Beach vacation in October 2022. Where is inexpensive? Cheap Tours and Tickets

Where to go to the sea in October

Where to spend your vacation in October

Vacation ideas for October. Find out where to find the best vacations and where there are cheap tickets and tours right now.

Here’s what a beach vacation in October is good for:

  • The sea is still very warm,
  • The sun is still very warm, and there is no heat,
  • The prices are lower than in summer and a half or two times,
  • free beaches.

For many destinations relevant rule: vacation in late October will be about 10-15% cheaper than at the beginning of the month.


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    and Level.Travel – search for bargain tours – here you can book a hotel with any Russian card

Where to have a rest on the sea in October


The queen of budget vacations – Turkey. It has always been, and in 2022 it is especially relevant. This is where you should go for a good and at the same time inexpensive vacation by the sea in October.

There are direct flights and charter flights, and tours are sold from many cities in Russia. We accept “MIR” cards. Tour “all inclusive” for a week at the five with good reviews will cost from 110 thousand for two – in today’s realities is not expensive.

Tours from 90,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From ₽35,000 round trip for one person without a connection Find tickets →
Hotels From 1,500 ₽ Find hotel →


The cheapest vacation abroad by the sea in October 2022.

Planes from many cities fly to Adler airport, tickets are inexpensive, tours are on sale. In the country work cards “MIR” and you can pay in rubles. Cheap tours imply rest in guest houses with the most spartan conditions. A trip to a decent hotel or boarding house will cost 2-3 times more.

Tours from 18 000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 5,500 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels from 1,000 ₽ Find hotel →


One of the top destinations of the season. The absence of direct flights does not scare anyone, so the Russians in 2022 are actively flying here on vacation. You can fly to Vladikavkaz or somewhere else, or you can get there for half or three times as cheap by car. At the links you will find all the relevant information.

There are tours on sale in Georgia. The prices for tours to the sea are quite adequate, but the flight will involve a connection.

Tours from 80 000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 24,000 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels from ₽3,000 Find hotel →

An expensive country is given away for cheap. Why so? Because it’s one of the few countries, where from Russia still fly, and from different cities, the main thing is to have time to buy them in advance, because the demand is great. So in October you can relax here quite inexpensively and without hassle.

Tours for May holidays 2016: where to fly cheap?

The cost of recreation in the Emirates during October is not going down, but increases, because from mid-autumn there begins high season. So go at the beginning of the month will be a little cheaper than at the end.

Tours from 95,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 38,000 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels from 2,000 ₽ Find hotel →


Yes, Thailand is with us again, although without direct flights (direct Aeroflot flights to Phuket are scheduled only from October 30, 2022). But the Thais have finally simplified the conditions of entry. They must change planes in the Emirates or Qatar. There are tours on sale with these connecting flights. Prices are more or less humane if you buy in advance.

The cost of recreation during October increases smoothly – the high season begins.

Tours from 150,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From ₽60,000 round trip for one person Find tickets →
Hotels from 600 ₽ Find hotel →

Sri Lanka

If political upheaval and a severe economic crisis seem like the right seasoning for your vacation, then fly to Ceylon in October 2022. There are no direct flights yet, but there are connecting flights, tours are also sold with connecting flights – all at a reasonable cost.

Tours From 110,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 45,000 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels From 1,500 ₽ Find hotel →


Another place to go for an inexpensive vacation in October 2022. Yes, yes, you heard that right: just considering how much money and complexity a vacation in, say, Greece or Montenegro now requires, the Maldives seems to be quite a budget option.

There are direct Aeroflot flights, but it will be cheaper to fly on Arab carriers with a connection in the Emirates or Qatar. There are also tours on sale. If you want to save money, read how to get a cheap vacation in the Maldives – I told about our experience on the paradise beaches for $ 700 for two people for 10 days.

Tours from 150,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 45,000 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels from ₽3,000 Find hotel →


Tours are on sale, charters and direct scheduled flights to Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, but it is cheaper to fly to the resorts with a connection in the capital. Prices are not what they used to be, but tolerable. But keep in mind that an all-inclusive trip to a good five will cost at least 30-40% more than the cheapest tour.

Rest in Russia in April 2022: Where to go
Tours From 110,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 40,000 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels from 2 500 ₽ Find hotel →

Where to go in October

Let’s see where to find the most pleasant vacation spots with warm sea in October.


It’s always a win-win: mountains, warm sea, great beaches, good hotels and service, plenty of attractions, delicious food. We have vacationed in Turkey five times, and on the last trip rented a car, traveled three thousand kilometers for a month and saw what a great country it is.

October is the best time to relax in Turkey, for a beach holiday suit any southern resort. Look for the warmest sea in Belek, Side, Kemer, Antalya and Alanya – the water is heated to +24. 27°С. In Bodrum, Kusadasi and Marmaris the water is a couple of degrees cooler. However, the coolest beaches and a European atmosphere you will find exactly in the resorts of the Aegean Sea. Learn more about rest in October in Turkey and read where to rest.

What to do. Enjoy the sea and the beautiful beaches, eat fruits and Turkish sweets, go on a few cool excursions, or better rent a car and make a great car trip along an interesting route. See the ruins of ancient cities, the beauty and scale of which would be the envy of even Greece, and make sure to go to Cappadocia – it’s just another planet.

Turkey – it’s a magnificent sea … fantastic Cappadocia … and a rich antique heritage.

Black Sea

There are resorts in the Krasnodar region, the Crimea, Abkhazia, and Georgia – take your pick. We often go to the Black Sea, and have been there in October. If you are lucky with the weather, in the first decade of October, the sea is still warm enough for swimming. Resorts at this time are quiet, calm and pleasant, and prices are greatly reduced.

By pass By yourself
Tours in Sochi → Tickets to Sochi →
Tours in Crimea → Tickets to Crimea →
Tours in Abkhazia → Tickets to Abkhazia (Sochi) →
Tours in Georgia → Tickets to Georgia →

Sea in GelendzhikExcellent wild beach “Sosnovka” in Gelendzhik with amazingly clear water. Recreation in GeorgiaGeorgia is also interesting because besides the sea you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains. However, this also applies to the Crimea, and Sochi, and Abkhazia. For maximum enjoyment, I recommend renting a car and arrange a real trip. We always do just that.

Mediterranean Sea

October is a good time to relax at the Mediterranean resorts of Europe. In July and August it is unbearably hot and excessively crowded, and prices are very high. But with the advent of autumn everything changes for the better – it’s worth taking advantage of this. At every opportunity, we go on vacation in Italy, Spain, Greece or Cyprus with great pleasure. All these countries – a fantastic combination of ancient architecture, delicious food, beautiful nature, warm sea and a beneficial Mediterranean climate.

Holidays in Russia in the summer of 2022: where to go

Also for a pleasant holiday by the sea in October, you can safely go to Montenegro and Albania – the beaches and the sea there are excellent, plus allowed to enter without a visa.

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Tours in Italy → Tickets to Italy →
Tours in Spain → Tickets to Spain →
Tours in Greece → Tickets to Greece →
Tours in Cyprus → Tickets to Cyprus →
Tours in Montenegro → Tickets to Montenegro →
Tickets to Albania →

Matala Beach in CreteFor a serene holiday in October, it’s worth going to some Greek island. This is a photo from our fall trip to Crete. We swam there even in November! Cheap trip to ItalyItaly is beauty at every turn. This is where I first went abroad and have been coming back again and again ever since. The photo shows me in Venice 12 years ago.


I highly recommend to all romantics to go to the stunning Azores. I went there at the end of September – beginning of October and was totally delighted: Atlantic waters are still warm enough for bathing, it’s very fresh, all the islands are buried in greenery and hydrangeas, and the amazing volcanic landscapes can make your head spin. Also there are very cheap by European standards and generally a real paradise!

The landscapes of the Azores are beautiful. Beaches with black volcanic sand in the Azores. The island of San Miguel.


In October, the hellish heat recedes, and the resorts of Tunisia, Israel and Morocco become comfortable. I especially recommend Morocco – amazing country! Honestly, the resorts there are weak, but it is insanely beautiful and very colorful. We traveled through the country for a month and a half in August and September: at first we were dying of heat, but with the advent of autumn was much more pleasant. Visit Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Essaouira, Legzira – all very different, but equally charming and interesting places.

In October the weather is also beautiful in the resorts of Egypt and the UAE. You can swim, sunbathe and go on excursions without the risk of catching heat stroke or burn.

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Tours in Tunisia → Tickets to Tunisia →
Tours in Israel → Tickets to Israel →
Tours in Morocco → Tickets to Morocco →
Tours in Egypt → Online tickets to Egypt →
Tours in UAE → Tickets to the UAE →

Beach holidays in MoroccoFor my taste, the Moroccan beach of Legzira is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Where to go in October without a visa

Here I will list only visa-free destinations that are more or less suitable for a beach holiday in October. In 2022, Russians do not need a visa to travel to these countries:

Where to go to the sea with a child in April 2022

Holidays in October 2022

For your convenience, we’ve gathered the best resources for making your own travel arrangements in October 2022.

We don’t sell anything, but help you find the cheapest vacation options. We’ve compiled the best picks of where to vacation inexpensively. Compare prices and save time on finding your perfect trip.

Where to go for a cheap vacation in October

Lowest price calendar of holidays abroad

The best deals on last minute trips at discounted prices from all tour operators to the resorts with 3-4-5* star hotels in the first line.

Where to go to rest – overview

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Discounted tour to Mauritius. Travel for 11 nights from October 4th for 148 962 pg.

Budget tour to Israel. A 6-night tour for 21 812 p.

A great price! Tour to Indonesia for 6 nights from October 8 for 67 316 p.

Autumn in Georgia. Tour for 5 nights from October 15 for 20 949 p.

Cheap tour to Tunisia. 7 nights from October 14 for 24 336 p.

Discounted tour to France. 5 nights from October 29 for 46 912 p.

Great offer. Travel to Turkey for 5 nights from October 4 for 22 270 p.

Italy for 9 nights. From October 8 for 33 185 p.

Budget in Indonesia. 7 nights from October 25 for 64 124 p.

Budget to Georgia. A week from October 3, for 23 812 p.

Two in Nice. 3 nights from October 22 for 48 408 p.

Malta for Two. Tour for 2 people in St. Julians (Malta) for 6 nights for 54 144 p., depart on 10 October.

Exotic Week. Tour of India for 7 nights for 36 359 p., depart on 03rd of October.

A week in Hungary. From October 23 for 21 064 p.

Romance for Two! Travel to France for 7 nights from October 17 for 66 777 p .

Budget tour to Spain. Tour for 5 nights from October 18 for 20 895 p.

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A Week for Two in Batumi. Tour for 2 people in Georgia for 7 nights for 42 627 p., depart on 06 October.

A week of sea and sun. A tour to Egypt for 7 nights for 53 805 p., depart on 02 October.

A Week in Tunisia! From 21 October for 23 834 p.

Turkey for a week in the fall. Travel to Turkey for 7 nights for 19 038 pp. All inclusive. Departure October 24.

Unforgettable Barcelona! Tour of Spain for 7 nights for 21 089 p., depart on October 20.

For Two in Batumi. Tour for 2 in Georgia for 6 nights for 43 193 p., depart on 01 October.

A Week in Armenia. Tour to Yerevan for 2 people for 7 nights for 43 581 p.p., departure on October 15.

Montenegro at a good price. Tour to Budva (Montenegro) for 10 nights for 26 967 p., depart on October 08.

Super price! All inclusive! Travel to Turkey for 5 nights for 16,422 p., depart on October 14.

Get away from the fall! Tour to Indonesia for 7 nights for 66 818 p., depart on October 16.

Spend your autumn vacations in Croatia. Tour to Novigrad for 9 nights for 52 077 p., depart on October 13.

See Autumn in Tbilisi. Tour of Georgia for 7 nights for only 23,345 p., depart on Oct. 01.

Super price! Tour to Turkey for 9 nights only 20 256 p.! All inclusive! Departure October 19.

Very cheap to Spain. A 6-night tour from October 14 for only $ 20,435!

A week in Malta for two. Tour Saint Pauls Bay for 7 nights for two for only 63 811 p., depart on October 13.

Budget to Tunisia. 4 nights from October 11 for 22 113 p.

No cheaper! Travel to Thailand for 10 nights from October 15 for 35 064 p.

Flight to Montenegro! A tour for 9 nights from October 13 for 28 706 p.

Cheap to Israel. 5 nights from October 3 for 21 753 p.

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