minutes you will reach Poti. The road to entertainment of the resort Batumi takes less than an hour.

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Rest in Grigoleti

Private house, next to a pine grove and a sandy magnetite beach.Rooms with all amenities, shower, bathroom.

House for rent in Grigoleti (Georgia). Resort area Grigoleti, 200 meters from the sea, the house – 110 m2. New renovation.

The house is located on the shore of the Black Sea, in the quietest and calmest place in the pine forest. This is the best place.

Grigoleti village is located a few kilometers from Kobuleti and Ureki, known for its healing.

Fully equipped 3-storey house in Grigoleti (between Poti and Batumi) for the summer season.

The house is located in a beautiful resort on the Black Sea coast, surrounded by pine trees.

House is on the beach by the sea surrounded by pine forest.House 2 storey, on the 2 floor 5 bedrooms and WC.

Rent two-storey house 40 meters from the sea. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets, 2 kitchens.

A private house on the beach. 3 storey. with parking and gazebo. located on the first line. beach sandy.

In Grigoleti in the pines chic house by the sea own beautiful yard podpoditsy for the various events.

House by the sea in the holiday village of Grigoleti about an hour away from Batumi. The beach is sandy (famous.

Grigoleti village – 50 km. from Batumi, 5 km. from Poti. We meet with our transport from Tbilisi, Batumi, Poti, Kutaisi.

The house is located on the Black Sea coast in 2 minutes walk. From the balcony you can see the beach.Rooms for 3-5 people.

The house is located in the resort village of Grigoleti, almost on the beach. It is also surrounded by a pine forest which.

Georgia Georgia GrigoletiKakha Sikharulidze Tel + Vaiber + Vatsap +995514636336 Tel +995579905225 skap balu775

Est ochen balsho yard from the sea 150-200 mt in the courtyard bathrooms house is made with taste in the house is felt the space the price.

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3 floors The house is by the sea in a pine forest in Grigoleti yard looks at the beach 1 floor is a hall steel bathroom and toilet.

Georgia Georgia Grigoleti Kakha Sikharulidze Tel + Vaiber + Vatsap +995514636336 Tel +995579905225 skap balu775

Accommodation by type

Accommodation by services

Grigoleti 2022: Inexpensive vacation in the private sector without intermediaries

One option for a comfortable summer vacation is to rent accommodation in the private sector. And here you can do it without intermediaries. The prices for accommodation in the private sector of Grigoleti 2022 will please any tourist, and the conditions are not inferior to the hotels or resorts. Most of the rented facilities are located almost by the sea. If you want to find an inexpensive and at the same time high quality rest – be sure to visit Grigoleti .

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