Beach holidays in July 2022. Where to rest on the sea

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad - Viasan Magazine

July – the traditional month of vacations. At this time you can have a great vacation at the sea abroad or in Russia, and do not be afraid to miscalculate the weather. We will tell you where you can fly abroad in July, where you can rest inexpensively in Russia, and where in July it is best to vacation with children.

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Where to rest in July abroad


Greek islands, which are popular European resorts, have just recently opened up to Russians – why not take advantage of Greek hospitality and succumb to the charm of this Mediterranean country? In addition, in July the beach season in Greece is in full swing – Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Kos and the Halkidiki Peninsula are going to vacation for families and couples. The beaches here are incredibly picturesque, with soft sand and gentle entrance to the water, and each has an award for purity – the Blue Flag.

When entering Greece, those 12 and older will need a negative PCR test for COVID-19 (whether or not they have been vaccinated).

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad


A direct flight to Cairo and you’re instantly immersed in an Arabian tale. If you do not want a lot of heat, choose resorts on the Mediterranean Sea (Alexandria, Al-Alamein) – that’s where the people of Egypt rest in the summer. And if you crave diving and sightseeing, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are for you, especially since charter flights to these popular resorts are already allowed!

To enter Egypt you need a PCR test done 72 hours before the flight.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Cyprus is an island paradise in the Mediterranean Sea, where everyone can find a vacation to his liking. Party people go to have fun in Ayia Napa, and tourists with children prefer the quiet atmosphere of Paphos, Protaras, Larnaca and other popular seaside resorts. And in Cyprus, as well as in Greece, there are many sights of the ancient period – you can easily combine a beach holiday with excursions and tasting the local dishes.

Tourists from Russia at the entrance to Cyprus pass two tests: the first must be made no earlier than 72 hours before the flight, and the second is done upon arrival. Vaccinated tourists are exempt from tests.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad


Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is one of the favorite vacation destinations of Russian tourists, especially tourists with children. Mild climate, reasonable prices, fresh fruit, warm sea and a short flight give Bulgaria a special attraction. And then there are a lot of historical sites – they are concentrated in Varna, Nessebar and Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Russian tourists for entry into Bulgaria require one of the documents of your choice: a certificate of full immunization (since vaccination must be at least 14 days), the negative result of PCR test done within 72 hours before arrival, or certificate of antibodies (for those who have had COVID-19 in the last six months before the trip).

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Countries allowed to visit without visa


Turkey in July is definitely in the top destinations! All Turkish Riviera (Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Marmaris, Bodrum, Side, Fethiye) at this time experiencing a major influx of tourists, because the sea in Turkey in July is very warm, no rain, water parks and hotels “all inclusive” are working at full capacity, and fresh fruits in abundance.

In addition, Turkish resorts are allowed to vacation freely without a visa for 60 days, which means that one can leave at any time without paperwork. As for COVID-19 restrictions, now entry tourists are required to have a negative PCR test result, a certificate of vaccination or an official certificate that the person has had coronavirus in the last six months.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad


In Gagra, Pitsunda, Gudauta and Sukhum you can have a great vacation with children on the Black Sea coast. Clean air, beautiful mountains, clear water, plenty of sun and reasonable prices – what is not an alternative to the overcrowded Russian resorts?

If you want to improve your health, choose one of the many boarding houses of Abkhazia, and in search of attractions look at the New Athos. And, of course, do not forget about the delicious local cuisine – rich and fragrant Abkhazian shashlik, lobio and khachapuri will quench your appetite.

Entry into Abkhazia will not require any documents other than the Russian passport. PCR test is not necessary either.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad


Montenegro is another European country where Russians can enter without a visa. The transparent Adriatic Sea, clean beaches, pine forests, spa treatments, the natural beauty of Lake Skadar and the Durmitor National Park – all this makes Montenegro worth visiting at least once. It is also worth going here for the excellent diving and excursions to historic cities in the country with a rich history.

In July to enter Montenegro you do not need any PCR-test, no vaccination certificate. The only inconvenience is the lack of direct flights, you need to fly with a connection.

Where to go to sea with children in July 2022

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad


If you want something exotic in the middle of summer, you can go from Russia without a visa to Mexico. At this time in Mexican resorts are sometimes tropical downpours, but they quickly end, and again you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, the softness of the sand and paradise nature. Not only beach lovers go to Mexico, but also sightseers and divers come to see ancient Aztec and Mayan pyramids and to admire the colorful corals and underwater creatures on the island of Cozumel.

A long flight is the only inconvenience that awaits tourists on the way to Mexico. Otherwise, everything is perfect – there are direct flights, and no PCR test or vaccination certificate is required upon entry.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Like Mexico, Cuba invites you to vacation in the Caribbean without a visa. In July it is quite humid, it often rains, but the prices are markedly lower than in the autumn and winter season, and excursions are not canceled. Dancing until morning, authentic Cuban rum, cigars and mojitos just waiting to turn your life into a merry carnival!

Now open to tourists in Cuba, resorts Cayo Coco and Varadero. Upon arrival, you must present a negative result of PCR-test, the second test is done free of charge on arrival.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Rest at Sea in Russia

Black Sea: Sochi, Anapa, Yalta, Gelendzhik, Sudak

Black Sea resorts of southern Russia – Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik – in July are experiencing a real “boom”. Water in the sea in mid-summer warms up to +25 ° C – ideal conditions for swimming, even for the smallest tourists. Guests of the south of Russia have time to visit local dolphinariums and water parks, as well as to go on an excursion to ancient dolmens, caves and waterfalls, of which there are many in the area.

Want to have a rest in Sochi? Just leave your application!

The Crimea in July is no less popular than Sochi and Anapa. Adequate prices, great beaches and natural beauty await vacationers at any Crimean resort, whether in Yalta, Sevastopol, Alushta, Feodosia, Sudak or Evpatoria. And do not forget about the iconic places of the peninsula – Swallow’s Nest, Vorontsov and Livadia Palaces, Balaklava Bay with its fortresses, Ai-Petri Mountain and the ancient Chersonese.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Sea of Azov: Kerch, Yeisk

Resorts on the Sea of Azov are not as “promoted” as the Black Sea, but definitely worth attention. Tourists with children love Kerch and Eisk for the clean sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the water. There are also amusement parks and water parks, and the prices are noticeably lower than in Sochi or Yalta.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Caspian Sea: Kaspiysk, Derbent

In July you can also go to the Caspian Sea – in Derbent or Kaspiysk. Derbent boasts an ancient history – the city is two thousand years old! You must see the Naryn-Kala fortress and the Armenian Church of St. Savior, which now houses the city museum.

Those who like calm and quiet rest as well as those who want to spend their vacation in the open air with their beloved one will feel very comfortable in Kaspiysk. Beautiful parks, fresh air, excellent fishing and great opportunities for excursions every year attract more and more guests from afar to this corner of Dagestan.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Baltic Sea: Kaliningrad

Holidays at the Baltic Sea is ideal for those who want to relax in nature, but do not like the heat. Kaliningrad is a truly European city with beautiful architecture, lots of interesting sights and great hotels. And the Curonian Spit, with its vast sand dunes and pine forests, is a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Kizhi Island in Karelia


Karelia is a truly magical place, from which you return as a new person. Here you can both actively relax and enjoy the beauty of northern nature, and explore the local attractions. Among the tourists are very popular excursions to Ruskeala Marble Canyon and Kizhi Island, known for its unique monuments of wooden architecture.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022: holidays at sea in Russia and abroad

Where to rest in July with children

Top 7 countries for holidays with children in July 2022

Turkey is a favorite vacation destination for Russians with children. It really has everything to remember a family vacation: a warm sea, clean beaches, water parks, animators, hotels “all inclusive” and beautiful nature.

2. Greece is a good alternative to Turkey. Greek islands are ideal for holidays with children at sea – you can safely go on a family vacation to Crete, Corfu, Kos, Rhodes or the Halkidiki peninsula. All of them are famous for their Blue Flag beaches, quiet atmosphere and excellent family hotels.

3. Abkhazia – inexpensive, close, does not require a visa, PCR-test and vaccination certificate. A wonderful option for those who want to vacation with children on the Black Sea outside Russia.

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4. Bulgaria is newly opened and is ready to welcome its most frequent guests – tourists with children. Golden Sands, Sunny Beach and other Bulgarian resorts are known for the abundance of greenery, clean sandy beaches, mild climate and affordable prices.

5. Cyprus is an island for all categories of tourists, including families. It is enough to choose a suitable resort and hotel and enjoy a carefree holiday on the Mediterranean coast.

6. Russia – Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Yalta are favorite family resorts and are especially relevant for those who do not want to draw up documents and pass PCR-tests.

7. Montenegro – in the spring and summer season, you can enter Montenegro without a visa and spend an unforgettable vacation on the shores of the Adriatic, surrounded by pine and cedar forests. One of the best destinations for children!

Cannot decide where it is better to go in July? Just leave a request!

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Where to go on vacation at the sea in July

The lucky ones, who had a chance to rest in summer, are already packing their suitcases. The rest of the hard workers are hoping to study the calendar. How many days off are there, and is it possible to combine holidays and official days off, so that at least for a week to break away from the bustle of the working world and still go to the sea? Unfortunately, the only summer holiday is June 12, and we have to rely only on days off and understanding of the boss.

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Beach holidays in Russia.

Sochi sea bay boat

© YulyaTimoshchuk / / CC BY 2.0

As we rest, so we work. Convinced of this truth, vacationers try to choose where to go in July to the sea. It is not necessary to go on vacation too far away. At the Azov Sea tourist season is already open from June. In early July, sunny weather and water temperature allows comfortable vacation with children at the Black Sea.

By mid-summer, vouchers become more expensive, but to organize a budget vacation is quite real. Not everyone can afford to fly to the sea with the whole family by plane. It’s much cheaper to travel by car. Travel agencies may have last minute tours, and no one cancels the early booking.

So, where to relax inexpensively in July by the sea in Russia:

  1. Azov Sea – the price for a room for 4 people in a guest house 1000-1200 rubles. Here you will find not only a cheap holiday, but also the warmest sea in the country, sandy beaches, an abundance of children’s entertainment. The temperature of the water in the Azov Sea – 25-26 °. High levels of iodine, curative mud, steppe climate turned the Azov Sea into a popular health resort.
  2. The temperature of the Black Sea in July from 23 ° to 26 °. Resorts are scattered along the coast – from Anapa to Sochi. Tickets to the Black Sea with breakfast cost from 23 500 rubles. Those who want to vacation cheaply choose small villages – Hosta, Olginka, Loo, vacation for two will cost 13 500 rubles.
  3. Where in July is not hot, it’s the Baltic Sea. The average temperature is 18°. But it is possible to have a rest without heat, to go to the Curonian Spit, to buy natural amber. At the end of July water blooms, and in August heated Baltic Sea looks like muddy compote. The cheapest option is 700 rubles per person without meals.
  4. There is no heat on the White Sea . The warmest water is observed in bays, but the beach rest is doubtful. Temperature of the White Sea does not exceed 14-15 °. From entertainments – the White nights, fishing, campaigns for mushrooms and berries. The cost of round – from 10 500 rubles.
  5. Where to fly to impress everyone? An unusual adventure will be a trip to the Primorsky region. The temperature of the Sea of Japan in Russia rarely rises above 21 degrees. If you want to swim, expect the end of July. The local exotic will cost you 15-20 thousand rubles per person with the accommodation at the tourist center for 10 days.

Tours by the sea in July are traditionally growing in price. But you can always find a budget option. So, where to go in July abroad?

Vietnam .

Nha Trang Island Sea Palms Beach

© Quangpraha / / CC BY 2.0

When choosing which country to vacation in, Russians traditionally prefer visa-free countries. The choice of a resort in Asia should be made particularly carefully. The wet season in July is at its peak. Although vacation at sea in Vietnam is available year-round, may mar the rest of the rains, strong heat and stuffiness.

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Where to vacation in July? If you are determined to fly to the South China Sea, choose Nha Trang. Here the humidity is the lowest, and the air temperature does not exceed 35 °. You can swim from morning to evening, the water is 28-29 °. For coolness you’ll have to go to the mountains. At the same time look at the temple complexes and the statue of the reclining Buddha.

At low season you can buy cheap tours for 78 000 rubles for two persons.

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As an inexpensive country for vacation Russians usually choose Turkey. Where to relax in July by the sea, when the average temperature is over 32 °?

In Alanya it is too stuffy – with 80% humidity the air heats up to 35 °. We advise to go on vacation to Kemer, where the mountains and coniferous forests bring relative coolness. Popular trip to the caves Beldibi, climbing to the mountain top by cable car. Prices for an all-inclusive tour start at 46,400 rubles for two people.

Avoid the exhausting heat will help the Aegean Sea, the water temperature is 25-26 °, in the air is also a comfortable temperature – no higher than 27 °. Favorable places for surfing attracted Europeans, and the Aegean Sea rose in price. The cost of a hot tour is at least 50,700 rubles.

You can rest in Turkey without a visa.

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Emirates, Dubai

emirates dubai hotel pool

© 6107476 / / CC BY 2.0

Traveling to the Emirates in July is not a good idea. Even at night the temperature does not drop below 27-28 °. During the day the sun burns mercilessly. In Dubai, it’s 40-42°. The city life is transferred to the shopping malls and entertainment complexes. The consolation is good shopping.

The sea is heated to 30 °, but even in the water there is no escape from the searing sun. To avoid burns it is recommended to swim in t-shirts. In low season you can budget to stay in the best hotel. The cost of the tour goes from 53 400 rubles.


Only very hardy people can afford to fly to Jordan on vacation in the height of summer. Even a relaxing beach vacation tiresome when the air is heated to 37 degrees. Hot dry winds and sandstorms are not uncommon. The sea is 27-29°, and you’re better off swimming early in the morning and after sunset.

Slightly cooler in the ancient city of Petra – 31 °. By local standards, this is comfortable weather. And the legendary rock city, built in the IV-III centuries BC, is worth a visit by all means.

You can fly to Jordan for 46 500 rubles.


Hainan pool sanya sea

© achair / / CC BY 2.0

Where to go in July in such a huge country as China? Hainan Island is a beach center with a warm transparent sea, clean sand, palm trees. Despite the high humidity, tourists get a good vacation at sea:

  • 31-32° in the air during the day;
  • at night 27 °;
  • 30° in the water.

It rains heavily, but ends quickly. The sun is very active, so from 11 to 16 hours on the beach is better not to appear. Entertainment for tourists – surfing, snorkeling and all kinds of water sports.

Holidays abroad, given the long flight, will not be cheap – from 110,000 rubles for two people.

Dreaming of a trip to an exotic country? Welcome to Bali! It almost never rains in July. The temperature of water and air is the same – 27-28 °. At night comes a pleasant coolness – 22-23 °.

If you compare the pros and cons, except for the large number of tourists and high prices in high season, there are no disadvantages. Everything is fine – stunning nature, gorgeous ocean and comfortable weather. The cost of the tour – from 88 000 rubles.


Pattaya beach island

© stijnooievaar / / CC BY 2.0

Asia remains in demand even in the rainy season. The best places to vacation in Thailand are Krabi, Pattaya and Kata Beach in Phuket:

  • 30-32° air temperature;
  • at night 27-28 °;
  • in the sea 25°.

Powerful showers hit the country in the evening and night hours. The streets are completely flooded with water, but in the morning the elements remind us only of the high humidity and stuffiness. Tourists spend time on the beaches, for coolness worth a trip to the national park.

You can travel without a visa. In low season the price for a tour is from 50,600 rubles.

    – unusual excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.
July 2022. Where to go for an inexpensive vacation abroad

Only Russian speaking guides.


Posh sandy beaches, fantastically beautiful Red Sea, the possibility of travel without a visa – here are the main advantages of recreation in Egypt. There are serious disadvantages:

  • The terrible heat – during the day to 40 °;
  • tiresome sightseeing vacation;
  • problems with safety.

In the sea 27-29 °, but during the day on the beach is better not to appear. The coolest city is Alexandria, where the temperature hovers at 30°.

Last minute tour with a flight from Moscow costs from 32 000 rubles.


Exotic countries never cease to attract Russian tourists. Our people are ready to go abroad even during the rainy season and typhoons. You should take into account that it is better not to visit popular resorts of Goa, Mumbai and Kerala in July. The rains do not stop for the whole month, hurricanes and floods are not uncommon. At sea 28-30 °, high waves and mountains of algae on the shore. Where to go if the air temperature exceeds 40°, and flights from Russia to the southern resorts are canceled?

Experienced tourists advise to fly to Delhi and get to the east coast. It is also hot here – 34-36 °, but the rains start closer to the fall. The cost of the tour – from 34 800 rubles per person.


Barski Park Hotel island

© 696188 / / CC BY 2.0

In summer, Israel tests tourists with extreme heat:

  • By noon, the thermometer jumps to 38-40°, sometimes up to 45°;
  • At night, it does not drop below 30 degrees;
  • no precipitation at all;
  • The Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea 27-28°;
  • The Red Sea, 27-28° in the Mediterranean, 33-34° in the Dead Sea.

Tourists rarely go on excursions, spending most of their time in the water. Sea walks, scuba diving, and scuba diving are popular. Festivities begin after dark – theatrical performances, dance sessions, parades, fireworks. The cost of the tour starts from 75 000 roubles.

In summer, Cyprus welcomes guests with hot dry weather:

  • in the air in the resort of Larnaca to 40 °, in Paphos to 29 °;
  • at night, at least 25 °;
  • The water temperature varies between 25° and 30°.

The beaches of Cyprus are Blue Flag rated. The infrastructure is so rich that you can live on the beach all day long. Where to go for fun? Visit the beer festival in Limassol, see the rock tombs in Ayia Napa, take part in the dance shows.

Holidays will cost at least 53,600 rubles per person.

Look for good hotels on Hotellook – the site compares prices of different booking systems (Booking too) and finds the best. Read our instructions on how to find a good and inexpensive hotel on your own.

Sri Lanka

house hotel island pool

© AgEGlobalGroup / / CC BY 2.0

In July on the island of Sri Lanka, hot winds blow, rains pour down, rivers overflow, and the sun burns even through the clouds:

  • 30-33° in the air during the day, up to 38° in some areas;
  • 26-27° at night;
  • in the sea at least 28°.

There are tourists who enjoyed the vacation, reviews amicably advise resorts in the northern part of the island. There are many lagoons and shallow bays where you can shelter from the high waves. And the best attractions are considered temples and tea plantations.

A last minute tour in the low season will cost 33 300 rubles for two without meals.

Liberty Island is famous for its snow-white beaches and warm transparent sea. The weather here too is dictated by the wet season:

  • 25-29° in the air;
  • 29 to 30° in the sea;
  • daily rains;
  • and damp and stuffy.

Tourists adapt to the vagaries of the weather. They go to the beach in the morning and wait in the hotel for the afternoon downpour. In the evenings tasting rum and cigars in local bars.

Leisure in Cuba costs 115 000 Rubles for two.


The rainy climate of July makes its adjustments to holiday plans. Strong winds, hurricanes, storms and heavy downpours in the middle of the summer surprises no one. Changeable weather sometimes gives a few calm sunny days. But the temperature regime remains unchanged:

  • up to 32° during the day;
  • at night 27-28 °;
  • 90% humidity;
  • In the sea 28°.

You should not count on fortune’s favor. If you have health problems, postpone the trip to a more favorable period. Holidays on the other side of the world will cost you 53 500 rubles.


What city should travel to if the African sun is burning with no mercy, and there is not a single cloud in the sky? One of the most popular resorts of Tunisia is Monastir:

  • The average daytime temperature is 30-31°;
  • at night 24 °;
  • The sea in Monastir is 22 ° at the beginning of the month, 25 ° at the end of July.
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There is little interest in excursions because of the heat. But the doors of thalassotherapy centers are open, where you can get health and a lot of positive emotions.

The cost of the tour – from 35 800 rubles.

Save money on lodging by renting apartments from Airbnb. Get a gift of 2100 rubles for the first booking.


Maldives beach sea coast

© sharonang / / CC BY 2.0

Traveling to the islands of the Maldives is chosen by wealthy romantics who dream of complete privacy and impeccable service. July is the rainy season, but for the whole vacation, a maximum of 2-3 showers. No storms and hurricanes are not expected. The main inconvenience – high humidity and muddy water after the rain. But you have the best beaches in the world.

The temperature readings in July:

  • The sun warms up to 30-32°;
  • at night up to 26°;
  • In the sea 28-29 °.

Diving and walks on the atolls are the main attractions. Holidays can be expensive – from 188,000 rubles.


The Filipinos enjoy life in all weathers. The rains in July, clouds in the sky, typhoons, unstable volcanoes can not cancel the holidays and festivals which locals like to hold. Their optimism is contagious, and tourists jump on high waves, play basketball, and attend cockfights.

  • 31-32° during the day;
  • 25-26° at night;
  • the ocean is choppy, the water 29-30°.

Where is the best place to rest? Leaving reviews about vacationing in Palawan, tourists note the excellent beaches, beautiful underwater world, unusual excursions.

From typhoons affects more the north of the country. In any case, before you go to a remote island, take into account the weather forecast.

The cost of the trip – from 52 100 rubles per person.


lake mountain nature ritsa

© ulkom5 / / CC BY 2.0

Tiny country, where the Black Sea does not bloom, has absorbed all kinds of beauty – mountain peaks, eucalyptus groves, blue lakes and waterfalls. No typhoons and tornadoes! Only hot sun and the clearest sea:

  • 28° to 35-40° in the air, but the heat is easily tolerated;
  • 22-23° at night, 18-19° in the mountains;
  • In the sea 24° at the beginning of July and 27° at the end of the month.

There is no need to get bored. Tourists go up into the mountains to Lake Ritsa, descend into the caves in New Athos, visit ancient temples. And the wedding trip to the most hospitable country will never be forgotten.

Prices for a tour for two people start from 29 500 rubles.


Despite political strife, tourism in Georgia is gaining momentum. Russians are attracted by the lack of visas, beautiful nature, beautiful cities and wonderful climate:

  • In July, the air is heated to 28-30°;
  • At night – 23-24°;
  • The sea 25-26°.

Comfortable weather allows you to relax on the beach, go on a mountain hike or visit the ancient Orthodox shrines. A tour for two people costs from 46 000 roubles.


cancun mexico coast beach ocean

© Mariamichelle / / CC BY 2.0

The best countries to vacation in the height of summer find themselves at the mercy of the rainy season. In Mexico, the weather crisis occurs in September and October. In July, the chance of rain is high, but the clouds quickly disperse, and after 2-3 cloudy days, the hot sun shines:

  • 29-32° during the day;
  • 25° at night;
  • 30° in the water.

A rich excursion program will brighten up any bad weather. The only disadvantages are the long flight and the high prices for the tour – from 139 000 rubles.


South Korea successfully coexist ancient traditions and high technology. Best vacation destinations:

  1. Yellow Sea and Jeju Island are ideal for families with children, fishermen and lovers of mud. Honeymooners come here for their honeymoon.
  2. The East Sea will delight you with its cleanliness and spacious sandy beaches. The temperature of the Sea of Japan in July is 23-24 degrees.

The daytime temperature rises to 28-30° in mid-July. It rains half the month and only 14 days are sunny. A week of vacation costs 54,000 rubles per person.

By the sea, on the waves

cruise venezuela mediterranean sea italy ship

© EdiHoch / / CC BY 2.0

Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea will allow in one trip to see several countries and to swim in the waters of the accompanying areas. After all, the Mediterranean includes 11 seas. Some you will be able to swim in:

  • Adriatic Sea – 25-26°;
  • Aegean Sea – 23-24°;
  • Ionian Sea – 25°.

The cost of the cruise – from 43 000 rubles per person.

As you can see, you can have a great vacation in any weather. The world is opened to curious and caring travelers.

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