Beach Mogren in Budva

Mogren beach.

Mogren beach

The beach has paid and free areas. Equipment rental (2 sun loungers + umbrella) 20-30 euros per day, depending on the location. Paid toilet – 0,5 euros.

Walking distance To Mogren-1 from the center of Budva – up to 1.5 km, the passage to Mogren-2 – through the tunnel.

Budva, like the rest of Montenegro, is famous for its beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

The temperature of the water and the air in the season remains at a comfortable 27 degrees above zero.

Two beaches, connected by a small cape on the south-west coast of Budva have the same name – Mogren. Due to the lack of hotels in the area of the beach Mogren distinguishes itself from the other beaches of Budva with its cleanliness and grooming. Many travelers consider it the best beach in this city.

The beach bay closer to the center of the city is Mogren-1, the next one, hidden by a rock is Mogren-2. Both beaches are very popular not only with locals, but also with tourists who come here for the summer.

Mogren beach has its own peculiarity. It is neither sandy, nor pebbly. It is something in between – either very small pebbles or very coarse sand. The beach attracts visitors with its stunningly beautiful nature. Its bays are formed by powerful rocks, where the centuries-old rock is deposited in layers. The tops of the cliffs are buried in greenery and protect the beach from any prying eyes. On all sides surrounded by mountains, and far into the sea you can see the old town and the island of St. Nicholas.

The sea here is transparent, with an unusual emerald-green hue, and among the stones it is easy to find a sea urchin or a crab, and it always says something about the purity of the water.

Mogren beach


The beach strip of Mogren is relatively small. The first part (Mogren-1) is about 200 meters of shoreline, the second (Mogren-2) is just under 150 meters. The rock between them does not belong to this system of beaches, it is often used by nudists for recreation.

There is a thoroughfare in the rock that connects the beaches, so that the tourists can easily go from one beach to another without even getting their feet wet. This is helped by a small wooden bridge, where, by the way, get great pictures.

The beach offers deck chairs, sun umbrellas, toilets and showers with fresh water, cabins, where you can change your clothes. There is a massage salon, stores, cafes and restaurants. For those who love adrenaline here is a lot of opportunities. For example, you can become a beginner wakeboarder, ride a jet ski, scooter or catamaran, soar into the air on a parasail, go sailing.

Please note: toilets on the beach are charged at 0.5 euros.

Mogren beach

The difference between the beaches of Mogren 1 and Mogren 2

The first beach, according to tourists, more modern and civilized, the main infrastructure is concentrated here. Vacationers are located in the lounge chairs. The sea bottom is more gentle.

The second beach is more focused on a free, “wild” rest. It is more suitable for those who do not like unnecessary costs and conventions, and is happy to sunbathe on a beach towel.

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During the high season both beaches are popular and it can be difficult to find a free place to relax. Therefore experienced tourists warn: come to the beach in the early morning or close to 7 pm, when the bulk of holidaymakers have already dispersed.

Anyone can get to both beaches. The cost of renting a deck chair with umbrella is about 15-20 euros per day on the second line from the water and beyond. Sun loungers with umbrellas by the water will cost you 30 euros per day for two people. Prices may change at different times of the season. When you rent a place, be sure to let them know if you’re going to go away for a while and come back.

The entrance to the sea will please both adults and children. The coast here is shallow, which allows kids and those who are not very confident in the water, stay in shallow water. On the other hand, the depth increases pretty fast, which allows those who prefer big water to dive and swim.

Safety in Mogrena is provided by a team of lifeguards. Their work, as well as the overall quality of beach holidays here has repeatedly been confirmed by the “Blue Flag” – a well-known award in this field.

Duration of the high season on the beaches of Mogren is about four months – from May to September, and all this time it is very crowded.

In their reviews, tourists who have been here note that the prices on the beach are slightly higher than on other beaches in Budva, such as Slavic Beach.

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How to get to Mogren beach

The beach can be reached on foot from the city center.

The road to Mogren is worthy of a separate mention. Taking the Old Town as a reference point, we walk along the promenade past Richards Head Beach and Avala Resort & Villas. Ducking under the canopy of the new building, we emerge on a small trail winding along the cliff. From here begins the incredible beauty, which in itself is a worthy excuse to explore the new beach. This is one of the most picturesque corners of Budva, where everyone easily becomes a great photographer. In addition to the fantastic views, you can admire along the way, for example, blooming cacti.

The whole route to the beach will take you a maximum of 20 minutes (from the city center to Mogren about 2 km). Sometimes the path becomes quite narrow and seems even dangerous – there are no barriers on it everywhere, and the steep cliffs seem to overhang as if on purpose, threatening to rockfall. However, experienced travelers say that there is actually no danger here. Just be careful, wear comfortable shoes with non-skid soles, and refrain from walking the trail in the rainy season.

If you are travelling from outlying areas of Budva, the Eco Taxi is popular in this town.

Panoramic view of Mogren beach in Budva – Google Maps panorama

Beach Mogren in Budva: where to find it, description and photos

Beach Mogren is located within Budva, a popular resort in Montenegro. It is conventionally divided into two parts by a cliff. A convenient and safe stone path leads to them from the city.

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Mogren is often called the best beach of Budva because of the amazing purity of the water and the beaches themselves. Even despite the large number of tourists during the season, the coast is regularly cleaned of garbage. In 2004 Mogren was awarded the Blue Flag, which is the official proof of the cleanliness of the water around the beach.

The road to Mogren from the old part of the city takes about 20 minutes. It runs along the rocks and is in itself a small beautiful and exciting excursion. It is not possible to drive up to the beach.

Beaches of Mogren from the sea, Montenegro

Around Mogren you can go by boat or ship. From the sea the beaches look very green and not as crowded as they really are.

Ballerina on the background of old Budva, Montenegro

The ballerina, the symbol of Budva, is not so easy to approach, but it is definitely worth admiring. It blends very nicely into the panorama of the old town.

Beaches Mogren I and II in Budva: is there a difference between them?

The promenade near the beaches Mogren I and II is picturesquely rugged with stone boulders in the sea and rock layering, partly covered with pine needles and cacti on land. In summer, there are very few places on the beach, even by 9 am, all crowded with holidaymakers.

The first beach is located closer to the old Budva. It is convenient to get to it with small children and a stroller. On Mogren I slightly better developed infrastructure. It is possible to sunbathe and swim till the evening. There is a paid lane with sun loungers and umbrellas and free for those who are used to lounging on a towel. Prices for sun beds on Mogren I higher – in August, a set of 2 sun beds and an umbrella will cost 20 euros on the first line and 15 euros for all others. The choice of sun loungers is greater.

Mogren II is behind the first. You have to go through a narrow grotto and a small wooden bridge without railings. To get to it because of this is more difficult – the wheelchair will not pass, and small children will have to be carried in the arms. At the beginning of the tourist season the bridge is missing, in August is often in dilapidated condition. After about 16:00 the beach gradually covers the natural shade.

Adriatic sea on the road to Mogren, Montenegro

Such stones in the sea on the way to Mogren is a usual phenomenon. Note the amazing color of the water.

Greens on the rocks near the beaches of Mogren, Montenegro

Some vegetation descends from the rocks right to the beaches. On Mogren II, it provides an opportunity to hide from the sun.

Road to Mogren beaches, Montenegro

A comfortable road to Mogren. The edge, closer to the sea is fenced with a metal fence. Where there are safe areas, there are open viewing platforms.

Beach Mogren I with photos.

Entrance to the beach is absolutely free. The surface is sand mixed with tiny pebbles and shells. The sea bottom is rather flat at the beginning. At Mogren I the shoreline is wider. There is a cafe working in a season, through which the road to beaches (the prices are higher than in Budva), paid toilet on 1 euro, booths for changing, fresh showers, lifeguard tower and paid massage.

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Wide variety of water sports: jet ski rental, kayak or catamaran, flyboarding, parachute flight behind the boat and even windsurfing training. The pleasures are not cheap.

Paid sun loungers with umbrellas occupy most of the beach. Concentrated at its beginning, close to the cafe. Rent an umbrella here will cost 5 euros, and a set with two sun beds – from 15 to 20 euros. There is also a place for tourists with their own beach accessories.

Rest on Mogren I is more noisy. Here come with children, not infrequently with very young, and the cafe usually plays music loudly. On the beach, even in the morning during the season, there are very few places.

Mogren I in August daytime, Montenegro

This situation is typical for Mogren in the peak season, in August. On the first beach there are a lot of children and there are all kinds of entertainment.

Evening at Mogren I, Montenegro

Entrance to Mogren I, beaches of Montenegro

Right at the entrance to Mogren I there is a pay zone with sunbeds. There is a cafe on the right, you have to walk through it to get to the beach.

Rock nets on Mogren I, beaches of Montenegro

Changing cabins on Mogren I, Montenegro

In front of the entrance to Mogren I, Montenegro

Before entering Mogren I, you can find information about the water activities offered on the beach and their costs.

Cafe on the beach in Mogren I, Montenegro

Prices for drinks and snacks in the waterfront cafes are more expensive than in Budva. It is better to take everything you need with you.

Fresh showers on Mogren I, beaches of Montenegro

A big plus of Mogren I is the availability of freshwater showers. It is very convenient after bathing in the salty sea to wash everything off. Moreover, the nearest accommodation is a walk of at least 20 minutes.

Beach Mogren II with photos

As in the previous case, the entrance to the beach is free. The surface of the beach is sandy, sometimes with admixtures of tiny pebbles and shells. At the end of the beach, near the rocks in the water are a lot of large rocks and boulders. Among them live sea urchins. It is better not to walk in this place without special shoes.

The entrance to the sea is smooth, without precipices, and the bottom is sandy. The beach at Mogren II is smaller than the neighboring one. It also has a seasonal cafe, built, by the way, on the site of the church of St. Anthony of Padua. In addition, there is a lifeguard tower, changing room, fresh showers, sets of sun loungers and umbrellas.

The only water attractions here are the catamarans, which makes the beach quieter and calmer.

Near the cafe, at the beginning of the promenade, there is the possibility to rent a set of two sun loungers and an umbrella from 10 euros. At first glance, on Mogren II more space is allocated for vacationers with towels. True, the area is allocated worse: it is partly in the shadow of the vegetation-covered rock and from 16:00 gradually becomes unsuitable for sunbathers.

Holidaymakers on Mogren II a little less, but still, in the season free space is not enough. It is connected with inaccessibility: to reach the beach, it is necessary to overcome not always the whole bridge. The wheelchair on it will not pass – steep turns will not allow. Besides, in a grotto there are places where it is difficult to separate two people. Early in the morning on the way to Mogren II you can meet small crabs.

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From the rocks behind the beach, daredevils often jump. The height is about 10 meters, there are more. Without comfortable shoes it will be difficult to approach the rock from the shore. You must overcome several meters of slippery and sharp boulders before you get to a flat surface. Some people take the same route to the dilapidated fortress of Mogren. Although it is much easier and safer to get to it from the top, by car or on foot along the main road, the Jadránský path.

Entrance to Mogren II, Beaches of Montenegro

Mogren II looks more deserted. Here, too, you can rent a set of sun loungers and an umbrella or choose a free area.

Bridges to Mogren II, beaches of Montenegro

There is a bridge through the tunnel in the rock. At the beginning of the season, it looks quite normal and reliable.

Sun loungers on Mogren II, Montenegro

Even during the day there are seats on Mogren II. It’s rarer to come here with kids. Therefore, the problem of being splashed or sand-stained is minimized.

On the road to Mogren II, Montenegro

Gradually by the end of the beach season, the bridge becomes less reliable. Sometimes it is easier and safer to walk along the bottom. The depth at this point is quite shallow.

Near the shore of Mogren II, Montenegro

Evening swimming near the shores of Mogren II, Montenegro

After about 16:00 it gets cooler on Mogren, the sun disappears behind the rock. But the water is still nice and allows you to swim a little more.

Bridge on the Mogren II in late August, beaches of Montenegro

And this is how the bridge looks at the end of August. It is already missing some of the boards. By the way, they are very slippery, and the rocks at head level are sometimes sharp and quite dangerous.

Sea off the coast of Mogren II, Montenegro

Viewing and diving rock behind Mogren II, Montenegro

Hotels near Mogren

There are no hotels or apartments on the first line in front of Mogren beaches. On one side there are steep cliffs, on the other – the azure Adriatic Sea. In any case, you have to walk to Mogren.

The closest, in the old part of Budva, are the hotels:

    – 4*, there is a nice private beach at Richard’s Head. Modern design, beautiful rooms, tasty and varied breakfasts. It’s a 10 minute walk from this hotel to Mogren. – 3*, has good reviews, breakfast is included. Modern furniture in the rooms, regular cleaning. In walking distance to the beaches of Richard’s Head and Mogren. – 4*, stands on the first line, has two pools, spa, fitness center, private beach area, excellent breakfasts. The closest hotel to Mogren. On the way to the beaches, be guided precisely by Avala – the road goes under its outdoor pool.

On the rock above Mogren also has suitable accommodation. From the apartments to the beaches is about 15 minutes, to the old Budva half as much. Such accommodation is great for tourists with a car or those who like to walk up the stairs. In exchange for the “inconvenience” – the magnificent views of the Budva embankment.

    – A spacious room for up to 3 people. In addition to the balcony, has a terrace, equipped kitchen and air conditioning. There is free private parking. – A 4* complex with its own swimming pool. There are studios with a kitchenette as well as apartments. There is free parking on site.
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Reviews about the beaches of Mogren

During our vacation in Montenegro, the most favorite and most often visited beaches are Mogren. We usually live quite far from them, in the new quiet part of Budva, Babilonija. To get to the beaches, it takes us more than an hour, but it is more than offset by the nice views, interesting road and crystal clear sea. Particularly nice on Mogren II, a little quieter and quieter. There are a lot of tourists, but they do not lie on each other’s heads. Even after 10 there is an opportunity to find a place not too far from the water or rent a deck chair.

By the way, on the way to the beaches, you can buy besides drinks, fruit or other denser food if you plan to spend the whole day near the sea. The best store, located just on the way, will be a supermarket Voli – at the same time and drag not far.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Mogren yet, we advise you to definitely remedy the situation and take a walk to the beaches. Get tremendous enjoyment even from the road itself.

For those who doubt or want to enjoy the beaches of Mogren as well as the seafront of the Budvan Riviera from the water, there is an excellent walking tour Fish picnic on the spacious boat Elena. Our friends, like us, found it to their liking.

During the excursion, tourists are entertained by the ship’s captain, free aperitifs and later lunch on the boat, three swimming stops: in the waters of the Blue Lagoon, in Hawaii and near the popular Yaz.

How to get to Mogren? Route map from old Budva

First of all, we reach old Budva. We leave the fortress wall with Mozart restaurant on the left and at the next fork we go right, to Hotel Avala and its stone pool stands. Richard’s Head beach will remain behind. Just beyond the stone cover you will see an iron gate with the inscription Mogren carved above it. After a few meters you will see the business card of Budva – a graceful figure of a ballerina, frozen in a pose of a swallow. The guests of the country often like to take pictures with her in front of it. After a few hundred meters the stone path leads to the first Mogren.

The calling card of Budva, ballerina, Montenegro

A typical photo from the path leading to Mogren. Near the old town it is not uncommon to see and purchase pictures of a similar landscape.

Beach-goers on the rocks, Mogren, Montenegro

The entire length of the trail is fenced with a secure iron fence. The places where there may be a rock fall on the cliff, draped in iron nets.

At their own risk, some tourists climb over the fence and sit right on the huge boulders. The seabed in these places is often strewn with stones and is not suitable for swimming.

Mogren II is located just behind the first, it is only necessary to pass through a tunnel in the rock. There is usually a wooden bridge here, but if it’s missing or broken, you’ll have to wade past the cliff. Be extremely careful: not infrequently the planks are slippery.

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