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Shekvetili – complete relaxation near Batumi

The post about the gaining popularity resort village Shekvetili (Georgia). Not long ago nobody has heard about this Black Sea village between Kobuleti and Ureki. Now Shekvetili is being actively built up, although it is far from a full-fledged resort. It doesn’t even have a normal asphalt road yet. Let me tell you what is here and why it is worth to go here.

In XVIII century Shekvetili belonged to the Ottoman Empire. Turks called it Shefketil, and after the area passed to the Russian Empire in the early 19th century, was named Fort Saint Nicholas. In the same century there were two battles between the Russians and the Turks near modern Shekvetili. The last one in 1853 ended in a crushing defeat for the Russian army, which lost 1000 men.

Nobody lived in Shekvetili for a while, but gradually the settlement began to revive. In the 20th century, locals had a lot of rest, and in the 21st century the village is increasingly called a seaside resort. Nowadays Shekvetili is a dynamically developing village with a great future. Even now there is a luxurious 5-star hotel Paragraph (Paragraph Resort & Spa Shekvetili) in Shekvetili. I will tell you about it below.

Where is Shekvetili

Shekvetili (Georgia) is located in the municipality of Ozurgeti. That, in turn, is located in the region of Guria. That is, it is no longer Adjara. The last resort village of Adjara is Kobuleti, followed by Shekvetili (Shekvetili), but it is often referred to Adjara resorts.

It is very easy to distinguish the coast of Guria from the Adjara coast – Batumi and other Adjara resorts are surrounded by mountains. Because of that there are more cloudy days and rainfall.

I used to drive from Batumi to Ureki or Shekvetili many times and saw the following picture: it was cloudy and almost raining in Batumi, it was an hour on the road and the sun was shining here without a single cloud. So, for sun and tan you should come here from Batumi.

Where to get a tan in Georgia

Tsitsinatela amusement park also belongs to Shekvetili, hence to Guria region, while it is usually written that it is located on the outskirts of Kobuleti.

Beach in Shekvetili

The main value of Shekvetili is the long sandy (!) beach, framed by a pine forest. Its length is 5km, the sand is magnetic (just like in Ureki), the bottom is sand with small pebbles (in some places), the sea level is relatively flat (in Ureki it is more flat), there are areas where an adult is just 1m from his waist and 6-7m from his neck down.

The beach Shekvetili unequipped. In September 2018, sunbeds and showers are located only near the hotels standing by the sea, that is, in theory, they are only for guests. However, there is a lifeguard post!

The wilder part of the beach is to the left, if you stand facing the sea (closer to Kobuleti). There are always less people and no hotels, but there are more pebbles and garbage. The entrance to the sea is less gentle here. The road from the highway to the beach in this part is unpaved, there are few houses and no stores.

The more populated part of the beach in Shekvetili is located approximately in the middle. That’s where the hotel in the photo below starts (I don’t remember the name).

Where to stay in Shekvetili

On his sun loungers we rested one day, but no one came out to us and did not demand payment. True, we were the only ones who took these sun beds. And then out of 10 sun loungers four stood broken. Apparently, too fat or energetic guests have tried.

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Sunbathing in Georgia

And on more habitable part of a beach too it is enough garbage. IMHO, there is much less rubbish in Ureki. Most of the garbage are small branches (either fallen from the pines growing nearby and carried by the wind or washed ashore by the sea, but there is also “human garbage”: cigarette butts, plastic bottles and bags.

Infrastructure of Shekvetili

In 2022, there were two stores, a couple of kiosks and fruit and vegetable stalls, one pharmacy, several cafes and a restaurant in Shekvetili, Georgia.

Where and what to buy in Shekvetili

A couple of years ago, there was not even any asphalt in the village. By 2022 it had been laid on several streets, new hotels and houses are being built. The infrastructure of Shekvetili is located on a relatively small piece of land. So if you want to live close to civilization, choose housing that falls within the oval marked on the map screenshot.

Where is the best place to live in Shekvetili

What to see near Shekvetili

  • Tsitsinatela amusement park – three dozen attractions for children of all ages. It is open in the season from 18:00 to 00:00. As I have already written, it is actually located on the outskirts of Shekvetili, although it is more often attributed to Kobuleti. There are shuttles from the village to the park.
  • Miniature Park – reduced copies of Georgian landmarks in one place. Located next to Tsitsinatela Park.
  • Black Sea Arena is the largest open-air concert hall in the Caucasus. In 2016, Christina Aguilera performed at its opening. The following year Gipsy Kings, Nino Katamadze, Goran Bregovich performed at the Black Sea Arena, and in 2018 Elton John came. Located near the track, it’s a 10-minute walk from downtown Shekvetili. – It features more than 30 sculptures of famous Georgian and world musicians and plays their works. Admission is free. Located next to the Black Sea Arena. – Free admission and the opportunity to see flamingos and lemurs.

Where to go in Shekvetili

Hotels and Apartments in Shekvetili

The first thing I will tell you about is the 5 star hotel. It’s the only one in Shekvetili so far, but I’ll definitely be there again.

Hotel Paragraph in Shekvetili

Hotel Paragraph in Shekvetili (Georgia) is a new five-star hotel located on the shore of the Black Sea. Chic, glitter, beauty! Huge outdoor pool overlooking the sea, tennis courts, fitness and spa center. Guests are served a buffet breakfast every morning. Rooms are expensive, but judging by the reviews, they are worth it. The average rating for Paragraph Resort & Spa Shekvetili is “Excellent” (more than 9 points out of 10).

“A magical place that strives to be even better . And listen to every suggestion. The service is excellent , the leisure is thoughtful , the staff is sincere . The food in the restaurants is delicious. Breakfasts blow your mind with their variety ,” – one of the reviews of the hotel.

Other options for accommodation in Shekvetili

Look for apartments in Shekvetili on Booking or Airbnb (how to get a discount on your first booking).

Where to park the car when visiting the resort

Ef Palace Shekvetili is located on the beach. They feature a terrace, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower and hairdryer.

Guest house Shekvetili is rated Excellent. The guest house is located three minutes from the beach. All guests have access to barbecue facilities and a shared lounge. A continental breakfast is served in the morning.

Black Sea House Georgia is rated “Excellent”. The guest house is a minute walk from the beach. Guests note that the hotel is quiet and peaceful. The accommodation is suitable for a quiet family vacation.

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Guesthouse Mirabela – rated “Excellent”. The guesthouse is located 5 minutes from the beach. There are rooms with a kitchen and a bathroom, and amenities include a coffee machine and a closet. A continental breakfast is served here.

Beautiful Apartment Locations

Reviews about Shekvetili

Reviews about Shekvetili are mostly good. I would not live here myself (too boring), maybe stop by for a couple of days to relax in the peace and quiet, but no more. My option is to live in Batumi and come here for a day on the beach. But if it is solitude that you want, then Shekvetili would be a great option.

It is obvious that in the near future the village will develop. And Hotel Paragraf is not the last 5 star hotel in Shekvetili.

Photos of Shekvetili

Beautiful landscapes in Georgia

Where to stay in Shekvetili

Where to relax in Georgia

Holidays with pets in Shekvetili are possible

How to get to Shekvetili

The distance between Batumi and Shekvetili is 45 km. Shuttle buses take 45-55 minutes. Any of them that go to Kutaisi, Tbilisi and so on will do. There are several turns on Shekvetili. It is easier to get on the turn opposite the Black Sea Arena. In Batumi, get on either at the cable car station (opposite) or at the bus station.

Easier and more comfortable ways:

  1. Rental car – about renting a car in Georgia.
  2. Cab – application Taxim or Yandex.Taxi. I haven’t checked it myself, I’m not sure if cabs go such distances. Learn more about cabs in Batumi. The most reliable service GoTrip (details at the link). More than once I used it personally, ordered for my mom, advised my friends. Only good reviews. You can choose a driver from the database, see photos, read reviews. There are minivans (for large companies. The price starts from 80 lari. From them you can order a transfer Tbilisi – Shekvetili and from any other city in Georgia.

Shekvetili on the map

Bottom line: pros and cons of the resort

Many disadvantages of Shekvetili as a resort arise from its advantages.



  • Lack of infrastructure
  • No entertainment
  • Garbage on the beach

The number of disadvantages will decrease in the coming years, but the pluses will become less. The development of the resort will inevitably attract more tourists to Shekvetili, which means that the former relaxation will not be found here anymore. But Shekvetili will not become super-popular in the next two or three years. So, there is still time.

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Text and photo by Igor OZIN.

Do not forget about travel insurance. Choose a policy.

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In Shekvitili near the mouth of the Natanebi River was great fishing. The river in the woods is full of pike, tench and crayfish. Good fishing is also on the sea. There were Russian Old Believers living in Shekvitili, who, like other Russians in Ureki and Kvemo Natanebi, were cleaned out by Georgians in the 90s and their property taken away. So before you go there to rest, think twice – is it worth supporting our enemies with Russian money?

I do not usually write comments, but I wanted to respond to this heresy. Most of the Old Believers lived in Grigoleti. Many stayed there. Many left, probably by decision of the community. But that they were oppressed and survived here, there was no such thing. On the contrary, they were respected for their hard work and the fresh vegetables they grew in their gardens. As for the shekvetili, the tourist area in general was built from scratch in a pine forest. Don’t be a fascist, citizen, and stir up inter-ethnic hatred.

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Shekvetili: sea, pine trees and sand

Photo review of Shekvetili (Georgia) – description, beach features, where to live, how to get there, where to go and much more.

Shekvetili is located 45 kilometers north of Batumi and 8 kilometers south of Ureki. Although most tourists usually refer Ureki and Shekvelili to Adjara, in fact it is already Guria.

At the moment, Shekvelili is the most ordinary seaside village. Recently, they have started to turn it into a solid beach resort, but it has a long way to go before it becomes a full-fledged resort – at least five years, imho. Hotels are actively built even now, but so far investors have not got round to the rest.

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

Guria is famous for its black magnetic sand beaches, unlike the pebble beaches of Adjara. If you prefer sandy beaches and not pebble beaches (like me), then you can choose for your vacations either Ureki (there is more civilization and, accordingly, people resting on the beach) or Shekvetili.

Shekvetili is just trying on its status of a beach resort and in high season there are not less people there than in Ureki. However, Shekvetili is developing very rapidly – practically all around the coast line there are hotels of different comfort and price category, so in five years the village will be unrecognizable.

Contents of the article:

At the moment Shekvetili looks quite strange: there are no asphalt roads in the village from the word “in general” but the houses are rather respectable mansions:

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

Main street of Shekvetili

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

And these mansions stand quite freely, from house to house, fifty meters. There is lots of space and nobody is hiding on each other’s heads – this phrase can be rightly applied to the beach in Shekvetili.

But, nevertheless, Shekvetili has everything necessary for comfortable rest (though in the minimum quantity): hotels, gesthouses, cafes, stores (there is even one network “Nikora”, coordinates 93796, 41.76900), payment terminals.

If you have your own transport, you can go for groceries in Ureki (8 km to the north) or Kobuleti (15 km to the south).

There are no entertainments such as bars, clubs and discos in Shekvetili. This place is more for a relaxing holiday with children than for youth “hang-out”.

Lodging in Shekvetili

Recently, the village can offer guests not only the traditional rooms in the private sector, but also comfortable hotels and gesthouses. Based on my personal experience, I can safely recommend the hotel Shekvetili Palace *** – a great place with a good location, comfortable rooms and friendly staff.

Best hotels in Shekvetili: Shekvetili Palace ***Best hotels in Shekvetili: Shekvetili Palace ***

Shekvetili Beach

Shekvetili is remarkable with its 3 km long sandy beach and luxurious pine forest, which stretches 50 meters from the water’s edge.

Another sandy beach in ShekvetiliAnother sandy beach in Shekvetili

The sand is the same black (or rather brown) as in Ureki. But probably because of the scarcity of people the sand in Shekvetili is overgrown with grass in some places:

Another sandy beach in ShekvetiliAnother sandy beach in Shekvetili

I do not know if the sand in Shekvetili has the same healing properties as in Ureki, it looks a bit lighter. So if you want to improve your health, it’s better to go to Ureki.

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

There are very few people on the beach – almost no one.

Relative to Ureki, the beach in Shekvetili is dirtier – although against the background of black sand the garbage is not so noticeable. This is explained by a general lack of development: if in Ureki the beach is cleaned regularly and very carefully (of course, this beach feeds almost all the local population), the beach in Shekvetili is usually attended by local companies for picnics, and their self-consciousness is not yet mature enough to clean up after themselves. And due to the lack of large hotels, there is no one to clean the beach in Shekvetili.

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Sekvetili sand is rather loose along the seashore edge:

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

That is, if you want you can jog along the sea in Ureki, but in Shekvetili it will be more difficult.

The entrance to the water in Shekvetili is shallow. I would not say that the beach is completely shallow, but it is much shallower than most Black Sea beaches in Georgia. This fact is important to consider if you don’t swim very well or if you are going to the sea with small children – they will definitely be more comfortable in Shekvetili than in Gonio or Sarpi. In Shekvetili, twenty meters from the shore an adult will be about waist-deep.

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

Since the beach is sandy, there is no need to use rubber slippers in Shekvetili, which are very useful in Batumi and Kvariati. Stones are found at the bottom sometimes, but not very often and the bottom is quite swimmable without any unpleasant surprises.

On Shekvetili beach, for the most part, there is no shade, just like in Buknari, there is pine grove along the beach, but it is located far enough from the edge of the water. You can, of course, sit under a tree, but you will have to walk a long way to the water.

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

So the best option would be to come to Shekvetili beach with your sun umbrella. You can also have a snack at the beach on the northern part of the village where there are some restaurants and cafes, where you can have a snack in the shade. You can also rent umbrellas and sun loungers from them.

On Shekvetili beach there is some kind of infrastructure only in the northern part – the part that is closer to Ureki. There are some cafes, umbrellas and sun loungers for rent and some traditional beach entertainments like catamarans, jet skis and so on.

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

There are a lot more people in this part of the beach, which is quite natural. Although even here there are many times fewer holidaymakers than in Ureki.

Closer to Kobuleti and Batumi the beach becomes quite wild:

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

There are some hostels, but they look less solid than their counterparts in the northern part of the beach.

Another sandy beach in Shekvetili

To me personally Shekvetili beach reminds some beaches of Goa – as wide, long, deserted and almost untouched by the civilization.

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What to see in and around Shekvetili

There are three places of interest in and around Šekvėtili. First, there is the very nice Music Park, located across from the Shekvetili Arena (coordinates 41.93998, 41.77402). Musicians Park is a wonderful eucalyptus grove, fountains and carved wooden benches. And also sculptures of 35 great composers – their music sounds from nearby loudspeakers.

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Secondly, half way from Shekvetili to Kobuleti there is an excellent modern amusement park “Tsitsinatela” (“Firefly”) – coordinates 41.9074, 41.77675 . Almost all travel guides attribute it to Kobuleti, but in fact geographically it is located on the southern outskirts of Shekvetili.

Just opposite “Tsitsinatela” there is another interesting place – Park of Miniatures (coordinates 41.90481, 41.77773). Here you can get an idea of what the main attractions of Georgia look like – the most famous churches, fortresses, Svanetian towers and much more.

With your own transportation, it’s convenient to explore the surrounding attractions from Shekvetili, such as:

  • The magnetic sandy beaches of Ureki
  • Kobuleti and its huge pebble beach
  • The protected area (reserve) of Kintrishi
  • Trout farm in the village of Kokhi
  • Mtirala National Park (“Crying Mountain”)
  • Anaklia is Georgia’s “youngest” beach resort and an excellent water park
  • Poti is the second port of Georgia after Batumi

By the way, the best way to travel around Georgia by car is to take on Localrent or Economybookings – both are aggregators of all current offers, you can choose the best by price and other parameters. In terms of prices, convenience and transparency of conditions these are the best car finders in Georgia. Whatever blogs and forums you read, all roads lead to them.

Excursions in Adjara and Guria from locals

One of the best ways to get to know Georgia better is to book an author’s tour from locals. Below I bring to your attention a selection of the most interesting excursions in Adjara according to travelers’ reviews – at the stage of booking you will have to pay only 23% of the cost:

All tours start in Kobuleti by default – just ask to pick you up in Shekvetili at the booking stage.

Also I recommend to read my review about visiting three author’s excursions in Adjara: “Beauty of mountain Adjara”, “Batumi – Vavili”. Batumi – Babylon of the Black Sea Coast” and “Machakhela Gorge – 700 meters above sea level”.

How to get to Shekvetili from Batumi

You can get to Shekvetili from Batumi’s old bus station by any northbound bus to Ureki, Poti, Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Tbilisi. The travel time is about 1 hour, the price is 5 GEL. Do not forget to ask the driver to drop you off near Shekvetili bend – from there you have to walk 500 meters to the sea.

Coordinates of Shekvetili bend: 41.94043, 41.76613

Transfer to Shekvetili from the online service GoTrip

If you’re traveling to Shekvetili with a family or large group, you might want to consider a shuttle service right to the door of your booked hotel. Comfortable transfers throughout Georgia can be booked through a local online service called GoTrip .

During the booking process, you have the ability to choose the class, make of car, and specific driver based on feedback from previous passengers. Given the dzhigitic habits of Georgian street cab drivers and their not always serviceable cars is a very useful option. The price on the site is final, you will not have to bargain with anyone.

My review of Shekvetili – the pros and cons of the resort

Rest in Shekvetili will suit those who love the “wild” beach resorts, silence, deserted beaches and the overall atmosphere of solitude and relaxation.

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