Best beaches in Phu Quoc : map, reviews, photos

Best Beaches in Fukuoka

In this post I will tell you about the best beaches of Fukuoka and make my personal rating of beaches. Also here you will find tips on where to go on vacation and a map of Fukuoka beaches in Russian.

Fukuoka Beaches

In general, Fukuok is a beautiful tropical island, but it has its own characteristics. Firstly, tourism here has only recently and at a very rapid pace, because of this in many places, construction, dust and dirt. This is no longer a tropical paradise, where you are alone with nature, although in general the environment is good – there are no industries. Secondly, there is a real problem with trash and sewage, the Vietnamese do not seem to have figured out where to put it with the influx of large numbers of people. Yes, if the beach is supervised by the staff of the nearby hotel, it will be just gorgeous. And if no one else’s territory, that’s where they will rake up all the trash.

I think it will take a few years and Phu Quoc will become a major resort in Vietnam (as Phuket in Thailand, where tourism is developing long ago). And until that happens, you have the opportunity to enjoy the almost empty beaches of this island. And I’ll tell you which beach on Fukuoka to choose.

Best Beaches in Fukuoka

The best beaches of Fukuoka are mostly on its west, north and northwest sides, but there are two chic places to visit on the east coast. These are the small beaches of Sao and Kem. They are small but very picturesque!

Sao Beach

A cozy cove length of about a mile and a half with incredibly white sand, fine as flour. The scenery here is truly heavenly, the curving palms on the shore, the mountains around, overgrown with tropical forest…

Bai Sao Beach Fukuok

Bai Sao is considered the most beautiful beach in Fukuoka, it’s the island’s calling card. All the more surprising are the piles of trash, which are found in some places along the beach. Apparently there is such a feature of the winds and currents that the trash is washed ashore during certain seasons.

Bai Sao Fukuoc

Plus add to that the crowds of people who come by themselves or with a tour, jet skis, bananas and all the trappings of a popular beach. So don’t expect Sao Beach to be a straight-up bounty beach. Its best part is on the left side near the edge of the bay.

The water entrance is gentle, but there are small waves, but the water is very warm – kids will like it. On the coast there are a few beach cafes with inflated prices (better to buy food in advance in a store, located at the turn from the main road to the beach), toilet, shower, you can rent chairs and an umbrella (100 thousand dong). It’s better to come in the morning: firstly, it’s not hot, and secondly, the tourists have not yet arrived :)

Best Beaches in Fukuoka

Best Beaches in Fukuoka

There are no first line hotels on Bai Sao, everything is a bit inland, but I don’t recommend spending your vacation here either.

Phu Quoc weather by month - 2022. Rainy and Holiday Season.

Bai Cam

Bai Kem beach is located just south of Bai Sao and is a cove with a length of just under a kilometer. There is an active construction of luxury hotels with all the ensuing consequences, to get to the beach is not so easy (according to recent reviews now only guests can get to the beach hotels on the shore).

Kem Beach Fukuok

In general, Bai Cam has the same white sand, the same picturesque palm trees on the shore, but no people. But all this beauty is available only to hotel guests. And while there is active construction, I advise against settling there.

Long Beach

Long Beach is the most developed beach in Fukuoka. It is about 20 kilometers long, so everyone can find a place. The part north of the airport and to the town of Duong Dong is more developed, along the road there you will find all the tourist infrastructure in the form of cafes, restaurants, travel agencies, ATMs, hotels. The part to the south of the airport is under construction, and although there are luxury hotels with large areas, but otherwise you will be in the middle of nowhere with the accompanying construction landscape.

At Long Beach, the golden sand of medium size, gentle entrance to the water (in some places a little sharper), the clarity of the sea depends on the waves and the weather. During the doldrums here was clear water.

Long Beach Phu Quoc

Unfortunately, in some places there is trash, and sewage drains directly into the sea.

On the plus side of Long Beach can be called the proximity of Duong Dong town, there is a night market, fish market and several temples. In general, it is interesting to see life in a small Vietnamese town. But the hotel is still worth choosing a little away from the city, a good beach starts from Saigon Phu Quoc Resort & Spa and to the south.

Beaches Phu Quoc Vietnam

Beaches in Fukuoc

In my opinion, Long Beach is the best beach in Phu Quoc for a vacation. Yes, it may be a little less picturesque than Bai Sao or Ong Lang, but it’s still pretty cozy. Plus, well-developed infrastructure makes up for some of the disadvantages. It is easy to find a bungalow on the first line and enjoy the rest.

Ong Lang Beach

Cool long beach north of Duong Dong town, it can be roughly divided into several sections, and between them rocky headlands. The water here is probably the cleanest we’ve seen on any beach in Fukuoka.

Ong Lang Beach Fukuoc

On Ong Lang is a fine, light colored sand, on which it is pleasant to walk. The most picturesque stretch of beach is near Coco Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

A big plus of this beach is the almost complete absence of tourists, as there are many nice hotels on the first line, all bungalow-type. A great place for honeymooners and lovers of tranquility!

Beaches in Fukuoc

Infrastructure is rather underdeveloped, a little further along the main road you will find cafes and restaurants, the rest of the place is quiet as a village.

Qua Can Beach

The beach is located next to the river of the same name flowing into the sea. Rafting on the Kua Can River – a popular pastime among tourists.

Vietnam in April 2022. Weather and where to relax

Cua Can Phu Quoc Beach

The beach is almost wild, no tourists, only some locals. There are some backwaters and estuaries nearby, and a small community lives. It can be a bit dirty. There are only a couple of hotels in the area, and a few cafes on the way off the main road. Suitable for lovers of complete privacy :)

Vung Bau Beach.

The southern part of the bay can only be accessed through some hotel, we were in the northern part, the one closer to the cape.

Vung Bau Beach Fukuoc

Vung Bau Phu Quoc

Clean and remote beach, quite picturesque. The shoreline is narrow, there are almost no people, only those who came here specifically by bike or cab, and a few guests of local bungalows. The water entrance is shallow, the water is very clean and clear, there are sun beds and a tire on a rope instead of a swing :)

There are several bungalow hotels on Vung Bau, all on the first line. You can eat only in the priory cafes.

Beach Bai Dai Fukuoc

The chic beach at the five-star Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc. This hotel – a whole city with a lot of buildings, villas, bungalows, pools, golf courses, spas, gyms, a huge green lawn area, which ply the tuk-tuks. The Vinpearl Land theme park is nearby and the hotel also provides a complimentary airport shuttle.

Bai Dai Beach Phu Quoc

Bai Dai beach with fine yellow sand, the entrance to the water here is gentle, and the sea is very clean, which is why the rest here is ideal for families with children.

Bai Dai can definitely be recommended! Vinpearl is the best place in Fukuoka, if you are not used to save money on vacations :)

Gan Dau

The village of Gan Dau is on the far northwest side of Fukuoka, from here it is literally a few kilometers to the Cambodian islands, they are perfectly visible from the shore.

On the west side there is a beautiful but muddy beach with cafes on the shore and lots of boats in the water. This is where the locals mostly eat.

Ganh Dau Beach Phu Quoc

If you drive through the village (you will pass a pretty smelly fish market on the way) and go to the north shore near the Peppercorn Beach resort hotel, there is a nice beach. At the time of our visit, the water was not very clear, but almost nobody.

Ganh Dau Phu Quoc

Fukuoka Beaches

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

The beach near Rat Vem village is also called the starfish beach. One of the best beaches in Phu Quoc and it is worth the trip. Known primarily for its sea creatures, with which you can make a memorable photo.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

And you can sunbathe here, white sand, clean water, and shallow entrance to the sea – good attributes and help in this case. I recommend to go only in high season (from November to April), on responses at other time here a lot of seaweed and garbage which nobody clears, plus a dirt road washes away after a rain. And also go as far to the right as possible, and there are fewer people, and a better chance to see starfish.

Food in Fukuoka. Prices - 2022. How to eat well?

There’s a restaurant on a wooden platform above the water with overpriced food and no other infrastructure.

The beaches of Fukuoka on the map

Marked all the Fukuoka beaches mentioned above on this map.

We use them ourselves and recommend them to friends:

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Guide to the best beaches in Fukuoka

Long Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Find out where the best beaches are on Phu Quoc Island! Our reviews and recommendations. Photos, map of beaches in Russian, good hotels.

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Beaches of the island of Phu Quoc:

    (paradise beach?) (main beach of the island) (starfish) (starfish) (locals vacation here) (lighthouse and port)

Bai Sao is a paradise beach on Fukuoka?

Dreaming of paradise on earth and the travel agency told you it was on Bai Sao? Don’t be fooled – the beach is cool, but totally on the bounty. Many people call it the best beach on Phu Quoc and all of Vietnam, but we do not think so.

Tourists are brought to the center of the beach. They are mostly Vietnamese and Chinese – social creatures, there they all and flounder in the water in one pile.

Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

To the right, to the rocks, the beach is almost deserted, and it’s not so clean anymore. Only single couples get here. The left side is more inhabited: there are cafes, hotels, they sell fruit. At the restaurant “Paradiso” – slender palm trees leaning toward the water. This is where most Chinese people live: who would miss a photo shoot in flowing chiffon dresses on a romantic swing?

Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

But even on the “best” beach in Vietnam you will see a dump. The Vietnamese do not pay attention to trash. Why take it out? Just throw it in the bushes.

Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

We were very lucky: on the beach, we did not find an abundance of sun beds, inflatable trampolines, jet skis, boats and other activities. And we did not understand why they were not, because the Internet wrote differently. Get away from the tourists, it will be quiet. But the trash! Overall, we liked the beach, but left a feeling of annoyance after visiting. We would not go back to Bai Sao again and we can’t call it the best beach in Fukuoka.

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But enough about the minuses. Here are the pluses of the beach: clear water, fine white sand, a very gentle entrance (good for small children), beautiful nature, almost privacy, there are rudiments of infrastructure (resorts, cafes and restaurants, free showers and even a free toilet).

How to get there. Cab costs 300-400,000 VND, but it is cheaper and more interesting to rent a bike (150,000 VND per day). There are also excursions. The distance from the main Long Beach is about 25 km.

So, you went to the beach. There are two roads to Bai Sao: one to the south of the beach (behind the rocks) – and there is a real dump. The other is to the civilized part. Both roads are concreted. The second is very narrow, it is barely separated. As a consequence, there are traffic jams. The Vietnamese in their favorite fashion, the last section of the road length of 500 meters just is not finished.

Hotels on the beach Bai Sao

There are some resorts and hostels on Bai Sao Beach, but for some reason they are not listed in the online booking systems. On we only found My Lan Guesthouse and The Beach House An Thoi (right by the sea) – such a thing. And has hotels farther away – Phu Nam House and Hanh Mai Hotel.

Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

Long Beach is the most comfortable beach in Phu Quoc

Convenience connoisseurs will love Long Beach. Along the beach there are probably 95% of the hotels on the entire island! You can find food without getting up from the deckchair – or rather, it will find you. In addition to peddlers, a lot of cafes, both on the beach and along the road.

Many people berate the beach – they say it’s dirty and noisy. We did not observe anything of this kind. Let’s just say that the beach is the most normal, does not cause any emotions. Yellow sand, clear water. No waves, gentle approach.

Disadvantages: although the beach is municipal, some hotels do not allow to settle on their territory – drive them away. Plus, there is little shade and the beach strip is very narrow. Few civilized ways out to the sea – you either have to go around, or with a fight or secretly go through resorts (but almost always security will prevent you). As you can see, a lot of inconveniences – this beach is not the best in Fukuoka too.

Long Beach on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Hotels on Long Beach in Fukuoka

There is such a variety of hotels and resorts on Long Beach that it is hard to choose. Many tours are sold to hotels in Long Beach.

We advise you those in which we lived:

    3*. Nice new hotel. There is a pool, breakfasts, quiet. Price – $ 40. 2*. Garden Hotel. The best of all the hotels we stayed in Fukuoka. Cozy bungalows surrounded by flowers. Open bathroom, large pool, regal breakfasts. The price is $42. Spacious bungalows surrounded by plants. No pool. Price – $25. 2*. Cozy hotel with breakfasts with rooms in the style of the 70’s. Price – $25.
What to see in Fukuoka - pops and secret spots

Look for hotels and resorts on – they have the best price guarantee and the most convenient search. You can also check prices on Rumguru – the site compares prices of different booking systems and finds the best one.

Prices in Phu Quoc for Hotels and Resorts

Rush Vem is the most beautiful beach in Fukuoka!

Bãi Rạch Vẹm is the starfish beach, of which there are countless. This is what we think is the most beautiful and impressive beach in Fukuoka, it is the best beach on the island! It is unusually white and fine sand. From such a beauty, we were dumbfounded and constantly taking pictures of the beach.

Rush Vem is more suitable for nature watching and stargazing than for a beach vacation in the traditional sense. There is no infrastructure, except for one seafood restaurant on the water. The stretch of beach suitable for recreation is narrow and small. The sea is shallow. There is almost no shade – only 4-5 gazebos and one awning (former cafe). Therefore very few people!

Probably the title of paradise beach we would give to Rush Vemu. Just do not go to the left side, so as not to be disappointed :)

Starfish Beach Rush Vem in Phu Quoc Vietnam

The pros are many. Here are the cons: about 5 km to the beach – dusty and bumpy dirt track. Infrastructure is not! For inexpensive food have to go to the track – take food with you.

Starfish Beach Rush Vem in Phu Quoc Vietnam

Where is it and how to get there. The starfish beach on Fukuoka can be reached by cab or bike on the trail north of the island – use the MAPS.ME app to navigate. Don’t miss the huge sign with a picture of the beach. There is a valiant Vietnamese woman standing next to it sending everyone to the beach. If you go straight ahead, you’ll get to a picturesque fishing floating village, which we also recommend you visit.

Starfish Beach Rush Vem in Phu Quoc Vietnam

Bãi Thơm.

Bãi Thơm is another starfish beach in Phu Quoc. It is not as impressive as Ras Vem, and it is almost not suitable for swimming. The sand is yellow. At low tide you can see sea creatures: clams, starfish, crabs, some coral. There is no infrastructure, except for a cafe. Come to that stretch of beach by the island – the other parts are awful.

Starfish beach on Phu Quoc island, Vietnam.

Bãi Khem.

Two roads lead to Bãi Khem beach: one through the posh Marriott 5* hotel, where only guests are allowed, the other through the forest. Only locals come here. When we were on the beach, a merry bunch of Vietnamese were walking, there were a lot of children.

The beach is not equipped, there is nowhere to spread a towel. The sand is yellow. A lot of garbage. But the section of the beach at the hotel is comfortable and clean – a five star resort!

Bai Khem Beach on Phu Quoc Vietnam

Bai Khem Beach on Phu Quoc Vietnam

Zuong Dong Beach

This beach is located near the lighthouse. Swimming here is not advised – near the port. Although the locals are not squeamish. People come to the pier to eat and watch the sunset.

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