Anapa, Vityazevo or Dzhemete – where to have a rest?

Rest in Dzhemete and Vityazevo: features, pros, cons and tips

Every year, more and more vacationers, going to the Black Sea coast of the Kuban, give preference to the sunny Anapa and its satellite villages. The most popular of them – Vityazevo and Dzhemete, not for the first season are silent “struggle” for Russian tourists, “competing” between themselves in quality of service, infrastructure development and range of entertainment.

Despite the fact that these resorts are located next to each other and almost merged into one, the difference in characteristics of recreation between them still is. About it we will tell in this article.

Transport accessibility

Get to a particular resort is not difficult: in any case, first you have to take a train or fly to Anapa, and then decide which way to go to rest – by bus, minibus, cab or rental car.

As for transport links between the villages, and Vityazevo and Dzhemete (Upper and Lower) are located within Anapa and, in fact, are considered an extension of the city-resort.

The way from one village to another takes no more than 15 minutes, but with respect to Anapa Dzhemete is more advantageous position – just 5 km, while Vityazevo removed by 11 km. From both settlements in Anapa by shuttle buses and buses, and from Dzhemete and every hour boat plying, traveling on which, no doubt, a pleasure for both adults and children.

For transport accessibility Vityazevo and Dzhemete receive 2 points each

Anapa railway station. Photo:


Both settlements are located in a temperate climate zone and (together with Anapa) are considered the most northern resorts of the Black Sea coast of Kuban. Compared with Sochi here is not as humid, but no less sunny, and the beach season, both there and lasts from late May to early October.

Weather Vityazevo and Dzhemete determine the winds blowing from the Taman steppes and Caucasus Mountains, as well as fresh breezes that bring freshness from the Black Sea. Because of this aeration at the coast is easy to breathe, and those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis or allergies, about the illnesses here and do not remember.

With children in Vityazevo and Dzhemete better go in early June, when the air warms up to a comfortable +25-26 ° C, and the water – to +22-24 ° C. The same temperatures are typical for September, but the sun becomes more “pliable” during this period, it won’t burn so much, but you’ll feel the pleasant “velvet” heat.

In July and August it gets really hot in Dzhemete and Vityazevo: during the daytime the thermometer rises above +30 °С, and the water gets up to +27 °С. The sun insolation is off-scale and you will not lie on the beach for a long time, but this time like no other suits for romantic night swimming.

For climate Dzhemete and Vityazevo get 2 points each

In the middle of summer it’s really hot in Dzhemete. Photo:


Both settlements stretch along the many kilometers of coastal strip and are inferior to each other in terms of cleanliness, width and convenience of the beaches. The beach in Vityazevo is bounded by high dunes and covered with a mixture of shells and sand. You can enter the beach flat and comfortably, the deep water starts in 20-50 meters from the shore.

The beach is equipped with changing cabins, toilets and showers, umbrellas and deck chairs for rent. Among the available attractions are “banana”, “waders”, jet skis, inflatable water slides and rides. Cafes, snack bars, ice cream and drinks stands are at your service, and near the water park.

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Beaches Dzhemete. Photo:

Dzhemete beaches are fenced off from buildings by picturesque barkhans, the sandy surface is much softer and more suitable for delicate children’s feet. Water here is cleaner, it does not stagnate, as in the same Anapa, and thanks to the shallow depth warms up more quickly and does not cool down longer. Entrance to the sea gentle, without sharp slopes, failures and sharp stones. Bottom even, sandy, for babies and seniors – the best thing.

Dzhemete beach infrastructure is identical to Vityazevski, but at the same time there are less people and to find a free deckchair even in the peak season is not difficult. In addition, unlike the rival village in Dzhemete walk to the sea from the farthest point will take 15 minutes, and in Vityazevo distance to the shore varies from 7 to 60 minutes on foot.

Vityazevo coast. Photo:

For beaches Vityazevo gets 1 point, Dzhemete gets 2 points

Occupancy of the resort

Vityazevo is a fashionable resort, which every year looks more and more like a mini-city, and less and less like an out-of-town settlement. In terms of congestion it is almost equal to Anapa: it is just as noisy and lively, and along the coast “induce” bustle loud-voiced traders and intrusive sellers of souvenirs. Beaches in Vityazevo, from late June overcrowded, so take a place in the sun will have to start in the morning.

It’s always noisy and lively in Vityazevo. Photo:

Dzhemete is a less promoted resort, which in many ways is only for his benefit. Rest here – contemplative and measured, and there is enough space on the beach for everyone, even in high season. In Dzhemete you can enjoy the silence, walking, fishing, wine tasting in a quiet atmosphere, admiring the nature. Well, and at the slightest sign of boredom – welcome to crowded Anapa, with its many discos, nightclubs and other leisure and party institutions.

For congestion Vityazevo receives 1 point, Dzhemete gets 2 points.

Entertainment and attractions

There is more than enough bread and circuses in both settlements, but Dzhemete is more oriented at the children’s audience, and in Vityazevo – and even for youth.

Dzhemete offers big and small tourists attractions and entertainment such as:

  1. Water park “Tiki-Tak”, with slides, fountains, playgrounds, bridges and palm trees. In terms of water displacement, it is among the top five largest aqua complexes in Europe.
  2. Sunny Island Amusement Park. It has been operating since 2014 and since then has been delighting kids and their parents with a variety of rides, including the Ferris Wheel, the Wedding Carousel, the Fear Maze, the Autodrome, the House Upside Down, etc.
  3. Tunnel Aquarium and Terrarium (open at the dolphinarium). Here, moray eels, sharks, seahorses and clown fish swim in giant aquariums. In the section devoted to reptiles, visitors can see iguanas and crocodiles, varanas, turtles, etc.
  4. Nemo Dolphinarium. Among its inhabitants are beluga whales, Chilean sea lions, walruses, harbor seals and Black Sea bottle-nosed dolphins that can perform the most difficult acrobatic tricks, can draw, dance and even sing.
  5. Museum Square of Military Equipment. There are restored Soviet helicopters, airplanes, and artillery pieces on display. All exhibits are allowed to touch and explore both outside and inside.
  6. Roman Antonenko’s family winery. The tour of the private winery includes a visit to the production workshop, vineyards and tasting rooms.
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In Vityazevo you can visit:

  1. Paralia Boulevard, stylized in antiquity. The promenade with a spacious pedestrian zone, 1 km long, is perpendicular to the sea and “stuffed” with stores, souvenir shops, cafes and attractions.
  2. Drinking gallery “Pearl” with the healing mineral water. The pavilion is located near the namesake children’s sanatorium and is considered a balneological landmark of the village.
  3. Themed water park “Olympia”, decorated in the Greek style. In addition to pools ‘Poseidon’ and ‘Zeus’ family vacation diversify slides ‘Tartarus’, ‘Styx’ and ‘Hades’.
  4. The amusement park “Funtime” is suitable for families. There is a complex of attractions for children with carousels and trampolines, and for adults – “Freefall Tower”, “Spin Out”, “Catapult”, etc.
  5. Byzantium” amusement park with a 35-meter Ferris wheel, the highest one in Vityazevo. Among other “entertainments” – “Minotaur Labyrinth”, bowling, animation programs, etc.
  6. Open Air “Heat” is an open air disco which since 2007 gathers thousands of fans of night drive, dynamic rhythms and dances. Swimming pool, bar with good choice of drinks, dance floor, show programs and famous DJs’ performances are at guests’ disposal.

Besides visiting sights in Vityazevo and Dzhemete, you can dive, parasailing and snorkeling, flyboard, jet-surf, water ski, parachute, jet ski, take part in a regatta, take a boat trip.

Vityazevo gets 2 points for leisure activities, Dzhemete gets 1 point.

Treatment and Recreation

Since the resorts are adjacent to each other, curative factors and methods of recovery in the villages are the same. Local health resorts treat respiratory organs pathologies, locomotorium, musculoskeletal system, metabolic disorders, nervous and endocrine system diseases.

The main difference between recovery in Dzhemete and Vityazevo is the cost of procedures: they are cheaper in Dzhemete. On the other hand, you can splash for free in the therapeutic mud in Vityazevo, which is rich in the nearby estuary. It is located in the north-western part of the village and it is easy to find: the bay exudes a strong sulfuric aroma, not very pleasant for unprepared tourists.

For treatment and recreation both settlements get 2 points

Cafes and Restaurants

Restaurants Vityazevo and Dzhemete concentrated near the coast and are represented by budget canteens, snack bars and restaurants, where you can eat yourself and feed your child. Cuisine in the cafe – European and Russian, Greek and Caucasian, Asian and Kuban, at the distribution lines – home. The more expensive trattorias serve fish and seafood dishes.

Food prices are practically the same, and the standard cost of a full set of dishes will be:

  • in canteens and snack bars – 300-400 rubles;
  • in cafes – 500-1000 rubles;
  • In restaurants – 600-1200 rubles.

Popular Dzhemete establishments include Gulliver Café, Yuzhnaya Noche and Casanova, Kolizey Sushi Bar and Olympus Confectionery. In Vityazevo it is the inn “Russian Blini”, cafes “Fregat” and “Ravnye Parusa”, “Kurazh”, “Silvia”, “Van”, and others.

For catering Vityazevo and Dzhemete receive 2 points each

Cafe “Tattered Sails” in Vityazevo. Photo:


Infrastructure in Vityazevo is quite developed: there are enough stores (grocery and household), and pharmacies, ATMs, and tour bureaus. Chain stores like “Magnets” and “Pyaterochka” are also present, as well as wine shops, where the products of the Kuban wineries.

In Dzhemete infrastructure is simpler, but stores, souvenir shops and retail outlets with beach accessories enough. Market rows are concentrated on Pioneer Avenue, and supermarkets, and everything else (pharmacies, bank branches, cell phones, etc.) are within walking distance.

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In stores Vityazevo and Dzhemete can buy souvenirs, such as crafts made of ceramics, jewelry, wooden figurines, etc., as well as gastronomic gifts – honey, jam, spice kits, etc. For clothing and other goods will have to go to Anapa, where you will find a couple of shopping centers.

For infrastructure Vityazevo gets 2 points, Dzhemete – 1 point

Stores and outlets on the streets of Vityazevo. Photo:


Virtually all guest houses Dzhemete settled along the coast, and from any hotel to the sea to walk no more than 10 minutes. For this reason, the cost of living in the village is somewhat higher than in Vityazevo, where the private sector is scattered and near the waterfront and in the back of the resort.

In Vityazevo to book a comfortable accommodation with a pool, playground can be from 1000 rubles per day per person. Among the most popular are guest houses and hotels:

Guest House “Artika” in Vityazevo

In Dzhemete the choice of accommodation is no less diverse: from economy options to standards with amenities in the room at recreation centers, hotel complexes and hotels, such as:

For accommodation Vityazevo and Dzhemete receive 2 points each

Hotel Palma Soneta in Dzhemete

  • Vityazevo – 16 points;
  • Dzhemete – 16 points.

Which village of Greater Anapa, you choose: Vityazevo suits youth recreation, Dzhemete – for the family. However, both there and there are all conditions for children and adults: the healing climate, warm sea, spacious beaches and a wide variety of entertainment will make your vacation or vacation here interesting and unforgettable.

Vityazevo or Dzhemete

Vityazevo or Dzhemete – where to vacation better? Where is it cheaper? Where better to go with a child, and which of the cities is more suitable for recreation for young people? Where better climate, beautiful and cleaner sea and beaches? Vityazevo and Dzhemete in summer and winter: a comparison of cities in prices, weather, transport and tourism infrastructure and reviews of travelers.

What is better with children?

Both Vityazevo and Dzhemete are equally suitable for a trip with a child: the available infrastructure and beaches focus on children and create comfortable conditions for recreation for the whole family.

Where is the best beach and cleaner sea?


Wide and spacious beach Vityazevo covered with fine sand, on the territory – toilets, showers, rent chairs and umbrellas, inflatable slides, cafes and snack bars.

On the beaches of Vityazevo very fond of vacationing families with children, as the entrance to the sea here is flat, and the shallow water is long enough. In summer, the water is sometimes blooming and the shore nails algae.

Dzhemete .

Dzhemete coast stretches for 10 km, it is covered with sand, which closer to the water is mixed with small barnacles. On the city beach, as well as on paid areas, you can use the changing rooms, toilets and showers, to rent a deck chair and umbrella, engage in water activities.

On the coast Dzhemete declines into the water flat, the depth increases gradually, so children are a pleasure to swim here. The only disadvantage is that in summer the water in the sea sometimes starts blooming.

Prices in Vityazevo and Dzhemete: where is cheaper?


Find budget accommodation in Vityazevo – no problem, you can rent a room without amenities for 400-500 RUB. Staying at a 2* hotel will cost you between 2000-4000 RUB. Dining out is 150-200 RUB, fast food costs from 50 RUB.

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Dzhemete .

A room in a guest house can be rented for 600-1200RUB, while prices in Dzhemete hotels start at 1500RUB. Lunch at the dining room costs up to 250RUB, dinner at a restaurant with drinks 1000-1500RUB.

Where is better and warmer climate?


The best time to visit the resort – from June to August, you should not be afraid of the strong heat, summer air temperature ranges 25-27 ° C and the sea warms up to 23 ° C.

Dzhemete .

Tourist season in Dzhemete lasts from June to August, the summer air temperature ranges from 24-27 ° C and the sea warms up to 23 ° C.

Average air temperature by month

Vityazevo Dzhemete .
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Which town is bigger?


Vityazevo is a resort village in Krasnodar Krai with almost 8 thousand people. Surrounded by Vityazevsky estuary and vineyards on the side of the plain it somewhat resembles a Mediterranean resort, once it was a haven of the Pontic Greeks, a dialect of which the locals have preserved.

Tourists in the summer in Vityazevo no less than in Anapa, to take a deck chair or at least a free place on the sand to come to the beach early in the morning.

Dzhemete .

Dzhemete is actually a suburb of Anapa, where 75 thousand people live. The main advantage of the resort is its versatility – here you can relax on the clean beaches, visit natural attractions and frolic in the water park “Tiki-Tak”.

Tourists in Dzhemete not many in summer and it gives an excellent opportunity to enjoy a quiet holiday, and at the slightest sign of boredom you can break into the crowded Anapa, which is located 5 km from the village.



Vityazevo – crowded resort, in the crowd and bustle vigilance should not be lost, do not take valuable things with you on the beach, and when visiting entertainment facilities do not “shine” money and check your pockets more often.

Dzhemete .

The atmosphere in Dzhemete is calm, but going to the beach leave all expensive things in your room so that you don’t have to worry about their safety.

Attractions and attractions: where is more interesting?


Commentary Rating
Sightseeings . The main and only attraction of Vityazevo is the boulevard “Paralia”, which has features of ancient Greek style. There are mud volcanoes in the vicinity of the resort where tourists go not only to improve their health, but also to admire the natural beauty of the region. 2,0
Cafes and Restaurants Some institutions Vityazevo in full exploitation of elements of Greek culture, but tourists should not be flattered, these Greek restaurants in the resort does not exist, but there are enough cafes and cafes with Russian and European dishes that no one went hungry. 2,0
Clubs and bars With the onset of dusk nightlife lovers gather on the boulevard “Paralia”, where the best dance clubs of the village are located. In summer the local establishments hold theme and foam parties, arrange laser shows, rock festivals and do their best to make tourists’ vacation memorable. 3,0
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Festivals and carnivals Every year in the village there is a festival “Vine gifts Vityazevo, when local winemakers demonstrate their products, and everyone can taste drinks and buy your favorite variety. On the waterfront are theatrical performances, raffled prizes and arranged auction. 2,0
Active recreation Beach entertainments in Vityazevo presented in a large variety – it is and riding on jet skis and boats, “tubing” and “bananas”, parasailing, for children on the beach installed inflatable slides and trampolines, operates an amusement park and water park. 3,0
Shopping Shopping in Vityazevo includes visiting souvenir shops that are located on the waterfront and winery, where you can buy Krasnodar wine as a gift to yourself and your loved ones. 2,0
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Dzhemete .

Commentary Rating
Sightseeings . There are natural sights concentrated in the vicinity of Dzhemete – the springs of mineral water and curative mud, Lake Chemburskoe. If you want something more ambitious, go to Anapa, where you can see the ruins of an ancient city and visit the Museum of Regional Studies. 2,0
Cafes and Restaurants As for places of public catering, Dzhemete succeeded in this matter, in the village work cafes and dining rooms, pizzerias and pancake houses. The menu features dishes of Russian and European cuisine, delicious shashlik with grilled vegetables are prepared in every second institution of the resort. 2,0
Clubs and bars In Dzhemete bars you can of course order a glass of wine and relax in a relaxed atmosphere, but all lovers of nightlife with the onset of evening keep heading for Anapa, where there are good dance clubs that take guests until morning. 2,0
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Festivals and carnivals Specifically in Dzhemete there are no regular events, but in Anapa throughout the year there are various holidays and festivals. For example, the autumn festival “Kinoshock” opens here, in winter – the international caricature festival “Smekhonapa”, in summer the festival of flowers is arranged. 2,0
Active recreation Tourists in Dzhemete go fishing, ride jet skis and boats, parasailing and windsurfing. In the village you can rent a segway or a bike, order a trip on quad bikes. Children will appreciate the water slides of the water park “Tiki-Tak”. 3,0
Shopping In Dzhemete stores you can buy just interesting souvenirs such as wood, glass and ceramics, as well as gastronomic goods – honey, figs and wine from Krasnodar. For clothes and other goods it makes sense to go to Anapa, where there are at least a couple of shopping centers. 2,0

Vityazevo and Dzhemete: where is better to live and rest?

Vityazevo Dzhemete .
Size 1,0 1,0
Youth vacation
Rest with kids
Relaxed vacation
Prices Budget, Standard and Deluxe Budget, Standard and Deluxe
Transport accessibility 5,0 5,0
Traffic 4,0 4,0
Sightseeings . 2,0 2,0
Marinas 5,0 4,0
The Sea 4,0 4,0
Cafes and Restaurants 2,0 2,0
Nightlife 3,0 2,0
Active recreation 3,0 3,0
Shopping 2,0 2,0
Cultural activities 2,0 2,0
Safety in the City 5,0 5,0
Tourist Level 4,0 3,0
Final score 2,5 2,3

As we see, each of the cities has its pros and cons. Which one to choose – depends on the purpose of the trip, the vacationers and, of course, on personal preferences. Have a nice vacation!

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