Antalya in September 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Weather in Antalya in September

Is it worth going to Antalya in September? What is the weather like in Antalya at the start, end and middle of September? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in September 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, weather for 2020 and 2021, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reports and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Weather in Antalya in early September

The air temperature at the beginning of the month is kept at 25 degrees, during the day it reaches 31 degrees, and at night it can drop to 18. The water temperature is 27 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of September

At the end of September, the temperature is 25 degrees, reaching 31 degrees during the day and dropping to 18 degrees at night. The water temperature stays around 27 degrees.

Is it hot in Antalya in September?

The average daytime temperature in Antalya is around 31 degrees and can reach 40 degrees, which is the maximum recorded temperature. From 12 to 17 hours is better to stay in the shade or stay in the hotel.

Can I swim in Antalya in September?

The sea temperature in Antalya in September, usually stays at 27 degrees. At the beginning of September, the water temperature is about 27 degrees, and at the end – 27 degrees.

The water is well warmed up, and swimming in the sea in September will be comfortable even for a child.

Rainfall in Antalya in September

On average, 11 mm of precipitation falls in Antalya during September.

Holidays in Antalya in September with children

September is a great time to go to Antalya with children: the water is well warm and the sun is warm and gentle.

What things to do and see?

September is a great time not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for seeing natural sites. You can use our Antalya attractions guide to help you plan your holiday.

Photos of Antalya in September

The beginning of September in Antalya in terms of weather well does not differ from the end of August. On the street continues summer. The velvet season with moderate heat, cool evenings and a minimum of visitors I have not noticed.

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Antalya, walk in the market

Antalya in September: warm and sunny

Not a hint of approaching autumn was detected upon arrival. The weather at the airport was sunny and cloudless. Daytime temperature reached +32 degrees. Isn’t it the height of the summer season! With the coming of the evening the heat was replaced by a moderate heat. The temperature dropped to +22. On vacation I did not need jeans, or windbreaker and umbrella. As for the sea, its temperature continued to be comfortable for long swims. The temperature +28 degrees allows not only swim, but also lie in the water. The length of daylight hours is gradually decreasing. Night at the resort comes at 19:00.

What things to bring in Antalya

If it hadn’t been for the “just in case” that my parents had accustomed me to since childhood, I would have gone on vacation with a half-empty suitcase. And so I had to take sneakers, a sweatshirt, and pants. In fact, things have remained untouched for a week. For the September tour I recommend to take:

  • swimsuit;
  • pareo;
  • headgear;
  • T-shirts;
  • shorts;
  • sundresses;
  • flip-flops/sandals.

The sun continues to burn, so you can’t do without sunscreen. Creams, lotions can be brought from home, or you can buy in Turkish stores. The range is varied, as well as the prices. Of drugs, I recommend taking only necessary: antipyretics, antihistamines, sorbents, adhesive plaster. Antibiotics, painkillers can be purchased at the pharmacy in the community.

Antalya, Konyaalti beach

It was a good time to go to Antalya. I had enough to swim and eat fruit. But visiting excursions at the beginning of the month due to the heat of the day was a bit difficult for me.

A trip to Antalya in September is the best solution for a wholesome vacation without noisy tourist neighbors. I recommend to go there at the beginning of autumn for couples and families with children: the mild climate and warm weather will help to have a good time for both children and adults.

September weather in Antalya

The velvet season in Antalya falls in autumn. In early September the weather will be warm, and sometimes hot. The average temperature is 25 degrees, but on sunny days it can go up to 30-31 degrees. The weather in the city will please with other features:

  • high humidity (about 60%) can be felt only in the early morning or late evening;
  • the wind is relatively strong, but very warm;
  • the water is well heated (28-30 degrees);
  • fog and rainfall are rare and short-lived.
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September enjoys long daylight hours, lasting about 11 hours. So you can walk around from 8-9 in the morning till late at night.

What can I indulge in in Antalya in September?

By the beginning of autumn the Turkish oranges look familiar to us: bright orange sides of citrus fruits just beckon tourists. And indeed, the sweet fresh oranges are good for simple eating, and for tasting the original freshets. The markets and stores of Antalya in September are rich with bananas and apples. Guests are also encouraged to try watermelons and melons (in October there will be none in the fields).

Many fish dishes are worth tasting in special restaurants. But you can also cook your own flounder, mussels, halibut. They are constantly supplied to the city and you can buy them directly from the fishermen. The best solution would be to look for food in the markets. This will help the guest not only find fresh vegetables, fruits, but also to communicate with locals.

Cultural life in Antalya in September

In late September or early October Antalya hosts the International Film Festival “Golden Orange”. Getting invitations to attend the event is quite difficult, and they are really expensive. But if you have the required amount of money, you can order invitations. Each film is accompanied by English subtitles at the screening.

How many tourists go to Antalya in September?

At the beginning of autumn, many tourists go to Antalya for rest and recuperation. There is a really great influx of visitors from different countries before the film festival (end of September). At this time in the expensive hotels you can meet celebrities and world figures. But the largest percentage of travelers visiting the city in early fall are families with young children and teenagers.

The fight against insects in Antalya: is it possible to rest in September without gnats and mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes, flies and other insects in Antalya begin to actively bite people closer to the end of August and early to mid-September. But throughout the summer and autumn months there are constantly official cars around the city, spraying insect repellents. The fight is no less active in hotels, on the territory of entertainment centers. If you were noticed in the room flies (their bites can leave painful red spots), mosquitoes, you can ask the reception for a free fumigator.

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Weather in Antalya in September 2022

Weather in Antalya in September 2022

Prefer an inexpensive vacation without the sweltering heat and a large number of tourists.

  • What are the water and air temperatures in September in Antalya?
  • What are the best places to visit in the resort?
  • How much will your trip cost?
  • What do I need to know before visiting Antalya?

What is the weather like at this time?

Even though autumn is on the calendar, the weather in Antalya in September is still summer. This is especially true for the first half of the month, when the water and air temperatures are the same as in August, but the sweltering heat is gone.

Weather in Antalya in September 2022
Daytime temp Night temperature Water temperature
Temperature at the beginning of September +28…32°C +21…23°C +24°C
At the end of September +26…30°C +20…22°C +23°C

In the second half of the month it becomes cooler than it was in summer, but the conditions are still comfortable for a beach holiday. It is the time of the velvet season, when the water temperature in the evenings is higher than the air temperature, and you can enjoy the sunset in the sea.

There is very little rain in Antalya in mid-autumn, with only about three or four rainy days a month.

The weather is quite dry at this time, with occasional thunderstorms.

Families with young children and older couples will feel great in the resorts at this time, as there is no summer heat, which can be difficult to endure. In the evenings, as the sun goes down, the cool freshness invites for long walks along the beach or promenade.

Antalya in September: is it worth the trip?

Antalya in September

Where in September you will find the most comfortable and interesting vacation?

What sights must be visited?

What to do at this time?

It’s not as hot and stuffy in September as it was in summer. However, the weather is still very comfortable for a beach holiday. You can not only enjoy the warm sea, but also get a nice tan.

There are only three or four rainy days in September, and the weather is sunny and clear most of the day.

This is a big advantage over resorts that are close to the equator and often scare away tourists with sudden, short-term rains.

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Weather in Antalya in September - what to do

In addition to beach holidays in September is very comfortable to spend time on excursions. There are a lot of attractions, and, thanks to the fact that the day is not so hot, you can see them all. Do not have, as in summer, to make breaks to wait out the half-zero heat.

Antalya is a great place for diving and snorkelling. In September the sea is very calm and suitable even for beginners, and on the coast you will find diving centers offering tourists all the necessary equipment and the assistance of experienced instructors.

Besides in Antalya there is a wonderful dolphinarium Dolphinland, where the delight of adults and children are shows with dolphins.

For children in Antalya there are three excellent water parks, open until the middle or end of the month.

What to see?

Among the popular attractions:

  • Hadrian’s Gate, an architectural heritage of the Roman Empire, is a gate through which chariots entered the ancient city of Kaleici;
  • Düden Waterfalls – one of the most popular tourist spots, very spectacular and picturesque;
  • Antalya Museum – the city archaeological museum in the city center, with a huge number of exhibits;
  • Köprülü Canyon – picturesque National Park. It is a very beautiful place, where everyone is invited to pass the river rapids on a kayak;
  • Karaalioglu Park – a fabulous place, a huge green area with statues. There are several cafes and restaurants, and for tired tourists there is a cab service to any point in the park;
  • Hıdırlık Tower – a Roman building from the 2nd century A.D. It has an amazing view of the sea;
  • Sandland – a large exhibition of sculptures, especially mesmerizing in the evening when the lights are on.

Antalya Park Karaalioglu

Karaalioglu Park

Hıdırlık Towers in Antalya

Hıdırlık Tower

Adrian Gates in Antalya

Hadrian’s Gate

Düden Waterfalls in Antalya

Duden Waterfalls

Antalya Dolphinland


Prices for holidays in Antalya

At this time the resort is no longer so hot, at the end of the month there are cooler days. But the sea remains well warmed up, and prices go down all the time. Antalya in September – a great place for those who like a quiet and fuss-free vacation.

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About 10,000 rubles per person

From 900 rubles for a room for two

From 900 rubles for a room

September holiday in Antalya: what to look out for?

  • Not many people know that you can get to Antalya not only by plane, but also by water. From Sochi, twice a week, passenger ships go there. It costs about 4,000 rubles per passenger one way, lasts about 4 hours and arrives in the Turkish city of Trabzon, where you can get to your destination by bus. So if you’re bored with flights, you can make your trip more varied.
  • The local buses have a very convenient system – for 45 minutes after the trip when changing the bus to another route you can not pay the fare.
  • On the territory of the city only official cabs work. There are no problems with them: almost every intersection is equipped with a yellow call button, and in the parking lots at local attractions are always on duty a few cars.
  • For those wishing to rent a car at this resort, there are no caveats: the roads in these areas are excellent, there are no problems with parking, and traffic is not hampered by traffic jams.
  • The local SIM card will work in an unregistered phone only a week or two. Then it will be automatically blocked. If you plan to stay in the country longer than that, you’ll have to register your phone at one of the local service offices, paying about 2,000 rubles as a fee.
  • The honorary title of the cleanest beach in Antalya is Topcam, which is located in the territory of Olympos National Park.
  • If you come here, be sure to do some diving. The seabed in these places is amazingly beautiful, you can often meet its inhabitants, including: moray eels, tuna, turtles and even dolphins.

New countries, cities, nature, new acquaintances, interesting customs, hiking – this is what inspires me.

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