Biblio-Globus is a vacation thief. My review of the flight specifics

Instructions for adding flight specifics

For many destinations, departures are made on several flights per day. According to the agreement and booking rules of Biblio-Globus, it is necessary to book an application with flight specification service in order to guarantee the tourist to fly on the definite flight. If the Client does not care about the flight and there is no need in the service of specification: time, city of departure/arrival can be changed and provided to the Client on the eve of departure, with the request to download new tickets.

How to add flight concretization service when booking a tour:

First you need to select a tour with the right parameters (the composition of tourists, hotel, dates and food type).

When selecting a tour you can see what flights are available in your request on the date of departure by clicking on the left icon of the plane in the tour. A pop-up window will contain information about all available flights, each of them will have: flight number, city of departure/arrival, planned time of departure, availability of business class seats on the flight.

You can also view information on the return flight by clicking on the right airplane icon in the tour.

To add the flight details service to your request, you need to tick the “Flight details” box above the “proceed” button. The site will display all available flight combinations for the dates of interest for each room type and each meal type you choose.

Then find the line with the room category and food type, where the combination of flights you need is indicated, and click on the “Buy” button. The cost of the tour will be specified taking into account the extra charge for specification.

After clicking on ‘Buy’ you will proceed with standard booking procedure.

Attention! If you want to add flight details to an already booked request, you need to look at available flights on the website in the tour selection section, choose the necessary ones and write a comment in the request to the booking department with a request to add flight details to the request and specify the numbers of the flights you need. If there are vacant seats on these flights or not specified tourists, your clients will be transferred to them and the additional payment will be made.

Important! 1. Irrespective of flight details service payment, airline has the right to change flight details. 2. This service is not a commission.

Coral Travel: reviews of the tour operator

Biblio-Globus wishes you good sales and travel

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"Biblio Globus: reviews of the tour operator

In 2016, 1,658,922 people used the services of Biblio-Globus.

For 2017, Biblio-Globus services were used by 2,863,294 people.

For 2018, Biblio-Globus services were used by 2,934,056 people.

In 2019 Biblio-Globus services were used by 3 584 389 people.

For 2020, Biblio-Globus services were used by 1,895,477 people.

Flight concretization: what is the possible catch?

What is flight concretization, what are the pros and cons of this service, reviews of tourists who took concretization.

Specifying a flight to Cyprus

Flight concretization in Cyprus: advantages and disadvantages.

In social networks one can often encounter the question of what is flight specificity and whether it makes sense to pay extra for this service to the tour operator.

Some tourists have already started planning May and summer vacations in 2021 and are interested in this burning topic. Let’s try to understand this question by the example of flights to Cyprus.

What is a concretization? To begin with, let us define the concept of “flight concretization”. The website of the well-known tour operator Biblio-Globus explains that this is a paid service that allows customers to choose “the most convenient flight for the particular destination and time period. In simple words tour operator offers us to pay more and to choose the flight, which would be more comfortable to fly on, of course out of the possible ones.

But why do you have to specify the flight?

Why should I specify the flight? Don’t you know the departure time beforehand? You know the departure time of all the flights in a day, of which there may be two or three. But you do not know exactly on which plane it is going to be, until the day before departure.

Another detail. Say if you bought a tour to Cyprus without specifying the flight you can get on any aircraft that is flying to this direction. But, in Cyprus there are two official airports and you can get to any of them.

The worst scenario is that your hotel is booked in Ayia Napa or Protaras, and the plane will arrive at the other end of the island, in Paphos. In this case the transfer will “pilfer” along the south coast for at least 3 hours, until you get there. It is 3 hours from the airport, the same amount of time back, and 6 hours of precious rest will be wasted!

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Car rental, flights, hotels

  • For cars for rent – from small cars to SUVs click here.
  • Flight tickets – see flights to Cyprus – here
  • Discounted hotels and apartments – see here

What are the benefits of flight concretization?

First of all – if you pay for “flight details” (30 EUR) you will know exactly to which airport you are going to arrive and you will be able to choose the place of arrival in advance. If we talk about Cyprus, it is a real plus!

Secondly, the time of departure will be known at once. And, say, if the carrier has two flights to the island a day (morning and evening), you can specify the morning departure, so you do not lose a paid day off. But this is in theory, what happens in practice?

What could be wrong with specifying a flight?

Let’s say you bought a tour from a tour operator. A representative of the tour operator offered to pay you for the flight specifics and you agreed. Now you know for sure that there is a flight, it departs in the morning, you know the departure time, and you also know the arrival airport. Everything seems to be accounted for, but what could be the catch?

The airline could be the “dirty trick”. You’re flying by charter, and charter flights can change the departure schedule, and instead of a morning flight there will be an evening one. Someone will object, and say that the flight was specified! Yes, this is true, but the time of departure has been changed by the airline.

It even happens that the flight was specified, paid for, and the tour operator let you down. The reviews of the tourists below speak eloquently about this. Read what they say, and then decide yourself whether you need such specification of the flights.

Tours in Cyprus

Aphrodite Island is a very popular beach destination. In summer, the sun shines almost every day on the island, and the water in the Mediterranean Sea warms to its maximum values. Tourist season in Cyprus opens in May. In June, July and August there is a very good demand for tours. It is better to buy tours in advance. View tour prices in Cyprus, and all the details you can – here.

"Tez Tour: reviews about the tour operator

When buying a tour to Cyprus, you can get a discount. To do this, use promo code AF1000kipros when booking a tour – here.

Feedback from those tourists who have bought a specific flight

Anna (flew out in 2018). Booked a tour at a travel agency and we were “pleased”. On Turkish Airlines now the fuel surcharge and flight concretization is 50 bucks. And without specifying flights are not convenient – in the evening. Now everyone is charging for this service. Someone is asking for $30, while others are asking for $50. If you want to fly at night or early in the morning, you have to pay extra. “

Anwar (flew out in 2017). “Biblio-Globus screwed up and had to take almost 4 hours to get from Paphos airport to Protaras with a transfer from the tour operator. Paid specifically 30 euros for the specifics of the flight to Larnaca, and to no avail! I had some mistakes in the system. So my advice to everyone: don’t take the flight concretization – it’s a scam. “

Alexander (flew in 2016). “And I don’t understand this particularization at all. People give the dough for nothing, it turns out! Buy a day of vacation instead of this service for 8000 rubles! In fact, I did. The tour operator offered this service, and I asked to count one more day of stay. That’s what we were told by the girl who sold the trip, offering to add just one day off. For which I thank her very much. “

Olga (flew out in 2016). “Once, after paying for specifics, we lost the first day of vacation, arriving at the hotel instead of 10:00 am – at 11:30 pm. Also, got a night at Larnaca airport as a “gift” at the end of the vacation. You pay only for the choice of flight, but not for the departure time. What time the flight will leave – no one knows. Now we buy the trip with “plus two days to fly out” in mind, without any specifics, for it is of no use. “

Anfisa (flew out in 2016). “If you fly from Moscow, take the specifics. There are flights to Cyprus in the morning, afternoon and evening. I think 30 euros is worth paying for an extra day in the sun. Otherwise, you might fly out at 11:00 pm. “

Svetlana (flew in 2015). “Have flown with Biblio-Globus three times and always took a concretization. Once was unlucky: the flight from Moscow was delayed by 4 hours. But that day, I remember, all the flights departed later. The travel agency said that the flight had not changed, i.e. the flight number remained the same, and that the departure at a different time, well, this is a charter, what do you want. The thing is handy, on the one hand, but unfortunately does not give a 100% guarantee. “

Coral Travel: reviews of the tour operator

Ещё больше отзывов туристов о конкретизации рейсов читайте — здесь > > >.

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What if the flight was delayed or cancelled?

Almost all of us have experienced such a situation, when a flight was delayed or cancelled. But not many people know that in this case you can get compensation ranging from 250 to 600 euros. This rule applies to all passengers regardless of nationality. So you can ask for compensation even if you are not an EU citizen. But there are only three ways to claim compensation

  • If you reach your final destination three hours or more late;
  • If the country of departure is an EU member state, regardless of which airline made the flight;
  • if any flight is made by an airline registered in the EU (as well as in Iceland, Norway or Switzerland).

In order to claim damages from the air carrier, it is necessary to write a competent claim. Sometimes the average passenger is not able to understand the intricacies of the law. Then you can seek advice from professionals. Please note that the company works on the basis of the EU and Turkish legislation. Here you can find advice on how to do it correctly.

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