Antalya in May 2022: weather, temperatures, worth the trip

Weather in May in Antalya

Is it worth to go to Antalya in May? What is the weather like in Antalya at the beginning, end and middle of May? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in May 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Weather in Antalya for May holidays

The air temperature at the beginning of the month stays at 20 degrees, during the day it reaches 25 degrees, and at night it can drop to 14. The water temperature is 21 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of May

At the end of May, the temperature is 20 degrees, it reaches 25 degrees during the day, and at night it drops to 14. The water temperature stays around 21 degrees.

Is it cold in Antalya during May?

In the month of May, the daytime temperature in Antalya is usually around 25 degrees but can reach 37 degrees (the maximum recorded temperature) and drop to 5 degrees at night (the minimum recorded temperature). Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a hat and swimsuit is the right thing to do.

Can I swim in Antalya in May?

The sea temperature in Antalya in May, usually stays at 21 degrees. At the beginning of May, the water temperature is around 21 degrees and at the end it is 21 degrees.

The water is well warmed up, bathing in the sea in May will be comfortable even for a child.

Rains in Antalya in May

The average rainfall in May in Antalya is 29 mm.

Holiday in Antalya in May with children

In May in Antalya with a child is better to go only if you are focused on the excursion program, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

What to do and see?

May is great not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for visiting natural sites. To plan your holiday you can use our Antalya attractions guide.

Photos of holidaymakers in May in Antalya

Flying to Antalya as much as three weeks, after the May holidays. Then just fall prices, the first week of May almost goes gold, the cost of tours inflated at least one and a half times.

The first and second week of vacation pleased the weather. During the day +25-28C, the water gets warmer and warmer every day – from +20 to +23C warmed up.

We were already anticipating how warm it would be in late May, but then suddenly the weather broke. It was overcast almost every day, windy, +20-23C, and it was daytime! In the evenings it was even colder – not higher than +15C. If we had taken the tour for only seven of these overcast days – would have been very upset. But we had time to relax before that, to swim and get a tan.

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When the weather was warm we did what most beach goers do – we swam, lay in the sun, had fun with the animation team. As has grown colder – in a course went shopping and excursions) Rest was super, always would be so!)

Before each trip abroad, we carefully study the question of weather. After all, we pay a lot of money, we do not want our vacation to be spoiled by the vagaries of the climate. So it was before the May trip to Antalya. Consultant at the travel agency assured that Antalya in late spring – just about the perfect option. The Internet was also full of praise.

But upon arrival in Antalya we realized that all was not as expected. Not only was it only +20C, but it was raining. It lasted two days, and then the sun came out, and after a day we were sunbathing and even swimming all day.

So despite the first two days, the vacation was a success!

Last year I doubted for a long time, whether it was worth going to Antalya in May. There was a lot of conflicting information on the internet about the weather, water temperature and entertainment, so it was quite difficult to make a decision. But having made up my mind, and after spending two weeks on the Antalya coast, I came to the conclusion that it was worth it.

Hot or cold?

Antalya in May welcomes tourists with pleasant and gentle sunny days. The sun does not seem to shine as hot as in the summer, but at the same time it is dangerous for sunbathers. A gentle breeze and the sun’s rays can give your skin an ugly tomato tint in a couple of hours. At the same time, the evenings on the coast are still quite cool and after daytime sunbathing it is very well felt. So, I advise you to follow my example. Take with you on such a spring holiday cream with good protection, jeans and a couple of warm sweaters. As for the rain in May – it’s quite rare. Usually in a month there can be a maximum of two or three rainy days.

Swimming or not?

The water temperature in the sea is still to your liking, but you can already swim. Most tourists on the beach sunbathing, but I swim with pleasure. Get a charge of vivacity incredible. And if you take into account that the sun’s rays are well heated, then you forget about the cool water in a couple of minutes.

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Are there a lot of tourists?

What I like about Antalya in May is its half-empty beaches. Despite the large number of holidays this month, the tide of tourists on the coast is still not great. You can come to the beach after a late breakfast and find a good place in the sun without problems. Walks around the city are also pleasant, because it is not yet filled with hundreds of buses that bring a huge number of gawkers with cameras every day. In the cozy cafes you can have a quiet lunch or walk around the old town without crowding.

And what would you like to eat?

Antalya almost throughout May is a paradise for lovers of cherries and strawberries. Take my word for it, you won’t taste more delicious berries anywhere else. Ripe, juicy and fragrant fruits in huge quantities lie on the shelves of markets and small shops of the city. Given the beginning of the tourist season, prices are still reasonable and local vendors are happy to make small discounts (especially if you’re a pretty blonde). Be sure to try the medlar – it tastes like something between an apple and an apricot with a slight strawberry aftertaste. I try to buy these medium-sized fruits, as they are always the right ripeness and most delicious.

What does May present for the soul?

By the end of May all the florists in the country come to Antalya for the annual Festival of Flowers. I was lucky enough to attend this festival once and the experience is indescribable. During this period the city is just a riot of colors and fragrances, as all the streets are literally drowned in a sea of flowers. In the central part of the city at lunch time begins the movement of platforms, on which are installed floral displays in the form of figures of animals or strange castles. Then the festival is accompanied by various exhibitions, fairs, workshops and the election of the “Flower Queen”. By the end of the festival the participants give all the girls carnations. Agree – very nice and pleasant.

To sum up, I want to say that if you want fresh air, pleasant sunshine, beaches with little people and interesting entertainment, be sure to visit the Antalya coast in the last spring month.

Antalya in May

The weather in Antalya in early May allows you to sunbathe and swim

Should you visit Antalya in May? Weather, water temperature, reviews, tour prices 2022, how much does an independent holiday cost? What to do in Antalya in late spring, what to see and where to go – in the review

Warm Turkish Riviera is popular even outside the season. Not as much as in summer.

But Russian tourists, in love with a chance, test their luck by going to Antalya during the May holidays. Hoping that they are lucky and the resort will welcome them with cloudless skies and blatantly hot weather.

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Holidaymakers from Western Europe are more rational. They come to Antalya by the middle-late May. And not without reason, believing that there will be more sun. And the sea warms up to a completely comfortable temperature.

Who is right? It seems that both points of view have the right to live.

If only because there are things to see in Antalya that are not too hot on these days. It has as many sights as raisins in a quality muffin in its nearest vicinity.

Not to mention the wealth of opportunities for long trips! For example, the distance to Cappadocia allows you to include this beautiful region into your scheme of beach vacations.

But we have digressed, so let’s go in order!

Weather in May in Antalya

Local climate gives a lot of reasons to be optimistic, but at the beginning it does not promise a completely serene holiday. It’s all about the significant differences in air temperatures!

If in early May in Antalya the temperature during the day sometimes warms up to +25-+27, at night it cools down to the treacherous +16-+17. Forcing holidaymakers to doubt the rightness of their choice, along the way digging in their suitcase in search of warm ammunition.

After May 9 and further the weather aims to storm +30-degree bar, successfully overcoming it by the middle of the month. Nighttime temperatures, meanwhile, are eyeing +20.

After sunset, though, it’s still very refreshing. A jacket or windbreaker would be nice to have in your luggage, even if you want to come to Antalya in the middle of May!

In 2021 the temperatures reached +35 degrees by the middle of the third decade. And even after sunset the atmosphere remained warm to +23-+25.

It should be noted that such weather pleases the resorts that do not tolerate the blatant heat and are ready to put up with the temperature drops. Bathing in the sea during this period is not to everyone’s liking, the presence of pools with heated water in almost any hotel saves the situation.

There is a lot of sun! And the chances of getting burnt, frivolously exposing the white skin on the beach, not at all theoretical. In order to protect yourself or minimize your “losses” we recommend not to study the list of necessary things at sea.

The probability of rain in May in Antalya is not zero. But it is not too high either! Reviews of travelers confirm: a maximum of 3-5 rainy days per month.

On what dates they occur in a particular year, no one knows. But is a warm rain can seriously mar a vacation – because in Moscow at this time can even freeze!

The beach in May in Antalya

Water Temperature

Not everybody will go to the Mediterranean Sea at the end of spring. But those who missed swimming or those who have already gained experience in the Black Sea resorts over the years.

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The sea near the coast doesn’t react very positively to temperature changes and gets warm very slowly. +19 – at the beginning of the month, +20-22 – in the middle and up to +23-24 – by the end.

+20 – this is the standard water temperature in Antalya by May 1. Obviously, the sea is very refreshing, if not invigorating to the chills. And most vacationers would prefer to admire the horizon, rather than with a joyful shout to get into the waves. By the way about waves – all month there is not observed considerable excitement.

The increase in water temperature to +22-+23 ensures more comfortable swimming. There were years when by May 15, the coastal area was heated to such and greater marks. It’s a matter of luck! After 20 numbers dare the most timid to take a dip.

Prices 2022

It is generally accepted that the rest in Antalya and neighboring resorts does not promise a special ruin. Although many will prefer to go in the off-season in order to save some money.

Flights from Moscow to Antalya and back cost less than 16 thousand rubles per person. If you agree to take to rest in Turkey the most necessary things. Which, along with the suitcase weighs no more than 10 kg!

It will cost a little more money to travel to Turkey from Russia by car. But for everyone… The route, however, will not become available again until Georgia is included in the list of open destinations for tourism.

You can find a hotel even in the old center for very good money – less than 30 € per night for two!

Pay attention to the excellent Piyes Otel. It is inexpensive, offers an excellent level of service and is within walking distance of major attractions.

Yes, you will have to take a streetcar to the beach. But maybe it’s for the best? After all, everything is more interesting than every day to move from the hotel lobby to the beach and then back?

The tours last five nights in a 5 * hotel will cost from 75 thousand rubles for a childless couple. But the action can get and for 55 +! The flight from Moscow, transfers, insurance, fuel surcharge as well as “ultra all inclusive” are included in the price of the proposal.

Outdoor and indoor pools, exercise and fitness rooms, Turkish baths and saunas, access to sports fields and tennis courts, indoor hotel beach is usually included in the “check”.

Massages and spa services, tennis court lighting, and water attractions are available for an additional charge.

Excursions and Meals

Excursions cost from 20-25 € if they have a strongly group format and over 50 participants. And from 100 € and more per company if they are supposed to be “informal” and individual.

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Longer itineraries like the two-day trip to Cappadocia, by the way, sometimes cheaper. And this is surprising, given the richness of the program.

Prices in Turkey for meals during the season cannot be called budgetary. A snack at the Western fast food counterpart will cost $5-7, a hearty meal without extravagance but with alcohol will cost $10-12. A lunch or dinner which is comparable to an “all inclusive” hotel in terms of the number of meals costs from $20.

A cup of coffee costs $2-2.5, a bottle of beer – from $3. Experienced travelers are advised to stock up on alcohol at the duty-free store at home because at the local airport purchase will cost more, and in town – will be ruinous.

Things to do

The number of types of active entertainment offered by local agencies is impressive. However, even if the weather gets a bit inclement (which is unlikely), you won’t leave Antalya without an experience.

Even if you just stroll through the ancient streets Kaleici. Or sit in a pile on the beach, soaking up all the colors of the sunset.

The old city of Antalya in May is very beautiful

Quite an adrenaline-pumping pleasure – rafting on the turbulent river in the canyon Köprülü, which is only 2 hours from the resort. You can simply relax and enjoy the surrounding mountain scenery on an afternoon boat cruise through Green Canyon.

A trip to Termessos is a great activity. For climbing the mountain to get to the ancient city, it is certainly better not in the heat.

For a full day (more than 12 hours) is designed excursion to the island of Kekova. Where you can see the ruins of submerged ancient city and even swim in the turquoise water. Along the way you will visit the Lycian tombs in Myra and the Church of St. Nicholas in Demre.

Tourists can go on a jeep safari through the Taurus Mountains, visit the Düden Waterfalls, or pay a visit to Pamukkale. There are 2 days excursions to Cappadocia, with or without a hot air balloon flight if desired.

Climbing to the top of Tahtali in a modern cable car cabin, scuba diving in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea are a couple of other paid activities that can interest the tourist on vacation.

There is not much of a reason to take the Lycian Trail on short vacations. Because time is money, and this activity is not of short duration. It will not hurt to look at the Chimaera Mountain, as well as the ancient polis of Olympos. Just as well as the ruins of the city of Perge.

At the resort itself we recommend visiting the Antalya Aquarium, either on your own or with a guide. Interesting detail: the ticket prices on the website of the institution is not reported.

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