Baths of Budapest – 7 best thermal springs

Baths and thermal springs of Budapest

Budapest is rightly considered one of the best spa resorts in Europe. Nature has generously endowed these places with thermal springs: there are over a hundred of them. Turkish, Roman, and modern complexes with a vast list of additional services are at the disposal of visitors. The principle of operation of thermal springs is simple: the healing effect of water is achieved by underground heating and enrichment with mineral salts. From the wells the water flows into baths, pools, etc. In the manufacture of cosmetic mud and skin care products, the same thermal healing water is used.

Thermal bathing dates back 2,000 years ago and is still relevant today. Even ancient Greeks and Romans discovered the beauty of water cures. Spa tourism in Hungary is rapidly gaining momentum from year to year. Water in springs is heated from +30 ° C to +80 ° C. Baths are available indoors and outdoors. Some springs are open all year round. Despite the weather conditions, spending time in the water is very comfortable. Therapeutic properties are achieved due to the content in the water of useful minerals for the body, such as sodium, fluoride, magnesium, calcium and many others. In addition to therapeutic and preventive bathing, you will be offered all kinds of massage, beautician services, personal baths with different fillings and the opportunity to buy healing water and mud.

Visiting bathhouses gives a charge of vivacity and good humor, and helps cope with diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system. For treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases, a course of taking water orally is prescribed. The therapeutic clay from thermal springs of Budapest tightens up the skin and provides its detoxification, and also helps cope with diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, chronic inflammatory processes. It is worth noting that to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, you should visit the thermal waters for courses of at least 10 days. Before the mud and water treatment you should not neglect to consult your doctor. For example, pregnant women should not visit thermal springs due to high temperatures.

The information about the best baths in Budapest, as well as their ratings, prices and reviews, can be found in Tourister. Ru.

Thermal springs of Budapest

Széchenyi Baths in Budapest is one of the largest therapeutic complexes in Europe. Hungarians unofficially.

Gellert baths in Budapest is considered the most beautiful in Hungary. The Art Nouveau building is strikingly luxurious and, compared.

The Lukács Bathing House and Pool in Budapest is a complex with healing water that is popular with visitors and residents. It is considered.

The Rudas Bathing House is a bathing house with a division between men’s and women’s days. Since 1936 it could be visited only by men.

The Kirai Baths in Budapest is one of the oldest Hungarian baths. Built back in the days of the Ottoman Empire.

Palatinus Baths in Budapest is a big recreational and health complex.

The Veli Bay baths in Budapest are not as popular among tourists as the famous Gellert and Szechenyi baths, but it is one of the oldest.

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The Dandar baths in Budapest were built in 1930 by a decision of the City Council. According to the project, in every district of Budapest.

Pascal Baths in Budapest is one of the newest baths in Hungary. The source of thermal water in this place was discovered.

The Dagaj Baths in Budapest is the largest spa on the Pest side, which can accommodate up to 35,000 guests. During.

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    The best baths of Budapest

    One of the most popular springs in Budapest is Szechenyi. This thermal complex rightfully bears the title of the largest in all of Europe. In addition to the pools you can take advantage of the baths and saunas, which increases the therapeutic effect. The Szechenyi springs are also famous as the hottest, the water naturally heats up to +80 °C. The complex also works in winter, not all baths in Budapest can boast such a regime. Due to the high temperatures, it is comfortable to be in the outdoor pools at any time of year. It is interesting to note that the Budapest Zoo gets its water from the Széchenyi thermal spring, because its chemical composition is the closest to the waters of the Nile.

    Gellert Spa is famous for its architectural ensemble and aesthetic component. It is considered the coziest and most beautiful in Hungary. The first mention of thermal springs here date back to the 13th century. The Gellert complex was reconstructed in 2008, and technically it is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. In addition to the standard pools, saunas and baths, for an additional fee you can visit a beautician, buy a body care program, be examined by a local doctor, visit aqua-aerobics and solarium. The water temperature here is lower than in Szechenyi, about +40 ° C, but in composition is not inferior.

    According to modern standards, Lukac Spa and swimming pool is equipped with everything you need for comfortable treatment and relaxation. It was reconstructed relatively recently, in 2012. The first mention of thermal springs in the area date back to the 12th century, but it was given a cultural form by the Turks much later. The water is heated above 50 ° C and is similar in composition to the other baths of Budapest. It is noted that the level of service is at a high level here.

    A huge contribution to the development of baths in Hungary was made by the Turks. Rudas Baths and Swimming Pool is more associated with Turkish architecture than European. It was the Turks who built the Thalasso complex, which pleases visitors to this day. Nowadays, the complex has been reconstructed retaining the Turkish style. The baths are situated in such a way that visitors can take a bath and enjoy the beautiful view of the Danube. The water is not heated above +42 ° C. It is interesting to note that you can also visit this complex at night (only on Fridays and Saturdays until 04:00), but the price will be higher. The drinking room offers three types of therapeutic waters from different springs.

    The Kirai bathhouse reflects the architectural trends of the Ottoman Empire. It is interesting to note that there are no own sources of healing waters in the baths. The water comes from the Lukac complex. The Thalasso Center has all the necessary services. A big plus is that the prices to visit the Kirai Baths are slightly lower than in other spas. Visitors here are much less, but it is worth noting that children under 14 years of age are not allowed to enter the baths. Traveling with children, you should choose other thermal complexes.

    Baths of Budapest

    Széchenyi Spa in Budapest - the most popular

    The Baths of Budapest: should we visit, who can visit which one? Where are they, descriptions, reviews, what do I need to know? The prices 2022, the operating hours of thermal baths in Budapest, whether there are hotels with their own springs – in the review of

    Budapest is a unique city. Not in the sense of abundance of attractions, particularly inspiring panoramas, or even the overall beauty – but it is present, too. The main reason of its dissimilarity is thermal baths.

    After all, the Hungarian capital is famous for its complexes, where you can bask in warm or even hot water. Having, in addition, therapeutic effect.

    Take a steam bath, soak in a Jacuzzi, just swim, often in the warm season. You can release tension and get a boost of energy, which will definitely make your life easier.

    How many baths are there in Budapest? They say that their number exceeds three dozen. But today we know about a dozen at the most.

    It is still a visual confirmation that the city is not just standing somewhere, but above the underground sea. And therefore, it is justifiably called the spa capital of the world.

    Thermal Baths in Budapest on the map

    Note that people with certain diseases – for example, cardiovascular – should take such baths, especially hot ones, only after consultation with a doctor.

    The same applies to children under 14 years. Some bathhouses in Budapest, such as Rudas, for example, do not let them in at all due to too poisonous composition of water.

    Which bathhouse to choose in Budapest?

    Naturally, from a tourist’s point of view? If you intend not only to relax, but also to have an experience that you can remember later with pleasure?

    With friends, for example, sitting around a campfire or near a Christmas tree. Something like, “I’m soaking in Sechenyi, and there’s fog and even hoarfrost all around – it’s not uncommon in Budapest in February…”.

    Unusual, don’t you agree?! So let’s start with them:


    Stationed in the main city park (Varoshliget), are the most famous in Budapest. If not a symbol, then a top-5 landmark .

    Nearby, by the way, there is the City Circus and the zoo. Judging by the reviews, it is quite a bit inferior to the benchmark in the genre, the Prague one.

    And also: the square of heroes, the city Museum of Fine Arts and the castle replica of Vajdahunyad. Written off from the ancestral citadel of Hungarian aristocrats Hunyadi in (now Romanian) Transylvania.

    In the pond in front of the castle, an ice rink is poured in winter. Perhaps the most beautiful in the Hungarian capital. Well, of course – with such a background!

    As for the imposing, palace-like Széchenyi Complex, it was built before the First World War. And for more than a century it enjoys great popularity among the Hungarians, as well as foreigners. Moreover, thanks to the impressive size of the territory, it does not allow for too much cramming.

    A dozen and a half pools of various sizes are located inside, among the stucco and columns, illuminated by the light from the giant French windows. And three more (one is a swimming pool) are outside. You’ve seen them, of course, in numerous photos.

    Swimming Pool at Széchenyi Spa in Budapest

    The temperature of the water, splashed out by underground springs, reaches up to +38, which allows you to swim outside even in winter. And at the same time do not freeze.

    Visitors can also drink from the fountains with mineral water. To drink this water, however, is better to be recommended by a doctor.

    Reviews about the baths of Szechenyi are mostly very good. And angry comments are usually caused by technical problems. How is it possible that 5 minutes before closing the power is cut and you are sent into the freezing cold with wet hair?

    It is mandatory to bring a towel, slippers, swimsuit or swimming trunks. Preferably drinking water. If you’re going to swim in the fresh air, you should also bring a cap, as you will not be allowed to swim without it.

    Practical information
    • Open daily. Opening hours (central entrance) in 2022: from 7 to 19 the reservoirs are outside, from 9 to 19 the ones under the roof

    Serviced by Széchenyi fürdő metro station of the same name on the M1 line. How to use Budapest subway and even save money is in our article.

    The ticket price is HUF 5,900 (16.5 euro) on a weekday and 6,200 on a weekend. The price includes: admission, the ability to use the infrastructure, including saunas, locker.

    Massages, other additional thalasso and spa treatments become available after separate financial transactions.

    Discount of 10% with online payment. Official website:


    The second most famous, but today no longer alone the most expensive of Budapest’s thermal baths. Located in a rich Art Nouveau building just before the decline of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Thanks to the truly royal, or museum-like interiors, they are popular among those who consider them one of the key attractions.

    There are a dozen pools inside, with another two outdoors . There are Turkish hammams and Finnish saunas. For an additional fee, you will be taken care of by (probably) certified spa professionals.

    Admission costs 5,900 Ft on a weekday and 300 more on a weekend or holiday. Online purchase will allow you to pay 10% less (from 5,300).

    • Baths are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily with a cashier’s desk closing an hour before closing time.

    In the same monumental building as the Gellért is the 4-star Danubius Hotel Gellért. Not too cheap and moderately praised in reviews, this Budapest hotel…

    “However, it excels with its excellent location and views of the Danube from some windows. And at the same time giving 30% discount for the same-name baths. Convenient – you can go down in the morning and… get healthy!

    Keep in mind that the whole area is served by the Szent Gellért tér metro station on the M4 line.

    Gellert Pools in Budapest are known for their high prices


    The city’s third most popular swimming hole – in no small part because of the panoramic rooftop baptismal font. The vast majority of the reviews are laudatory, but there are also some peculiarities to consider.

    For example, the size of the pools is not even close to that of Széchenyi and Gellert. This means that you will have a tangible chance of standing in line to be stuffed almost like a herring in a barrel.

    As for the rooftop tank, it’s a little bigger than a standard apartment Jacuzzi. Or maybe not…

    There is also a division between women’s and men’s days. The former only on Tuesdays, the latter on all other weekdays. On Friday, however, only until 12:45. On Saturday and Sunday, mixed soakings are allowed.

    In short, if you’re up for it… But we’d rather spend our time on a boat ride on the Danube. Although there is nothing that prevents you to go for it after the water treatment.

    A complex ticket to the Rudash baths is priced at 5.5 thousand forints on weekdays and a massive 6,900 on weekends. Separate ones: to thermae or wellness spa are 3,800 each. Buying online, you save up to 600 coins per person .

    The Rudas baths are open from 6 am to 8 pm. Plus, unlike their “counterparts,” they let you warm up on a Friday-Sunday night (10-3 a.m.).


    This is a much nicer, almost “homelike” place, which tourists don’t get to very often. Probably because they are situated at some distance from the Fortress Hill, i.e. the central part of Buda.

    They are suitable mainly for those who are looking for treatment or recovery, rather than just another tourist attraction. They are useful for rehabilitation and maintenance therapy for diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system.

    And yes – have an important advantage. Citizens who bought even a one-day Budapest Card can visit the Lukács baths for free!

    There are two swimming pools outside and five thermal pools inside. There are not many visitors (especially in the morning). So you don’t encounter crowding here very often.

    There are no “women’s” and “men’s” days, complete democracy reigns. Opening hours are 7-19 and adult passes cost about 3,500-3,900 Ft depending on the day of the week. To visit the local sauna you have to pay extra 500 coins.

    To visit Lukacs on a regular basis, you can settle nearby, in a relatively inexpensive and offering stunning views of Parliament Grand Jules – Boat Hotel. Those who have stayed there once are keen to stay there again!

    You can walk to the Batthyány station in about 10 minutes. From there you will reach Szentendre in less than half an hour. The town, which justifiably ranks among the main attractions in Hungary!

    Veli Bey

    Located just next to the Lukacs Baths, and therefore totally in the shade of the latter. And the owners do not try to advertise the institution even by means of signboards. That is why Veli Bey is visited by very few travelers.

    Thermal baths in Budapest

    There is not much room at all inside. The main action takes place in the small central baptismal font and the surrounding 4 tiny baths. There is a jacuzzi and several baths.

    Opening hours are 6-12, 15-21. The session lasts only 3 hours, from 12 to 15 the Veli-Bay are closed for preventive maintenance. The price of the pleasure is 3 500, children under 14 years old are not allowed.


    A large aquatic complex stationed away from the main attractions of Budapest, on Margaret Island. In the summer season it is one of the popular places of rest of the citizens. And could it be otherwise – there are so many swimming pools and even an aqua-park!

    You can’t really count on the “antique atmosphere” in Palatinus – everything is modern here. But to cool down on a too hot day is a plus. Come early on official weekends and in summer – there will be queues afterwards.

    • By the way, the complex also works in winter, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. And some of the outdoor ponds are available for swimming!

    An adult ticket will cost between 2,600 and 3,100 Ft. A family ticket for 3 people can be purchased at the box office for 5.2-6.3 thousand. Online purchase on the official website will save you money.

    Hotels with Baths in Budapest

    About Gellert we mentioned above. And also recommended family apartments, which once settled in, you could visit Lukacs and Veli Bay at least every day.

    Here is another Budapest hotel with a large, full-scale spa complex. Especially since Ensana Thermal Margaret Island is located in the city’s greenest spot, Margaret Island.

    Freshly renovated, spacious spa area, its own springs with mineral and thermal waters, pools and saunas – it is excellent for relaxation and recuperation. And also as a base to visit the capital of Hungary.

    Yes, a little bit expensive – even in low season a room here will cost more than 100 € for two. But judging by the reviews, such a price is reasonable.

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