Antalya in August 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Weather in Antalya in August

Is it worth to go to Antalya in August? What is the weather like in Antalya at the beginning, end and middle of August? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in August 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Weather in Antalya in early August

The air temperature at the beginning of the month stays at 27 degrees, during the day it reaches 33 degrees, and at night it can drop to 22. The water temperature is 29 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of August

At the end of August the temperature is 27 degrees, reaching 33 degrees during the day and dropping to 22 degrees at night. The water temperature stays around 29 degrees.

Is it hot in Antalya in August?

The average daytime temperature in Antalya is around 33 degrees and can reach 41 (the maximum recorded temperature). From 12 to 17 hours it is better to stay in the shade or stay in a hotel.

Can I swim in Antalya in August?

The sea temperature in Antalya in August, usually stays at 29 degrees. At the beginning of August, the water temperature is about 29 degrees and at the end of August it is 29 degrees.

The water is well warmed up, swimming in the sea in August will be comfortable even for a child.

Rains in Antalya in August

On average, August in Antalya receives 1 mm of rainfall.

Holiday in Antalya in August with children

August with children in Antalya can be a bit hot. If you do decide to go, swimming and sunbathing is better in the morning or evening, and in the daytime be at the hotel.

What to do and see?

August is great not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for visiting natural sites. To plan your leisure time you can use our Antalya attractions directory.

Antalya in August – pictures of holidaymakers

Antalya captivated me from the first minutes of my stay. I remember, of course, the service, the clean sea, the sandy and pebbly beaches. I rested here in summer, autumn and spring. But most of all I liked the rest in late August, when the sea is heated to the maximum and, to be in the water you can stay indefinitely.

Antalya, Lara Beach

Antalya in August: hot and sunny

I arrived in Turkish city on August 21. The weather greeted with serenity and heat. All ten days of vacation passed without precipitation and cold winds. The temperature at noon reached +34 degrees. During the day it was steadily hot, while in the evening it was warm (the temperature dropped to +23 degrees). It was possible to walk around the street all day long. The only thing in the afternoon I had to sit through the heat under the air conditioner. Yes, I will also tell about humidity: it is minimum, therefore I did not feel discomfort. It gets dark at the resort around 20.00.

Where to rest in Turkey: 12 cool resorts in 2022

Beach holiday in Antalya

Since I flew on vacation with the purpose of swimming and sunbathing, the whole vacation devoted to getting acquainted with the city beaches. I recommend to visit:

  • Beach Park;
  • Topcham;
  • Lara;
  • Konyaalti.

All of the above beach areas except the last one are free of charge. There are showers, toilets, playgrounds, litter garbage cans and changing rooms. The beaches are constantly cleaned. But the sun beds and umbrellas are not free of charge. The prices vary, the maximum cost per set is 15 TRY.

How to dress for a June trip

I love traveling with a half-empty suitcase. Yes, yes, that’s exactly how I went to Antalya. The steadily warm weather allowed me to limit myself to summer clothes. What clothes to take:

  • swimsuit;
  • pareo;
  • shorts;
  • skirt;
  • T-shirt;
  • sundress;
  • headgear.

You will need a shirt with long sleeves to go on excursions. A sweatshirt, windbreaker, jeans are not necessary in this heat.

On the streets of Antalya

I would love to go to Antalya in August 2018.

Let me start by saying that if Turkey, only Antalya and only in August.

Antalya in August is probably the most golden time, a time when the water in the sea warms up to the point that you can not go out of the water for hours. Of course the temperature at this time of the resort city of Turkey is hot, but first things first.

Weather in Antalya in August

The beginning and the middle of the month in Antalya are characterized by very hot stable weather. By midday the temperature in the shade is 34-35 degrees and the water at least 27-28 degrees. At lunch time to be outside is almost unreal, so lovers of coolness, humidity and a breeze to the middle of August here is no place.

From the middle to the end of the month the temperature drops a little, averaging 30 degrees. At this time, the water temperature and daytime air temperature is almost the same. But the evening walks become a pleasure, because a pleasant refreshing breeze is blowing from the sea and the temperature drops to 26-27 degrees. In the air by midnight you can feel a slight freshness.

According to the verified information, it never rains in August. The whole month exclusively shines bright, hot, but dangerous sun.

How to protect yourself from sunburn and sunstroke

  • Only sunbathe in the open sunlight in the morning and evening hours, from 06.00-10.00 and 16.00 respectively.
  • Protect your skin with effective cosmetic products with a minimum degree of protection of 50. It is recommended that you use face creams with over 100 protection.
  • Wear hats all the time. It is recommended that women wear hats with wide brim that protect not only the head but also the face.
  • At lunch time to hide from the sun indoors.

The seasonal fruits in August

August in Antalya is not only a time of warm sea and hot sun, but also an abundance of local fruits.

What to see in Antalya and surroundings - 17 best places to see

Resort fruits

  • Watermelons: There is no better place to taste such delicious melting watermelons than in Turkey.
  • Grapes – the season kicks off in August with early grapes, with white and blue varieties available.
  • Apples – you can choose from a variety of varieties: green, red, yellow, all sweet and juicy.
  • Peaches please all lovers with their uniquely sweet flesh and copious amounts of juice.

A popular annual festival in Antalya

The month of August in Antalya is called the sweetest. The name fully corresponds to reality, because in August Antalya hosts a honey festival, which has the official name “Honey Festival”.

The Abundance of tourists

The month of August is considered the busiest month in terms of tourist density from the first to the last day. The number of incoming tourists decreases only on the 29th and 30th of August. Already on August 31 at the sea becomes much less tourists with children.

Fauna of the resort

In the evening in Antalya you can easily become a victim of mosquitoes. In order to protect yourself from unwanted bites, take care to have special products. If so happened that you forgot about the remedies, be sure to buy them at one of the local stores or pharmacies. In the case of stinging, of course, do not sound the alarm, just to be on the safe side drink medicine against allergies and smear the place of stinging with a special cream or ointment to avoid itching.

Weather in Antalya in August

Many people are attracted to summer holidays in Turkey: lovers of seaside resorts like warm climate and sea coast of the resort city of Antalya. Naturally, those who are going to go to the sea, a question about the conditions of rest. First of all you need to pay close attention to the weather in Antalya in August. For example, hypertensive people and people who can not stand the heat, should think carefully before going somewhere too hot place.

In this regard, the Turkish resort city of Antalya, located in the western part of the Mediterranean coast is a paradise for those who like to warm up well in summer, not afraid of the heat and love it. About what the weather in Antalya in August, you can find out by reading real reviews of tourists who vacationed in Turkey.

Important! In addition to reviews should be studied weather diaries for the past years to find out what the weather in Antalya in August in general, and how it will be during your trip. You can do this with a reputable resource like “Gismeteo,” which is known to give the most accurate forecast.

Temperature in Antalya in August

Average daytime temperature: +34.8°C
Average temperature at night: +21.5°C
Sea water temperature: +29.3°C
Number of sunny days: 30 days
Number of rainy days: Precipitation: 1 day 5.2 mm

Is it worth to go on holiday in August?

Reviews of tourists-lovers of resorts in Turkey, as a rule, are quite objective and organically complement the information from more official sources about holiday in Antalya in August. The summer months are very hot: temperatures in August sometimes reach values over 40 ° C, most heat lovers remain satisfied and recommend the resort to everyone, generously describing the pleasures and entertainment. August does not stand out from the statistics and promises warm sunny days.

The best resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea

Did you know? Antalya is a major Turkish city with a population of about a million people. This number doubles during the summer season due to the arrival of tourists and vacationers.

However, elderly people, hypertensive people and those who have other problems with cardiovascular system should weigh all arguments wisely, because the weather in Antalya in August, as well as in other summer months, can play a cruel joke with them – at best it will make almost never leave the air-conditioned space of the hotel room.

Did you know? Antalya has been ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Muslims. All these historical milestones have left an imprint on the city in the form of antiquities and sights.

    Rated 4.7 (out of 5), air +33.7°C , sea: +27.9°C, rain 1 day : rating 5.0 (out of 5), air +28.5°C , sea: +27.8°C, rain 0 days

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Weather comparison in Antalya by month

Air temperature

The average daily temperature in Antalya in August, as observed over the years, is 28 ° C: about the same as in the rest of Turkey at the same time. It is the hottest month in Antalya, though in more temperate climates it is the beginning of fall.

The weather in Antalya in early August is warm: the thermometer does not rise above 36 ° C during the day and does not fall below 17 ° C at night – in general, it is the same temperature as in the other cities in Turkey.

But unlike other Turkish resorts, Antalya’s geographical position adds some special features to the typical Mediterranean climate. Humidity is higher here, at around 65%, and the heat is not easily tolerated. The number of sunny hours in this geographical location is around 2640. This figure exceeds the indicator of the sunniest city of Crimea, Sudak, for 90 hours.

Weather in Turkey in general and in Antalya in particular in the middle and end of August is somewhat hotter – some days the daytime temperature reaches 39 ° C, and the night does not fall below 19 ° C.

In general, August is the time when the tourist season is in full swing, and you can still wait a little longer if you have the opportunity and desire to vacation not in such hot weather.

Water temperature in Antalya in August

Many tourists who have decided to vacation in Turkey, wonder what the sea in Antalya in August. It is believed that it is comfortable for both children and adults.

The sea temperature in August is about 28.5-30 ° C – about 1.5 ° warmer than in July and September, as confirmed by both enthusiastic and complaining reviews of tourists.

Many prefer the water to be cooler and allow the body to cool down after warming up on the beach. Occasionally, there is an upwelling of deep water from the bottom, the upwelling, and then the temperature may drop briefly but significantly.

New Year in Antalya - 2023. Weather and reviews

Rankings, rainy days and precipitation in August and other months.

Due to its geographical location, the Mediterranean climate of Antalya has an interesting feature. Surrounded by a semicircle of mountains, the city is a high pressure zone, and during the warm half of the year the rains are very rare here. You could say that it doesn’t happen every year.

The weather in the first half of August, especially in the first decade, will be a little cooler, if I may say so about the figure of about 30 ° C. Tourist feedback suggests that holidaying in Antalya in early August is more comfortable than in July.

Did you know? According to one version, St. Nicholas was born in the province of Antalya – there, in Demer, in the church bearing his name, and rest his remains. St. Nicholas is known in the Catholic world as Santa Claus, he is also the prototype of Santa Claus.

Vacationers are not advised to bring warm clothes, because they are not useful. But it is worth taking care about a closet that will help hide the skin from the scorching rays, and about a swimsuit that will not burn during the bathing. However, it can be successfully replaced by a T-shirt in which you can swim in the hottest hours without damaging the skin.

Of course, it would be nice to buy sunscreen and a hat that would shade the face and allow removing sunglasses, so as not to get the characteristic bright spots on the background of tanned face.

Important: Keep in mind that not every time of the day is tanning possible. In the middle of the day, at midday, the UV index reaches extreme values and makes the idea of getting a tan during these hours dangerous and harmful to health.

The weather in Antalya in the second half of August is not much different, but in the last decade, towards the end of the month, the temperature begins to fall gradually, giving hope for a speedy relief to those who suffer very much from the heat.

Wind Speed

The average speed in August is 2.5 m/s with maximum gusts up to 4 m/s.

Climate summary

Day Air temperature during day Water temperature
1 +31.6°C +28.6°C
2 +30.5°C +28.6°C
3 +34.2°C +28.7°C
4 +35.8°C +28.8°C
5 +35.1°C +28.8°C
6 +34.1°C +29.2°C
7 +31.1°C +29.1°C
8 +31.6°C +29.2°C
9 +35.2°C +28.7°C
10 +35.8°C +29.1°C
11 +37.2°C +29.0°C
12 +38.5°C +29.1°C
13 +38.1°C +29.5°C
14 +36.6°C +29.5°C
15 +34.9°C +29.3°C
16 +37.5°C +29.9°C
17 +36.9°C +29.8°C
18 +32.1°C +29.3°C
19 +33.8°C +29.5°C
20 +32.8°C +29.6°C
21 +35.5°C +29.7°C
22 +38.9°C +29.8°C
23 +38.9°C +29.6°C
24 +37.8°C +29.6°C
25 +35.9°C +29.6°C
26 +36.8°C +29.4°C
27 +37.2°C +29.4°C
28 +33.1°C +29.4°C
29 +35.2°C +29.2°C
30 +36.2°C +29.7°C
31 +34.8°C +29.3°C

Reviews of tourists about the weather in Antalya in August

Olga, 20.08.2021: “I was not sure if I should go to Turkey in August, because it is the hottest! Last year we were here in May and we loved it. August is very hot: the heat starts in the morning, and in the evening it’s stuffy. It was too hot for me, although the sea is nicer than on the May trip. People who can not stand the heat, but want to relax in Antalya, it is worth to go here not in the summer months, otherwise they will not have to leave the room.

Elena, 14.08.2016: “Finally got a vacation with my husband in August and on joy we decided to rvak to Turkey. We were not intimidated by the reviews of tourists that Antalya in late August is still a very hot place, and the temperature at night is not much lower than during the day. We love the heat and were just about to get a good warm up for the year ahead. Everything was just as we wanted: a very warm ten days, tender sea, clear days, not a single cloud, not even a passing cloud! We threw a coin into the sea, because we really want to come back here again.

Irina, 28.08.2014: “I was flying to Turkey for the first time – of course I scoured the internet to find out what to expect, what to wear, what clothes to take, what temperature it was and so on. It turned out to be hotter than I expected, but it didn’t bother me one bit. I spent the hottest hours in cafes, stores, walking around the city, and in the morning and evening I went to the beach. If you’re thinking about what clothes to take, advice: do not take a lot of things, jackets, sweaters and raincoats are not needed. Hotel employees have told that at this time it rains almost never, and if it happens, it passes very quickly, and again becomes good weather.

Maria, 21.08.2012: “In August we went to Turkey in Antalya. The heat was incredible. Before we had time to arrive and got burnt, so I advise to wear thin clothing with sleeves, even if you do not go to the beach, and walk around town. This is convenient to do during lunch hours, when the heat is at its peak. Although sometimes there were clouds and then the temperature dropped a little, it never rained, as they say everywhere. They wrote that the water temperature in Antalya reaches as much as 27 ° C in August, but with us it went up to 30 ° C – a paradise for those who like to swim in the “steamed milk. I do not like that kind of bath, I like to swim in the invigorating water, but it’s just fine for kids to splash around, but be sure to protect yourself from the sun.

Festivals in Antalya

All tourists have the opportunity to become visitors:

– International Eurasia Film Festival;

– International Festival of Folk Music and Dance;

– International Festival of Opera Aspendos.

Turkey is pleased to meet its tourists, and always provide you with a first-class recreation and a variety of entertainment.

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