August 2022: where to go inexpensive trip abroad to the sea

Where to go to rest in August at sea

In summer, most working Russians and Europeans go on vacation. For those who choose to vacation at sea, August is the most popular month. The active sun gradually gives up positions, it is not hot, but the sea is warm. The only thing to decide where to go on vacation in August: in Russia or abroad.

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Russian resorts

The usual destinations for recreation – the Azov and Black Sea, where in August it’s clear and sunny. But the resorts and spas are scattered all over the country. It’s up to you to decide where to get the best vacation:

    admires the natural beauty. Sometimes with clear skies may come a storm and strong winds. Mostly, however, the weather is sunny, the water temperature is 27 °. In the area where the sea is blooming, attracts low prices. Fishing is popular on the Black Sea, a lot of children’s entertainment.
  1. In Sochi it is clear and warm, but sometimes there are night showers. Excursion rest perfectly combines with beach leisure.
  2. The temperature of the Caspian Sea is 26-27°. You can swim till the end of September.
  3. In Primorsky Krai not the most comfortable holiday in terms of service, but all the inconveniences are redeemed by the amazing beauty of nature.

For those who are wondering where to vacation abroad, we present the top countries that are in constant demand.


As a country for a beach holiday Vietnam in August is not the best option. The sea coast remains in the power of rains with high humidity and an air temperature of 32-33°. However, tourists use the low season to make the trip cheaper. You can pick up a tour for 33 100 rubles with a flight from Moscow.

Where to go in August to have a rest without constant downpours?

You shouldn’t go to the southern resorts, where the wet season is in full swing. In the central part of the country the heaviest rainfalls are in the last decade. In early August it’s warm and sunny, with no night rains to disturb anyone. On the north coast, the rainy season is nearing its end, with more and more sunshine, with 10-11 rainy days per month.

The best resorts are Mui Ne and Farang, where there are only 5-6 “wet days” and you can not only swim in the warm sea, but also go on excursions.

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Where to go to rest on the sea in August, that was warm, beautiful and inexpensive? Of course, in Turkey! But keep in mind that in summer it is very hot, and only in late August the heat is a little releases. There is no precipitation, the air temperature is 28-32 °.

The best places for recreation are the outskirts of Kemer, surrounded by mountains and pine forests. The Aegean Sea is traditionally cooler. The fresh sea breeze saves you from the heat, which becomes stronger in September. The temperature of the Aegean Sea is 28 °.

For entertainment – diving, hiking, surfing. It is too hot for excursions, but the night life is pulsating.

The high rating is influenced by a visa-free vacation, an “all-inclusive” system and the cheapest tours – from 49,500 rubles for two.

Emirates, Dubai

Only desperate extreme people plan their holidays in the UAE in summer. In August in Dubai, even at night it’s 36°, and during the day the air heats up to 50°. The sea, like steamed milk, is not refreshing even in the early morning. It is not recommended to sunbathe in the daytime, you can get burnt in minutes. Non-beach vacation is held in water parks, luxury shopping malls, restaurants, where there are air conditioners.

But you’re resting abroad, and quite budget-friendly. In the low season, you can afford a cheap vacation from 16,000 rubles for 6 nights.

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August in Jordan is hot – up to 38 degrees during the daytime. At night the temperature drops to 18-20°. The Red Sea is heated to 28 °. The water is so clear that the visibility reaches 50 meters, and divers discover a stunning underwater world.

Those wishing to improve their health go to health resorts and spa hotels on the shores of the Dead Sea, where the water is 30°.

The holiday season in August is not too popular. A trip to Jordan for a week costs from 55 500 rubles for two with a companion.


The most popular resort in China is Hainan Island. But the weather in August is like a roulette game – will you be lucky or not? At the height of humid season air temperature rises to 38 °, the sea 30 °. The situation is saved by the coolness of the night – 22 °. There are quite strong typhoons, when swimming in the sea is prohibited.

Where to have an inexpensive vacation in winter 2022-2023 at a warm sea abroad

You can hide from the heat in the mountain hikes. Tourists go to thermal springs, take medicinal procedures, admire the lush vegetation. In the evenings there are light shows and discos until morning.

In August hotels cut prices and you can relax for two for 61 000 rubles if you take a flight from Moscow.

    – Unique excursions from locals. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian-speaking guides.

Have a comfortable holiday in August in Bali. The ocean is calm, 27-28 °. The scorching heat recedes, the air is 30-32 °. The dry season comes to an end, small precipitations occur at night and do not mar the vacation.

Honeymooners come here on their honeymoon. Tourists spend time on the sandy beaches of the island, walk through blooming gardens and parks, visit ancient sites, take part in folklore festivals.

Distant abroad is not for everyone who can afford it. To go on vacation for a week will cost at least 178,000 rubles for two.


Where to get an inexpensive holiday in August is Thailand. During the low rainy season it is possible to travel to Asia relatively cheaply – from 53 150 rubles for two people. Prices in restaurants, spas and stores go down.

The stuffiness, sticky heat and rain will be your companions on the trip. The air is 32-33°, the sea 29-30°. It rains most in the north, including Pattaya. It is better to rest on the coast of Samui and Pangan, where there are only 4-5 rainy days per month.


At sea in August without a visa you will be happy to meet Egypt. The main problem is the heat, which lasts until mid-September. Even in the water is 32 °, but the air heats up to 38 °. But with a dry climate, the heat is easier to bear than in Turkey.

It never rains, the beauty of the underwater world, excellent conditions for diving attracts tourists. Affordability plays an important role. In August you can enjoy your holidays for 30 to 40 thousand roubles for two persons.


August is not the best time to visit India. The country is under the power of monsoons, tropical showers and stormy winds. Humidity is so high that even if it’s 34-35°C the water doesn’t have time to evaporate before it starts raining again.

It rains every day in Goa. The west coast is considered the driest, with 6-7 wet days per month. The sky is covered by clouds most of the time, but you can get burnt even in cloudy weather. The sea has high waves, the water is dirty and muddy after storms.

It makes sense to come for treatment in medical centers, which in low season reduce prices. You can fly to India in August for 36,000 rubles.


Fans of scuba diving, surfing and other water sports can afford to fly to Israel at the height of the heat. The warm sea allows you to splash around all day, especially since the 40-degree heat does not dispose to excursions.

All facilities, including public transport, are equipped with air conditioning. Guests are welcomed with delicious food and entertainment. Therapeutic procedures at the Dead Sea resorts are in demand.

Tours to Israel are not cheap – from 109,000 rubles for two people.

Where to go in August abroad to have a comfortable and inexpensive vacation? Experienced travelers recommend to fly to Cyprus. The temperature of water and air is about the same – 30-31 °. The sea is calm, the beaches are marked by the Blue Flag.

In addition to the beach vacation there is an opportunity to spend an interesting vacation:

  • There are organized cruises on the Mediterranean Sea;
  • You can ride around the island by renting a car;
  • Cyprus is home to an ancient civilization, it is worth visiting the historic monuments;
  • tourists are entertained by concerts, holidays, festivals.

No problems with a visa, it draws up at the airport of arrival. The cost of a tour for two people starts from 55 000 rubles.

Look for good hotels on Hotellook – the site compares prices of different booking systems (Booking, too) and finds the best one. Read our guide on how to find a good and inexpensive hotel on your own.

Sri Lanka

In August, the sky over the island is freed of clouds, rainy days no more than 10 for the entire month. Although the temperature is kept at 29°, the high humidity makes itself felt. Twilight comes early, the sun shines for 6 hours a day.

Beach holidays in August is not possible at all resorts. Ocean water is heated to 28 °, but with high waves and strong gusty winds swimming is not safe. It is better to fly to the north coast, where the ocean is calmer, and the bathing area is separated by reefs from the high water.

A week holiday abroad will cost from 40 000 roubles.

August is the hottest month in Cuba. Average temperature is about 32 °, but the thermometer may jump up to 40 °. Add to this the daily rains, high humidity, not very clean sea after a storm, and hordes of mosquitoes.

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If water fun is not available, there is shopping, sitting in a cafe with a cigar and a glass of rum, nightclubs and dancing till morning.

Tour for two people costs from 90 600 rubles with breakfast.

Dominican Republic

The weather in the Dominican Republic in August can scare away even the most hardy tourist. In the country comes the season of showers and hurricanes. There is no escape from the stuffiness, neither during the day nor at night. Even a modest night temperature of 23° is perceived as stifling heat. In the daytime at 32° there is practically nothing to breathe. It rains several times a day, and thunderstorms are not uncommon in the evening.

The brave ones who dare to make a long trip make the most of the early morning hours. Sea fishing, diving, windsurfing, snorkeling is not a complete list of sea entertainment.

All inclusive stays are available from 45 000 roubles.


African summer in August shows its true nature: daytime heat of 33-36 °, sometimes the temperature exceeds 40 °. The sea is heated to 29-30 °.

Nevertheless, August is the most popular month for tourists. In late summer, the country hosts several open-air music festivals. During this time hotels are full of tourists and coastal fish restaurants are full of visitors.

Taking advantage of the situation, hoteliers jack up prices. But if you try hard, you can find a tour for 45 500 rubles for two people.

Save money on lodging by renting apartments from locals on Airbnb. Get a gift of 2100 rubles for the first booking.


The best countries for summer vacations are scared off by downpours and storms. In the Maldives, the wet season ends in August. There is less and less rain, and they are short-lived. The air during the daytime is 29-30 °, in the sea 28-29 °.

Beautiful nature, snow-white beaches, turquoise sea attracts tourists from all over the world. Newlyweds come on their honeymoon to spend the best days of their lives on the island, and at the same time to arrange a photo shoot. National holidays, delicious food and hospitality of the locals enhance the impression.

Last minute tours from Moscow start at 48.000 roubles.


Exotic countries attract inquisitive tourists. August in Philippines is capricious and unstable as it should be in rainy season. A downpour can come at any time and in a matter of seconds will soak you to the bone. The locals don’t pay any attention to it, and don’t even try to open their umbrellas, they get wet anyway.

After a downpour in the sky appears a gap, and tourists friendly rush to the beach. There they find the muddy, choppy sea, which clears only a couple of days after the storm. In order not to lose vacation time, join a tourist group and climb to the top of the volcano.

Prices for the tour start at 67,000 rubles per person.


If you are interested in visa-free countries, know that you can go to Abkhazia even without a passport. Of the advantages:

  • comfortable air temperature – 28 °;
  • Very clean sea 25-26 °;
  • Russian rubles are in circulation;
  • No language barrier.

Service is not up to European, but the natural beauty and local hospitality will be remembered for a long time.

Where to go? Sandy beaches of Pitsunda, beautiful Sukhum, a hot spring in 40 km from the capital and quiet small villages – it is hard to say where to have a better holiday. Country of Soul will not disappoint you.

This automatically solves the question of where to go to the sea inexpensively. You can get a ticket to Abkhazia for 18-20 thousand rubles.


Russian tourists have always enjoyed traveling to Georgia. Despite the lack of service, chaos on the roads and endemic smoking, the country remains attractive for tourists largely due to low prices. Tour for 10 days costs from 27,000 rubles per person. Where is cheaper? Only in Abkhazia.

In August the weather is hot and sunny. The average temperature is 27 °, but the thermometer sometimes rises to 39-40 °. At night the temperature drops to 18 °, and the sea is 27 °.

Georgia is now closed to Russian tourists.


August in Mexico is not the best time to vacation. Although the peak of torrential rains is over, the risk of hurricanes and powerful tropical downpours remains high. Nevertheless, many tourists are happy with their vacation. Strong cyclones occur mostly in the Caribbean. On the Pacific coast, bad weather is limited to strong winds. The clouds of sand and dust in the air are not too pleasant, but the local winds are not destructive. It is 33° in the air and 27-30ׄ° in the ocean.

Mexico is a fusion of luxurious beaches, fantastic nature and rich culture. In any weather tourists will find something to do, whether it is active recreation on the water or visiting historic monuments.

The cost of the beach tour – from 93 000 rub.


August in South Korea is traditionally hot and rainy. The sea is heated to 27 °, the air 28-30 °. Rains with thunderstorms, storms and typhoons are not uncommon. The coast has to be cleaned more often than usual, so in August all the well-appointed beaches become paid.

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A popular activity on the water is diving. Tourists can see thickets of soft corals, rich flora and fauna. The main thing is to have good visibility.

Other activities – golf, baseball, hot springs, sand and sea festival, Buddhist temples. A week holiday will cost one person at least 51 300 rubles.

Whichever country you choose to vacation in, consider the characteristics of the climate and the capabilities of your body.

Cheap by the sea in August: 8 countries

Holidays abroad in August

Rest inexpensive in August – difficult, but possible. Let’s see where it’s best to go and where you can rest quite cheaply.


Important things about rest in August

In summer, the popular resorts are waiting for you hellish heat, crowds of people and high prices. We will have to tolerate or fly to where the low season at this time (Thailand, Goa, Maldives). It is up to you. I have been on holiday twice in August in Italy and once in Spain – everything is fine there, except the terrible heat. I advise to go to the Mediterranean countries during the Indian summer season (and even more – in Egypt, Tunisia, the Emirates).

Useful to know:

How to find cheap tours and tickets in 2022

Let’s figure out how to plan a vacation abroad without too much difficulty.

It is convenient to look for low-cost trips through the Travelala price calendar. Specify your city of departure and explore the available options. However, due to the current mess with flights on this page you might see out-of-date prices. The final price is shown on the final page of choosing the tour – this is the last step before paying, when you have already chosen the hotel, room type, food and dates. For tours in countries where charter flights (Abkhazia, Turkey, Egypt) prices are almost always displayed correctly, and for tours with flight on regular flights (Georgia, Maldives, Thailand, Bali) – there are errors. It’s no big deal, just be prepared to double-check the price. In any case Travelate and Level.Travel are far ahead of small travel agencies and even sites of some tour operators, where there is complete chaos with prices and it is necessary to check them only through a manager (like in some Stone Age).

You can find out where there are inexpensive tickets in August, on a special map of Aviaseils. Specify your departure city and choose from the list. You can set the “No transfers” filter, but it really reduces the choice – the time of direct flights to anywhere is a thing of the past. Find out how to buy cheaper tickets.

Attention! Now the biggest choice of destinations and the lowest prices for tours and tickets are available for flights from Moscow. The price difference with another city may even be twice as much. So I advise you to check the cost of tours or tickets from your city first, and then from the capital. Compare and decide where to fly from. Inexpensive travel to Moscow will not be a problem.

Russians and Belarusians can now book a hotel not just on any website. You should take note of and Yandex Travel – they are handy, they have a huge selection of hotels, and you can pay for your reservation with any Russian card. Also I advise you to check prices on Hotelluk – he knows how to find good discounts.

Where to have a cheap vacation in August


The torment of choice we are not afraid. If you need an inexpensive flight to the sea abroad, we choose Turkey. Prices for travel and tickets are always happy! And in August 2022 is almost the only country where you can go cheap and even by direct flight. There are tickets and tours from many major cities in Russia.

The tickets for direct flights to Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum, Dalaman from Moscow cost 20-30 thousand rubles round trip.

Stays for a week cost from 70,000 ₽ for two people, in a good five with an “all inclusive” – from 100 thousand. Read more: how much does a vacation in Turkey cost and how to choose a tour to Turkey. See also 33 secrets of an inexpensive holiday in Turkey.

We have vacationed in Turkey for five times, and we will definitely come again. There are a lot of stereotypes about this country, but in fact it is no less interesting than in exotic countries like Mexico or Indonesia. Last summer we drove around Turkey for a month by car and could not stop marveling at the beauty of the country. It’s not just “tagil,” vodka, and animation. Read our guides to a great vacation in Turkey.

How to find a hot tour from Moscow

Our vacation in Turkey last summer. Cirali beach in the vicinity of Kemer.


Where better to rest cheaply abroad than in Abkhazia! Very close, no visa required, low prices, everyone speaks Russian, a mild climate and an abundance of natural attractions. But do not forget that Abkhazia is not Turkey! Infrastructure and service here is lame on both legs, so when choosing a hotel carefully read the reviews of tourists – bad accommodation and unpleasant staff can ruin your vacation. Find out how much a holiday in Abkhazia costs and where it is better to rest.

July 2022. Where to go for an inexpensive vacation abroad

Tours to Abkhazia usually cost from 30,000 ₽ for 7 nights of vacation. For this money you will be accommodated in a simple guest house. Staying in decent hotels 4-5* costs from 60,000 ₽. “All-inclusive” in Abkhazia is not practiced, there are such tours, but they are much more expensive. It is more advantageous to take a full board or no food – so you will get acquainted with the national cuisine.


There are still no direct flights, but it’s still one of the most affordable destinations for an inexpensive vacation in August by the warm sea. You have four options on how to travel to Georgia in 2022:

  1. Buy connecting tickets in Minsk, Yerevan or Istanbul. They cost from ₽25,000 round trip. Not cheap, by today’s standards. Look at airline tickets.
  2. Go by car.
  3. Go by bus from Vladikavkaz.
  4. Buy a tour, but prices are high: from 80,000 to Tbilisi and from 160,000 to Batumi. The flight will also be with a change of plane in Minsk.

The tours to the expensive Emirates can be quite cheap. In August there is a low season because of the scorching heat, so you can fly to rest inexpensively and without a visa. Tours for 7 nights cost from 70,000 ₽ for two people, to five inclusive “all inclusive” – from 120,000 ₽. The cheapest trips are usually sold to Sharjah, Fujairah or Dubai, but the hotels will be far from the beach. Read on for the best places to vacation in the UAE.

Connecting tickets cost from 25,000 ₽, direct flights from 45,000 ₽.

We went to Dubai on our own, but not for a beach vacation, but to see this extraordinary city. Our trip turned out to be very budget-friendly – find out how! If you, too, are interested in the sights of Dubai, check out our guide.

Where to have a cheap vacation at the sea in August

In Dubai we visited the highest observation deck in the world, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. The view from the 124th floor.


There are charters and tours to Egypt from Moscow. It is comfortable and relatively inexpensive: tours cost from 90 thousand for two people. You can buy tickets and fly on your own, but a tour will still be cheaper. Learn more about vacationing in Egypt.

Sri Lanka

There are no direct flights or tours yet (but double-check, maybe they’ll launch again soon). But there are inexpensive Etihad tickets with a short layover in Abu Dhabi – from ₽35,000 round trip. Check out Aviasales.

We loved it in Ceylon – we spent a whole month there: relaxing on the beaches, traveling all over the country, living in the mountains, going on safaris and seeing whales. Read our reviews and tips.


August 2022 pleases with cheap tours to Thailand! Two-week tours cost from 130 thousand rubles for two people – a good price nowadays. However, you will have to take a flight with a connection, but Thailand is worth it.

Despite the fact that summer in Thailand is the low season, thousands of tourists are flying to rest at this time. Of the minuses of holidays in Thailand in August – the possible rains and storms, from the pluses – low prices and sparseness. To go or not, you decide. Personally, I was quite comfortable during the low season: swimming in the sea in the rain, watching the most spectacular sunsets and getting high from the low prices – it’s all cool! True, the sea is not as clean as in winter, and stuffy because of the humidity.

We stayed in Phuket three times, in Pattaya two times, in Krabi and Bangkok. We liked it best in Phuket, we spent a total of almost three months there. The beaches in Pattaya are so-so, but Ko Lan Island is quite close, where the beaches are much better (careful: lots of Chinese!).

Where to fly cheaply in August

In Phuket, we especially liked Banana Beach: few people, clean sea and sand, lack of infrastructure and scenic views. Recommended!


140 thousand for two – is it expensive or cheap? With all this kotovassiya I, to be honest, and myself is not sure. Anyway, that is the price for tours in August 2022 to the Maldives. This is twice the price of a trip to Turkey. Take your pick!

Popular countries, where it is difficult to get


There are no direct flights, tickets with a connection cost from ₽50,000.

You can go to Bulgaria to have a rest by the sea. The country itself is inexpensive, understandable and especially suitable for holidays with children. But be prepared to spend extra money for a visa. See where it’s best to vacation in Bulgaria.

Montenegro .

It is possible to have a nice vacation at the sea abroad in Montenegro. There are no direct flights, flight in August 2022 will cost from 40,000 ₽. It is expensive, but the Russians do not need a visa. Find out how to travel to Montenegro on your own, and which resort is better to choose.

Where to go on New Year's Eve - 2022 by sea? 7 Warm Countries


If you have a connecting flight to Greece, you will get from ₽35,000 to ₽35,000.

Greece is always one of the most inexpensive destinations to go on vacation abroad by the sea. Even in August, tours are usually inexpensive, but August 2022 is certainly an exception. Tours now cost from 140,000, you have to take a connecting flight. A few years ago we flew there for only 27,000 ₽ for two people. We spent five beautiful days on Rhodes in inexpensive but very nice hotel Artemis Studios – I can safely recommend both the island and the hotel. During the pandemic we went to Crete, Athens and Thessaloniki. Read also about Kos, Zakynthos and other resorts in Greece.

Where inexpensive to go abroad in August

Our vacation in Greece on the island of Rhodes on a last minute tour for 27000 ₽ for two people. We loved it!


You can go to Tunisia in August, if you are not afraid of the transfers and prices (tickets now cost from 44000 ₽). You don’t need a visa. Bear in mind that at this time it is very hot – this is Africa, after all. See where to vacation best in Tunisia, as well as compare it with Turkey.

Cyprus has always been a fairly inexpensive vacation destination, but in August 2022, going there will be difficult and expensive. There is no pro-visa yet, and there are no direct flights. Tours cost from 150 thousand rubles for two people.

We vacationed in Cyprus in July – the heat was awful! It’s about the same in August, so be prepared. Learn about “all-inclusive” holidays in Cyprus.

Holiday abroad in late summer

Lovers’ Bridge in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Photo: ZA Tourist /

Where in August is not too hot

Vacationing in August at many popular resorts is pretty tough – very hot. I strongly advise everyone to choose for a vacation by the sea in September for three reasons: pleasant weather, prices are much lower, there are fewer people. But if your vacation is at the end of summer, there is no way out – you have to go. Let’s see where you can go to the warm sea in August and not to boil on the beach.

Note: there are no direct flights to these countries, you have to change planes.

Canary Islands . Great for a holiday at the sea in August! Despite the fact that the Canaries are located to the south of the Mediterranean Sea, the climate is milder here. Not for nothing they are called islands of eternal spring. Daytime here is +29 ° C, night +21 ° C, and the ocean warms up to +23 ° C. Prices are lower than in the resorts of mainland Spain. Nature is stunning, very cozy, pleasant and comfortable. You can go surfing and diving, climbing the volcano Teide in Tenerife, and travel to natural parks. Holidays in the Canaries can be well combined with shopping: there is a duty-free zone, and from July to the end of August there are summer sales.

France . For a beach holiday in August you can go to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. The most famous resorts are located on the Côte d’Azur – Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez and others. There is the warmest sea and very comfortable weather: daytime temperature +28 … 30 ° C, the water in the sea +27 ° C, and a sea breeze cools pleasantly. People like Cote d’Azur also for its natural beauty – the whole coastline is riddled with small bays and grottoes. Holidays here are expensive and prestigious: luxury hotels, yachts, restaurants and casinos. On the Atlantic coast of France is cooler, it rains more often, and by the end of August, the water is too cold for swimming. We recently went to Normandy – the towns there are charming. Also there are beautiful forests and endless beaches, but it’s hard to swim because of the high tides. But you can eat real Camembert cheese and see the most romantic corners of France, as well as go to Paris and Disneyland.

Portugal . Portugal is a wonderful country! I’ve been and will definitely visit again. While much of the Mediterranean swelters in the heat, Portugal’s resorts have more comfortable weather – saved by the cool breath of the Atlantic, which does a good job of bringing down the summer heat of this southern country. On the mainland coast of Portugal there are huge and very picturesque sandy beaches, as well as cozy towns and interesting attractions. For stunning nature, I advise to go to the Azores and Madeira. In this holiday in Portugal is very inexpensive, especially on the islands. At least, in no other European country have I ever drank coffee in the morning for a half-euro!

vacation at the sea in August

Nazare beach in Portugal. Photo: Magda B /

Where to go in August without a visa

Here I will list only more or less suitable destinations for a beach holiday in August. In 2022, Russians do not need a visa to travel to these countries:

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