Antalya weather and seasons by month. When to have the best time

When best to go on vacation in Antalya?

One of the fastest growing Turkish cities is located in the south-west of the country, on the Mediterranean coast. It is a sunny Antalya, towering on a high plateau. Read our article on Tour Calendar to find out why May, early June, the second half of September, October and early November are the most suitable months for a holiday at this resort.

Antalya - the capital of the Turkish Riviera, a modern and dynamic resort with gorgeous sandy beaches, rich culture and a rich past

Antalya – the capital of the Turkish Riviera, a modern and dynamic resort with gorgeous sandy beaches, rich culture and rich past

Tourist season in Antalya

The history book of Antalya begins its narrative in the first century BC. But on its tourist path the city came only at the end of the 20th century. Since then a lot of time has passed, Antalya has changed beyond recognition: the huge investments have contributed to the proliferation of hotel and entertainment complexes, the appearance of a myriad of restaurants and bars, shopping centers and nightclubs, parks and first-class beaches. But the nature and local scenery, like millennia ago, remains unchanged: a dazzling blue sea, the slopes of the Taurus, overgrown with olive and orange groves and sun-dappled clear skies. The millions of visitors who come here from April to November say in unison that they have seen the most beautiful things in life.

High season

In summer Antalya turns into a powerful entertainment spot for absolutely everyone who comes here. And this is a mix of tourists of different ages: young people, families with children, couples in love, the elderly, etc. Sandy beaches with unlimited choices of water sports, warm sea, vibrant nightlife, a variety of stores and boutiques. this and much more attracts hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors and residents in the high season. Especially “hot” here in July and September, when the resort gets a real avalanche of tourists.

Low season

What is good about Antalya is its luxurious climate, which is also conducive to winter recreation. Of course, you can not swim at this time, but escape from the freezing cold – how indeed possible. Oriental coloring of the city, a huge number of attractions, “scattered” almost at every step, excellent shopping, and just a radical change of scenery – just for that some tourists and come to Antalya in the off-season, which lasts here from December to April. Do not forget that at this time prices are reduced to a maximum, and literally for every tourist is a real scramble. By the way, many who come to Antalya in winter, go to the neighboring ski resort Davras, which is 1.5 hours drive from the city.

Beach season in Antalya

The bathing season in Antalya is very long

The nature of Antalya is very generous. The bathing season at the resort lasts as long as possible: from late April to mid-to-late November. But it should be understood that late April is only the official opening of the beach season – the water temperature is only 18 ° C to 19 ° C, and at this time, almost no one swims, but only sunbathing. Water becomes comfortable only with the middle of May with a temperature of about 21 ° C. And in the early days of this month, it can be quite invigorating. The extremes are in August – as much as 29 ° C. This is a very busy time: The cafes and bars on the Antalya coast are crowded during the day and in the evening when the heat goes down it gets even more crowded – it’s time to party in the open air. During the month of September, the temperature rises and falls, about 3°C to 4°C cooler but with more space on the beaches.

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Velvet season in Antalya

During the velvet season in Antalya, the sun is mild and the sea is still very warm

Not everyone can handle the extremely high summer temperatures. The velvet season, which lasts from October to mid and sometimes late November, is a good alternative. The summer heat (there is no other word for it) is liquidated, leaving in exchange pleasant weather, and now you can sunbathe and swim in peace. By the way, the sea water is no longer like steaming milk, it becomes quite comfortable – about 24 ° C in October and 22 ° – 23 ° C in early November.

The best time for excursions

The excursion season in Antalya is in spring and autumn

Once in Antalya, you realize that it has absorbed all the cultural and historical past of the country. There are a lot of well preserved mosques and minarets, ancient temples and churches, Muslim madrassahs, fascinating Roman ruins and Turkish baths, which have passed the merciless test of time, firmly sealed with the seal of traditional archaeology. Of course, the summer weather of Antalya is not at all disposed to intense excursions. For these purposes, early spring seems more than ideal. The acquaintance with natural masterpieces, such as waterfalls Düden, Manavgat and Kursunlu, is better to plan for mid-spring or autumn.

Time for holidays and festivals

Religious holidays in Antalya change the lifestyle of the city completely.

Antalya celebrates all national holidays of Turkey and major events, including the Islamic calendar, the dates of which vary from year to year. Antalya also has a number of festivals of its own, which will be discussed below. The highlight of the Muslim calendar is Eid al-Fitr, perhaps the most striking event in Antalya, marking the end of the holy Ramadan. The latter falls, as a rule, in September and October. In May the resort just drowns in a sea of fresh flowers and exquisite bouquets of fragrances during the colorful “Flower Festival”. The Aspendos Amphitheater, 50 km away from Antalya, hosts the grandiose “Festival of Opera and Ballet” in June. The month of August is the sweetest month in the truest sense of the word. The 18 days of September are particularly rich – this is “Antalya Festival”, dedicated to the culture of the city. In late September and early October the resort holds the largest Turkish film festival “Golden Orange”. The 6 days of October are under the auspices of music at the “International Mediterranean Music Festival.” February is notable for the 4-day holy festival “Eid al-Adha.

Climate in Antalya

You could say that Antalya, like no other city, is lucky enough to have an idyllic climate: it is warm all year round. Summers are hot and dry, with temperatures often reaching 35 ° C and above. The lack of northern winds due to the protection of the Taros mountain range and the high level of humidity are the main reason for the high summer heat. Winter is also characteristic of the Mediterranean climate, which is warm and humid.

Antalya in spring

Spring Antalya is so pretty in spring

Spring in Antalya is almost a summer. The temperatures are short-lived: the thermometer reaches 18°C already in March, and in April the temperature reaches 21°C. The nights are still cold. The nights are still cold. It rains intermittently, reducing to the end of the season. There are a lot of covered markets, bazaars and stalls, where you can get for next to nothing if you haggle a bit. It is a sightseeing time – the whole tour groups come to Antalya. It is also full of different cultural events. So there is no need to get bored, especially in the last days of April the beach season starts. In May, the water temperature is already 20 °C – 21 °C.

Turkey in January 2022. Weather and temperature. Prices for holidays.
Weather in March Weather in April Weather in May
Average temperature +13 +16 +21
Daytime temperature +18 +21 +26
Nighttime temperature +8 +11 +15
Water temperature +16 +18 +20
Rain 10 days 7 days 6 days

Antalya in summer

Summer in Antalya is very hot

Summer in Antalya is not for the faint of heart. The temperatures are not “childish”. Despite all the predictions, the daytime temperatures often range from 35 ° C to 38 ° C. Most of the time intrepid tourists spend on the beaches, which against the backdrop of mountains and pine forests look just amazing. During the summer months, the water in the Mediterranean Sea lightning warms up to 28 ° C – 29 ° C. Naturally, it brings no relief, so many Turks and foreigners find salvation in the local water park. Luckily the city cools down after sunset with a temperature range of 19 °C – 22 °C.

Weather in June Weather in July Weather in August
Average temperature +25 +28 +28
Daytime temperature +30 +34 +34
Nighttime temperature +19 +22 +22
Water temperature +24 +26 +27
Rain 4 days 6 days 6 days

Antalya in autumn

The autumn in Antalya is pleasant with mild, comfortable weather

By all climatic parameters, September is considered a summer season. The air begins to cool down only with the onset of October, when the thermometer is already below the 30-degree mark. The Velvet season is upon us. But be forewarned, it gets pretty chilly at night – 15°C in October and 12°C in November. When winter is just around the corner, the precipitations kick in. Despite this, autumn in Antalya is gorgeous by the standards of many world resorts. Available in all kinds of entertainment and ways of interesting pastime.

Weather in September October Weather November Weather
Average temperature +25 +21 +16
Daytime temperature +31 +27 +21
Nighttime temperature +19 +15 +11
Water temperature +26 +24 +21
Rain 4 days 6 days 8 days

Antalya in winter

This is the winter that almost every Russian dreams of

Winter in Antalya is mild and very warm, although not without precipitation. Temperatures range from 13°C to 17°C during the day, dropping to 6°C to 11°C at night. It rains occasionally, but always interspersed with sunny days when the sky is piercingly blue. Sunshine is plentiful here in winter – about 7-8 hours a day. The narrow paved lanes of the historical center, so beloved by customers, charming harbor with snow-white yachts, the Old Town on a steep cliff, surrounded by the remains of the Byzantine fortress in the wintertime are especially attractive and stately.

December Weather January weather Weather in February
Average temperature +13 +11 +11
Daytime temperature +17 +15 +15
Nighttime temperature +8 +6 +6
Water temperature +18 +17 +16
Rain 13 days 12 days 12 days

What are the prices for holidays in Antalya?

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Tourist season in Antalya is very long, but the more reasonable weather in the resort reigns from mid-spring to early June, and from mid-September to late October, when it is not so hot. Tour-Calendar wishes you an unforgettable vacation and a lot of bright impressions from the meeting with sunny Antalya!

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When to have a rest in Antalya

When to relax in Antalya

A detailed overview of the weather and seasons in Antalya by months. When is the best time to relax in Antalya? We tell you about the air and water temperatures, precipitation and the nuances of the climate. Bonus – reviews of tourists.

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When to have a rest in Antalya

Tourists who love bright sun and southern nature come to the resort as early as April. Bathing season in Antalya begins in May and ends in November. The main flow of tourists is in the summer months and September. At this time the tours in Antalya are expensive.

The velvet season in Antalya is from early October to mid-November, sometimes you can vacation in late November.

In the off-season at the resort lasts from December to March. In the cold season there are not many tourists, and prices for packages go down.

Water and air temperature in Antalya

Beach in Antalya (Photo: Steven Tan (maethlin) /

Antalya weather by months


Water and air temperatures. In January the average temperature in Antalya is +12.5 ° C. By the end of the month, the thermometer does not fall below +10 ° C. The sea water is quite warm +18 ° C.

Weather conditions. In the middle of winter, the weather on the southern coast of Turkey is unstable. The clear days alternate with cloudy ones. It is humid – for a month falls more than 210 mm of precipitation.

Tourist reviews. According to feedback from vacationers, the Mediterranean winter is similar to the Russian April. During strong gusts of wind it can be cool, so tourists wear light jackets and windbreakers. In early January, there are a lot of tourists in Antalya, but after the New Year vacations, almost all go home.


Water and air temperature. The average air temperature in February is +15. +17 ° C and sea water +17 ° C.

Weather conditions. The last month of winter in Antalya is humid, the sea is stormy, and the rains are frequent. In February, 170 mm of precipitation falls. There are 16 more sunny days, and the daylight hours rise to 11 hours.

Tourist reviews. Recreation in Antalya continues, but it is not as intense as in summer. According to reviews, in clear weather it is nice to walk along the sea. Tourists try the dishes of Turkish cuisine and explore the sights of the Anatolian coast during the excursions. Find out what to see in Antalya and Kemer.

When to have a rest in Antalya

“Pirate” tour ship.

Water and air temperature. With the beginning of spring, it gets warmer to +17. +20°С. Sometimes the thermometer rises to +23 ° C. The sea is still cool +17. +18°С.

Weather conditions. In March, the weather becomes more friendly. The number of sunny days increases up to 20 and rainy days decrease down to 4. Precipitation is low – 60-90 mm per month.

Tourist feedback. At the end of March, when it is already quite warm, the resort attracts tourists who want to save on the cost of travel. There is still no full beach vacation, but you can sunbathe and enjoy the blooming trees.

April .

Water and air temperatures. It is warm in Antalya in mid spring. The air temperature is +18. +23 ° C, and the water in the sea +18. +19°С. The most impatient already open the bathing season.

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Weather conditions. In April, the sea is calm, there are no storms. At the resort a lot of sun. The daylight hours increase to 13.7 hours, and during the month there is only 40 mm of precipitation.

Tourist reviews. Low season in Antalya is coming to an end. The beaches are put in order, and hotels begin to fill with tourists. According to reviews, in April it is better to rest in Antalya for those who like to sunbathe, scuba diving, surfing and go on excursions.

Holiday season in Antalya

The restaurant street with umbrellas in the center of Antalya.

Water and air temperature. May in the south of Turkey is pleasingly warm. The air temperature in the first half of the month is +22. +27 ° C, and in the second half +24. +31°С. The sea water is warm up to +21 ° C. Beach season in Antalya is open to everyone!

Weather conditions. The weather at the resort is pleasantly dry. The number of sunny days rises to 27. The rainfall is only 1-2 days, and the amount of rainfall does not exceed 20 mm.

Reviews of tourists. Resorts consider May the most comfortable month for a holiday in Antalya. There is still no strong heat, so families with children and elderly tourists come to Turkey with pleasure. The nights are still cool +9. +17 ° C. For evening promenades take a windbreaker and a fleece!

Water and air temperature. During the first month of summer in Antalya, it is already hot. The air temperature is +30. +32 ° C, and sea water +23 ° C.

Weather conditions. In June, only one day is overcast, and the rest of the time the weather is clear. Daylight hours rise to 14.7 hours. The rains are rare and pass quickly.

Reviews of tourists. With the onset of warm summer tourists in Antalya becomes more and more, and the prices for trips go up. If you can’t stand high temperatures, plan your vacation at the resort in the first half of the month, while there is still no debilitating heat.

Water and air temperature. At the height of summer the weather in Antalya is hot. The air temperature is +33. +35 ° C, and the sea water of +26 ° C. Very comfortable for long swims!

Weather conditions. Although the daylight hours are shortened to 14 hours, the sun shines from early morning to evening. Clouds in the sky appear rarely, and there is no rain at all.

Tourist reviews. July is the peak of the beach season in Antalya. According to feedback from tourists, the feeling of heat intensifies the high humidity. Holidaymakers escape from the scorching rays of the sun in the sea, in the shade of trees and under air conditioning. It’s hot to go on excursions!

Weather in Antalya

Konyaalti beach in Antalya. Photo: Naval S / / CC BY-NC 2.0.


Water and air temperature. August in Antalya is not much different from July. The air temperature is +33. +36°С. The sea warms up even more +27. +28°С. The water is so warm that it is not refreshing to swim.

Weather conditions. In August the weather is clear and windless. The humidity in the air drops to 60%. There are no cloudy days and rainfall. The daylight hours are reduced to 13 hours. It gets dark around 20:00.

Tourist feedback. The resort is very warm. Need only a light set of clothes, swimsuit, a pair of comfortable sandals and a hat from the sun. According to reviews, tourists at the height of the holiday season in Antalya popular beach holidays, water sports, diving and boat trips and yachts.

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Weather in Antalya by Month

The beach in Antalya under the fortress wall looks cinematic!


Water and air temperature. In early autumn, the weather at the resort is summer. The average daytime air temperature is +31 ° C. The sea is warm +26. +27°С.

Weather conditions. During the velvet season in Antalya is not so hot. The mild weather in September is very pleasant with warm and sunny days. According to statistics for many years, there is only one rainy day.

Reviews of tourists. September is considered one of the months when it is better to rest in Antalya. On the beaches is very comfortable! Although the number of resorts decreases, in early autumn in Turkey willingly go parents with small children, tourists of age and all those who by medical reasons contraindicated to rest in the summer heat.


Water and air temperature. In October, the average air temperature is +26 ° C during the day and +13 ° C at night. The sea water on the coast is warm +25°C.

Weather conditions. The number of sunny days is reduced to 27. Sometimes there are clouds in the sky and it rains. The amount of rainfall is low – 55-65 mm per month. For evening walks take a sweater and a light jacket!

Feedback from tourists. By mid-autumn, most beach clubs and seasonal hotels close, but there is still enough entertainment. According to reviews, the velvet season in Antalya is good for swimming in the sea, sunbathing, active tourism, hiking, trips to museums and excursions. The Golden Orange Film Festival and the popular Bicycle Festival are held in October.

When to go on holiday to Antalya

The old town of Kaleici in Antalya has beautiful streets with cozy restaurants and cafes.


Water and air temperatures. On the southern coast of Turkey, autumn is coming into its own. During the day the air rarely gets warmer than +20 ° C and at night the thermometer shows only +12 ° C. The sea is still warm +23 ° C, but it is not too pleasant to get out of the water in a cool breeze.

Weather conditions. The daylight hours are reduced to 9.8 hours. There are still many sunny days – 23. The rainy season in Antalya is mild. Over a month there is about 70 mm of rainfall.

Feedback from tourists. According to vacationers, in November, it is better to go to Antalya for sightseeing holidays. However, on a nice day to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the heated pool. The tours in Antalya in late autumn are inexpensive, so you can save!


Water and air temperature. December is already cool. The air temperature drops to +16. +17 ° C, and sea water – to +18. +19°С.

Weather conditions. In the first month of winter, the number of sunny days decreases to 18. The rainfall is 1.5 times more than in November. In December, 120 mm of rain falls.

Tourist reviews. Many hotels are closed until spring. Holidaymakers are welcomed by luxury hotel complexes and small family-run gesthouses. Despite the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country, in Antalya celebrate Catholic Christmas. According to tourists, to meet the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in the streets of the resort hang beautiful lights and arrange fairs.

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