Bases and Rest Homes in Arshan: 7 Best

Where to stay in Arshan

Excellent hotel. Has its own territory with a barbecue area. The friendly staff. Clean comfortable rooms. Tasty and varied breakfast. In Arshan with my family stay only in this hotel. Opposite the Irkut, there is the Sayany sanatorium with a pump room. Near the hotel is also a supermarket and pharmacy, as well as a cafe “Hamar-Daban”, where they cook.

Beautiful hotel. Rooms from two to four beds, parking with video surveillance. The facilities in each room. The breakfasts, which are included in the price, are over the top . The staff is great. Wonderful view from the cafe on the Kyrginsky gorge, for the especially fastidious powerful binoculars on the window sill. I recommend to everyone who likes calm and active rest!

All very cool! The view from the window is awesome. The staff were friendly and the breakfast was very good. We’re glad we chose this hotel.

Polite staff. The breakfast is good and filling. The rooms are comfortable. Fresh good bed, comfortable mattress, pillows. It was a pleasure to stay in the room.

The reservation worked. The receptionists are great. The room is clean and comfortable. TV, kettle, bathtub and shower together with a toilet. Comfortable room temperature. Morning breakfast . and all this at an affordable price. 4,8. Well done!

Clean and tidy. But decorated not particularly nice, the room is spacious. The sauna has a table for food, also a pool with cold water. I wish the water was warm. There is a sauna, toilets. The service is good.

This is our first visit to the Naran Hotel, we chose it because of its location near the river, market and store. That is, it is in the center. We were afraid that it would be noisy, but with a very high attendance, there were a lot of people, it was acceptably quiet. First impressions: we were greeted by a tortured administrator, whose face was written: how tired of you all, attempts to cheer her up with jokes did not.

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Had lunch today, really enjoyed it! Did not wait long to order, there is a play area for children and the food is delicious! We were glad we came to Naran!

I walked in and out of the room, and the room was warm and dry, of course not cheap, the floors creak and the noise was amazing, but the fridge sings, and there was hot water and a shower in the room. There is a place to put the car, in winter you can in a warm box.

No guests have no such concept as no noise after 21.00. What is not clear run children in the corridors, loud laughter of guests and conversations on the phone. Write this wish in the rules of the hotel.

We had a holiday in January 2021. The room was clean and warm. Large kitchen and dining area. We will definitely stay again.

Instead of the promised king size bed we had 2 single beds… instead of a large blanket we had 2 small ones… in general we slept on different beds. In the case of a request to replace the room promised a double bed, they said that this is all there is and will not be another.

I did not think that this would be a bad location for a hotel as I originally planned a hotel but I don’t think this is a problem. Quite a family hotel, many stay with children. There is a gazebo but a barbecue (like a fireplace.

The price for the room was 6,000 rubles. The room had a large clean bed and a sofa for a child, a TV (showed 10 channels), a small refrigerator, a bathroom. The room was clean. The bathroom had soap and laundry items, towels and a hair dryer. There were disposable slippers. As a minus, there were no bathrobes. Boiling water must be taken from the cooler, which stands in the corridor. There is free wi-fi. The hotel is beautiful.

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It was a pleasure to stay at this hotel, and the food was good (I would especially like to mention the mushroom soup and specialty tea). What is particularly good: the hotel is far from the main hotels and shopping areas, so it is quiet and peaceful. Cozy landscaped courtyard with enough BBQ. 5 out of 5

Recreation Bases in Arshan.

Rest in Arshan.

The climatic resort in the Tunka Valley is a favorite vacation spot for locals and tourists. We tell you about the best campgrounds, guest houses and cottages in Arshan. Find out how much rooms and cottages cost in 2022.

Hotelluk – guest houses and recreation centers in Arshan

Guest House “Arshan”

Inexpensive rest in Arshan in 2022 can be found in these cottages among the pine trees. All attractions of the resort are close at hand! The area is fenced and beautiful, there is an outdoor pool. The rooms are perfectly heated, smell of wood, and have picturesque views of the forest and mountains. A nice bonus is a large clean sauna, table tennis and darts.

A room for two people costs from 2,500 rubles and a cottage for 6 guests from 7,500 rubles.

The rooms smell nicely of wood. Photo: Arshan guest house. The guest house is surrounded by pine trees. Photo: Guest House “Arshan”.


A good accommodation for a family vacation in Buryatia is located in the far part of Arshan. The house stands in the forest, where no other sounds can be heard, except for the noise of the wind in the tree crowns and birdsong. There is an elegant arbor on the territory, a barbecue, and sun beds. Stylish rooms with stoves are lined with light wood, have large panoramic windows and modern bathrooms. Admire the nature of the Toonies right from your bed!

Family room with shower for four starts at 4000 rubles.

Stylish rooms with stoves are trimmed with light wood. Photo: guest house “Apartments”. The area has an elegant gazebo for recreation, barbecue and sun beds. Photo: guest house “Apartments”.

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An outbuilding “At the Stream”.

A private house with stove heating at 68 Veresova Street is a wonderful place to rest in Arshan in summer and winter. Dacha-like cottages stand in the woods next to a clean stream. The owners are very friendly people, with whom it’s pleasant to talk. Walk around the picturesque surroundings of the village, and in the evenings relax in the cozy kitchen-dining room with a fireplace!

In 2022 a vacation home with a bedroom for two people costs from 2400 rubles per night.

Private house with stove heating. Photo: outbuilding “By the brook. Cottages stand in the woods, next to the clear stream. Photo: “The brook” outbuilding.

Family house “Solnechnoye”.

Tourists in this guest house like the atmosphere of home comfort. Air-conditioned rooms, a beautiful interior and a hearty breakfast await you in the far taiga. The property has a lounge for adults and a play corner for children, and there’s a supermarket, a cafe, and a new datsan nearby.

Prices for a double room with private bathroom and breakfast start at 3700 rubles.

Air-conditioned rooms and beautiful interior are waiting for you in a remote taiga land. Photo: estate “Solnechnoye”. In a remote taiga region you are waiting for air-conditioned rooms, well thought-out to the smallest detail a beautiful interior. Photo: Manor “Solnechnoe”.

Guest House “At Lyudmila

This guest house is for those who want to have a budget rest in Arshan. The Kyngarga River flows 50 meters away, and there is a gorgeous view of the mountains. The guest house has comfortable family rooms and free parking. Tourists are delighted by the cleanliness, warm welcome, soft beds, and excellent bathhouse. It’s nice after a long road to be there, where you are welcome and ready to fulfill any request!

A double room costs from 1800 rubles. You can bring your pets with you.

The guest house has comfortable family rooms. Photo: Guest House “U Lyudmila”. Elegant view of the mountains. Photo: Guest House “In Lyudmila”.

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If you are not used to giving up urban comfort, we advise you to stay in this complex. Rooms with a fireplace, kitchenette, showers and stylish plumbing are finished with eco-friendly wood. The large courtyard is fenced, so there are no intruders in the hotel. The guests noted the delicious breakfasts and wonderful steam bath. It’s only a half-hour walk to the picturesque waterfalls on the Kynarga River.

A room for two in 2022 costs from 3500 rubles.

The rooms are finished with eco-friendly wood. Photo: Tuyana complex. A large courtyard. Photo: complex “Tuyana”.


Recreation base with two swimming pools in Arshan is a rare find for the Baikal resort! Each room has heating, a refrigerator and a kitchenette with an electric kettle. If you like cycling, rent a bicycle and go exploring the taiga surroundings of the village. In bad weather, the mountains can be admired from the covered terrace.

A double room with a shower costs from 3000 rubles per night, and a triple room from 4000 rubles.

Each room has heating, a fridge and a kitchenette with an electric kettle. Photo: Akva-SPA-Arshan recreation center. Recreation center with two swimming pools. Photo: Recreation center “Aqua-SPA-Arshan”.

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