Antalya in December 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Weather in Antalya in December

Is it worth to go to Antalya in December? What is the weather like in Antalya at the beginning, end and middle of December? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in December 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Weather in Antalya in early December

The air temperature at the beginning of the month stays at 11 degrees, it reaches 16 degrees during the day and can drop to 7 at night. The water temperature is 19 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of December

At the end of December, the temperature is 11 degrees, it reaches 16 degrees during the day and at night it drops to 7 degrees. The water temperature stays around 19 degrees.

Is it cold in Antalya in December?

In the month of December, the daytime temperature in Antalya is usually kept at 16 degrees, but can reach 22 degrees (the highest recorded temperature) and drop to -2 degrees at night (the lowest recorded temperature). Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a hat and swimsuit is the right thing to do.

Can I swim in Antalya in December?

The sea temperature in Antalya in December, usually stays at 19 degrees. At the beginning of December, the water temperature is around 19 degrees, and at the end of December it is 19 degrees.

The sea is not yet warm enough, at the same time at the end of December will be quite pleasant to swim. But you should keep in mind that the weather varies from 17 to 21 degrees.

Rain in Antalya in December

On average, 245 mm of rain falls in Antalya during December.

Holiday in Antalya in December with children

In December in Antalya with a child is better to go only if you are focused on the excursion program, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

What to do and what to see?

December in Antalya is not the best time for walks in nature. We recommend that you pay attention to museums, theaters and cultural sites. Also do not forget that the cold season is the season of sales and a great time for shopping. Current information on the best

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Antalya in December – photos of holidaymakers

In the warm season in Antalya I have been repeatedly, but in winter Turkey, neither me nor my girlfriends have not been able to visit. So we decided to celebrate this mistake in our life and celebrate Christmas and New Year on the Antalya coast.

Weather in December

In December the weather in the city is quite cool, but there are also good days. You will hardly be able to walk around in evening dresses, but jeans and a T-shirt may come in handy. During the day it’s over 15 degrees, the sun is soothing and it’s very pleasant to walk around the city. It reminds of our Indian summer. But still most days of December in Antalya are pretty windy and cool, so take with you on a trip a sweater, an autumn jacket or coat. Well, and shoes too appropriate. The more the sunny day during this period is very short. It gets dark around 5 pm and the air temperature drops below +10. Not superfluous will be in the suitcase and an umbrella, because in this month the rains for Antalya is quite common.

Water procedures

Swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach you can not, as the weather in December in Antalya this is not favorable and the sea is quite strong storm. Although one sunny day I saw a company of guys in a cheerful state, which boldly went into the abyss of the sea. If you still intend to take water procedures, then choose a hotel with an outdoor heated pool. I also recommend a Turkish bath (hammam) and spa treatments.

Winter fruits

In December, there is a large selection of citrus fruits, apples and pears in the markets of the city. There are very tasty pomegranates and juicy persimmons. The prices are not expensive and the fruit is of very good quality. But you can’t indulge yourself with strawberries, they won’t appear until February.

Fishy December

Spending the beginning of winter in Antalya is interesting for fish eaters. In late December there is an active catch of mullet, loach, anchovy and mackerel. Going into any Turkish tavern can order and treat yourself to fresh and fat Mediterranean fish at very reasonable prices.

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Number of tourists

As Christmas and New Year’s Eve approaches, the city sees a steady rise in the number of tourists, which adds to the high cost of living and food. But what can you do, this period is also called the “hot season. Although compared to the summer price increases are not as hard on the pocket.

Christmas and New Year in Antalya

Christmas and New Year are not traditional holidays in Turkey. But hospitable Turks are ready to make these holidays memorable for their guests from other countries. Antalya in the second half of December is transformed. The city is decorated with fir trees, garlands, snowflakes and snowmen. The atmosphere is relaxed and festive. Russian and Ukrainian communities in Antalya begin to conduct New Year’s parties for children with Santa Claus and Snegurochka. There are several scenarios for welcoming the New Year. The first is the program of the hotel where you stay. The second is on the central square of the city. On New Year’s Eve, a grand festival with folk festivities and fireworks is held in the city center. My girlfriends and I considered the first option rather banal and chose the second – we did not regret it.

Antalya in December

Antalya - what is the weather in December?

Antalya in December – is it worth to go and what to expect. The weather, water temperature, whether you can swim, airfare and hotel prices 2022. What can be done in Antalya in early winter, where to go – in the review

Coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally shifted priorities of the world population, including the Russians. And especially regarding the travel preferences.

If before the inhabitants of the “one seventh” were picky about where they would go in December: to see pre-Christmas Western Europe or bathe in the turquoise sea in Thailand, now more and more they take what they are given.

That’s how and not otherwise, many have discovered December Antalya. With amazement they realized that they liked it. With amazement they admitted to themselves that perhaps even more than in the season or in the mature autumn.

Have you ever thought about wanting to go back? How about on board the plane, turning around on the way back to Russia. Will it really work out? Who knows…

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However, you reading this article, it seems, everything is ahead!

It is quite warm and clear in Antalya in December

Weather in Antalya in December

Somewhat reminiscent of the game of chance. If you’re lucky – almost all the way will be sunny, warm and even dry. If not – you will catch 2-3 days of really nasty weather and will seriously think about running away somewhere in the clear. For example, in Cappadocia – to get to it from Antalya in winter, even on your own is not difficult. And even somehow suspiciously inexpensive.

The main temperature during the day – from +16 to +20 degrees. At least that was December in Antalya in 2020.

And in the open space at noon it could seem that the sun is even baking. And people in winter gear – what a miracle – tried to hide in the saving shade.

At night it is not much colder – in most cases it was from +12 to +15. Rarely, but there are falls and below +10. Old-timers, probably, will tell you about the minus temperatures. And how – you have to surprise the visitors with something!

High monthly precipitation and sometimes very strong winds are the two main plagues of Antalya in December. And it usually rains especially at the end of the month, when people are living in anticipation of the New Year.

As for the winds, they not only shred the sea surface, but also try to carry away the bags. And also by all means prevent your adventures in the seaside area.

On average the weather in Antalya in December gives out 7-8 rainy days. On the rest the azure sky is not a winter color. Rather reminiscent of early spring.

At such moments one wants to sit on benches and parapets for a long time, trying to catch the slightest nuances of sea and heavenly colors. Do not hurry anywhere, enjoy the moment, lazily spinning the thought in your head – how nice that there are such places in the world.

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Theoretically the water temperature does not prohibit swimming – the sea is heated to +18-+19 degrees. But wishing to test the conditions of the water area personally for some reason very little.

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Most prefer to sit unperturbed on the shore. Soaking up all the warmth and trying not to move too much, not to lose this incredible feeling of harmony with the whole world.

The sea in Alanya in December warms up to +20

How to dress

Is it worth stocking up on warm clothes? If you go to Antalya just to walk around the old city and drink coffee on the balcony overlooking the sea, then particularly try to this plan is not necessary. All the same day you’ll want to unbutton, and even take off weary quilted.

But if you decide to go on a long excursion in Cappadocia valleys or if you’re going to climb serious hills – like Tahtali – a substantial jacket and a pullover or a hoodie will be just right.

Also for children it’s worth to take scarves and hats. And maybe even gloves – who knows where your inspiration will take you?

Prices 2022

Round-trip airfare (from Moscow and back) for mid-December is not cheap today – a direct flight by Turkish Airlines costs about 65,000 rubles round-trip for one person. But if you somehow get from Moscow to Helsinki – which is not so difficult – and flights of the same “Turks” miraculously get cheaper by half. However, it will take you more than 6-7 hours to get there.

As for hotels, there is a great choice even taking into account the fact that some establishments have closed their doors before the new season. So for reasonable money you can stay in the heart of the old city. Sometimes you can even get a room with a balcony and a rooftop terrace with stunning views.

We recommend inexpensive and cozy Ozmen Hotel in Kaleici. Breathtaking location, freshly renovated rooms and warm hospitality of the owners. Breakfasts are included. And the latter is not too high – about 37 € per night.

Villa Tulipan offers spectacular views from the terrace and tastefully decorated interiors. Located in the center of old Antalya.

The Adalya Port Hotel, close to the harbor, is well suited for a romantic trip. Just stepping out the door, you immediately get into the labyrinth of old streets. And what species you will admire at breakfast – there is probably no better here.

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Things to do

In Antalya itself you can see a lot of interesting things. But most of those who come to the resort in December, are already quite familiar with its entertainment agenda. So they are more likely to choose the most unpretentious things.

Such as leisurely strolls through the old town and sitting with a cup of coffee in front of the yacht piers. Admiring the panoramic views from the top of the Hıdırlık Tower or taking long walks in the Karaalioglu Park.

And they can be understood – in December the air in Antalya is incredibly fresh and transparent. And the prospects – in every sense – can be seen oh how far.

Let’s not forget about shopping. Not because before the New Year you can expect some special discounts – rather no, than yes.

But just to get your energy levels up! After all, it is easy to convince yourself that you can bring home a lot of useful things from Turkey, not just souvenirs and sweets!

People who are active will certainly try to organize something of the kind around Antalya. Rent a car and go … not where the eyes can see, of course, but “with meaning.

After all, it is so easy to feel the nirvana and incredible peace just sitting on the beach in the deserted Fazelis. And satisfaction for not wasted time after climbing to the not spoiled tourist Termessos.

Worth the trip in December from Antalya to Termesso

Organized bus tours to Demre and Mira do not stop in December. Independent tourists also visit Perga, or finally get to Aspendos. The trip to which in the summer days was endlessly postponed because of the unbearable heat.

Especially restless companions can go and quite far. And not necessarily with a tour!

We mentioned above the (unique) opportunity to visit winter Cappadocia and fly in a hot air balloon over the magical, maybe even snow-covered landscapes.

Don’t discount Istanbul either – even if you’ve been there before! After all, ex-Constantinople is clearly not in the category of cities that can get bored after the first visit.

On the contrary, many try to see Istanbul almost every year. And invariably remain in the admiration – the main Turkish metropolis incredibly diverse and varied! And it remains so even in the most non-tourist times of the year.

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