Best Hotels of Crimea – 2022: all inclusive, first line

Best all-inclusive hotels in Crimea on the first line

Best Hotels in Crimea

We’ve made a selection of the best first-line hotels in Crimea with all-inclusive or full-board meals. Take your pick!

The Crimea is a developing resort, it is still far away from the famous Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus, so the private sector and guest houses are predominant on the peninsula. In this article we’ve chosen the best hotels of the Crimea on the sea front and with all-inclusive meals.

The prices in the article are per room per night for two people. The cost depends on the season and may vary. All options are found on the services Hotellook and Travelata. How to learn more about how hoteliers in the south deceive tourists?

Yalta-Intourist 4*.

This hotel, known since Soviet times, is considered the best in the Crimea. It is located on the first line from the sea in Massandra Park, at the foot of Ai-Petri. Food – “all inclusive” and not only. Reviews are contradictory, but mostly the hotel is rated at four. Of the minuses – there are no ramps, so go down with a stroller to the sea is difficult. The price in the summer of 2022 – from 8500 rubles.

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Photo: Hotel Yalta-Intourist.

Levant 3*.

This cool hotel on the beachfront offers full board. Rooms overlook the sea, which splashes just 10 meters, and this is a huge advantage of the Levant. Reviews are very good. Here you can arrange such a romantic vacation! It is popular with families with children – there is a playground and animation. The price in high season – from 8000 rubles.

Best all inclusive hotels in the Crimea

Photo: Hotel Levant.

Palmira Palace 4*.

According to reviews, one of the best hotels in the Crimea on the beach is Palmira Palace 4*. It is also good for a vacation with kids. The hotel is situated in Kurpaty (Big Yalta), about 10 km from the resort, in a secluded and picturesque place, on the first line. There is a private pebble beach, spa, swimming pools, a variety of entertainment. Meals – full board. The cost in 2022 – from 16000 rubles.

Photo: hotel Palmira Palace.

Demerdzhi 3 *

Boarding house “Demerdzhi” in Alushta is considered one of the best in the Crimea – especially in this hotel is good to rest with children. “All inclusive”, the first line, a good beach, magnificent views and nature, children’s animation – your vacation will definitely pass without problems. Price in the summer of 2022 – from 12000 rubles.

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Photo: hotel Demerdzhi.

Wellness SPA More 4*.

This is a very good hotel in Alushta. He chooses usually families with children. In reviews, tourists praise the chic territory of the hotel, its own beach, food (full board), cozy rooms and animation. The complex consists of villas, on the territory of tourists move on electric cars. There is a good spa. The cost of the room – from 10000 rubles.

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Rest with children in Alushta

Photo: hotel More.

Atlantic 3*

Hotels in Feodosia can not be called the best in the Crimea. Hotels “all inclusive” is very few, a little more with full board, mostly only breakfasts or no meals.

A rare exception is Atlantic Hotel. This is a good hotel for a holiday with children by the sea in the Crimea with meals “all inclusive”. A good sandy beach is across the street. There are services for children, spa, sauna, massage and more. According to reviews, the hotel has a convenient location, a good beach and delicious food. The price in high season – from 6000 rubles.

Empire 3 *

Do you want not only to rest, but also to improve your health? Instead of Soviet dull boarding houses look at the modern “Empire” 3 *. This sanatorium and fitness complex on the beach in Evpatoria – is on the first line and works on a system of “all inclusive”. It is comfortable to rest here for almost everyone, especially for the elderly and families with children. The price for the summer of 2022 – from 5000 rubles.

Best Hotels of the Crimea 2022: all inclusive, first line

One of the popular destinations for recreation – the Crimean coast is traditionally associated with beautiful nature, warm sea and preserved architectural heritage. But these are not all the advantages of the peninsula – demanding travelers can find high-level hotels with developed infrastructure and the concept of all inclusive.

For those who plan to rest with all the amenities, we’ve compiled a list of the best all-inclusive hotels in Crimea. Our top 15 includes complexes that have received high ratings on Tripadvisor and Travelata (above 4 points out of 5), as well as praise on Yandex.



“Yalta-Intourist” occupies a 16-story building built 100 meters from its own pebble beach. It has a well-developed infrastructure, which includes:

  • five swimming pools (outdoor Olympic heated, professional jumping, “infinity” – year-round with hydro-massage and 2 for children);
  • water park;
  • Seven restaurants, including the highest on the peninsula – “Ai-Petri” with picturesque views of the bay, city, mountains and Massandra Park;
  • Mini-zoo, oceanarium, video hall, etc.

For adults and children there are extended animation programs, including discos, shows, master classes and other entertainment.

The price for a night’s stay in one of the best all inclusive hotels of the Crimea starts from 20 thousand rubles at the height of summer.

Cape Tarkhankut and Dzhangul. Rest in Olenevka in the Crimea: 2022

According to the guests, everything is thought out for a good family holiday – there are places where you can have fun or, on the contrary, be isolated from the noise and the crowd. The indisputable advantage of “Yalta-Intourist” – a variety of dishes offered and their serving.

For your information! One of the best hotels of European level Mriya Resort&Spa, which for a long time received complimentary reviews, was not included in our list. This year it received a lot of complaints about the noise from the construction in the neighborhood, interfering with a full-fledged vacation.

Palmira Palace

Occupying the second line of the TOP hotels of Crimea all-inclusive “Premier Palace” is built in the picturesque village of Kurpaty in the vicinity of the Yalta Nature Reserve. Nearby are such famous attractions as the Vorontsov and Livadia Palaces, the Tsar’s trail and Foros Church.

There are three restaurants, including one on the roof overlooking the bay, a spa, swimming pools (including sea water), slides, waterfall, lazy river, hydromassage, etc.

Palmira Palace is suitable for both a secluded vacation and a trip with children. Parents especially appreciated the interactive sites “Magic Forest”, “Forest Port” and “On the Islands”, where you can snuggle up on hammocks, conquer the rope park, rock climbing wall and more. Also the guests speak highly of the pleasant environment, comfortable rooms and quality work of the staff.

A night will cost 25 thousand.

Aquamarine Resort & SPA

Aquamarine Resort & SPA

Aquamarine in Sevastopol occupies a worthy place among hotels in the Crimea all inclusive on the first line. It is located in a park with a waterfall and a small pond with fish, walking in which is a pleasant addition to a vacation on the coast.

The infrastructure can meet the requirements of all categories of vacationers. Their services are provided:

  • five catering establishments;
  • swimming pool;
  • SPA-center;
  • Water park “Zurbagan”.

Families with children are advised to pay attention to the not very comfortable (stony) entrance to the water on the coast. For comfortable bathing the beach strip is equipped with a 15-meter pontoon.

The reviews of holidaymakers often mention the pleasant interior of the hotel, regular cleaning, clean beach and polite staff. However, guests remain dissatisfied with the pricing policy in restaurants, recommending either choose “all inclusive” or eat at other establishments nearby.

A stay at Aquamarine Resort can be had for $20,000.

Ribera Resort.

Ribera Resort

Travelers consider Ribera one of the best hotels with a beach on the first line, which is ideal for holidays with children. Its advantage lies not only in the presence of its own sandy coastal area and promenade for walks, but also in its proximity to the center of Evpatoria.

Detailed map of Crimea with cities and towns - 2022

On the territory are:

  • restaurant and bars (including a panoramic bar Oblaka);
  • baths, fonts;
  • Indoor and outdoor pools (the latter with heating);
  • multidisciplinary medical center;
  • sports and playgrounds, gyms.

During July and August the day’s accommodation costs 19 000.

Mar Le Mar Club.

Mar Le Mar Club

Four-star complex is a cottage village surrounded by a pine forest on the 1st line of Sandy.

Mar Le Mar Club positions itself as a place to stay with small children. Its territory is equipped with playgrounds. There are entertainment for young guests, creative studios and a section for learning to swim.

  • Two-level beach area (pebble and sand);
  • pools: children’s, sports and panoramic;
  • area for sports.

Frequently mentioned by guests pluses include the location in a quiet and ecologically clean place, quality food (there is a good children’s menu) and a high level of service.

To stay for a day in July is possible for 18 500.

Crimean Breeze residence

When choosing a comfortable seaside rest in the Crimea we recommend you to pay attention to “Krymsky Breeze”, which is located in Parkovoe Village (Yalta). This premium complex consists of spacious villas and occupies a part of relict park, and its windows have magnificent views to Ai-Petri and the sea.

Pebble hotel beach was awarded with “Blue Flag” award, which indicates its perfect purity. However, holidaymakers with kids should note that the entrance to the sea is sharp and requires special shoes.

Those, who are staying at the “Crimean Breeze”, can choose from three catering establishments, seasonal cafes at the seashore, a health-improving center, a swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi. Children can play in the yard and enjoy animation events.

Prices for a night in summer start from 16,000.

Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove

Sevastopol hotel on the first coast line positions itself as a family and health resort. It is in a good location – surrounded by a perennial arboretum. Every day the guests of “Sandy Cove” are welcomed by its inhabitants – pheasants, peacocks, hedgehogs and other animals. The second advantage of the location is its proximity to Chersonesos Taurica, which allows you to diversify your stay at the resort excursions.

The hotel infrastructure includes:

  • a summer view cafe and two restaurants (panoramic and ethnic);
  • two heated pools and whirlpool;
  • children’s area;
  • Medical, fitness and spa centers.

Parents with small children should note that on a pebbly beach the entrance to the sea is from the pier.

The cost per night in July and August starts at 15 thousand.

For your information! Chersonesos Taurica is a polis founded by ancient Greeks approximately in the fifth century BC. Its ruins are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as an open-air museum, which anyone can visit.


This sanatorium and health-improving complex occupies a favorable position – in the center of Evpatoria on the first coast line. Thanks to a convenient location of the guests have the opportunity to take evening walks along the waterfront, where various shows and master classes are held, visit museums, parks and dolphinarium, which are in walking distance.

The most beautiful and interesting places in the Crimea

There is an indoor pool and sauna, 6 bars and restaurants, animation programs, playgrounds and sports. A big plus for families with children is a wide sandy strip with gently sloping entrance to the water.

Daily stay costs 5 thousand rubles.

Levant Eco Hotel

Levant Eco Hotel

One of the best all-inclusive hotels in the Crimea is located in Yalta near the central promenade and the Seaside Park.

The lack of a pool makes up for the lack of its own beach within walking distance, equipped with leading to the water with wooden decking, as well as the opportunity to visit special prices SPA center “Seaside Park”.

On tourist sites left a lot of positive feedbacks about the convenient location, a cozy restaurant, beautiful views from the window, responsiveness of staff and regular cleaning.

A daily stay will cost about 13,200.



“Europe” 4 * is annually recognized as one of the most popular hotels Alushta all-inclusive on the first line. Location in the village Partenit, whose territory is decorated with relict pine trees, allows vacationers to enjoy the healing air.

This hotel is advised to those who prefer to travel away from the hustle and bustle, as well as families with children. For young guests there is a splash pool, a labyrinth, trampolines and a water slide.

Of the advantages often called the opportunity to visit the park sanatorium “Aivazovsky”, beautiful sea views and proximity to the coast. On the beach (bulk + pebble) you can go down in a glass elevator.

A night in “Europe” will cost 16 thousand rubles.

Water park


A large number of vacationers in all-inclusive hotels recommend “Aquapark” as an ideal place for a family trip. It is located in Alushta, 20 meters from the coast. Young guests are delighted by the opportunity to visit the daily water attractions, which occupy an area of 2 hectares.

There are three restaurants and two bars, saunas, a massage room and a children’s center on the hotel territory. As the tourists write, the cuisine in “Aquapark” is diverse, the staff is attentive to the needs of the guests, and the rooms are clean and spacious.

The price per day is 7,000.



“Atlantic” (Feodosia) is one of the budget hotels in the Crimea all-inclusive – to stop for a day in the height of summer you can only for 3,900 rubles. Besides the low cost the second advantage is the beach area (sand) with a smooth entrance to the sea.

Crimean resorts - a complete guide

In “Altantik” there is everything you need – a large swimming pool, sauna, catering facility, bar and children’s room with animator. Travelers speak well about the quality of the buffet and cleaning of the beach area.



One of the relatively budget hotels in Evpatoria: if the prices in all-inclusive hotels in the Crimea on average are 7-11 thousand, stay in “Liana” you can for 5 500.

Infrastructure is represented by an outdoor swimming pool and a water slide, a sauna, a bathhouse and a dining room. Nearby there is a popular medical center of the sanatorium “Gold Coast”, which allows you to combine vacation at the resort with health improvement.

In spite of the fact that “Liana” has its own beach 800 meters away from the building, we included this complex in our top list, because the guests have a possibility to visit the equipped coastal area of the “Gold Coast”.

This hotel is suitable for traveling with children, who will be interested in visiting the nearby dolphinarium, fairy tale glade, dinosaur park and other entertainment venues.



One of the most popular all-inclusive first-line hotels in Yalta offers its guests entertaining programs, swimming in 4 swimming pools (including 50-meter swimming pool and panoramic one on the roof), spa center and meals in 2 restaurants.

Location “Livadia” is very successful – 20 m from the pebble beach and 15 minutes walk from the central promenade.

Guests write about the quality of cleaning, the variety of dishes offered, as well as the courtesy of staff.

A night in summer will cost 4,500 rubles.

On a side note! Livadia – a small village, known for its health resorts, walking “Tsar’s path” and the Livadia Palace. Distance from Yalta is only 3 km, which allows you to combine privacy with the entertainment of the main resort of the South Coast.


Among the good hotels in Crimea on the first line we recommend to pay attention on “Neva”, located in Alushta, 350 meters from the pebble beach. On the territory there is a dining room, bar, placed a playground, trampolines and animators. Among the advantages tourists point out the amusement park located within walking distance.

The disadvantages often mentioned are the poor condition of showers and outdated Soviet-era interior. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we advise to stay in the renovated buildings 3 and 4.

Price per night is 8 600 rubles.

Despite the fact that all inclusive is only gaining momentum in the Russian tourism business, even now in the Crimea you can find decent hotels by the sea, successfully developing this concept.

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