Best tours in Tbilisi and around Georgia. Our reviews and prices 2022

Top 25 tours in Tbilisi in Russian in 2022

Collected the best group and individual excursions in Tbilisi according to traveler reviews in 2022 – from sightseeing tours to trips to other parts of Georgia.

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Excursions in Tbilisi

There are many options for excursions in Tbilisi in Russian, but many of them are similar to each other. To make your search easier, we have selected the best excursions and divided them into four categories:

  • sightseeing tours
  • unusual routes
  • gastronomic tours
  • tours from Tbilisi to other regions of Georgia.

Tbilisi sightseeing tours

1. Tbilisi – soulful and incendiary! – The most popular walking sightseeing tour of Tbilisi in Russian. During this time, an experienced guide will show all the main attractions of the Georgian capital and tell their history, combining many cultures, religions and eras.

The tour is suitable for those who came to Tbilisi for the first time – it will help to get to know the city and feel its atmosphere. In addition to viewing the monuments of architecture in the program includes wine tasting, as well as the opportunity to try the real churchella and fresh bread, made according to a traditional recipe in a bakery of the V century.

Price from 12 € per person (group up to 20 people). The tour lasts for 4 hours.

2. Tbilisi – a holiday that is always with you – an individual sightseeing tour covering the main attractions of the Old City and the new quarters.

The itinerary includes visits to several museums, including the Silk Museum and the Ethnographic Open Air Museum.

Cost of the tour: 60€ for a group of 1-3 people. Duration: 4 hours.

3. Twinkling lights of Tbilisi – car tour starting after sunset. The route is designed so that tourists saw the city from an unusual perspective – in the glow of lights and illumination.

You can admire the panorama of the city at night from the height of Mount Mtatsminda, take a ride on the Ferris wheel, stroll through the ancient park. At the end of the tour we will visit a cafe where you can taste the famous lemonade Lagidze, made according to an original recipe.

Price: 15€ per person (group up to 15 people). Duration: 3 hours.

4. All roads lead to Tiflis – leisurely stroll around the city with an experienced guide. The program is ideal for those who visit Tbilisi for the first time, or just tired of the saturation and pace of conventional sightseeing tours.

Tour is conducted not just by a local resident, but by a hereditary Tiflis resident, who literally knows the history of each house – the most fascinating he will definitely tell you.

How much does it cost: 63€ per tour (group 1-2 people), or 22€ per person if there are more of you. The duration is 4 hours.

5. Touring Tbilisi by bus with a glass of wine! – An option for those who do not like walking tours and prefer to travel in comfort.

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During the 2.5-hour trip you will have time to see all the main sights of Tbilisi, enjoy the taste of Georgian wine and taste the real Chacha. A small part of the tour goes on foot to explore the streets of Old Town and visit the Wine Museum.

Price: 29€ per person (group up to 14 people). Duration: 2.5 hours.

Other popular city tours:

Unusual Routes.

6. The fading beauty of Tbilisi. For those who have already seen all the monuments of architecture, this unusual tour gives an opportunity to dive even deeper into the atmosphere of the city. The guide will take you through the luxurious parades of the old Sololaki and Mtatsminda districts and show you the ancient paintings, openwork lattices and stained glass windows.

One of the main advantages of this tour of Tbilisi is the opportunity to take unusual and entourage pictures in places where tourists rarely get.

Cost: 13€ per person (group up to 20 people). Duration – 2,5 hours.

7. Javari Monastery, horseback riding and streets of old Tbilisi – rich 9-hour tour. The route begins at the ancient Javari Monastery, built in the VI century, then there is a walk through the ancient city of Mtskheta and a visit to the stables.

After a short horseback ride on the shore of the “Tbilisi Sea” (reservoir), the group returns to Tbilisi to view the historic center and climb the Sololaki Hill, which offers a magnificent panorama of the evening city.

Cost: 80€ per tour (group of 1-4 people), or 20€ per person if more than 4. Duration: 9 hours.

8. Master Class in Georgian Dance – the program is a full 1.5 hours lesson of national dances from a professional choreographer. It begins, oddly enough, with a feast of wine, fruit and sweets, and then you can begin learning the basic movements of two unusual folk dances – Achurali and Rachuli.

The tour is suitable for those who want to immerse themselves in Georgian culture, and not be a mere observer.

Price: 70 € for the tour (group 1-2 people), or 35 € per person if there are more than two tourists.

9. Night immersive tour of Tbilisi – a real costume show, a magical journey for those who are tired of routine.

All participants wear robes and take audio guides to hear a real performance, the scenery of which will be the night city, and the characters – the actors in cloaks and masks, involving the audience in their performance.

Cost: $29 for adults, $15 for children (ages 3-11). Duration – 100 minutes.

10. Party Tour through the bars of Tbilisi – an original program for those who love to have fun, dance and try unusual cocktails.

During the tour, tourists visit four bars with different drinks and cuisine. The group is accompanied by a guide and a professional photographer. Contests, quizzes, and most importantly, fun – guaranteed.

The price of the tour: $50 per person.

Gastronomic tours

11. Georgian cuisine: cooking and eating! – Master-class on cooking khachapuri and khinkali from the chef of the restaurant in the heart of the Old Town. The program also includes a wine tasting and a detailed story about the differences and characteristics of the drinks in the restaurant’s wine list, ways to use spices and just fascinating stories about life in the central district of Sololaki.

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After all the secrets of cooking traditional Georgian dishes are revealed, guests are invited to a feast.

How much is it: 28€ for 1 person or 19€ if there are more people. All products are included in the price. Duration: 2,5 hours.

12. Tasting of Georgian wines, cheeses and churcheli – a small 1.5 hour tour in Russian with a visit to a wine bar, where you can taste 7 different kinds of wine from different regions of Georgia, local cheeses and real churcheli. You can also take part in the process of making chacha. The tasting is accompanied by a story about how these products are made.

Cost: 20€ per group (1-2 people), or 10€ per person if more people join the group. Duration – 1,5 hour.

13. Hospitable Georgia: a visit to a Tbilisi family – this unusual program allows you to experience real Georgian hospitality.

You will visit a real Georgian family, will take part in cooking dishes for the holiday table (khinkali, khachapuri, kebab and appetizers), you will be able to make a toast at the feast, learn traditional greetings and even try your hand at dancing.

This is not a master class in a restaurant, but a real family event.

Price: 30€ per person. Duration: 5 hours.

14. Gastronomic-historical quest through old Tbilisi – the program is organized in the spirit of a quest consisting of three challenges. The place of action – the Old City, the time for execution – 2 hours, participants are sure to receive a prize.

During the quest you will have to wander through the old streets, learn many unusual facts, taste the local wine and fresh khachapuri, to find a mysterious artifact, and most importantly – do not get lost. You can always ask the locals for directions and they will gladly help you.

How much does the tour cost: $68 per person. The duration is 2 hours.

Excursions in Georgia from Tbilisi

15. All of Kakheti in one day. One of the best excursions from Tbilisi is a trip to the land of Georgian winemaking. It is in Kakheti, in the Alazani Valley grows more than 500 varieties of grapes. There are not only large wine producers, but also small home wineries.

The tour program includes:

  • The residence of Kakhetian kings in Telavi
  • Gremi – ancient capital of Kakheti kingdom
  • Nekresi monastery complex
  • the Sighnaghi fortress
  • Other sights of Kakheti, including several wineries.

Price: 175 € for a tour (group of 1-4 people). Duration: 8 hours.

16. Ancient Mtskheta and prehistoric Uplistsikhe – the tour route includes two places whose history goes back centuries.

They are the ancient capital Mtskheta, where the origins of Georgian Christianity, and the cave city Uplistsikhe, carved into the rock more than 3,000 years ago. About 150 caves survived to this day, which are unique examples of ancient architecture.

Also we plan to visit Stalin’s museum in Gori.

Cost: 125€ per tour (group 1-4 people). Duration – 7 hours.

17. Akhaltsikhe – Vardzia. The Great Heritage of Georgia. Meskheti is a region in the south of Georgia, where many monuments of medieval history- fortresses, monasteries and temples have survived. These places bears the imprint of two empires at once – Persian and Ottoman. That’s why during the trip Georgia will present itself to tourists in an unusual way.

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The route involves visiting the cave town Vardzija, Zemo Vardzija Monastery, Vanis Kvabebi Monastery, Khertvisi Fortress and Rabat Fortress.

Important: the route begins in Akhaltsikhe, the way from Tbilisi and back is not included in the price.

How much is it: 45€ per excursion (group of 1-6 people). The duration is 7 hours.

18. Nature and sanctuaries of Borjomi. During this excursion you will have an opportunity to visit two most famous monasteries in Borjomi gorge – the Serafim Sarovski Monastery and the Green Monastery, to walk in Borjomi nature reserve, to taste famous water directly from springs and even to take a swim.

Price: 32€ per person (group up to 19 people). Duration – 10 hours.

19. Kakheti Region Treasures. The main treasures of Kakheti region are two – ancient temples and grapes. In this tour is scheduled to visit three wineries and wineries.

You will be able to observe how wine and chacha are made, compare different methods, see how grapes grow, and take part in a tasting.

The route is laid in such a way as to capture most of the historical and architectural monuments: Ikaltoi monastery, Alaverdi cathedral, Nekresi monastery, ruins of Jveli Shuamta and Akhali Shuamta monasteries. The tour ends with a visit to a pottery workshop.

Cost: 150€ per tour (group of 1-4 people). The tour lasts for 10 hours.

20. One day tour: Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Ananuri. The trip is perfect for those who want to admire the spectacular views of Georgia and do not forget the sights.

The road goes through the picturesque gorges of the rivers Aragvi and Terek, Cross Pass and the mountain reservoir Zhinvali. We also plan to visit the ancient city of Mtskheta, the impregnable fortress of Ananuri, the village of Kazbegi and the Holy Trinity Monastery of Sameba.

How much is it: 165€ for the whole group (1-5 people). The tour lasts 9 hours.

21. Lost Truso Gorge and the valley of narzans – excursion to the birthplace of another Georgian mineral water (“Narzan”).

Until recently, Trusokhevi Gorge (aka narzan valley) was difficult to access – you could get there only on foot. This is why this region has remained almost untouched until now.

On the way you can admire the rushing waters of the Terek, see several abandoned mountain villages and ruins of a fortress of the XIV century, walk along the natural springs and taste the water that is gushing out of the ground.

Price: 144€ per tour (group 1-5 people). Duration: 8 hours.

22. Kakheti – the treasury of Georgian wine. The tour program includes a visit to the Wine Museum with a tasting and an unusual master class on making traditional Georgian sweets, winery, the world’s largest wine vault and small ancient wine cellars. The main attractions of Kakheti also will not be left unattended.

The guide will explain in detail in Russian the traditions and history of winemaking in this region of Georgia, and how closely this drink is associated with the culture and life of local people.

Cost: 109€ per tour (group of 1-4 people). The tour lasts more than 12 hours.

23. Sacral Mtskheta and the legendary Borjomi. The route of the trip goes from ancient Mtskheta, which has long been the religious center of Georgia, to the reserve of Borjomi with its natural beauty and healing mineral water.

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On the way the bus passes through more than 20 small villages, each of which differs from the previous traditions, everyday life, the peculiarities of local cuisine. In one of them there is a lunch stop to taste the real home-made khinkali.

Price: 150€ per tour (group of 1-4 people). Duration: 10 hours.

24. Kutaisi – Motsameta – Gelati – Prometheus Caves. Kutasi is an ancient city located in western Georgia; much of its history has come down to us only in the form of legends.

The program includes a visit to two monasteries (Motsameta and Gelati), and then the Prometheus Cave, where, according to legend, the titan was chained. There is an underground lake in the cave, and those who wish can take a boat ride.

How much does it cost: $32 per person. Duration: 12 hours.

25. Kakheti on a non-standard route – an unusual group tour from Tbilisi to Kakheti.

Unlike other tours, the main sights of the region is almost not included in the program, but it will be possible to see where they filmed “Mimino,” visit the estate museum of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, who became a symbol of his time – the period of Europeanization of Georgia, and to visit the famous winery Granneli.

The trip ends with a real feast at a small farm, where guests will have the opportunity to participate in cooking unusual dishes and see the traditional Kakhetian way of life from the inside.

Price: 23€ per person (group up to 15 people). Duration: 10 hours.

To see all possible tours in Tbilisi with prices and reviews, visit Sputnik8 and Tripster websites.

Excursions in Tbilisi

Found 563 excursions in Tbilisi in Russian with the current schedule for September and October 2022. Prices for fascinating guided walks from 5 euros. Choose a route, read descriptions and book tours in Georgia online.

Stroll through the historic center with non-boring stories, traditions, flavors and views of the entire city.

Discover the calling cards of the Military Georgian Road and see the famous church in Gergeti.

Attractions in and around Tbilisi

Old Town

Kala, which means “fortress” in Arabic, is the name of the old city, the real Tbilisi, with its unique atmosphere, narrow streets, ramshackle houses and unattractive roofs with age-darkened tiles. Tourists are drawn here by the true spirit of antiquity. Kala was built on a hill in the 12th century. The area is divided into the upper – “Zemo Kala” and the lower – “Kvemo Kala”.


The cableway connecting Rike Park with the Narikala fortress is a separate attraction in Tbilisi. After the reconstruction in 2017 and the replacement of the cabins with carriages with panoramic windows, the ride up the mountain becomes a kind of sightseeing tour, when you can see the whole beauty of Tbilisi from above. The length of the cable car is only 600 meters, the way up takes no more than two minutes.

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

The National Botanical Garden of Tbilisi stretches in the valley of the river Leghvta-Hevi. At the beginning of the XIX century in the dense forests hunted the representatives of the Georgian royal house, later the territory belonged to the treasury of the Russian Empire. Since 1845, the royal garden became a public garden.

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Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge is a modern landmark of Tbilisi. The crosswalk over the Avlabari River connecting Old Town with Rike Park is covered with a stylized wave-shaped roof of metal and glass. The roof is one big LED screen on which the codes of all the chemical elements that make up a human being are transmitted after dark using Morse code.

Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater

Rezo Gabriadze – the author of the famous screenplays “Mimino”, “Don’t Grieve!”, “Kin-dza-dza” – immortalized his name in his native city, creating a marionette theater. A puppet is the main character of the performance. First the image and character of the puppet are created, and then the script is written on this basis. That’s how Rizo Gabriadze brings his talent as an artist to life.

Rustaveli Avenue

Rustaveli Avenue is the heart of Tbilisi. The central street of the Georgian capital abounds with administrative buildings, theaters, fashionable hotels and restaurants. Most of the buildings date back to the 19th century.

Tourist reviews of popular excursions

Beautiful trip to Kazbek. Got a lot of emotions and aesthetic pleasure from the tour. Seeing the convergence of the Black and White Aragvi (very unusual and beautiful), the Arch of Friendship, and of course the mountains themselves. We were lucky with the weather – it was clear and we could see the top of Kazbeg well. It was not very difficult to go up – most of the climbing was done by car. It was a little slippery, but the climb was worth it. We did not fly paragliders, but all the same it was very informative and interesting.

George is very punctual, polite and erudite guide. It was a pleasure to spend a whole day together, the tour is intense, but at the same time it is not boring. Also I want to note the comfort of the car and the availability of water, including chilled water. I definitely recommend Georgi as a guide.

It was a wonderful trip among the mountains! Soso is a wonderful narrator and a very good driver. We spent the whole day among beautiful places accompanied by Soso’s interesting and funny stories.

The guide was just magic. The transport is comfortable. Everything is interesting and comfortable. Thank you David for a great time spent in beautiful places with his stories. Soooooper!

Wonderfully organized one day tour! Guide Vano – nice, erudite person, the presentation of the material – amazing, knowledge of the history and culture of Georgia – 10 points. This tour will be good for those who want to feel the magical atmosphere of the Sakartvelo Mountains, to take away a lot of positive impressions. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the Tripster team and especially our guide Henrietta for the wonderful trip, very nice and sweet girl We are still impressed by it The material was so easy and simple to understand, we got so much knowledge, we saw so much beauty. We went to some secret and interesting places that only locals know about. We will come back for sure! Thank you very much!

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