Antalya in January 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Weather in Antalya in January

Is it worth going to Antalya in January? What is the weather like in Antalya at the beginning, end and middle of January? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in January 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Weather in Antalya for New Year vacations

The air temperature at the beginning of the month stays at 10 degrees, during the day it reaches 14 degrees, and at night it can drop to 6. The water temperature is 18 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of January

At the end of January, the temperature is 10 degrees, reaching 14 degrees during the day and dropping to 6 degrees at night. The water temperature stays around 18 degrees.

Is it cold in Antalya in January?

In the month of January, daytime temperatures in Antalya are usually around 14 degrees Celsius, but can reach 22 degrees Celsius (maximum recorded temperature) and drop to -7 degrees Celsius at night (minimum recorded temperature). Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a demi-seasonal jacket or coat would be the right thing to do.

Can I swim in Antalya in January?

The sea temperature in Antalya in January, usually stays at 18 degrees. At the beginning of January, the water temperature is around 18 degrees and at the end of January it is 18 degrees.

The water in January is invigorating, with the second half of the month being quite comfortable to swim in. However, the weather can vary from 16 to 19 degrees.

Rain in Antalya in January

On average, Antalya receives 236 mm of rainfall in January.

Holiday in Antalya in January with children

In January in Antalya with a child is better to go only if you are focused on the excursion program, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

What to do and what to see?

January in Antalya is not the best time for walks in nature. You should visit museums, theaters and cultural sites. Also do not forget that the cold season is a season of sales and a great time for shopping. Current information about the best

Antalya in January – photos of holidaymakers

We flew to Antalya for New Year vacations. Even if it’s not a tropical heat, but it’s certainly warmer than here. The prices even in the steepest “five star” are noticeably lower than in a season.

In the sea it is impossible to bathe (it is 15 degrees, no more), but simply to walk on a beach, to go on excursions – quite, in fact in the afternoon air +11-16 degrees. Sometimes there are short rains.

  • Choose a hotel with a heated pool;
  • Check the hotel contingent, we lived mostly elderly Germans – a dreary picture)))

Winter, January Antalya reminded me of our May. It was just as warm and there were just as many thunderstorms. During the week we caught two hurricanes – with terrible winds, showers and falling temperatures. However it didn’t prevent our rest – hotel staff has been quick to patch up leaky walls and roof, barmen and cooks worked with jokes and jokes, gardeners and maintenance staff kept on cleaning leaves and garbage under the rain on the territory of the hotel.

On nice days people were going to the beach – to lie on a beach chair in the sun, to play volleyball or to dance with animators. The water in the sea was +16-20, we were swimming. The same Russian-speaking tourists and Germans were swimming with us. Others did not dare to repeat our feat).

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive food in Istanbul

Fruit was relatively a lot – grapes, bananas, oranges, grapefruits, a lot of strawberries in desserts.

In general, rest was successful in the glory, besides for small, in comparison with summer, money.

January is almost over, but I still find it hard to come to terms with the approaching end of vacation, and soon have to leave so beloved Turkey.

The weather in January Antalya brings a lot of positive

The idea to go to the Mediterranean coast in the off-season is not able to bring man to delight, but it is only the first thought that goes to the head of any tourist.

During the off-season, the eastern resort welcomes guests quite warm (10-15 degrees), with a fresh sea breeze. Walking through the streets is very pleasant, as if in the spring in central Russia.

January – time to see the sights

Turkish summer vacation is often monotonous: we go in the morning to take sunbaths, and in the evening back to the hotel. The rays of the scorching July sun completely discourage hanging around the narrow streets and, pouring sweat, to ask the next passerby for a photo. But in January and February you can stroll around imposingly along the free promenade all day.

A few places that draw rapturous glances:

  • Ataturk Park;
  • The ruins of Phaselis;
  • Olympos;
  • Düden waterfall.

Winter is supposed to be snowy.

The city is spread out near the mountain peaks – which means anyone can spend an unforgettable active holiday in the middle of the mountains, starting with skiing and ending with parachuting.

Nearby are two skiing complexes: Saklikent (45 kilometers) and Davraz (160 km).

Our family managed to visit Saklykent. It suited us because of its proximity to the city and the availability of easy descents, designed for beginners. Experienced skiers are more suitable for the second one, where there are difficult slopes for experienced extreme skiers.

To say that our family is unconventional in the choice of places to rest – means nothing to say. One of the last places we decided to visit was winter Antalya. The flight from St. Petersburg was scheduled for December 30, 2015. That is, our main goal was to celebrate the New Year in the south of Turkey. Sounds amazing, don’t you think?

The most important thing was the weather at the resort.

Of course, upon arrival in Antalya you instantly feel the temperature contrast: in Russia it is minus 16, wet snow and rain, and on the coast the sun is shining bright and a pleasant warm breeze is blowing.

Due to the temperate climate, January is quite suitable for a beach holiday. It’s not as sweltering as the summer, and the air is clean and fresh. The ambient temperature during the day does not fall below 8 – 14 degrees, and sometimes rises to + 18. The sun is soft, which means you can get a nice tan. As for precipitation, even in winter there is not too much. It snows very rarely, most often it rains briefly.

The Mediterranean Sea in the second month of winter cools to 16-18 degrees. It is worth to get into the water or not – a purely individual question: someone at +18 calmly swims, and someone likes the water was like fresh milk. But usually no one swims in this month.

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The evenings in Antalya is getting cooler, so it would be wise to take a couple of warm clothes before leaving for the resort. Don’t get too warm jackets, a couple of warm sweaters and windbreakers will suffice.

What to do?

Experienced tourists say that a well-planned vacation can give a lot of pleasant impressions from the trip. So it was up to us to enjoy the trip or be upset that the expectations were not met.

Stock up on vitamins.

Ironically, winter in Turkey is the season of strawberries and oranges. Therefore, our primary goal, as well as the goal of other Russian tourists, was to saturate our bodies with vitamins and our children’s bodies.

January is the sale season. Prices in the markets are reduced to a minimum. By the way the local sellers are true marketers. The fact that in Turkey, no one will allow themselves to put the goods on the counter unwashed.

To celebrate the New Year!

Turks, like Russians, celebrate New Year’s Eve on January 1. On New Year’s Eve all the hotels and streets of Antalya are transformed. Locals do not spare no expense on the illumination and other decorations.

And without the local Santa Claus is nowhere. By the way here it is called Noel Baba, and it is believed that he was born in Antalya. However, this fairy tale character looks the same as in our country: red and white suit, long beard and staff. In general, our children felt almost at home.

In January, the Turks also celebrate an important religious holiday, the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. The celebration begins on January 12 and lasts a month. We, unfortunately, did not get to taste all the charm of this event, because our trip ended three days before the start of the holiday.

The saturation of tourists

It is no secret that the main flow of tourists in Antalya falls in the spring and summer. This is the warmest resort of Turkey, so the families come here to get the annual dose of melanin. In January there are practically no tourists, which makes the resort a favorite place for couples of all ages looking for solitude. And they get it – Antalya in January is empty beaches, beautiful seascapes and fresh air.

Unpopularity of the resort in the winter makes it the most accessible at this time. In order not to miss the opportunity to make money in the off-season, the cost of the tourist product is reduced by almost half, so the purchase of a trip will not hit your wallet. It is also worth noting that in January there is a decrease in prices for other groups of goods: food, souvenirs and even clothing.

Few people know that the beloved Antalya is ready to take holidaymakers all year round. We do not regret that we dared to open up new horizons and we can say with confidence: January is the perfect time to get to know this resort city from a different angle!

Antalya in January

The sea in Antalya in January and does not think to freeze

Antalya in January: Is it worth the trip for New Year and beyond? Weather, air temperature, tour prices 2022, self-trip costs. What to do in Antalya in winter, where to go – in the review

Antalya! Exceptionally popular in summer and at least in the first half of autumn, the Turkish resort in winter turns into a kind of “Terra Incognita”. Not too well known to the mass tourist area – hence the poorly visited.

But in January 2022, Antalya may be a repeat of last year’s “banquet. When many Russians, for lack of something better, will go to the Turkish Riviera. In any case, even today its prospects look quite good.

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After all, what are the modern realities? Many world destinations are closed to travel from abroad or have imposed serious restrictions on visitors.

Christmas in Western Europe will largely pass Russians by again – unless you count the possibility of a trip to Budapest in January. And spare, then the network of previously unpopular options like Zagreb and Belgrade, and Athens.

Yes, and with the “beach” countries are not very, that is not cheap! A trip to Egypt in early January will cost from one hundred thousand rupees for two from Moscow, and it is still not the best option. About Cuba for the New Year is not worth mentioning….

Thailand? It is too much: too many demands. And for some reason it seems that we are just waiting for them to lock us in hotel or to make tests even for vaccinated people. And it would be good if not at their expense!

In general, Antalya is still “our everything. It is not terrible that in the middle of winter it is not hot at all – the main thing – calm! In this case – not at all boring.

And fruits in Turkey in winter in abundance. And at rather ridiculous, not Russian prices.

Antalya Beach in January

Cold – by calendar – period, of course, is a bit confusing for those who are used to be here only in season. Causes some fears and seemingly not the most luxurious weather in Antalya on New Year’s Eve.

The latter, however, we intend to “clear up” in the first place. After all, if you do not set up to swim necessarily, going in the direction indicated, then at least a piece of sun counts for sure!


In 2021, and apparently in 2022, Russians can enter Turkey only after presenting one of the following documents:

  • Certificate of vaccination with two components of the Sputnik V vaccine
  • Certificate of having had coronavirus at least 6 months before arrival
  • PCR test no older than 72 hours.

Children under the age of 12 will not need any of the above certificates.

Weather in Antalya in January

It does not promise a trouble-free existence. Because you do not get a lot of sun and no rain in the literal sense.

For the central month of winter brings heavy rainfall in Antalya. Which even to compare with the summer months uncomfortable – statistically, they have to fall over 200 mm! For reference: during the whole summer at the resort it rarely falls more than 10% of this number.

It may come down like a bucket on some days, but it does not rain without a break! Even in January Antalya sees clear days, and not so rarely. By the way, Russian Sochi in this regard will have to smoke nervously on the sidelines.

According to statistics for many years, you can count on at least 7-8 sunny or slightly cloudy days. Which, in view of the mildness of the local climate, pushes on brisk entertaining activity.

Naturally not only at the resort which you by this time will study up and down. And mostly out of town trips to Demre, Mira and Kekova, to Tahtali Mountain, Side and Aspendos, even to the canyon Keppryulyu in demand in the winter.

What’s more, a small number of enthusiastic travelers from Antalya to Cappadocia are inspired by the opportunities that they discover. Why not: The distance and weather allow for such an adventure.

The air temperature in Antalya at the beginning and at the end of January fluctuates in the range of +10-17 degrees. At times making attempts to please the citizens and resorts with something more – in 2021, for example, the thermometers got up to +20.

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At nights, however, it is colder. And noticeably – especially closer to February. Therefore, be sure to take warm clothes to Turkey.

The beach in Lara, Antalya in January

For example, in 2020 the poles and arrows of thermometers occasionally made forays into the territory around +5. But in the morning they still jitterily returned to the familiar +8-11.

A little to the south, by the way, they behave more liberally. And they don’t try, as if anything, to deprive residents and tourists with legal degrees:

Water temperature

It is clear that with such a poorly heated atmosphere in the sea a few people will climb. Though sea water keeps the temperature which can be even envied in June Anapa: +18-19. People, though few in number, swim. Unconsciously encouraging others to do it.

But for the majority of holiday-makers in winter Antalya such feats are useless. Their hotels usually have heated pools. And if they do not – is it a great sorrow?

After all there is fresh sea air, and the weather allows wandering through the streets in fairly light jackets. Not necessarily without purpose: the local old town is beautiful and very authentic. And if you walk through it with a knowledgeable person, we assure you – you’ll get a lot of pleasure.

Travelers will be amazed by the abundance of greenery – in winter, you expect less bright colors. Is it a bad gift to your beloved on the holidays!

How to dress

Frankly warm clothes in your closet, however, may be not superfluous. And we are not talking about angora sweaters or sweatshirts – we are talking about solid down jackets with hoods and boots or boots with insulation and a thick sole.

Why – you cry! After all the paragraph above argued that the frost and severe cold – nonsense for the January Antalya.

And we say that rarely any holidaymaker limits itself outside the designated resort! That is, if you modestly go to ancient Mira and then look in Kekova – demi-season clothes should suffice. But in the case of more elevated – in the literal sense – walks, as well as trips to the central part of the country, should be thoroughly insulated!

For example, almost 100 percent of holidaymakers need to climb up to the peak of Tahtala, which is 2,350 m above sea level. Naturally, there will be snow. And, most likely, negative temperatures multiplied by the icy wind.

You might want to drive from Antalya to Pamukkale. Along the way, you might see the incredible Salda Lake, the “Turkish Maldives”.

Or, as mentioned above, you will aim for winter Cappadocia at all, that is, move to the central part of the Anatolian Peninsula. Because there, too, at this time, you can go ballooning – at a substantial discount, by the way – look at the “fairy chimneys”, climb the cave churches. Walk through the valleys, see the famous fortress in Uchkhisar, descend into an underground city…

In this case, warm clothes will be indispensable. For winter in Cappadocia is much colder than on the coast. Perhaps even an order of magnitude, if compared with the Turkish Riviera.

Cappadocia in January, landscape

Someone will certainly want to visit January Istanbul – such one- or two-day trips from Antalya are practiced. And quite often, although they cost under two hundred dollars per person. However, there is nothing difficult in organizing such a voyage – by plane or by car and on your own:

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Note that the January weather on the shores of the Bosporus resembles that of the Russian south. So it is contraindicated to wander there without a thick coat or jacket!

Prices 2022

Holidaymakers desire to relax in Turkey pretty much dry up by November, which most beneficially affects the prices. This year downward trend is also stimulated by the epidemic of coronavirus.

Outbid traveler prices offered by tour operators will not be so difficult. With regard to food, however, will have to cut down and get their own food))). But you will be able to stop in the heart of the old city. And not in a modern “box” somewhere in Lara.

For example, very nice room in Adalya Port Hotel, looking directly at the harbor – came out and went to flutter through the narrow streets. Staying for a day will cost about 40 € for two people – for such a location is very cheap.

Not fundamentally more expensive is accommodation in a family Urcu Hotel. Small, cozy, clean. Next to the “umbrella alley” and a couple of minutes from Hadrian’s Gate. “For those who go to walk around Antalya – just a godsend,” it is claimed in one of the reviews. And it’s hard not to agree!

Also note the designer Castle Inn Boutique Hotel in Kaleici. About 45 € and a “nine” rating on Bookings.

Tickets for direct “Pobeda” on dates after January 9 will cost 12-13 thousand rubles per person. In both directions, though.

If you want to buy a week-long tour for two from Moscow to Antalya on New Year’s Eve, with not too big in today’s money – from 65 thousand rubles for two. It is planned to have a rest on everything ready – “ultra all inclusive”.

Since January, 10 prices somewhat fall. Not too crucially – on 8-10 percent.

What to do.

It is clear that no one will sit on the beach all day and breathe in the extremely healthy air. After all, most people try to use their vacations abroad during New Year vacations in a more productive way. Moreover, even in Antalya in the middle of winter there is something to occupy yourself.

Starting from leisurely strolls through the old city and shopping in local shopping centers (Oh, Mark Antalya!) and stores. And by no means ending with a boat ride on the sea and visiting the amazingly beautiful gorges in the vicinity of the Turkish resort.

Koryblik in Antalya in early January

Because nearby is still blazing mountain Chimera, the ruins of ancient Greek polis Olympos, Phaselis, the mysterious city of Termessos. Mostly deserted at this time and therefore even more desirable. The ruins of Perge and the amphitheater of Aspendos are sure to wait for you until you get there.

It is not unreasonable to visit Demre and the ancient Mira, to see the island of Kekova with the sunken city of Dolihiste. It is not difficult – because the Mediterranean Sea and does not think to freeze.

Fans of eco-tourism may want to walk a dozen or so kilometers along the famous Lycian Trail. Take a breath of the mountain air, which is said to have healing properties.

We mentioned Cappadocia and Istanbul above. Although to go there from Antalya, perhaps, and not too easy. But actually you should! In order to seize the moment – in January there are few tourists in ex-Constantinople.

Do not forget about travertine cascade terraces of Pamukkale, the ruins of ancient Hierapolis. Incidentally, one of the first balneological resorts in the history of mankind!

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