Antalya in June 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Weather in Antalya in June

Should I go to Antalya in June? What is the weather like in Antalya at the beginning, end and middle of June? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in June 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Weather in Antalya in early June

The air temperature at the beginning of the month stays at 24 degrees, during the day it reaches 30 degrees and at night it can drop to 19. The water temperature is 25 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of June

At the end of June the temperature is 24 degrees, reaching 30 degrees during the day and dropping to 19 at night. The water temperature stays around 25 degrees.

Is it hot in Antalya during June?

The average daytime temperature in Antalya is around 30 degrees, and can reach 41 (the maximum recorded temperature). From 12 to 17 hours it is best to stay in the shade, or inside the hotel.

Can I swim in Antalya during June?

The sea temperature in Antalya in June, usually stays at 25 degrees. At the beginning of June, the water temperature is around 25 degrees and at the end of June it is 25 degrees.

The water is well warmed up, and swimming in the sea in June will be comfortable even for a child.

Rains in Antalya in June

On average, 9 mm of rain falls in Antalya during June.

Holiday in Antalya in June with children

June is a great time to travel to Antalya with children: the water is well warm and the sun is warm and gentle.

What to do and see?

June is great not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for exploring natural sites. To plan your holiday you can use our Antalya attractions directory.

Photos of holidaymakers in Antalya in June

Vacationed in Antalya in early June, 14 days. Regarding the weather, the vacation can be divided into two parts.

  1. First week – air +25-27C during the day, +20C in the evening, water +23C – not all bathed, two times it rained.
  2. The second week – the air +27-32C in the afternoon, +25C in the evening, the water +25-26C, from 12.00 to 15.00 from the beach is better to leave, so as not to get burnt.

In the first week there were fewer families with children and young people, mostly couples 30-50 years. In the second week there were noticeably more people, we had more fun.

June Antalya: Sunburn and seasonal fruits

This resort is well known to Russians, I will not go out of the ranks: to visit Antalya in June – nice thing!

I’ve noticed for a long time: the summer months are not very popular with Russian tourists because of the brutal heat. Daytime temperatures of +33 won’t be enough for everybody. At night the mercury gauge does not fall much, only +27, the temperature change is practically unnoticeable. The sea in June is warmed up to +25, it’s extremely warm, my sweetheart likes it, for the sake of super-warm sea I’m ready to suffer the heat. To sunbathe on beaches of Antalya it is desirable in two pieces: the first from 9:00 to 12:00, the second from 15:00 and before sunset.

The best resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea

The Antalya tan in June is considered to be extremely “sticky”. Enough just a couple of days to get a full tan (with the right mode of solar procedures).

Antalya beaches begin to fill right in the morning

Regarding clothing – everything is simple, the standard beach set plus the mandatory presence of wide-brimmed hats. The Turkish sun in early summer does not like joking!

In June Antalya begins to flood with fruits and berries, which began the ripening season:

I personally noticed: hotels are trying to quickly fill the menu with these products. Therefore, the vast majority of fresh fruit seems unripe, unripe, simply wooden. From experience, I prefer to wait a week, then go to the nearest market to buy ripe fruit.

Abundance in fruit markets in Antalya

With regard to June, in a similar way should be done with melons and cherries – it’s their opening season.

In principle, the above does not mean that there is only these fruit-berries. Stores in Antalya easily provide the natural gifts of the unseasonal, so to speak, “direction”. Any fruit is well grown in greenhouses. Therefore, in June you can taste pomegranate (ripe in October). Bottom line: there is no shortage of fruit!

Usually we go to Turkey on May holidays, but this time we had no choice – we flew in early June. We chose the region of Lara (Antalya) and the beach with a sandy entrance. Our friends told us that Lara is “bald”, without greenery – it was nothing like that, we had no problems with it, the hotel is green.

We personally liked the weather better in June. In the daytime it is rather hot (+30), in the evening it is cooler, but jeans, as in May, it is not necessary to put on. The sea is warm – somewhere +22, and with each day more and more warmly. And the water is calm calm, all two weeks absolute calm!

It rained or even something similar, only once when we went for a walk on the yacht, the clouds appeared. You can see for yourself – absolutely nothing scary:

What else is good about June – lots of fruit, and all delicious – oranges, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, bananas, grapefruit. Only watermelons and melons are watery, tasteless. Their season in these parts is in the middle of summer, not the beginning.

This year my friend and I spent the whole month of June on the coast of Antalya. Back home I carefully studied the weather forecasts for the month, because I had plans to hike in the outskirts of the city.

June in Antalya is considered a full-fledged hot summer month, but we were very lucky with the weather – the first half was “mild” and moderately warm, but the second half was “blowing hot”. In general, the climate in Antalya in June was quite consistent with its average for different years, so you can safely focus on them, planning your holiday.

Weather in Antalya in June

The climate in Antalya is wonderful, and June is the last period before the exhausting heat when you can enjoy it.

The weather in Antalya in June is wonderful – it’s the last period before the scorching heat, so you can soak in the sea, go sightseeing and visit Kaleici (the old town) without getting hit by the sun.

Antalya in April 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Air temperature

The average temperature in Antalya in June is +26 C°. By ten-day periods is as follows:

  • At the beginning of the month, the air warms up to +27 C° during the day, at night it can be cool, up to +15 C°.
  • During the second decade of June, the air temperature reaches confidently +30 C °, at night it stays around +18 C °.
  • In the third decade comes the heat, the day can be +35-38 C °, and at night saving +20 C °.

There is no humidity as such. There’s only 10mm of rainfall in June, which translates into at most a couple of rainy days during the month.

June in Antalya is a dry period, but the subtropical climate and light breezes from the sea more than compensate for this. By the way, the wind speed at this time barely reaches 2.7 meters per second. That is, there are no big waves.

The length of daylight hours is about 15 hours. According to my experience, at six in the morning it’s already quite light, at eight in the evening it starts to get dark and by nine it becomes dark.

What clothes you’ll need.

Here’s a little list of the best things to take to Antalya in June:

  • T-shirts, shirts, tops;
  • Shorts, skirts, dresses;
  • Light pants (preferably made of a windproof fabric) or summer jeans;
  • Windbreaker or hooded sweatshirt;
  • light sneakers;
  • flip-flops and sandals;
  • headgear (mandatory!);
  • sunglasses.

This is a tentative list, determine more precisely, based on the weather. But be sure to take a high-quality sunscreen with a high protection factor. You may not feel how you will burn. The good thing is that the tan in June is even and beautiful.

The Sea in June

The average temperature of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Antalya at this time of +23-25 C°.

The ten-day period is as follows:

  • beginning of the month +21 C°;
  • second decade +23 C°;
  • Third decade of +25-27 C°.

There are different opinions among tourists about the comfort of such temperatures. Some like the refreshing water, and some can not swim long before the sea warms up to +25 C °. The relatively cool temperature can be a minus for those who holiday with children, because they love to flounder in the water for a long time. On the other hand, near the shore and in shallow water the water gets warm well.

Many people will appreciate the absence of waves in June in Antalya. There is almost no wind, and the sea is calm.

Weather in the main resorts of Antalya

It is worth noting that the temperature of the air and water can vary slightly from one resort to another.

This is due to their geographical location. You can be guided by these indicators:

  • Kemer. The average daily air temperature is +28 C °, the water temperature is +23 C °.
  • Alanya. The average daily air temperature is +30 C°, the water temperature is +24 C°.
  • Belek. Average daily air temperature +31 C°, water temperature +25 C°.
  • Side. Average daily air temperature +29 C°, water temperature +25 C°.
  • Camyuva. The average daily air temperature is +28 C°, and the water temperature is +23 C°.
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Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Turkey is a sunny country with a climate perfectly suitable for the cultivation of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. What is most pleasing is that the legislation of the country prohibits the addition of chemical fertilizers. In Antalya there are many different plantations and every tourist must visit the market with fresh fruit at least once. But in the stores you can also buy fruits and vegetables of good quality.

What ripens in June:

  • medlars (sometime before mid-June);
  • cherries and cherries (beginning of the month);
  • apricots (the whole month of June);
  • plums (early to middle of the month);
  • black and white mulberries (maturing quickly, mid-June);
  • melons and watermelons (late June).

Other out-of-season fruits can also be bought, only they will be smaller. Vegetables are not subject to any sharp reference to the time of year. There are several types of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, chili peppers, carrots, and herbs (look out for mint) at affordable prices all summer long.

For ten dollars you can buy a supply of fruits and vegetables for two people for a week. For example, a kilogram of tomatoes costs $0.70, cucumbers $0.80. For a large head of iceberg lettuce you will pay only $1. Oranges can be plucked from trees or bought in large quantities for freshly squeezed juices at a price of $0.80 per kilogram. Bananas are a little more expensive at $1.1. Well, you can buy seasonal fruit in the range $ 0.4-1 per kilo. In general, the prices please.

Events in Antalya in June

Secular and public holidays in this month in Antalya. Sometimes in June falls holy month for Muslims Ramadan. It is a time of fasting for the followers of Islam, and they organize their lives a little differently for this period. But tourists are not affected. The whole tourist infrastructure works without any changes.

The lack of significant holidays is compensated by interesting events. In June, artists come with concerts, there are exhibitions, fairs, festivals. For example, in 2016 Antalya hosted the world EXPO exhibition dedicated to ecology.

Here is a list of things that will be interesting and comfortable to do in June in Antalya:

  1. Get an even tan and not get burnt on the beach.
  2. Walk through the streets of the Old Town, blown by the breeze from the sea.
  3. Hiding in the city park at noon.
  4. Visit one of the ancient cities of Lycia (they are open-air and often there is no shade, and in June the sun is not yet so hot).
  5. Go on a sightseeing tour around Antalya (again in June the weather will be moderately hot).
  6. Go out to sea on a yacht (no waves, look for yachts at the city pier).

The number of tourists and prices for recreation

There are very few tourists until the middle of the month. The high season in Antalya starts somewhere in mid to late June. This means that for the first couple of weeks of the month you can enjoy more or less deserted beaches and hotels.

Accommodation prices will also be an order of magnitude cheaper than in July and August. Of course, everyone has different requirements for comfort. Let’s just say it’s realistic to get a small hotel room for two for $ 20, and it will be the center of the city. Five-star hotels can do discounts in June, when they are not crowded.

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The weather in Antalya in June has advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Warm, not hot air with pleasantly cool nights.
  2. Lower prices than in high season.
  3. Absence of a large number of tourists.
  4. Good weather for long excursions.
  5. Comfortable air temperature for a holiday with small children.

The disadvantages for a holiday in June is difficult to find. I would include them unless the sea is not very warm at the beginning of the month.

So, June is a great time to relax on the Antalya coast. I would even say that it is the last chance to enjoy the sun and the sea before the suffocating heat and the crowds of tourists.

Antalya in June

Sunny weather in Antalya in June

Antalya in June: to go or to wait? Weather, water temperature, tour prices 2022. What can be done in Antalya in early summer and where to go in the neighborhood and beyond – found out

Turkish Antalya with each new year is becoming more and more popular beach destination. Here, on Turkish Riviera, both Russian and Western European tourists go with pleasure, we can find Americans and even Chinese.

Why not? After all, the local weather has a frankly cloudless and sultry disposition, and the prices for the tours are quite sane.

In addition, there is no need to limit themselves to the beach and the hotel. After all, there are plenty of interesting places in Antalya, and the surrounding area. And the overall situation in the country does not give reason to fear for their own safety.

On their own, of course, our tourists still rarely go to explore new places. But as part of a group of like-minded people it is easy to get even to Cappadocia.

There is, in fact, only one “but” – in summer in Antalya can be extremely hot. And so should choose a date of travel, carefully checking your own capabilities.

In early June in Antalya it is already possible to swim

Weather in Antalya in June

Almost everyone will like it. If in the beginning of June the daytime air temperature seems to get used to the new season, varying between +21-27, in the middle of the month you should be prepared for a real heat.

In some years the thermometer goes to inadequate heights, breaking through the mark of +35. On average the temperature in Antalya at the end of June warms up to +30-32.

At nights it is cooler, and at first considerably: up to +18-20. So the evening promenade by the sea can give not only a coolness, but also a cold.

That is, if you will presumably take with you to Turkey only frankly summer clothes, leaving at home not only the down jacket, but also a summer windbreaker. Note that light sweaters and pullovers also help.

Do not forget that some leisure activities, which you will certainly decide in view of the monotony of hotel life, involves climbing significant heights. And it can be cold there almost winter style – in the morning up to +10-14.

At the equator of June the temperature is in no hurry to fall even after sunset. +24-26, sometimes up to +28 make not to walk too much away from air conditioners.

Rains are rare, their emotional intensity is weak. Heavy showers are extremely rare. Because of this potential holidaymakers should consider the probability of clear weather as very high.

Antalya in July 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Statistically the humidity rarely exceeds 60%, which is great for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It is in Antalya – Kemer surrounded by mountains is quite another song.

Water temperature

And here everything is at the expected level or slightly above expectations. Because even in early June, the sea in Antalya is suitable for swimming for all ages. In the morning the water area is heated up to 21-22, in the evening the water gets warmer up to +24-25.

Beginning in the middle of the month you can expect temperatures around +25-26. And by the end of June the temperature of the water area is close to tropical values: +27-28.

In Russia such a trick can be done only by the Azov Sea. Which, as everyone knows, is shallow. And just about anything is prone to bloom.

Early June morning beach in Antalya

Prices 2022.

Weekly tours from Moscow for two people cost from 85 thousand RUB when it comes to favorite “all inclusive” and even “ultra” and a five-star hotel. Not the most chic, of course, but very decent – that is, with an extensive pool and clean rooms.

The price includes direct flights and group transfers, accommodation in a modest room the size of a standard Soviet apartment.

Do you agree to lose a little bit in stardom and enjoy a “simple buffet”? Pay 65-70 thousand for two people and go to four.

Premium options are easily over a hundred. The first-line hotels in the popular Lara area, abundant with sandy beaches, roll out price tags under 120-125 thousand. And, interestingly enough, they have no reason to complain about lack of demand.

Chances to beat such prices for independent tourists who prefer to travel without resorting to travel agencies are next to nil. However, not really – if you go to Turkey by car through Georgia, there is a chance to save money.

There are examples, and the new foreign car – not an obligatory attribute of such a trip:

What to do

Entertainment on vacation, everyone chooses to the extent of need. Someone is enough and a city tour with a guide. And someone will definitely pay a visit to the water park – the benefit of Antalya has a worthy example: Aqualand Antalya Dolphinland.

And then the local oceanarium, if your child will be too nosy. There is a park and amusement Aktur Park with rides, which are quite good, even adults.

Those who want to raft on the mountain rivers in a canoe and go to the place Cirali. The starting point for exploring the ruins of ancient Olympos and fire-breathing Chimaera Mountain.

Hike the Lycian Trail, drive to Mira, get to the amphitheater of the ancient city of Termessos lost in the mountains, or admire the Duden cascading waterfalls, which are especially good in the heat.

A full day trip to the island of Kekova, and at least a few hours should be spent on the main local mountain – Tahtaly. Though tourists are delivered to the top by the funicular.

There is a great demand for long-distance organized tours! From Antalya go to Pamukkale and Cappadocia, visit Istanbul. Yes, yes, you did not mishear – for a reasonable amount of money they will take you to Constantinople directly from the Antalya hotel. And the same day will return back – after a rich cultural program!

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