Beldibi: reviews of tourists about the vacation. Do I go in 2022?

Beldibi, Turkey: my experience and tourist reviews – 2022

The Sea in Beldibi

My name is Nastya and I chose to vacation in Beldibi twice. The first time – a finger in the sky, the second time consciously. I liked the pine resort of Kemer, where the village is located. It has clean air, clear Mediterranean sea and mountains. In the article I will tell about it, as well as about personal experience and reviews of tourists.

From the editor . One day my colleague ↑ came back from vacation and let’s “boast” at dinner with his impressions and photos. Barely able to overcome envy, I decided to ask her more about the village and make a story about it. Therefore, the article is written on her behalf. The photos of Beldibi are also from the tourist’s archive:)

Useful: at Ziraat ATM you can withdraw Liras with your MIR card. Cash rubles can also be exchanged, but the rate is less favorable.

Why did I choose Beldibi?

The mountains

We were going on vacation with my girlfriends. We chose the location on the basis of the following criteria:

✓ short transfers from the airport.

*We didn’t want to waste precious time on the way, and after the flight to be disturbed by the bus is such a pleasure.

We found a suitable hotel on the Antalya coast in Beldibi (one of the locations of Kemer).

What can I say about the village: a small, but cozy, with a view of the mountains and the warm Mediterranean Sea. Conditionally divided into three areas of the same name, just with the prefix – 1, 2 and 3. More suitable for recreation with children and older people.

Of the nearby sub-resorts you may be familiar:

If you hear about them for the first time, you can read our articles and decide for yourself where to rest in Kemer.

How to get to Beldibi?

Our Hotel Our Hotel

On the way to our hotel.

On a tour to Beldibi, the plane will land at Antalya Airport. It is about 60 km to the village and 1 hour on the way (ideally).

As usual, there are 3 ways to get to your hotel. Among them:

1. group transfer by bus in the company of the other tourists;

2. public transport on the route: airport – Antalya Station – the village;

3. car rental with a driver on kiwitaxi.

Which is better? In my opinion, the best – 1 or 3 options.

  • The first is already included in the price of an all-inclusive trip. But how quickly you get to your hotel depends on the number of tourists on the bus.
  • The second = comfortable/quick/beneficial for companies and large families.

Tour prices – where to look?

A few years ago I switched to an online shopping format. From some small things, clothes, occasionally cooked food to appliances and trips. There are two services that help me organize my vacations:

Well, okay, sometimes I also drop in at Level Travel, they also have interesting offers. Plus, I’m not one of those who long and hard to plan a vacation. Therefore, to buy a tour to Beldibi turned out closer to the date.

Our price for an all inclusive tour to the Grand Hotel Derin 4 * for 7 nights for two came out around 45 000 rubles.

Weather in Beldibi

Wild beach

Wild Beach in Beldibi

The weather in Beldibi and the climate is + / – the same as throughout the Kemer. It is dry and hot in summer, rainy and gloomy in winter. The main local business card is the high humidity, clean coniferous air and views of the mountains.

What to see in Bodrum: our top 8 places

Beach season in Turkey begins in the second half of April. The air temperature at this time is +20°C … +21°C, but the water is not yet ready to receive tourists – +19°C. It is safe to swim already in May, the sea temperature reaches +22°C.

In summer comes the high season, the degrees go up, and with it the flow of tourists increases. In June it is +28°C … +29°C. In July and August you won’t be able to walk in the sun for a long time, you have to run to the beach from shade to shade:)

In September and October the temperature is comfortable “velvet” +26°C on the average. The heat slowly recedes, but the water is still warm. In November it’s time for heated pools and heavily heated hotel vacations.

The average air and sea temperature in the resort of Kemer, Beldibi (Turkey)

Month Air (°C) Water (°C)
April 19,5 18,2
May 23,9 22
June 28,6 25
July 32,2 28
August 32,6 29,3
September 28,7 28,3
October 26 25,5
November 17,6 22,4

My holiday in Turkey, Beldibi fell in summer and autumn. Every time there was pleasant weather and the sea was very warm, a la steamy. At the end of June, the heat is exhausting and it is easy to get burnt. And in late September, the sun is not as harsh and enough protection to 15 SPF. In the evening is better to wear a light windbreaker.

Prices in Beldibi

Waterfall at Agwa Gorge

The waterfall in the Aghwa Gorge. Here nearby we were catching fish

Shopping . In the village with the stores is sparse. Basically, along the road stretch stalls with souvenirs, bike rentals / mopeds, fur departments at hotels and small grocery stores. Volmar is one of the most popular supermarkets. For clothes and large purchases it is better to go to Kemer or Antalya.

I rarely buy anything in Turkey, as a souvenir I usually bring soap, sauces, spices, sweets, oil and other trifles.

The prices in Beldibi are not higher than along the entire Mediterranean coast. Sweets and spices I take in those stalls by the road, on weight. It costs about $5-$7 a kilo. For oil and sauce, I go to Volmar for $2-$3.

For entertainment is better to go to Kemer. These include:

    ($40) and other water activities
  • nightclubs
  • hammam (from $15-$20).

As for excursions and attractions – about them I will tell a little bit below.

Where to eat in a cafe?

I was once in a cafe in Beldibi. Alas, I can not remember the name, but just to give you an idea, I will say a few words. We went there for shawarma and tea – $3.5 per person. Hookah cost $3-$4.

Sometimes we got some snacks at the stalls. For example:

  • goat’s milk ice cream,
  • mussels,
  • freshly squeezed orange juice,
  • roasted nuts,
  • fruit.

The price for all of this ranged from $1 to $5. P.S. Smile at the vendor.

From a top list of coffee shops on tripadvisor:

  • Seasons . Address: Ataturk cd Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA.
  • Sunset Beach . Address: Ataturk cd Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA.
  • Lotus . Address: Ataturk Caddesi 143 Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA.


Fishing Fishing


And here is that failed fishing trip / And the photo from the cruise

Reviews of Beldibi, or rather tourists, claim that it is an ordinary, quiet beach village of Turkey. Of the remarkable sea and mountains. And I agree with this.

Honestly about Kemer! Tourist reviews, tips for your holidays in 2022!

But for me, the vacation was successful, if during my stay at sea, I got a tan and visited 2-3 historical sites or took a trip. The sights in Beldibi are modest, but there is plenty to see on your own in the surrounding area. From my list:

  • Ataturk Park.
  • Cave – free
  • Tahtali Mountain – $50 per person
  • The ancient city of Fazelis – ticket price 30-40 liras, depends on the season – 25 euros (round trip lift, children – 12.5 euros.
  • Canyon Geynyuk – 25 liras + equipment rental

There is also a stone arch on the territory of Beldibi-1, and there is a market on Mondays. And in the center of Beldibi-2 is a mosque.

If you don’t want to navigate on your own, it’s easier to take an excursion. Since this is not my first time in Turkey, I know that guides often have more expensive prices. On my first trip, I took trips on the street. With something lucky / something disappointing. Now I choose excursions only through Russian-language services:

For connoisseurs of English there is also Getyourguide. On all three can learn in advance about the program and navigate the duration of the excursion. This is a plus.

Of those I took in all my Turkish history:

Excursion Impressions Cost
Rafting The Thing!!! While descending the river, you get over the rapids, swim in beautiful places, learn to control the paddle. But, you need to be prepared for an uneven tan:). I wish there were pictures from the rafting. Gopro sat down, and you can’t take a regular phone – there’s water and spray all around. $18, the price includes roundtrip transfers and lunch.
Fishing Not my thing, it was… boring. Takes place on a mountain river in a gorge. Boring tour was only for me, because I did not catch a single fish. But the views there are fantastic! $35, with transfer and dinner (in my case – fish, vegetables, bulgur, grilled lamb, fruit).
Cruise On this cruise you swim into the cleanest coves and have a foam party when you return home. $20, transfers and lunch included

From the Editor . Of my Kemer adventures – Mount Yanartash (aka Chimera), Demre-Mira-Kekova, and an independent trip to Fazelis.

Beldibi Beaches

On a wild beach

The beach in Beldibi is not alone. As I understand it, most of the beach belongs to the hotels. But there is also a municipal beach, and a wild beach. The covering is very coarse pebbles mixed with sand. The entrance to the sea is pebbly. Somewhere water is transparent, somewhere cloudy because of the sand. For crystal clear sea, I advise to get out in one of the bays of Fazelis.

You can hardly pass through on the private beach. The way is blocked by stone piers. But don’t worry, your hotel beach is likely to be equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. For a change you can walk to the wild beach, it is behind the 5* Grand Park Kemer on the outskirts of the village.

The “city” beach or rather the central beach is located in Beldibi-1. There are changing cabins and showers.

Our hotel 4 * Grand Hotel Derin beach was compact and cozy. Coverage – sand mixed with stones. Sun beds and mattresses from the hotel, all for free. Since the village is small, we sometimes went to the wild beach. But on our last trip it was a bit dirty.
Antalya in March 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go


As all over Turkey to / from Beldibi go dolmushi (shuttle buses) and other public transport. From the village to Kemer about 30 minutes by bus – 10 lira. I know exactly about the route Antalya (bus station) – Beldibi – Geyniuk – Kemer. It says so on the sign.

Only if you’re coming from Antalya, don’t even look at the expresses, there are several of them. These buses do not turn into the village (!).

Hotels in Beldibi

Hotel, mountains and greenery

Do you still doubt that Beldibi is beautiful!

Many hotels in Beldibi are on 1 line. The main activities and entertainment are on the territory of the hotels, not outside the hotels. Therefore, when choosing a trip it is important not to miss the hotel, if service and animation are important. To do this better in advance:

  • read reviews on forums
  • determine the proximity of the hotel to the sea
  • clarify important points for yourself

Partly this work I did for you – in Beldibi inexpensive for Turkey, but good hotels on all-inclusive first line:

4 stars

5 stars

✓ Grand Ring – from 86,000 rubles.

To the luxury option belongs the hotel chain Rixos, but the price tag there is much higher.

Not quite sure what is all-inclusive in Turkey? Here we go.

Rest with children


Many hotels in the village are sharpened under the children’s rest.

I can say with confidence, a holiday with children in Beldibi is a good place. Our hotel had 3 swimming pools, one of them for kids and a few slides. From morning till night animation, there are children’s playgrounds, volleyball, table tennis, sun loungers along the pool. In summer there were a lot of families with children, and at the end of September already come the older people.

Probably the most interesting of the nearby places for the kids is Dolu Su water park and dinopark. Read more about where else to go with a child in Kemer in one day can be found in the general article. And about children’s holiday in Turkey in general – here

Part of the local hotels is waiting just for parents and young tourists. The following hotels have a good rating (prices are listed for 2 adults + child):

✓ 4* Selcukhan – from 100 000 rubles

The only thing that can scare parents beach holiday in Beldibi is a coarse pebble. For sand better go to the Moonlight in Kemer, Side, Alanya or Belek.

My review of vacation in Beldibi – pros and cons

On excursions I am in Beldibi

Tourist reviews of Beldibi in 2022 are already there, but not much. Beach season has not yet started (at the beginning of 2022). Therefore, also took into account the feedback of 2021 + my impression of the village.

Pros Cons
+ high service in hotels (especially in the 4 * and 5 *) + short transfer from the airport + good location to Kemer and Antalya + Russian-speaking location + view of the Taurus Mountains – small village – coarse pebbles – not everywhere is clean outside – infrastructure only in the hotels

What I like about Turkey is that whichever resort you’re vacationing in – be it the center or a village – you can take an excursion and brighten up your day. Look at the ancient ruins, or dance at a foam party, climb a burning mountain or a relaxing hammam. And that’s cool.

As for the exchange of cash . I did not use, paid everywhere in dollars. Even in the supermarkets. But if you plan any large expenses and travel by public transport, it is better to go to Kemer and there to exchange currency to lira in the offices or at the state post office. Everything about the budget is in a separate article.

How much does it cost to go on vacation to Turkey. Our spending and prices 2022.

Beldibi on the map of Turkey

Okay, with the Mediterranean coast, in particular – the village of Beldibi, we have solved, and what other sea Turkey has to offer?

Beldibi: tips for recreation

Holidays in Beldibi

For everyone who wants to spend a vacation in one of the most beautiful resorts in Turkey, we tell you about vacation in Beldibi in 2022. Learn from the reviews what tourists write about the beaches, in what hotels it is better to stay, how much the food costs and the peculiarities of a trip with children.


Tourist reviews of Beldibi

The resort village near Kemer lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea framed by the picturesque Taurus Mountains. Beldibi impresses with its beauty, luxurious hotel complexes and relaxed atmosphere. Excellent cafes, restaurants, stores and interesting excursions. There is always something to do at the Turkish resort!

i-s3: “The sea is warm, in the afternoon, usually with small waves. Very beautiful mountains around. The beauty is indescribable.”

Reviews of vacations in Beldibi

Pier in Beldibi. Photo: dmytrok / / CC BY-ND 2.0.

Best hotels in Beldibi

According to tourist reviews, in Beldibi you can find a hotel of any star, rent an apartment or a cottage. Large hotel complexes 4-5* are located on the first line from the sea. They work on an all-inclusive system, have large areas and their own beaches.

Budget hotels in Beldibi with the best tourist reviews:

    (50 m to the sea) (500 m to the sea) (400 m to the sea) (450 m to the sea) (650 m to the sea).

Hotels 3*-5* “all inclusive” in Beldibi with the best tourist reviews:

    (450 m to the sea) (50 m to the sea) (100 m to the sea) (200 m to the sea) (100 m to the sea).

Hotels 4* and 5* “ultra all inclusive” in Beldibi with the best tourist reviews:

    (300 m to the sea) (100 m to the sea) (50 m to the sea) (100 m to the sea) (50 m to the sea).

Travelata and OnlineTours – all tours in Beldibi.

Beaches in Beldibi

All beaches in Beldibi are municipal and free. The coast is covered with small and medium pebbles. The entrance to the water is gentle, and the bottom is flat. Lovers of outdoor activities are offered a ride on a “banana”, rent jet skis and boat rides along the coast. According to reviews of tourists, swimming without special shoes is not comfortable.

On the beaches near the large hotels there is imported sand. The more luxurious the hotel in Beldibi, the more “sandy” its beach is.

Babygirl555: “We were advised to go to the Wild Beach, because there is fine sand and it was very convenient to go into the sea. There are rocks on both sides and it looks mesmerizing and very beautiful.”

Panorama of the beach in Beldibi

Food prices

Exchange rate: 1 Turkish lira (TRY) ≈ 3 rubles.

Beldibi is a relatively small resort, but there are many cafes and restaurants on its streets. The lowest prices – about 30 TRY – in establishments for locals. According to reviews for 2021, in Beldibi it is advantageous to take a set lunch for 40-45 TRY. For this money you get an appetizer or salad, a main course with a side dish, a drink and dessert.

Traveller reviews of Istanbul. Holiday tips - 2022

Restaurants and cafes near large hotels and on the waterfront are expensive. The average bill for lunch or dinner without alcohol is 75-85 TRY. Seafood plates are the most expensive and traditional Turkish dishes are the cheapest.

Dariadaria1256: “On Monday there is a food bazaar on the main street, and on Tuesday the clothing bazaar comes. The prices there are the lowest and you can also bargain.”

andrew812309: “Prices are comparable to ours, local anise vodka costs 1700 – 2000 rubles for 0.7 liters. Chocolates, candy bars for 1.5-5 lira.

Review of Beldibi Prices

Lunch at a cafe for 60 lira for two in neighboring Kemer. The main course is free with a plate of salad, flatbread and two bottles of water.

Rest with children

Beldibi has a large selection of 4-5* hotels, which take parents with children of any age. If you like a comfortable holiday, you will get a lot of pleasure from the Turkish service and facilities.

In addition to swimming in the sea, take the whole family for a walk in a small park of Ataturk. Take a cable car to the top of Tahtali, which rises near the village of Kiriş. With older children we advise to go on a hike through the picturesque canyon of Geynyuk.

Julia: “There’s plenty of room for kids. We stayed at Sultan Beldibi 4* with two children, one aged 4 and the other 6. There is a playground with lots of toys, there is also a children’s club. The children are taken care of all day long. Everything is safe even for the little ones.

Reviews of vacations in Beldibi

Geinyuk Canyon. Photo: / @etonepravda.

When it’s best to go

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, spring begins early, so the first holidaymakers arrive at the resort as early as April. The beach season starts in May.

Summer in Beldibi is hot, sunny and dry. In June the air temperature is already +30 ° C. In July and August the thermometer rises to +33 ° C and above during the day. The sea is very warm +26 … +27 ° C, and during the peak season, the beaches of the resort are crowded.

If you can not stand the summer heat, it is better to rest in Beldibi in June or during the velvet season – in September and October. In autumn it is not so hot, and there are fewer tourists. In late October-early November the beach entertainment ends, and Beldibi is in the low season.

Yulia Pavlova: “In July the weather was fine, sunny. There was no rain. The temperature was +29 … +30 °С. On the day of our arrival the humidity was high, then dropped. The weather is very comfortable for a holiday with kids.

Beldibi Weather

The storm in Beldibi. Photo: 1089hruskapetr /

Conclusions: whether to rest in Beldibi

The popular resort between Antalya and Kemer is good for a beach holiday in summer and fall 2022. It is suitable for parents with children and sightseeing tourism. Beldibi has beautiful nature and tranquil surroundings. Summers are hot, as elsewhere on the Mediterranean coast.

Apart from the mosque in Beldibi there are no architectural landmarks. For new emotions and experiences have to go to other places. Connoisseurs of historical and natural sights go to Fazelis, Olympos and Beidaglari Sahil National Park. Lovers of nightlife and partying spend their evenings in neighboring Kemer.

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