Beach holidays in January 2022. Where to rest on the sea

Where to go to rest in January 2022 abroad by sea

More and more areas where Russians are invited without certificates and PCR-tests: countries whose economies existed largely due to tourism, pretty worn out and bored. There comes a time when you can arrange a small, but very meaningful vacation – New Year vacations. There are so many proposals where to go on a vacation abroad in January 2022 that you can choose without hesitation only by the allocated budget. They are all tempting, enchanting and reminiscent of a trip to another planet rather than a short vacation from the snow and freezing temperatures.

Winter holidays abroad at sea inexpensive and safe

The desire to go abroad to the sea every year appears in people who are not very fond of winter, hence the need to choose where to go to vacation in January 2022. This is a great way to get rid of the harsh realities of the long cold period for a short time, to relax and gain strength to wait for spring. There is renewed activity from all interested parties:

  • Travel agencies are updating on the weather, tempting offers, medium-term bookings and the partial lifting of restrictions. Businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, but now it’s possible to return to popular destinations little by little.
  • Closed countries are “wistful” to those who are more daring. There are many of them: old and proven Egypt, Maldives, UAE, Sri Lanka, already promoted Cuba and Dominica. There are top novelties – Margarita Island in Venezuela and Mexico.
  • Russians need to assess their financial capabilities and take a trip. All of them are at a considerable distance, some in another hemisphere. You have to choose between expensive and relatively democratic proposals.

There are a few more places that require visas or tests, but of the warm ones – only Tanzania and Kenya. There are proposals for neighboring countries – Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia, although some of them do not even have direct flights. To reduce the cost, travel experts recommend meeting New Year’s Eve on a plane or go home as early as January 1-2 of the new year.

Where better to go on a vacation by the sea in January 2022

India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia are closed, the vacation in the Philippines is one of the most expensive, but not very comfortable. Those who decide where to go in 2022 abroad by sea have very limited choices. To holiday in January with a limited budget will have to go to domestic destinations, which are open and waiting for compatriots. You can go from a harsh January to the beginning or the height of summer with observance of all conditions:

  • without too much trouble to Turkey and Morocco;
  • without a visa, but not for the beach and swimming in the sea – there are options in Abkhazia, Montenegro and Belarus;
  • Greece, but it is out of season and needs a visa, but it is very beautiful and relatively warm;
  • Tunisia, Egypt, Maldives, Cuba, Dominican Republic, UAE and Mexico – the weather is fine, but it is not cheap and a visa is a must;
  • Tanzania is great, hot, water is about 30 degrees, you can get a visa on arrival for only $50.
Where to go in January in Europe: 10 best places

On relatively new, undeveloped destinations, you can choose popular or relaxed options, with interesting sights or favorite activities (diving, catamaran rides). It is quite romantic to stay on the mountainside, choose limited (in the UAE) or free travel, New Year’s events or local celebrations, which are celebrated pompously and on a grand scale.

Holidays in Mexico

A very tempting offer for a vacation in January 2022 is a trip to the coast. It will cost 119 thousand rubles for a week.

We will have to travel in the company of Americans and Canadians, but the exotic, warm weather, familiar from the movies names, hardly any precipitation. We will have to apply for a visa. The flight will not be a short one. Not all proposed tours will be suitable for recreation at sea, but the tourist area Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula – a comfortable and pleasant place to get a tan and sea baths.

Holidays in Cuba

On January 1, you can join the Cubans in celebrating the anniversary of the revolution. In Varadero at this time the air will warm up to +28 ° C, and the sea – three degrees less. In the rest of the territory for the Russians, summer is in full swing. The population of Cuba is sure that it is the real winter.

For 7 thousand rubles a day you can have a rest on the “all inclusive” system, but you will need a visa, a fresh test made at home, and a free one, which you will have to pass at the airport. But here you can see the clean, uncluttered beaches, magnificent scenery, the famous Cuban rum, luxurious greenery, white sand and warmth.

Holidays in Egypt.

This is the most trivial of the proposals, where you can go abroad to the sea to rest and not only in January, at affordable prices. In 2022 Egypt is in the ranking of the cheapest.

For 3.5 thousand rubles a day you can rest comfortably, though not on the beach, but in a hotel with a heated pool and perfectly trained staff.

Here they respect traditions of visitors: it is possible to receive a celebratory dinner together with entertainment for a rather small additional payment.

Sputnik vaccinations are recognized here, and a PCR test not more than 3 days old can be provided.

Holidays in the Maldives

In the first half of January it is already warm here, but experts assure that in the second half of the month the weather is more conducive to a full holiday.

Hotels are there for a variation of requirements (and at a rate, too), and on the atoll and even cheaper. Apart from PCR-testing nothing else is required, and if you buy a last minute tour, you can rest inexpensively – 100 thousand rubles for a week. The situation is overshadowed by the flight, which in two directions will add another almost half of the cost of the tour.

Where to have an inexpensive vacation in winter 2022-2023 at a warm sea abroad


It’s a great opportunity to spend New Year on the shores of the Indian Ocean, with consistently hot weather by day and by night.

You need to pay 111 thousand rubles for a week, pay the visa on arrival – and you can swim in warm water, go scuba diving, see the rare local sights. On tourist sites there are different tours to popular or quiet resorts – you can choose according to your own taste.

Dominican Republic

A newfangled trend and a promising destination, certainly indicated on the request, where to go on vacation in January 2022: a trip abroad to the sea will cost 119 thousand rubles for a week.

For this money vacationers expect:

  • comfortable weather (not too hot, but also not cold);
  • unique experiences (you can watch the migration of humpback whales);
  • beaches and amazing nature – to choose from;
  • no precipitation, a really high-quality vacation;
  • The service is excellent – the reviews on the holiday are most favorable.

Of the minuses – expensive flight and the need for a visa. Of the pluses – unique natural relics, ecological, marine parks and nature reserves, comfortable beaches and hotels, local cuisine (above all praise) – crabs, shrimp and lobster, although no problem to find burgers and cola.

The cheapest option for a January 2022 vacation abroad at sea

Without listing great Russian options – remote, unusual places and ski resorts – tips on where to go for an inexpensive vacation in January 2022 to both go abroad and to the sea, and even inexpensively, are quite limited. So far in the range:

  • UAE: a lot of hotels, and different class, you can rest not in Dubai, and in the surrounding area. It is expensive to go on your own, you need a tourist visa to cross the border. It is possible to baffle the travel agency, but on New Year’s vacations prices are still rising by a third.
  • Thailand is out of the question, as well as Vietnam, but there is Sri Lanka, a unique country where you can find accommodation and meals on any budget. The main problem is the airfare. The rest can be solved by choosing the right hotel and travel agency.
  • Greece is a Mecca for tourists and the center of world civilization – Crete, Rhodes and Corfu are excellent budget options. But it’s not summer, but rather spring, and not in full swing. A visa and test will be a must.

In the UAE, Zanzibar, and Madagascar, a visa is required upon arrival. For Mexico and Sri Lanka, it can be obtained electronically.

Some sources indicate that one can vacation without a visa not only in the Maldives but also in the Seychelles, Mauritius and Bali. Cuba is also mentioned, but reputable agencies claim that it requires a visa to enter.

The best options for a January seaside holiday abroad with children

Goa and India, which are most often referred to, as well as Thailand, are still closed. That leaves Sri Lanka (no problems with children there – everything is interesting for them), the UAE (there is entertainment and products are always of high quality), Turkey, with its children’s menus in the hotels. And the Canary Islands, where you can see a variety of animals, orchids, walk to the volcano and amusement park, or just leave the child to a nanny in an all-inclusive hotel.

July 2022. Where to go for an inexpensive vacation abroad

The choice of holiday destinations in January is quite extensive. The main thing is to know the rules of entry into the country and focus on the price tag that will be in the New Year.

The bottom line is .

In the coming year the choice is somewhat limited because of the global pandemic, but it is possible to find a good option:

  1. The other hemisphere, where everything is unusual and beautiful, but the cost increases because of the flight.
  2. India, Vietnam and Thailand are closed, leaving Sri Lanka.
  3. You can rest comfortably and inexpensively on the islands.
  4. There is always Turkey and Egypt, Zanzibar and Morocco.

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Where to go to the sea in January

Where to relax in January at sea

Top hot destinations where you can bask by the warm sea in January 2022. A superb beach vacation is guaranteed!

In January, in the middle of winter, we are already craving for summer! That is why almost every year I fly to a warm tropical country for the winter. This review is based on my experiences and plans for the future. I talk about interesting and hot exotic destinations, and separately talk about the countries where you can go without a visa and where you can rest inexpensively.

Because of the pandemic, not all of these countries can fly to vacation. Check the current list of open countries. Check also where to go in winter in Russia – we know a lot of great places!



Thailand – the country number 1 for those who want to rest in January 2022 at sea. We went to vacation in Thailand three times already and we will definitely come back again. We love it for the great yarns and nature, a pleasant climate, low prices and delicious food.

Where to go . In Pattaya, cheaper food, lodging and tours, but the beaches and nature in Phuket are better. Choose whether to go to Pattaya or Phuket.

Погода. В январе в Таиланде самый лучший пляжный отдых и отличные погодные условия. Светит солнце, вода в море +26. +28°С, температура воздуха — около +30°С. Иногда идут кратковременные дожди, а вечерами слегка прохладно, до +22°С. Узнайте про погоду в Таиланде зимой >>

What to do. Go on excursions to temples, national parks and reserves, go scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, take a yacht trip. In Thailand, the holidays are bright and in a big way. In addition to the European New Year, in January, celebrate Children’s Day and the Chinese New Year – with carnival processions and colorful shows.

Beach holidays in January in Thailand

Amazing Banana Beach in Phuket with a minimum of people, clean sea and sand, lack of infrastructure and scenic views.

Rest in October 2022 in Russia: where to go

India (Goa).

Where can I rest in January 2022 at the sea inexpensively? Go to the beaches of India!

Погода. В январе в Гоа — лучший пляжный отдых. Погода превосходная: днем температура воздуха +30°С, ночью +20°С, температура воды в море +26°С. С моря дует легкий ветерок, поднимающий небольшие волны. Узнайте про погоду в Гоа в январе >>

What to do. Popular activities – elephant rides, tours of ancient cities and temples, youth trance parties. In January, several public holidays are celebrated in lavish parades.

Where to go. North Goa prefers young people – the prices are lower and the nightlife is wild. Respectable tourists choose the solitude and tranquility of South Goa.

Where to rest at sea in January

Kola Beach, near Agonda, Goa. Photo: Viraj Rajankar /

Sri Lanka

You can have a good seaside vacation in January 2022 in Ceylon. We traveled around the island for a month – we loved it. The nature there – just space!

Погода. В январе здесь относительно нежарко: днем на побережье +27. +30°С, море +28°С, вечерами тепло +24°С, но прогулкам мешают москиты. Дожди редки и непродолжительны. Погода на Шри-Ланке в январе >>

Things to do. The thing that impressed us the most in Ceylon was the nature: we went on a safari and looked at whales – it was very cheap and very exciting. Be sure to go to the mountains, to Ella village – it’s Paradise on Earth. Also go surfing or fishing. In Ratnapura you can go down into the mines and see how sapphires are mined. There are many excursions on the island: to tea plantations, an elephant nursery and turtle farm, to the sacred Mount Adama and Buddhist temples.

Holiday in January at sea

Sri Lankan curry – a delicious dish!


Many believe that the best beach vacation in January 2022 should be found in the Caribbean, such as Mexico. We spent the January before last in Cancun and were very surprised at what a wonderful climate it has! Much fresher and nicer than in the tropics of Asia. And the sea is just gorgeous, no worse than in the Maldives. In general, I can safely recommend. Also, I have personal experience that in Mexico you can rest inexpensively.

Weather. It is warm and sunny: +27. +30 ° C, at night +19. +21 ° C, the water temperature in the sea +24 ° C. The rainfall is not heavy and usually falls at night.

Things to do. You can see dolphins and giant sea turtles, and coral reefs are considered some of the largest in the world. Tourists explore volcanoes, caves, cenotes, Mayan pyramids and colonial architecture.

Where to go to rest at sea in January

On the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Cancun.

Cuba is another country where in January 2022 it’s warm and you can relax by the sea. We went to Cuba recently, there we met the New Year and were completely delighted with the country – be sure to read the link, what is so good about Cuba and why every traveler should visit there.

Weather. The tropical humid heat comes down and the air is dry and warm. Daytime temperature +27 ° C, night +16. +20 ° C, the water in the sea +25 ° C. It rains rarely. The best beach vacations in January are on the Caribbean coast with its warm cozy bays, because on the Atlantic, strong winds sometimes hamper comfortable swimming. Learn about the weather in Cuba in January.

Rest in June 2022 in Russia: where to go

What to do. Active water activities: diving, parasailing, scooter and banana boat rides, paraglider flights. Go on excursions to Havana and Trinidad, taste Cuban rum and cigars. In January, Cubans celebrate New Year’s Eve and Liberation Day in a noisy and fun way.

Beach holidays in January

Retro Car in Old Havana.


An unusual destination for a holiday at sea in January 2022 is the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, off Africa. Holidays here are not cheap at all. The island is most suitable for romantic natures and lovers of water sports. Learn more about holidays in Mauritius.

Weather. January is dominated by cyclones, which bring heavy short-term rainfall and high humidity of up to 80%. The rains come most often in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the air temperature remains steady at +30°C, the water in the ocean is +27°C, but it’s a little colder in the mountains.

Things to do. January offers surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing, in addition to a beach holiday. Mauritius has unique coves, lagoons, volcanoes, waterfalls and sugar plantations. Visit national parks and nature reserves and watch exotic animals and birds.

Weather on a Beach Holiday in January

Mauritius (Photo: / @petefogden)

Visa-free January

Where else can you have a good vacation by the warm sea in January 2022? Here’s a list of suitable destinations where you can go without a visa or with simplified entry:

I especially hotly recommend Vietnam and the Philippines out of these destinations – beautiful places! We were in the Maldives this year: the beaches there, of course, are perfect, but in five days it gets a little boring.

Where to go for a cheap vacation in January 2022

Below I will list the countries where you can inexpensively go on vacation in January 2022. Here are the current prices for tours for two people with a flight from Moscow for 7 nights. Because of the pandemic, the list turned out to be small.

Turkey 24 000 ₽ Find tour
Greece 45 000 ₽ Find tour
Cyprus 50 000 ₽ Find tour
Egypt 57 000 ₽ Find tour
UAE 67 000 ₽ Find tour
Cuba, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Mexico 120 000 ₽ Find tour

Keep in mind that in Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus, you can no longer swim in the sea in January – it’s too cold. But in winter there are not many tourists, it is nice to go on excursions, and no one canceled the “all inclusive”, spa and warm pools. In the UAE and Egypt is warmer, but also not too hot. In the other countries in the list is much warmer, but the flight is farther, so the prices for the tours are higher.

Where to go in January to rest abroad

Beach with starfish Rush Vem. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.

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