Best landscape photography: the entries in the photo contest

The best works of the landscape photo contest “My native country is wide”

Our country can be different: at sunset, at dawn, in the frosty mist, in the summer fog and even on a high rock with the light of a yellowing tent. And how only the climbers have settled at such a height? Yes, our country is different and it is clearly seen in the best landscape photographs submitted for the photo contest “My Motherland is Wide”. Very beautiful landscapes, somewhere painfully familiar and somewhere quite unexpected, but still fascinating by their perfection and unearthly beauty.

The landscape photo contest was held by the portal together with photographer Daniil Korzhonov and online store Fotogora and company Transend. Today we sum up the results and publish the best photos. Look at the contest gallery, for sure you will also get esthetic pleasure. And this time it was not easy to choose a winner and awardees, almost all participants can be short-listed for the finalists.

Best photo – Alexander Chazov.

Shelter on a rock

Best series – Evgeniy Ivanov

Silence in the mountainsFrozen dunesOak tree Alone

Best composition – Maksim Kovalev,

Fotogora online store nomination

And on the other shore.

People’s Choice nomination – Tatiana Biryukova

Morning Fog Sun rise

Finalists of the competition

DSC_3580_cDSC_9848_2DJI_0792-HDRIMG_4623WARM THOUGHTSWHITE THUMMWHITE FUMANNovember morningmax_kovalev181018_41flickrFoggy autumn day. / Foggy autumn day.***Foggy autumn dayFoggy morningSummer morningBogomazov Pyotr. Sunrise at the Deer Park. 2021гAn evening in Mariental Park. Pavlovsk.DSC06011_iIntercession on the river Nerl at nightAutumn peat bogsFogZimushkaMagical dawn.Enchanted world.Autograph of the dawn.DSC_9386DSC_4814DSC_4225LEV_1900DSC_03782DSC_05851raNoRDG82vo (2)Visor (infrared)Minutes to the stormLiving River#StayHomeQ9Lp72F2eiUFloodingCape Ptichy, SakhalinStation 3BpRVRfxBw9kMirror RiverIMG_6834IslandRoad to the templeDSCF9495_1iRunaway brideFOT_3001Summer landscape in Tver provinceDSCF9468-120080802_4650_edit Sunset on the hills of the Caucasus

View all contest works

Nikon and Rossiya airline hold Instagram photo contest

Nikon and Rossiya airline hold Instagram photo contest

Russia Airlines, part of the Aeroflot group, has teamed up with Nikon, one of the leading developers.

The shortlists for the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 Student and Youth contests have been announced

The shortlists for the Sony World Photography Student and Junior Contests have been announced.

The World Photography Organization has announced the shortlisted photographers for the Student and Junior Contests.

All the prizes are already ours! Photojournalists from Rossiya Segodnya news agency became winners of prestigious international competitions

All the prizes are already ours! The photographers from the Rossiya Segodnya news agency were the winners of the prestigious awards.

The work of three photo correspondents of the Rossiya Segodnya news agency was recognized by major international competitions.

The Best Photographs of Russia 2015 Project - Winners and the final exhibition of 300 best photos

Russia’s Best Photos 2015″ project. – winners and the final exhibition of 300 best.

In 2015, 22,110 works from all corners of Russia were submitted to participate in the “Best photographs of Russia” project.

Photo contest #Nature-Formula-Health. The prize - air tickets to Slovenia!

Acceptance of works for the “Beautiful Things-2” contest has opened

Acceptance of works for the “Beautiful Things-2” photo contest dedicated to object and advertising photography has opened.

Russians Valery Melnikov and Alexey Filippov became winners of the prestigious Picture of theYear photo contest

Russians Valery Melnikov and Alexey Filippov became winners of the prestigious photo contest.

The works of two special photo correspondents of the Rossiya Segodnya news agency were highly appreciated by the jury of the oldest.

Olympus photo contest in social networks – “Show your photo at Expo-2013

The best entries in the photo contest will be displayed at the Olympus booth at CONSUMER ELECTRONI.

Apple presents the best photos from all over the world taken with iPhone

Apple presents the best iPhone photos from around the world

Photographers from around the world have submitted their best photos taken with iPhones to the “Shot with iPhone” competition.

Sony World Photography Awards 2013: ours on the SWPA short list! Never before in the history of the competition

Sony World Photography Awards 2013: Ours is on the SWPA short list! No more .

Feb. 5. The World Photography Organization will announce the shortlists for professional, open and youth.

My still lifes competition results

My Still Life Contest Results

After all, there are so many beautiful moments in our lives. True, getting lost in the endless succession of everyday life, e.

Sony is holding an international contest for bloggers called SONY VLOG CHALLENGE.

Sony holds an international competition for bloggers SONY VLOG CHALLENGE.

Sony is holding an international competition for video bloggers, SONY VLOG CHALLENGE 2020. To apply.

Best works of the “Beautiful Things 2” contest

If you think about it, a good photo differs from a mediocre one mainly in how subtle it is.

Acceptance of entries for the “Portrait for lovers” photo contest is now open

The reception of works for the “Portrait for lovers” photo competition has opened. Rustam Khadzhibaev, Ambassador Nikon, pr.

“Photo of the Year” at the contest “Golden Pen 2014”

On February 9, 2015, the reception of applications for participation in the Twentieth St. Petersburg Journalists’ Contest closes.

Acceptance of works for the Andrey Stenin photo contest is open

Acceptance of works for the Andrey Stenin photo contest is open

Acceptance of works for the International photo contest named after Andrei Stenin, held in St. Petersburg, is now open. Andrei Stenin’s International Photo Contest held by Rossiya Segodnya news agency has opened.

The best photography of urban space: the works of the participants of the photo contest

22 mesmerizing nature photos named best by the jury of the International Landscape Photography Contest 2020

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Not only is the number of participants increasing each year, but the level of work is also growing. The range and fabulous variety of objects, beautiful locations and styles of photography. This is not the first year that the contest has raised very important global problems in the world. In particular, climate change and human impact on the Earth. This year the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition was attended by photographers from all over the world with almost four thousand entries. The most impressive images of our Mother Nature from the 2020 winners, further in the review.

So, should landscape photography underscore the global problems that lie ahead if we don’t change the way we live? Or is it simply an opportunity to create a flawless landscape? Fortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this and similar questions. Besides, every photographer has the right to go his or her own way. What we are looking for is not just an attractive image, but a work that carries deeper meaning, that attracts more attention.

Calvin Yuen is a landscape photographer from Hong Kong.

Fabulous landscape.

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 award is overwhelmed by the sheer number of incredible landscapes from photographers all over the world. The competition is divided into two main awards: best landscape photography and the title of International Landscape Photographer of the Year. The latter requires a set of four stunning images. This title is the grand prize, confirming the extra skill and artistry required to create a portfolio of landscape photographs.

It looks like the otherworldly world.

The winning images of the 2020 International Landscape Photographer Awards have finally been announced. The images are stunningly beautiful and varied, from lush green forests to dramatic starry skies. More than 3,800 entries from professional photographers were submitted for this competition, which takes place in Sydney, Australia.

Contest for the best travel photo

Photographer of the year shot.

There can only be one winner in the Photographer of the Year category. This year it was the 24-year-old artist from Hong Kong, Calvin Yuen.

And there was a storm somewhere.

Peace and beauty.

The single-image “Photographer of the Year” award went to German photographer Kai Hornung. Kai really impressed the judges with his mesmerizing aerial shot of a stream in the highlands of Iceland. In addition to the winners of the competition, there are many stunningly beautiful landscapes that are impossible to take your eyes off of! Here are just a few of them.

A fabulous forest. You might even meet an elf there!

Calvin Ewan recounted: “I’m 24 years old. I’ve been taking pictures for six years since I borrowed my cousin’s camera for a day hike up Lion Rock Peak. There was no particular reason to go, since Lion Rock Peak is just the mountain in my backyard and I’ve never been up it. It was my first time climbing above the clouds, and the view from the top really inspired me. I just fell in love with nature, that pristine beauty.”

A realm of light and reflection.

A cosmic landscape.

“For someone like me who grew up in a big city (Hong Kong), this walk opened up a whole new world for me,” Calvin continued. “Since then, I’ve spent most of my free time in the mountains, exploring and photographing breathtaking views. And after graduating in 2018, I was able to travel the world and became a full-time professional landscape photographer.”

Amazing autumn landscape.

For his landscape photos, Calvin uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera. “It can handle harsh shooting conditions such as extremely cold temperatures and heavy rain,” the photographer explained his choice. “Most of my wide-angle images are taken with the Laowa 12mm f2.8 lens, and I like the distorted perspective it creates. I also use a Sigma 14mm f1.8 for night photography, plus there’s a Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 and a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 to satisfy most of my requirements. I find that the image stabilization of both lenses provides a lot of flexibility when shooting in environments where it is difficult to set up a tripod.”

Traveler's notebook drawing

The Creator's imagination is limitless!

It looks like a tornado.

Calvin also revealed that over the years he has developed his own personal post-production workflow algorithm for color management and atmospheric creation.

A snake river in a dreamy misty haze.

“I use Adobe Camera Raw to adjust basic aspects of my file, such as tone and color. Then after that rough adjustment, I drag the photo into Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the details. I always use lightening and darkening to highlight the foreground or main subject to enhance the appeal of what I want to present in the photo. Also, vertical panoramas are one of my favorite techniques because some perspectives cannot be captured with a single shot.”

Flowering cacti and a spring rainbow.

The sky and the mountains.

“What I love most about landscape photography is that it gives me insight into myself,” said the 2020 winner. “Working outdoors, I have to deal with many uncertain conditions – like shooting without sleep, shooting in a storm, driving off-road, and even dealing with a stuck car! These challenges have improved my problem-solving skills and given me the opportunity to reach a level I never even dreamed of in my life.”

Kai Hornung's photo of the year.

“As far as photo contests go, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year award has been my main goal for the past four years,” Calvin said. “I’ve studied the work of past winners and I believe this contest represents the highest standard of landscape photography in the world. It is consistent with what I do. I also want to know how my work is judged according to the high standards of the jury.”

The beauty of nature is incredibly inspiring.

Kai Hornung, winner of the International Landscape Photography of the Year category, is a German landscape photographer. He is someone who has managed to turn his passion for photography into a part-time job as a freelance photographer and artist. “However, I make my living as a human resources consultant in the financial industry, so I consider myself a semi-professional photographer,” said Kai.

“In 2016, I was on a business trip to Ireland. It was there that I fell in love with photographing landscapes. Before that, I had only used the camera occasionally to document family life and travel. Since then, I’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe. I try to capture all the beauty of nature and form my artistic vision,” explained the German photographer.

Results and winners of the photo contest

The mountain scenery is so good it's hard to breathe!

“Landscape photography combines the beauty of nature with the joy of creativity. And this has a vital importance for me. Since I was a teenager, I’ve been composing lyrics and songs and singing in rock bands. Over the past four years, landscape photography has become my main art. It gives me a chance to slow down, to get away from the sometimes hectic everyday life. For that, I’m incredibly grateful for this hobby.”

Iceland, the circular bridge over Skjeidararsandur in the southeast, just south of the Vatnajökull Glacier.

“Over the past few years, I’ve begun to shift my focus from grandiose and dramatic perspectives to more intimate and sometimes abstract scenes. That’s where I feel I can express more of my own, personal expression. “I really enjoy having images that are truly my own, images that I have discovered (or that have found me) rather than just a ‘point and click’ process in known places,” Kai Hornung explained.

Beautiful skies and a fabulously beautiful forest.

“I enter photo contests here and there, always with mixed feelings, because I don’t think art is meant to compete with each other. On the other hand, there’s another side of me that’s curious to see how my images are perceived by others. And the fact that I won an award in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world is a huge achievement. For any photographer, even more so for me. In the professional photography community, this landscape photography competition is the most important photography competition in the world. Unlike any other, it celebrates artistic and visual excellence combined with a love of nature. If you look at past winners and those images that made it into the prestigious “Top 101″ book, I just love it.”

Looking at these incredible images, you realize that the most brilliant artist is Mother Nature, created by our Creator. Read our article Tender Giants of the Savannah and other impressive wildlife images from the winners of the #Wild2020 photo contest.

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