Beaches of Georgia: 7 best and 3 worst. Photos and reviews

The best beaches in Georgia according to tourist reviews


The Black Sea coast and sandy beaches of Georgia are another reason to visit this small, hospitable country in the summer. Subtropical climate, many plants from all five continents. The opportunity to hide out in the summer high in the mountains, which is literally an hour’s drive away. Hospitable and responsive people, special cuisine, and well, the main thing why people go to the sea – the beaches of Georgia.

What are the beaches in Georgia

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Most of the beaches in Georgia on the Black Sea coast of pebbles: fine and coarse. There is also a unique sandy beach in the village of Ureki. The uniqueness of this beach is not that it is made of sand, and not even that the sand is black. The beaches of Georgia in Ureki are magnetic, i.e. the mineral sand is mixed with magnetic ironstone (also in the form of sand).

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Sandy beaches in Georgia are also found in the village of Grigoleti. Unfortunately, tourists who like to relax on the beaches of this beautiful village, in 2017, was waiting for disappointment. Most of the beaches with magnetic sand, similar to the Urek, were covered with river pebbles. Since the pebbles had not yet been treated with water, they were sharp and not very clean. It was not so comfortable there. This year, the situation has improved. It is necessary to know that at the beginning and the end of the village, which stretches along the coast for ten kilometers, the sand has remained. And you can enjoy a nice rest.

Where to go on a beach vacation in Georgia

In Georgia, tourists are waiting for the beaches of the cities:

    – the sea capital of Georgia; – a place where young people like to hang out;
    – Ancient Roman citadel has been preserved in the village; – the cleanest water in this place;
  • Makhinjauri and Green Cape are comparatively sparsely populated beaches;
  • Tsikhisdziri – small beaches, rocky shores, caves;
  • Shekvetili – not crowded beaches of fine pebbles, turning into sand; Magnetic sands;
  • Grigoleti – magnetic sands, pebbles, pine plantations on the shore; – small sandy beaches at the entrance to the city, pebble beaches in the city; – hangout place for teenagers, youth camps, where youth festivals are held.

There are also villages located near the sea, there, too, rest in peace and quiet.

To say that the Black Sea coast of Georgia – an ideal place for a beach holiday is a bit of an exaggeration. Of course, the coast of Georgia is far from the European and island beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, they are also far from the Australian and Central American coasts.

Many large and small rivers flowing into the Black Sea, unfortunately, pollute both the shore and the water. This is noticeable in inclement weather. Culture of behavior, locals and tourists diligently trying to dirty the beaches and surrounding area, also spoil the image of a beach holiday.

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However, it would be a mistake not to notice the tendency to improve too, each year the condition of the beaches and coastal areas is getting better and better.

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

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Where are the sandy beaches in Georgia?

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Beaches of Batumi

Batumi is the maritime capital of Georgia. The main port of the country is located in the city. In Batumi is the most developed tourist infrastructure. Georgia beaches of the city are clean, constantly cleaned, they are pebbly, very wide. Along the coast for two dozen kilometers stretches new landscaped boulevard and city beaches. The reconstruction of the city was conducted in accordance with European standards, there are bicycle paths and bicycle and scooter rentals. Walking along the boulevard, eating delicious national food, having fun at the casino, admiring the aquarium and the dolphinarium, visiting museums and cultural events are just a small part of the activities that tourists can indulge in besides lying on the beach and sleeping, listening to the soothing sound of the surf.

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Beaches of Kobuleti

Kobuleti is the second largest coastal city in Georgia. (Unfortunately, the once leading Sukhumi (Gagra, Gudauta and other cities of Abkhazia) ended up in territories not controlled by the Georgian authorities). Since Soviet times, popular among tourists preferring beach holidays, Kobuleti has all the necessary data to be considered one of the best resorts:

  • The city has many hotels and hostels;
  • Relatively inexpensive room rates;
  • In cafes and restaurants you can eat delicious food;
  • on a wide and long beach there is always room for you;
  • there is an opportunity to have fun, including renting bicycles, by the way, it is also the most convenient means of transport to get around the city.

Kobuleti is a comfortable tourist town, it is loved mostly by young people, so it is noisy in summer and the beach is full of people. Those who want privacy prefer to rest on the beaches outside the city, in the villages Tsikhisdziri, Bobokvati, etc.

Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Beaches in Ureki

Ureki is an ideal place for a family vacation, if you have children, you should go only to Ureki or Grigoleti. There are many reasons for this, some of them are:

  • low entrance to the sea, which is why children are not afraid of water;
  • sandy beach, so it does not hurt to lie down;
  • magnetic sand is a panacea for many diseases and an excellent preventive tool that strengthens the immune system;
  • Ureki, as well as Grigoleti is a village, so there is an opportunity to eat organic food, which is offered by locals.
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Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

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Best Beaches in Georgia According to Traveller Reviews

Anaklia Beaches

Anaklia is a resort for youth and teenagers. Built relatively recently it has not only a tourist but also a political purpose. The resort is built close to the administrative border, its purpose is to attract the attention of young residents of Abkhazia. The resort calls for renewal of the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia as well. Anaklia regularly hosts youth festivals and youth festivals, so it, like Kobuleti, is popular among young people.

The best and worst beaches for recreation in Georgia. Where to go with children and how to choose the right place for you.

A selection of beaches in Georgia, a list of the best beaches in the country, clean and with developed infrastructure. On the website madloba you will find the ideal places near the sea and the worst, which should not be visited because of pollution. Sarpi is a beautiful beach and bathing place for tourists.

Choose the best beach for your vacation⬇️

 Wonders of Georgian nature

Wonders of Georgian nature

 Resorts in Georgia

Resorts in Georgia

Georgia has at its disposal about a hundred kilometers of the Black Sea coast. This country is rich in beaches with clear water and snow-white pebbles of different sizes. You can freely come to any of these beaches and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. The only question is which beach to go to and what should you expect upon arrival?

In this article, you will learn in detail which beaches in Georgia are the best and which ones you should not visit. Where you can go with children, and where children will not be interested. On which beach you will find comfort and cleanliness, and on which there is a lot of trash and zero conditions.

7 best beaches in Georgia.

A beach with a view of the Black Sea

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Pebble beach in the village of Sarpi is considered the top spot for seaside recreation in Georgia. A large number of tourists – lovers of swimming in the sea – flock here. The water here is clean and warm. Although the beach infrastructure is not well developed, which sometimes complicates a good holiday.

A minus of this beach is the close location to the border with Turkey. Although there are views of the foreign side, which in itself is an interesting phenomenon, but the proximity of the customs post will interfere greatly.

There is a constant stream of cars going both ways along the highway, there are kilometer-long lines and noise is created. All of this happens in close proximity to the coast. It is unlikely that such a neighborhood will give you a quiet rest. And to sunbathe and swim under the gaze of passing motorists is not many like.

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Top of the Best Beaches in Georgia

Magnetiti .

Another beach in Georgia, considered one of the best in the country is Magnetiti. Here the coast is covered with dark gray magnetic sand, which contributes to the treatment of musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular disease, and in general has curative properties on the human body.

The therapeutic beach is suitable for family recreation. Nearby there is a large selection of cafes and restaurants, hotels and gesthouses.

The beach stretches for five kilometers along the Black Sea, and the entrance to the water is very comfortable, gentle and without sharp cliffs. The sea warms up very quickly, which is convenient for families with children. Along the coast grows a pine forest, which stops for car tourists. This forest also creates a shady curtain, which is very important in hot, hot days.

Top of the Best Beaches in Georgia


Batumi beach is the biggest gathering place for tourists, travelers and just local vacationers. The beach here is studded with white pebbles, and the beach areas are well equipped. If you want maximum comfort and convenience, the beach of Batumi is ideal for this.

Although there is one significant drawback. Near the beach there is the mouth of the Chorokhi River, and after the rains the water rises and brings garbage and silt to the beach of Batumi. This is why the sea is not the cleanest here. But if you come here with children, then there is a special children’s beach in the city center, where a family vacation is possible.

In Batumi there are many different kinds of entertainment programs. There are beaches where a lot of people gather, but there are also those where it is quiet and peaceful. And all this within the city itself. Such a developed infrastructure means a large selection of cafes and restaurants, hotels, hotels and hostels. All this is available on any budget and to any taste.

Top of the Best Beaches in Georgia

Green Cape

The beach with the clearest water is Green Cape. Fans of surfing and divers prefer this unusual place to any other beach in Georgia. The coastline of Cape Verde is crowded, and deep enough and, good waves allow surfing and diving.

The entrance to the water in some places can be with sharp ledges and precipices. For rest with children it is not very convenient and even dangerous. But here you can visit the beautiful Botanical Garden of Batumi, which stretches along the coast itself. Lush subtropical greenery and clear water attract many tourists.

The beach here is pebbly and not very comfortable to walk on, but you can walk on the lined wooden decking that stretches along the entire beach. In one part of the beach area there are rocks from which adrenaline-seeking tourists jump into the sea.

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Top of the Best Beaches in Georgia


Kvariati beach is one of the top beaches in the country. It has a clean sea and white pebble beach, well-developed infrastructure, so it is suitable for any holiday, and for families as well. The peace and quiet, reasonable prices and comfortable conditions are a big plus of this place.

Kvariati is very clean and comfortable, the shoreline beach is wide and comfortable, so there is no crowding even in high season. Rest is truly peaceful. So if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and the noise of cars, come to Kvariati. Here you will find silence, peace and true relaxation for body and soul.

Top of the Best Beaches in Georgia


For a family vacation with small children, the beach of Gonio is ideal. Along the coast there is a beautiful boulevard, where the whole family can stroll and watch the sea scenery in peace. The first line of the beach is not built up, which is very convenient.

The road is away from the beach, so you will not be disturbed by the noise of cars and curious glances of passing motorists. The entrance to the sea is shallow and the depth increases gradually. The shore is covered with large pebbles. There are no sharp bluffs and no big currents.

The coast of Gonio is very well developed, here you can find everything for a comfortable holiday. The water in the sea is very clear and clean. But there is no natural shade in Gonio and there is not much vegetation near the beach, which is not to everyone’s liking, especially on hot days. However, the beach has sun beds and gazebos, deck chairs and other amenities that will save you from the scorching sun. Some beaches in Georgia, unlike Gonio, cannot boast such infrastructure.

Top of the Best Beaches in Georgia


Kobuleti is very warm at any time of the year due to its location. The mountains that surround the village on one side do not allow the winds to get here. The coastal area is equipped with everything you need for recreation. Kobuleti is considered one of the best beaches in Georgia.

It has the cleanest water and beautiful scenery. The town is something between a big city and a provincial village of Georgia. Here is everything for a comfortable life and from Kobuleti is very convenient to get to national parks and many other beaches in Georgia.

Top of the Best Beaches in Georgia

The 3 worst beaches in Georgia


Close to the provincial port city of Poti on the Black Sea coast stretches Maltakwa beach. Locals like to come here because Poti has a rocky shore and no beach. But because of the big waves it’s a dirty and untended beach.

The wind blows garbage and no one removes it, while the sea is muddy. The sand here is gray and shallow, and the beach itself has no facilities and no infrastructure. You will not find here sun beds, umbrellas from the sun or even toilets.

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Maltakva is considered one of the worst beaches in Georgia. A family vacation will be spoiled by the above-mentioned inconveniences. Looking at the surroundings, there is a feeling of sadness and despondency.


Grigoleti beach, like Maltakva, is located near the town of Poti. In bad weather, a strong wind rises here and from the sea brings a lot of different garbage, which accumulates here everywhere: in the sea and on the shore. For some reason, the locals do not clean it up, and in the summer season the situation gets worse.

The sight looms very unpleasant. Besides, here there is nothing at all for interesting and comfortable rest. Wild and unequipped beach is not suitable for recreation, and a large number of dogs that gather in packs and scare people, discourage any desire to stay here.

With all the disadvantages of this place, right on the beach grow pine trees and there is a quiet atmosphere. The beach is deserted and the sand is soft. There could be a very good resort area here, but most likely, there is no one to do it. The beaches in Georgia are all municipal, so access is free.


Chakvi beach is underdeveloped and even bad, but the water here is clean, which cannot be said about the famous resort of Batumi. There are cafes and restaurants, but there’s a problem with shopping, so you can only buy something in small shops or go to other villages, which is extremely inconvenient. And if you do not have a car, you can generally get bored, as the village is not interesting.

The biggest disadvantage of the beach is that the wind creates big waves and swim here is uncomfortable. Rest with children here just will not work. Although the air in Chakvi is considered curative, because on the whole territory of the village and in its vicinity grows a grove of eucalyptus trees. Chakvi is located not far from Batumi, so you can come here for a while from the city, enjoy the sea, the silence, the scenery and stroll along the fine pebbles of the coast. The entrance to the water here is gentle and it is safe to swim.

If you decide to visit Georgia, fully relax, swim in the sea, sunbathe and enjoy all the charms of summer vacation, we advise you to choose in advance the right place for you. Somewhere you will find peace and tranquility, somewhere cheerful and noisy, but in any case, you should choose a resort that will allow you to get from the much desired rest vivid and pleasant experience.

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