All about vacation in Sarpi. Prices 2022, reviews and personal experience

Hotels Sarpi (Georgia)

The location is great, wonderful views, super friendly staff: George was quick to help. The cook Lela made breakfasts individually for her daughter: cheesecakes, porridge, pancakes. We stayed and worked for 15 days, we left satisfied and happy.

Wonderful place. Very beautiful location. The friendly and attentive staff. Would definitely recommend.

The location is great and the rooms are clean. But it is almost impossible to eat, there is nothing or the kitchen is constantly out of order. Make sure you stock up on food. There is absolutely nowhere to eat nearby.

Very friendly staff! Rooms are clean and nice and the food is good. The view is really nice and you can’t miss it.

Yellow House Hotel is located in Sarpi, 400 meters away from the Sarpi beach. Yellow House offers rooms with garden and free private parking. Rooms overlooking the garden have air conditioning, a desk and free WiFi.

The Konstantin House is located 200 m from Sarpi Beach. It offers tourists a shared lounge, a garden and a 24-hour reception. Free Wi-Fi and free private parking are available.

Gulnazi Andria is a family-run holiday home located in Sarpi, 300 metres from Sarpi Beach. It offers a garden and free wireless internet. Cars can be rented. Batumi International Airport is 14 km away.

White House Avtandil&Nino features a bar and garden in Sarpi town. Guests can relax on the terrace. Each room at the guest house includes a closet. The private bathroom comes with a shower. Rooms include a fridge.

omari home is located in Sarpi. It features a garden, barbecue facilities, a terrace and free WiFi throughout the property. Guests can enjoy free private parking and rent a bicycle.

Villa In Sarpi is located in Batumi, 400 m from Sarpi Beach. Guest amenities include rooms with a shared lounge, free private parking, a garden and a terrace.

David Guest House is located in Sarpi, a few steps from Sarpi Beach. It offers rooms with free internet and free private parking. The guest house has family rooms.

Featuring a garden and a terrace overlooking the pool, Albatross Kvariati Guest House is located in Kvariati, 1.2 km from Sarpi Beach. It offers free internet and a shared kitchen. Each room at the guest house has a closet.

The hotel with wonderful views where the combination of sea and sky creates a stunning view, with excellent cuisine and pleasant service staff is highly recommended ✨

Kvari Family Recreation Center is located in the village of Kvariati at 400m above sea level. It takes 20 minutes to reach Batumi and 10 minutes to reach the Turkish border. The administration provides a free shuttle service to the beach, 2 km away.

Family Guest House is located in Kvariati, 1.9 km from Sarpi Beach and 5 km from Gonio Fortress. It offers rooms with a garden, free wireless internet throughout the property and free private parking.

Geno Guest House is located in Kvariati, 2 km from Sarpi Beach and 4.4 km from Gonio Fortress. It offers rooms with a garden, free Wi-Fi and free private parking. It offers tourists family rooms and a terrace.

It’s a little paradise on earth Everything was great. Very glad I chose this particular hotel. It is a 5 minute drive to the sea. But for me that’s great. Since I wanted less hustle and bustle. The locations here surpassed themselves❤❤❤ you can sit for hours and look at the sea and the mountains The owners are very nice and responsive people as well as the entire staff. Thank you. Would definitely recommend to all friends and acquaintances.

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Amazing views! The restaurant service is fast. But the taste of the dishes leave much to be desired.

Beautiful views, good restaurant, tasty food. The rooms are ordinary. Despite the external pathos prices are not high, which is nice. I had a really great stay at this hotel.

We had a lovely stay at the hotel, everything was fantastic!) Georgia is happy as always. I recommend it to everyone.

This is a family hotel with homelike atmosphere and tasty food. It has a restaurant with Georgian cuisine, apartments of different sizes, several public pools and a huge area with a gorgeous view of the sea and the mountains.

We stayed there in 19 year. What a wonderful place. Inexpensive restaurant, kind owners, room service every day. Super! Do not regret it!

Guesthouse On Ioane Lazis 1 Ally is surrounded by beautiful forest scenery, in the mountain spurs. It features an outdoor pool, a sunbathing terrace with panoramic sea views, a bar and free private parking on the premises.

Calypso Kvariati is located in Kvariati, 700 metres from the sea. Gonio-Apsaros Fortress is 3 km away. Free WiFi is available on site. Rooms have a balcony and a private bathroom with a bidet.

White Hause is located in Batumi, 2.4 km from Sarpi Beach. It features a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor pool and a bar. It offers family rooms and barbecue facilities.

The tastiest cuisine we have tasted in Georgia. Everything is from under the knife, the freshest. The portions are huge. Homemade wine is awesome, you can beat any store wine. Soulful service. Beautiful view from the mountain on Gonio. I highly recommend everyone to stop in here! After this place we couldn’t find anything like it in Batumi or Tbilisi.

Not a bad hotel at all. It’s located on a hillside with a great view of Kvariati, Gonio, the beach and Batumi. There are 400 steps leading to the sea, which go through a citrus orchard and along a small stream. Good rooms, There is a good cafe on the premises with nice prices and varied menus. The food is good, the portions are not small. The only drawback is that you can hear the surf well.

Oooooh very sincere hosts, hospitable, sunny hotel with a panoramic view of the sea and mountains. There is a cafe with a terrace where you can enjoy a delicious home cooked breakfast. Descending to the sea by stairs through the citrus garden is a great exercise for the body, you will easily drop extra calories after breakfast

Spacious and clean room with panoramic sea and mountain views. The cuisine in the cafe is beyond praise. The wonderful people who work here make this place really special. A fabulous vacation on the shore of the black sea at the hotel, in the company of friends. This is what awaits you. Come! You will not regret.

Stunning view from the balcony, clean comfortable rooms, welcoming hosts, good own family restaurant. To the beach – 386 steps on a steep slope. Ideal! Want to come back.

Sarpi, Georgia – review

This is where the locals of Batumi go to bathe. The beach at the border of Georgia. Walking across the border to Turkey and a little bit about shopping in Turkey.


Laughing out loud.

The local people from Batumi, both hands and feet drove us away from the local city beaches, saying they are very dirty (oh, they didn’t see the dirty beaches). We were advised to go to Ureki (the only sandy beach in Georgia, though the sand is black) or to Sarpi.

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Since Sarpi is much closer (twice) and you can easily get there in half an hour by public transport, we often came here. Moreover, we have been to Georgia and Batumi twice. Both times we went to Sarpi, and that means something!

How do I get to Sarpi? ◄◄

There are several ways to get to Sarpi: buses, shuttles, cabs.

Let me tell you right away that we didn’t take a cab. But cabs in Georgia are generally inexpensive. We drove around Batumi for an average of 6 lari (130 rubles). I think a taxi ride to Sarpi will cost about 30-40 GEL (650-850 RUB). If you don’t plan to ride very often, but just for one-time trip, it’s possible to pay extra money.


Bus: There’s route 16. They are more convenient if you, for example, with a child, stroller, some bags/circles/mattresses. It is a full bus. BUT, you need a pass here! You can’t just pay cash to the driver. Also, you can’t buy a pass from the driver. In general, they have a strange system with passes. As we were explained to us by the locals, you can buy them only at the Bank of Georgia (a certain bank has a corporate color – orange, you can see their branches there right away). But keep in mind that these banks are closed on Sunday! At bus stops there are special terminals (also orange), where you can recharge the fare (you can’t buy it). But #2 – the drivers have a special “chip” and they can buy you a fare through the orange terminal at the bus stop. So our tip – smile nicely at the driver and he will gladly make you a pass himself) We are so lucky. The travel card itself costs 2 GEL (a little more than 40 rubles). The same 2 GEL will be enrolled on the card to use for the trip. But then with the travel card, each trip will cost only 40 tetri (local copecks) (8.5 rubles), and with one card you can pay for all passengers of the trip, each member separately do not buy (as, for example, did on idiotic us in Astana. The bus from the terminal to the end of the trip takes about 35-40 minutes, depending on the load on the road.

The route 88 goes by bus (there’s more of them, but 88 goes by bus more often and we used it). On the bus will be quite a bit faster, get in about 30 minutes. If you don’t take the bus at the initial stop, you’ll stand in the opening crouched over, and it’s a pleasure to drive half an hour like that. So the bus is certainly more comfortable. You do not need a minibus pass, you can pay directly in the cabin to the driver. However, the trip will cost 1 GEL per person (20 rubles). There is another local peculiarity in Georgia, take it into account – there is no need to ask 10 hands to pass the fare. You pay personally to the driver when leaving the minibus. This is the way it is everywhere in the country))

In Batumi, transports leave from the stop on Tbilisi Square (it’s not far from the cable car). But then they go through the whole city along the central street. But here you’d better install the Batumi transport app, it will show you everything in detail.

Back you will be dropped off at the border – it’s a huge parking stop. When the bus will go back, it will stand at the stop and wait for the full load, and then it will move. They don’t have a schedule as such. They run frequently. They fill up quickly, as there are a lot of people.

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Beach break ◄◄◄

The beaches in Sarpi are really clean . In general, going south from Batumi and down to Turkey there is a continuous chain of beaches, which flows into one another: holiday centers, apartment houses, hotels, restaurants – whatever you can find there. But when you come to Sarpi, you will find just long beaches. I can’t say that they are deserted, but compared to Batumi there are plenty of places. And the main thing is that they are free. You only have to pay for sunbeds, changing room and shower, but if you want to save money, you can do without it.

In general, Sarpi is a tiny town, divided in half by the very Turkish border. On the other side of the barricades is called Sarp. And you swim literally at the foot of the church (Church of St. Andrew) with a view of the mosque (Cami) – a funny contrast)). There are not even a thousand inhabitants in the town, and visually it seems that they have nowhere to live at all. A small scattering of houses on a hillside hidden in the villages (and then not particularly clear is their own house or some inns, and even if their own, probably 99% of them in the summer of rented).

The main hangout goes at the ring – the stops and parking in front of the border. Here you will find all the bars-cafes-restaurants-diners, where you can eat, buy something for small things. One school, one church here by the ring. That’s basically the whole town. On the same square in the left corner behind the stalls you will find a pay toilet, it’s the closest to the beach, the beach toilet is not (please do not make toilets from the changing rooms. ).

Change rooms and showers on the beach, of course, paid. But the price is quite acceptable. They are located every 100-200 meters. They are monitored by tanned bunny boys. If you suddenly do not see them, do not worry as soon as you decide to use a changing room or a deck chair, they will find you. Yes, rent chairs and umbrellas is also to them.

The prices are lower than in Batumi. Shower – 1 lari (20 rub.), change clothes – 0,5 lari (10 rub.), umbrella – 3 lari (64 rub.), beach chair – 5 lari (107 rub.). Keep in mind that they work until 8 pm. At 20:00 sun loungers will need to turn in, they stack them and lock on the chain right here on the beach. Minus beach in Sarpi – there is no lifeguard towers (in case of what. ). But the border on the water is patrolled all the time, so in case of emergency, border guards will probably come to the rescue.

The delicacies are sold here, too. Usually it’s fruits (figs, berries, sliced watermelons), pastries, corn. Surprisingly, there is no shrimp, although it would seem the Black Sea. In Crimea, the classic beach set of “hot corn + baked honey + shrimp. And here somehow there is no (shrimp is really not enough.

There are significantly less people here than in Batumi!

The beach is pebbly, as in 99% of Georgia. The pebbles are not very coarse, but you can wear slippers for swimming all the same. Then you run into the water with pleasure, and not “ouch, ouch, it stings”.

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The water is clean, which, in principle, is typical for a pebble beach. But it is also incredibly warm. That in our June visit, that in August water as steaming milk – 26 degrees. Believe me, it’s a lot! I did not see anywhere else such a warm Black Sea. Neither in the Crimea, nor in Odessa, nor in Nikolaev. In the Crimea the sea is considered hot if it reached 23 degrees, and certainly if 24 – it’s hot! And here 26. It’s like a pool))) Very comfortable, even in cloudy or windy weather.

The sea here is quiet enough. It can be windy, but the super-big waves do not come in. Although up to the waist you can get. In general, there is a place to jump, but at the same time it is not dangerous. We even bathed our malyava. With pleasure floundered on small waves.

In June there were no animals. And here in August, we got a few small jellyfish, but nothing critical or frightening.

And what sunsets here. You’ll be amazed. And even if the mountains are covered with clouds (as often happens in Adjara, they are just like zephyrkas lying on green hills), the sky on the side of the sea is clear. Only once we caught a storm, with lightning cannonade of water in the horizon (admittedly, we were passing through Kobuleti from Ureki at the time, but I think it covered the entire Adjara coast).

Just take a look. I filmed and filmed and couldn’t tear myself away!

But in addition to the great beaches in Sarpi, there’s also one cool thing – the Turkish border!!!

► Trip to Turkey ◄◄

The border at Sarpi is such a peddler’s first port of call. I don’t know if this happens at all borders, of course. I just haven’t crossed the border on foot anywhere else. But there are a lot of people walking there. Georgians are dragging things from Turkey in bales to sell. They say they buy things there 3 times cheaper and sell them at local markets and small boutique shops. And you will see how low the prices are in Georgia! And then we realized that we urgently need to go shopping in Turkey.

Why not? We decided, we packed and drove. Or rather, we went. We went on foot to Turkey, with bathing suits in the backpack)).

By the way, do not be alarmed if women come up to you and ask you to buy vodka or a carton of cigarettes in the dutik. They then sell it by the piece / on draft. And by law, you can only have 1 liter of alcohol and 1 carton of cigarettes per person. And that’s how they ask for help to take over and carry it across the border. They make about 30 GEL per day (650 rubles), which is essentially peanuts. That’s how grannies stand and try to earn something for their pension. They go there directly from Batumi. It’s pity to see that.

Laughing out loud.

The border starts at passport control (you leave the territory of Georgia). The first window is for Georgian citizens. The rest are for all others, there may be five more. By the way, you can get out of the queue with the baby – yoohoohooh, the baby has begun to bring benefits.

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Then starts the duty-free zone and the long walk to Turkey. On the first trip we walked on some wooden-metabolic fence (there was a repair), the second trip repairs are over and we walked on the fresh territory, inside the building, all convenient, comfortable, a lot of escalators.

Then passport control on the Turkish side. Also, children can get in without waiting in line. In Turkey, by the way, there seemed to be fewer windows. Nothing to pay, no need to get a visa.

You have to pay for the visa, but they will give you a stamp saying that you are leaving Georgia and entering Turkey. And on the way back the same thing, but in the opposite direction. Clarified, because, perhaps, it is important to someone in terms of need to indicate at work at the service to which countries you plan to go (do not forget to put and Turkey, even if you go for a couple of hours).

We did not walk through the Turkish part of the city. Because it is completely identical to Sarpi on the Georgian side. Except for the mosque. Otherwise, there is no more Turkish color. The only thing is that it is very dirty near the border on the Turkish side, the wind carries just piles of garbage((().

The nearest trade center to the border is Istanbul bazaar. It is literally 5 minutes by shuttle bus from the Turkish side. You just step out of the border building and there’s a beckoner to these minibuses. The drivers are Turks, but they all speak a little bit of Russian. The ticket costs 2 GEL (40 rubles) and you can pay directly in GEL hands. The marshrutkas are even smaller than ones in Batumi.

On our second trip we thought to rent a car and go to some other shopping malls. But the next shopping center after Istanbul bazaar was 1 hour and 2 hours away by car inland. We did not risk it with a child.

Istanbul bazaar is not a big one by our standards. The bus will drop you off at the parking lot. Do not expect a 5-storey shopping mall with hundreds of brand stores. There is a flea market nearby, but we did not go to see exactly what is there.

It is a one-storey shopping center, the stores are located in a circle. The great minus – there is no wi-fi, so if you need something on the net – do it in advance on the Georgian side. Otherwise, we got stuck without money – we forgot to transfer money from one card to another on the way to Sarpi. We did not realize it until we were in the store.

Immediately at the entrance on the left is the mother and baby room, you can feed there. But keep in mind that you will change the baby on the usual restaurant round iron table. There is no normal changing room.

The exchange office is also not there!

Turkish Lira exchange rate to the ruble: 1 Lira = 10.44 rub, to tenge: 1 Lira = 66 tenge.

What stores are there in Istanbul bazaar?

There is a supermarket called migros jet. From cosmetics – gratis. The homeware stores are madam coco, englishm cotton, defacto, flo, lts wikiki, HK store, vodafone, jewelry, mobile accessories. There is a children’s area with vending machines. There is a food court area (only burger king from what we know, the rest is all local).

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