Beach Holiday in Barcelona – 2022. Prices, reviews, tips

Beach Vacation in Barcelona

Holidays at sea in Barcelona

Barcelona beach: which beaches are considered the best and to whom are more suitable, how much does vacation cost in 2022, when is better to go to the resort, as well as tourist reviews. For your convenience, a map of Barcelona with descriptions of beaches.

Millions of tourists visit Barcelona every year to see Gaudi’s famous creations, visit museums and stroll through historical sites. And if the trip to the metropolis falls in the warm season, a considerable interest cause the city’s beaches – we will tell about them in this article.

Spain accepts tourists from the Russian Federation, if they are vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO. You can also enter through another EU country. Look at the list of open countries. Tours to Spain are not yet on sale. For convenience, we give pre-pandemic prices for travel and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, check with official resources.


When to have a rest in Barcelona by the sea

Active beach vacation in Barcelona begins in mid-May and lasts until the 20s of September. In May in the resort is already warm enough +22 ° C, although the Mediterranean Sea is still cool for swimming +17 ° C, but tourists are not afraid. In June during the day +26. +28 ° C, the sea is still brisk +21 ° C, the maximum water gets warm only in the middle of summer to +25 ° C.

Since mid-July the temperature rises strongly, and with it the humidity. And when the summer sales start, the city’s crowds are just too high. Relatively comfortable to relax by the sea in Barcelona in September, especially with children: the air temperature is +26 ° C, the same warm water. Most days are sunny and the rain, if it rains, is rare. In October the weather is already beginning to be capricious, but the prices in hotels significantly decrease.

According to many tourists, the best time to relax in Barcelona is May or September: it’s not too hot, not too crowded on the beaches, not as high prices as in the middle of summer. If the beach holiday is decisive, it’s better to go in September.

reviews of holiday in barcelona

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Prices for holidays in Barcelona in 2022

Independent vacation in Barcelona.

Flight. The lowest price for airfare from Moscow to Barcelona and back in summer and early fall 2022 is 12 thousand rubles per person. It is quite inexpensive for the high season. We recommend searching for tickets on Aviasails – so you will find the cheapest. Also read the instructions how to find the cheapest flight tickets and how to get to Barcelona cheaply.

Food. You can have breakfast for 3-6 euros per person (breakfast is usually light), lunch costs 5-9 euros, dinner – 8-15 euros. A pint of beer in a pub is 2,5-4,5 euros.

Hotel accommodation in high season (July and August) is a major expense item during the vacation in Barcelona. Hotel prices, frankly, bite. In 2022 the prices are following: one night in a hostel costs from 24 euros per person, a standard double room in a budget hotel in the center – approximately from 60 euros, a room in a 3* hotel – from 120 euros. Apartments in the center of Barcelona can be found from 90 euros, a separate room from 45 euros.

Holidays in Spain with children - 2022. Best Hotels and Beaches

Do you want to save money? Holiday in Barcelona from May to June and September to October.

We recommend looking for a hotel on, it finds the best price by comparing offers in all popular booking systems. We advise you to book accommodation in advance, because half of Europe goes on vacation.

Accommodation selection :

Barcelona tour prices – 2022

High season holiday in 2022 (in July and August) for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 70 thousand rubles for two people, for 11 nights – from 90 thousand rubles, for 14 nights – from 120 thousand rubles.

Do you prefer “all inclusive”? The prices for weekly tours to hotels by the sea start at 110 thousand rubles for two people. It is worth noting that in Barcelona there are few hotels that work on an all-inclusive basis, mainly offering tours without meals or with breakfast, in rare cases – with breakfast and dinner.

How to buy a last minute tour? Compare the prices of all popular tour operators and choose the best option with the help of Level.Travel and Travelate services. We also recommend studying 7 rules of online searching for the cheap tours.

Map of Barcelona beaches with descriptions in Russian

Best beaches in Barcelona

A beach holiday in Barcelona for many tourists is an important part of the trip. The municipal beaches of the resort open in mid-April and close in October. The sandy coast is well maintained, all beaches are well equipped, for the safety and convenience of tourists are serviced and catering facilities.

Cabins for changing clothes are provided only on some beaches, in particular, Barceloneta and Nova Icaria can boast the presence of such, but they will be available only to people with disabilities. After 19:00, lifeguards stop working and the beach toilets close at the same time.


This is the oldest and most popular beach in Barcelona, easy to get to from La Rambla. Some people call it a proletarian beach – there are always a lot of people of all ages and it’s quite noisy. Despite this, many vacationers with children in Barcelona come here, as the beach is long, wide, equipped with playgrounds, toilets and lifeguard towers.

Children have fun in the children’s corners, young people go kiting and surfing or play soccer and volleyball. Just behind the beach stretches a large promenade, where everyone can ride rollerblades and bikes.

You can eat at any of the institutions on the beach, food and cold drinks carry street vendors. You can get a massage – their services actively offer a subtle ladies of Asian descent. There is a serious flaw in this beach – in a large crowd, it’s easy to get lost, so the cases of theft are common here.

Prices for holidays in Barcelona - 2022. How much does it cost to go?

Useful articles: find out more about the prices of holidays in Barcelona, attractions and read tips before you go.

Spain barcelona beach vacation

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San Sebastian.

Large beach with coarse sand, with pebbles at the entrance. The water here, according to tourists’ reviews, is much cleaner than on Barcelona, and there are a lot less people. The place is atmospheric, more suitable for young people, but comfortable conditions have been created for everyone. For people with disabilities, special paths are made, an elevator and allocated parking spaces. There are even special points, where you can take any publication for free. In front of the beach there is a sports club with swimming pools where pensioners like to gather.

Sant Miquel

Between the two big, lively beaches of Barceloneta and San Sebastian lies the narrow, small beach of San Miguel. Despite its compact size, it can hardly be recommended to holidaymakers with children – sometimes nude sunbathers wander here, and there is a lively Placa del Mar with restaurants and stores next to the beach, and there are plenty of tourists in this part of town.

La Nova Icaria

According to reviews, this beach in Barcelona can be safely recommended for holidays with children: it is called a big children’s sandbox. The beach itself is located near the Olympic port, from it on the promenade is easy to walk to Barceloneta Beach.

Soft sand, clear water, the beach itself is fenced with breakwaters, so the sea is always quiet. Well thought out infrastructure: the beach has sports grounds, close to a small park with play areas for children, to the nearest cinema and shopping center is a short walk away. For people with disabilities there are various small things, like entry, a special service provides the necessary assistance to those in need.


For those who are looking for a quiet holiday in Barcelona by the sea, Bogatell is the right place to go. This is a new beach, established in the 90s of the last century: a coastal strip of 50 m wide, clean and quiet. Suitable for recreation for people of all ages. Two breakwaters protect the sea from strong waves, so vacationers with children will also be comfortable here. There are umbrellas and deck chairs for rent, there are storage rooms, showers and toilets. You can play volleyball and table tennis.

Mar Bella.

The main contingent vacationers of this beach – young people, often – nontraditional. Behind the special bamboo fence there is a separate section for nudists. Everything else is just like on the other beaches: there is a rental of deck chairs and umbrellas, showers and toilets, but bars and cafes are few. Widespread all kinds of recreation – beach volleyball, kiting, kayaking and diving. Not all tourists liked the sand on the beach, some even found it a bit dirty.

Free museums in Barcelona

Barcelona beach holiday

(Photo: Almusaiti / / License CC BY-SA 2.0)


This beach was once part of Barceloneta, but over time it has been separated into an independent unit. There are all kinds of active activities here. There are beach toys for the little ones to rent, and free Wi-Fi for students and business people.


This is the youngest and most remote beach, so it’s always quiet and not crowded, there are no problems with parking spaces. According to the reviews of tourists, you can safely rest on this beach in Barcelona with children: swimming is safe, the entrance is shallow and shallow.

Forum (Zona de banys del Forum)

This beach is artificial and more like a swimming pool – its entire surface is paved with special wooden covers, the water is accessed by stairs. But no wet sand on all parts of the body and dirty limbs. The infrastructure is developed the same as on other beaches of the city.

Reviews about the disadvantages of a beach holiday in Barcelona

With the pluses everything is clear – the beauty indescribable around, fine golden sand, warm sea, delicious food and drinks. Now about the disadvantages of vacationing in Barcelona by sea, according to reviews of tourists:

  1. Litter . Despite the fact that the beaches of Barcelona are cleaned daily, the multi-million dollar city can not compare with the small resort in terms of the cleanliness of water and sand. If the first half of the day is relatively clean, by the evening the traces of people are already noticeable.
  2. Some tourists are annoyed by particularly relaxed vacationers – the sight of naked bodies of varying degrees of maturity is not to everyone’s liking.
  3. On the beaches there are prohibitions, which it is desirable to know, so as not to get trouble in the form of a fine. For example, you can not bring your animals. This is our wet dog, skipping smartly with the kids, will cause placation (at least the majority), in Spain, these things look different. The amount of the fine is impressive – 1500 euros. And no soap or shampoo in the shower on the beach – the fine is almost the same as for the illegal entry of a dog.

By the way, you have to pay higher fines if you swim with red flag drawn. But it is a question of personal safety, and with such a measure is difficult to argue. Thus, in recent years, visits of sharks to the shores of Barcelona have become more frequent. As a rule, they are small predators up to 1.5 meters long, not dangerous for people, but rescuers always react to uninvited guests promptly, and the beaches are closed for a while. And then you have a hundred times to think about whether such a bathing or it is better to heed the warnings and wait.

Beach Holiday in Barcelona – 2022. Prices, reviews, tips

If you’ll be in Barcelona, visit this museum – you won’t regret it! Probably the best museum I’ve been to. I will start with the pros (attention spoilers – there will be no minuses): 1. The price: The admission is 6 euros for each adult, children are free. For understanding all the other paid museums, parks, zoos from 22 euros for an adult, and a percent cheaper for children. 2. The variety of museum halls. There are several of them and they are completely different in form and content. There are permanent exhibitions and there are temporary. At the time when we were in the museum, they were 5: 1. Mirror Maze, 2. Tropical.

Spain in November 2022. Where to go on holiday? Weather and Reviews

And beach romance and urban culture! I’ve been to Barcelona 7 times already! And I will surely come back again, because this city offers experiences for every taste. Here you can walk around endlessly, admiring the masterpieces of Gaudi, interesting historical buildings, wandering in the narrow streets. At every turn there are open café-bars, where you must order sangria and tapas, or clara (beer with a fruit flavor) and “patatas bravas”. And then just sit at a table and listen to the rhythm of the city. There are a lot of trees and greenery in the city,

  • go on excursions.
  • swim and sunbathe on the beach
  • study
  • go shopping
  • go to interesting events
  • take pictures of everything.

Keep receipts and tickets with you Guys, print out the tickets you buy online, or you’ll pay twice. Keep receipts for events and trips that are multiple-use. The second time, if there is no paper ticket that you got from a Spaniard the first time, they will make you pay in spite of the barcode and electronic confirmation. In general, the Spaniards are waiting for you to make a mistake and immediately take advantage of it.

Park Guel- kazka Gaudí. Park Guell-similar to this park, I did not encounter. We went to the park very early, when the sun had not risen. Every park exhibit is a real showpiece of art. Freakish alleys, unusual architecture buildings, small structures, all creations of the legendary Antonio Gaudi. At the entrance to the park zudivachiv zhudozhivayut gingerbread houses, which carry their own

  • go on excursions.

Unforgettable city. Barcelona – the place of Gaudi, Picasso and other artists, architects who boldly put their progressive ideas.I read a lot of different reviews about this city, and all of them are different.Some are fascinated, others do not like Barcelona. I liked it very much and I would go there again if I could. I stayed nine days and did not manage to see everything and enjoy this wonderful city. I do not know what makes it so special, whether it is the creativity of Gaudi or the spirit of the Catalans.

  • go on excursions.

La Rambla – the boulevard, where you can walk the whole day When I was in Barcelona for the first time, and during the tour guide allocated a couple of hours to walk along the Rambla, I wondered: why so much time for one street? But then I understood: it wasn’t enough time!

When we returned to Spain again, one day we planned an independent trip to Barcelona, the main and only point of which was the Rambla.

Let's go to Costa Blanca! Resorts, beaches, prices for vacations - 2022

First of all, once you’re in Plaza Catalunya, where the Rambla begins, it’s impossible to ignore the giant department store Corte Ingles.

THEY THINK. They cheekily distract you while you are answering (helping) questions, cheekily stealing your bags and suitcases. At the airport, under the cameras stole a bag with a laptop, phone and tablet! Applied to the police – the result is zero, no one was watching the cameras (lost an hour of time missed the transfer and in addition only a bunch of papers) While the hour stood in the police, three stolen things

  • go on excursions.
  • swim and sunbathe on the beach

About Barcelona. Without enthusiasm, but with respect. Barcelona is one of the world’s museum cities and everything was “too much” for me. “over-.” And when you overdo something, even a beauty (like eating a whole cake all at once), the effect of what you want can be just the opposite. In general, I did not have much love But I must give you credit, the city is really something to look at, great museums, really cool! Both in terms of the collection and the exposition of classical paintings, as well as the technical equipment and organization.

How to vacation on your own in Barcelona (Lloret de Mar), February 2019 Self-guided trip to Barcelona – Lloret de Mar, February 2019, 6 days.

Long and unsuccessfully tried to find a tour 2 weeks before the intended trip from the leading tour / operators (Pegasus, Coral, Sanmar, etc.), but with a budget of up to 60,000 rubles for two people, for 6-7 nights, received offers that were not satisfied: 1 – for accommodation (negative reviews of the proposed hotels), 2 – on the flight, round trip (charters with transplants a/c like Yamal, inconvenient departure time). In the end we realized that even without services

  • rest individually.

The province and nothing else Barcelona is a European village. If you have been in Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris or Berlin, never come to Barça or Catalonia in general. Sagrada is a novodel, a castle made of sand, a letter of Uncle Fedor, a motroskin and a balloon – an unsuccessful attempt to surpass the Duomo of Florence and Milan. Dali’s “Art” – sketches from a speed info newspaper made by drunk art school students. Cubism Picasso- failure of the BASIC program on a 486 pentium Kitchen and restaurants-a parody of delicious and healthy food. Unpalatable wine, jamon and cheese. The food is not tasty, the wine, the jamon, and the cheese. Nature – half-naked rocks. Park Acentura – 50 € Per person for the pleasure of spending a day in queues from 25 minutes to 1,5 hours on the attraction. Expensive toll roads with a speed limit of 120km.

  • Rest for the elderly.

The author was obviously in a very bad mood when he was in Barcelona (:. All untrue. A beautiful city, with its shortcomings, which is worth visiting and enjoying (this wonderful “province”))

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