Antalya in April 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Antalya weather in April

Is it worth going to Antalya in April? What is the weather like in Antalya at the beginning, end and middle of April? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see, and what to do in April 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, weather for 2020 and 2021, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Early April weather in Antalya

The air temperature at the beginning of the month stays at 16 degrees, it reaches 21 degrees during the day and can drop to 11 at night. The water temperature is 18 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of April

At the end of April, the temperature is 16 degrees, reaching 21 degrees during the day and dropping to 11 degrees at night. The water temperature stays around 18 degrees.

Is it cold in Antalya in April?

In April, the daytime temperature in Antalya is usually kept at 21 degrees, but can reach 33 degrees (the highest recorded temperature) and drop to 0 degrees at night (the lowest recorded temperature). Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but it is a good idea to bring a warm jacket.

Can I swim in Antalya in April?

The sea temperature in Antalya in April, usually stays at 18 degrees. At the beginning of April, the water temperature is around 18 degrees and at the end of April it is 18 degrees.

The water in the sea is invigorating, and at the end of April it will be quite pleasant to swim. But you should keep in mind that much depends on the weather: from 16 to 20 degrees.

Rain in Antalya in April

On average, April in Antalya receives 44 mm of rainfall.

Holidays in Antalya in April with children

In April in Antalya with a child is better to go only if you are focused on the excursion program, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

What to do and see?

April is perfect not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for sightseeing. You can use our Antalya attractions directory to plan your leisure time.

Photos of Antalya in April

Flying to Antalya in early April was a spontaneous decision. That’s what all the advertising stuff about hot tours does:) The reviews in the network were few, we went and did not know what to expect.

Here is the story. The air temperature during the day +23C, sometimes +20C, and we had to sunbathe wrapped in a towel:) A couple of times such dubious sunbathing, and on cooling days we left the hotel and walked around Antalya by ourselves. Fortunately, the transport there is good, language problems were not (even if the people around did not speak Russian, English there are many people), the city is interesting and all in greenery and flowers.

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The sea, of course, is icy, no warmer than +16, swam mostly Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, of course, quite a big bite of all inclusive:)

If you can book a tour for a small amount of money – do not hesitate. Warm, beautiful, no rain – what else do you need after a long and gloomy winter?

April in Antalya – tourist season opens

In vain thought that April Antalya is cold – it turned out just right! There are not many tourists, and the discounts are decent.

According to our idea, April in Antalya can be called a full summer: the day temperature is +24, and the sun is shining all the time. With the rains, the situation is more complicated – at the beginning of the month are frequent, along with a strong cool breeze. Sea water is warm +18, bathing rather takes the form of a refreshing procedure.

The April water of Antalya is a bit cold.

The daylight hours are comparatively short – 10 hours, it is not enough time for the resort. Though, at night especially there will be no action – the mercury column falls to +14 (also, depending on someone, for me it is cool).

The main advantage of Antalya in mid-spring is hotel discounts. Everywhere are widely offered programs of “double rooms” – to stay together is much cheaper. However the overwhelming majority of tourists using such discounts are CIS citizens, Europeans bypass such bonuses.

Frankly, with a set of clothes is a bit “missed.

  • Warm blouses were not necessary.
  • Took too many pants (a couple or three shorts were enough).
  • The long-sleeved shirts stayed in the suitcase.
  • Cap, panama, hat – remained unclaimed.

Huge mistake – didn’t bring an umbrella. The beginning of April-month was accompanied by echoes of February rains (February is the rainiest period in Antalya), I had to buy the accessory locally.

For a long time I wanted to try exotic Turkish fruits, now the opportunity presented itself. Antalya markets are filled with juicy April oranges, black mulberries, seasonal strawberries.

April's swarm of oranges at the Antalya market.

Seasoned travelers tell us: the price difference for the fruits and berries indicates their imported origin, meaning that the cheap fruits are of foreign origin, while the locals are more expensive.

Otherwise: I consider the April holiday in Antalya better than the summer one, because of the absence of tourist masses.

I vacationed with the girlfriend in Antalya in the end of April – it was desirable to get cheaply a beautiful tan by summer)). I hate it when unbrowned white and blue legs look out from under a short skirt)).

We came back like candy bars! We spent all day on the beach, and the air temperature +28-30C suited us the best. But the sea was cold, it felt +20C, I dipped just twice, “just for fun”)

Of course, we went shopping, we went to the Old City, we went for a walk in Antalya. Sometimes it was even too hot – we tried to hide in the shade of trees.

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The end of vacations came at the beginning of the May vacations, and the hotel was full of people. It became more cheerful, but we had to leave already((.

I did visit Antalya last April, really liked the holiday, although many dissuaded me from going, saying that it was too early. So decided to share my notes about this wonderful place.

Weather in April

In April the swimming season is just beginning, the water temperature is 18-20 degrees. For someone – someone may think that it is cold, but in my opinion it is refreshing. For those who are afraid of getting cold, almost all hotels have indoor pools or heated pools, so there is always room for swimming. The weather in April is clear with almost no precipitation. The daytime temperature is 15-20 degrees, but given the humidity of 60-70 percent, it always feels warm, and sometimes gets very hot.

Food in Antalya

A special dish in Antalya is the grida fish. This species is found only in the Mediterranean Sea. In restaurants this fish is served baked in salt. The flavor is simply indescribable, and the presentation of the dish is interesting. Another dish worth tasting is “tandir kebab,” a delicious roast lamb served in clay pots. Turkish cuisine is rightfully recognized as one of the most delicious in the world.

Also in April you can enjoy a fresh crop of strawberries and oranges. For fresh fruit is better to go to the markets.

In general, there are no problems with food, all the dishes are quite acceptable for the Russian people. The prices do not bite, it is quite possible to afford a dinner for two with alcohol for 2 000 rubles. Restaurants can be visited without fear with children, there are acceptable dishes on the menu and specially equipped furniture.

I noticed an interesting trend. Turkish fruit is not cheap and some hotels, trying to save money, serve not Turkish, but imported fruit on their tables. The cheaper the hotel and the lower its class, the higher the probability.


April is the very beginning of the holiday season in Turkey, so there are not a lot of tourists. In this regard, the prices in the local stores are at a low level, the new collections can not be seen, but this way you can take great advantage of a holiday in April.

But the entertainment in this period is not enough. The animators do not work in full force. The big holidays in this part of Turkey are not held. But even in this case there are positive aspects. This time is perfect for a quiet family vacation.

Flora and fauna

It is worth beware of snake bites. Also spiders pose a certain danger; there are several species that are extremely poisonous. Also scorpions can cause trouble if you stung should consult a doctor. Because of the warming and catching a lot of fish, the first danger in the sea are jellyfish.

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The people of Turkey are quite religious. In this regard, some problems may arise, especially during the celebration of Muslim holy holidays, such as the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha. It is also worth respecting the local customs, though the country is loyal to foreign tourists, you may find yourself in trouble. Observance of basic rules of decency will save problems and make the holiday unforgettable.

Antalya in April

In April in Antalya you can already swim!

Antalya in April: is it worth to go and what to expect? Weather, water temperature, how to dress and whether to swim? Here you can find out about tour prices, things to do in Antalya in mid-spring and where to go in our review.

Antalya is the most popular among foreigners resort in Turkey. In season! Outside of it, a city on the Mediterranean Sea seems to sink into the shade – in the winter period it rarely appears in any bulletins and news. And tour operators stop actively calling to come and relax.

On the one hand this is justified – in the cooler seasons the focus of travelers is shifted to the south. To those places and coasts where the climate allows swimming and sunbathing – the same Egypt in April just does not melt from the heat.

On the other hand such neglect is not quite justified! Because in some of the months considered unseasonable Antalya weather allows a lot of things that are considered impossible.

In particular, in April in Antalya you can swim. Not every day, of course, but quite regularly. As for the air temperature, in some years it reaches values that Russian Sochi will not see before June. You may wish for more than +30 and above!

At the same time there are obviously less entertainments than at the peak of the season – many establishments have not opened after winter. But excursions to the old town and surroundings are held as if nothing had happened. And in general, life is so active that you do not get bored.

Especially if you initially set yourself up for an active pastime. Back in Russia, make an extensive list of places of interest, where you intend to visit, and right at the airport, plunged into the rental car. Plus, try not to stay anywhere longer than 2 days.

But first things first!

In late April Antalya is in bloom.

Antalya weather in April

It has all chances to please the vacationer from Russia, configured moderately positively. A lot of sun, little rain, the atmosphere is heated to temperatures, often allowing to undress to a T-shirt. Moreover, the beaches are noticeably more and more swimsuit-clad and undressed.

At the very beginning of April air temperature in Antalya reaches +20-+22 degrees. Not on a regular basis, though – up to the middle of the month the thermometers with much more pleasure show +15-+17. Which, of course, is also commendable.

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Nights are noticeably more cheerful – after sunset at times it gets colder up to +8-+10. Though basically weather tries not to disappoint the inhabitants and – still not numerous – tourists, gravitating to level +12-+14.

Toward the end of April in Antalya comes almost summer heat. As Russians understand it, of course, Turks are hardly inclined to sing the praises of temperatures in the range of +25-+28.

It rains infrequently – the central month of spring in these parts is considered a dry time. The average rainfall is up to 40mm and the number of rainy days is no more than 2-3.

However it is impossible to guarantee that you won’t witness one of them during your vacations. As on April Cyprus, the weather is capricious here. And it changes from grace to anger literally in a matter of hours.

Winds up to the middle of the month can be a problem. Because their gusts up to 10-15 m/second wave and make people swimmers doubt their choice.

Water temperature

In theory, not enough for sea bathing – in early April, the water area off the coast of Antalya warms up well, if +17-+18. But for the young bored with the water fun and this is enough.

Anyway, you will definitely see people swimming. And on some days you may even want to be among them.

Especially during the second half of the month, the weather seems to turn on the heater to the next speed. The sun starts to burn much more seriously, and the water gets up to +19-+21. The sky is so blue, as if it was specially painted by a talented team of artists.

How to dress

Going to Turkey in mid-spring, you should definitely take with you not only swimwear and shorts and t-shirts. But also to stock up on much more thorough clothing – some reviews strongly recommend not forgetting about the woolen one.

Because on some days in April in Antalya it may seem that the case turned not to the summer, but on the contrary, to winter. And you sincerely want to put on everything you have in your suitcase.

Note that the jacket and sweatshirt will definitely come in handy for mountain excursions as well. Even when visiting the relatively low-lying Termessos, not to mention a visit to the snow-covered (almost certainly) Tahtaly.

Then again, it may happen that you unbearably want to go from Antalya to Cappadocia. And there in April, especially in the mornings and in the balloon basket, warm clothes are strictly a must!

Prices 2022

Organizing a trip to Antalya in April on your own can be not only interesting, but also profitable. If you manage to get cheap air tickets – in winter they cost a little over 15 thousand rubles per person round trip (Moscow).

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Inexpensive and comfortable hotel in the heart of the old city will cost 3.5-4 thousand per night – Castle Inn Boutique Hotel. There is no need to book it for a week – in April Turkey literally everything disposes to a lot of traveling around the country.

Package tourists should be guided at the level of 43-47 thousand – the cost of a week’s tour for two from Moscow. All inclusive, flights and roundtrip transfers.

The hotel will not be bad, but not posh either. Just what you need to rest after an active (we hope) day sightseeing program.

Fashionable options on the golden-sand beach area of Lara with a spa and “ultra all inclusive” will cost a different money – from 65-70 thousand for a week’s vacation.

Closer to May prices rise. From 53-55 thousand for two in the first case, to 90 and above in the second.

Which, in fact, is not surprising. After all, the likelihood of arrival is not heat, but the real heat at this time tends to 100%. And so the number of those who want to relax quietly and unhurriedly, with good food and maximum comfort is rapidly growing.

What to do

Of course you can comfortably stay in a hotel and interchange visits to interesting places around Antalya with purely beach holiday. Moreover, there is enough space for more than one vacation – only a tour of Termessos, Olympos and Faselis plus Perge and Aspendos, Demre and Mira, Kekovas will eat up the lion’s share of time.

But it seems to us that April in Turkey is exactly the month that offers particularly impressive opportunities. It is neither hot nor cold, it is almost always clear and there are not too many tourists. And because of hyperavitaminosis unwilling to get off the beach.

In general – give a lot of inspiration, dare and come up with ideas. Discover new places and do not forget about the well-known old ones.

And, by the way, read the informative report on the topic “does not sit on the spot” –

It is worth a trip from Antalya to Kaputas beach at the end of April.

Whose author and his family, who arrived on the Antalya Riviera in late April, not only had time to swim, but also visited a number of first-rate attractions. Pamukkale and Hierapolis, Salda Lake, Caputas and Patara Beaches, and the cozy place Cirali near Kemer.

If this does not seem enough, you can “enhance” the route by adding a tour of Istanbul. It is a risky step – it is difficult to meet even a couple of days – but very intriguing.

Or – we definitely vote for this option – spend a couple of days in April Cappadocia. Especially beautiful during the spring blooms. But not yet overcrowded with travelers at this time!

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