Bratislava – Vienna: how to get there

How to get to Bratislava from Vienna and vice versa

Vienna and Bratislava are two of the closest capitals in Europe, the distance between them is about 70 kilometers, and it takes only an hour and a half to get there. It is therefore convenient when visiting one capital for one or two days to go to the other. Also often buy a ticket for the flight that is cheaper and then drive to the desired city directly from the airport. There are several ways to do this: by bus, train, rental car, or shuttle service. Up-to-date schedules, stops, map, prices and advantages of each option are in this article.

From Vienna Airport

The cheapest way to get from Vienna airport to Slovakia’s capital city is the Flixbus. The average ticket price is only 400 rubles. Buses leave every hour until 1 am inclusive.

The stop is located opposite the terminal 3.


The most comfortable way is a car transfer, which is better to order in advance. The trip will cost about 5000 rubles. The main advantage of transfer – you don’t need to think about details of the trip, stops, currency exchange and language barrier. The driver meets you at the exit of the terminal with a sign and then takes you to the desired address by individual transport.

From Bratislava airport

Lowcoster Pobeda now flies to Bratislava, which means getting from Russia to Slovakia and at the same time Austria has become much easier and cheaper. Good deals are on aviasales, with a typical ticket price of 2000-3000 rubles. If you are not so interested in the Slovak capital, it’s easy to go straight from the airport to Austria – the distance is not so great, so you can get there quickly and cheaply.


The cheapest way to get to Vienna directly from Bratislava airport is by bus, the ticket price is about 550 rubles.

The Flixbus stop will be right in front of the exit from Terminal A2.

Pobeda Fly&Bus

If you flew with Pobeda, the airline offers its own Fly&Bus transfer. Keep in mind that it is usually more expensive and you have to wait longer. The cost is usually about 9 euros, arrives at Vienna’s main train station. To take advantage of the offer, you need to have the itinerary receipt.

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By bus


The cheapest way of transportation between the cities is a bus Flixbus, the ticket price starts from 300 rubles and travel time is one hour. The bus stops are located both in the center and on the outskirts: at the bridge of SNP (center), Einsteinova street (outskirts, the opposite bank of the Danube). The bus station in Bratislava is a 15-minute walk from the center, most buses go there.

Free Vienna Museums

Pros: low price, possibility to buy online, frequent flights, buses with internet, toilets and sockets

Cons: The bus station is not in the center of Bratislava.

Slovak Lines

Another bus carrier is Slovak lines. The cost is usually more expensive and starts at 500 rubles, but if you monitor promotions and specials, there is a chance of stumbling upon cheap tickets.

By train

Travel by train will cost twice as much. However, it is convenient that both train stations are centrally located (Wien Hbf and Bratislava Hlavná). Tickets are purchased locally just before departure at ticket offices or vending machines. The timetable is available on the Austrian Railways website: or the Slovakian website:

Pros: Arrival in the city center

Cons: double price for the bus.

An interesting option, both comfortable and educational, can be an individual tour from Vienna to Bratislava with a Russian-speaking guide. In addition to the transfer guide will conduct a full tour of the city and talk about its culture and history. Not a bad option if you do not want to prepare for your trip and think about organizational details, and do not want to miss interesting places in the city.

Advantages: transfer + a story about the history and a walk through the interesting places.

Cons: not suitable for those who like to plan everything by themselves.


The most convenient way to travel with a transfer, where the driver in an individual vehicle will take you to a specific address. This method is more expensive than others, but allows you to relax and not think about the intricacies of the trip. In addition, if you are traveling alone or in company, the price will not be so high, relative to the comfort. If you are traveling for three or four people with luggage – this is the best way to travel.

In addition to comfort it will save on public transport if your hotel is not in the center, and will have to travel from the bus or train station.

Pros: a comfortable way not to think about the details of the trip

Cons: the price if you travel alone

By car

By car the road between the cities will take only 1.5 hours, the distance is 67 km. There are almost never any border inspections on the way. Therefore, to go to the neighboring capital may be convenient to rent a car. Suitable for those who like to plan and organize everything themselves, and stop along the way. It may also come in handy that the rented car can be returned at the airport just before the flight.

How to get to Innsbruck from Munich and Vienna

Pros: speed, independence, comfort.

Cons: rental gasoline costs.

By River

Both capitals are on the same river, the Danube. The most exotic and scenic way to get from one city to the other would be a river cruise. On the river go both small ships and high-speed catamarans. You can book a Bratislava-Vienna tour at the link in advance or directly on the waterfront.

The marine transport stops are centrally located near the SNP bridge in Bratislava. In Vienna it is the station at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the Reichsbrücke Bridge.

Tickets cost on average 30 euros, in high season (summer) prices go up. Catamarans are usually cheaper, the price starts at 20 euros.

Pros: You can admire the views of the Danube.

Cons: the price is more expensive than the bus, the speed

Itinerary on the map

The route is on the A4/E58, the state border is near Bratislava.

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How to go from Bratislava to Vienna?

The cheapest option is the bus for €4, and the most interesting and romantic is the high-speed catamaran. Do you want to know how?


Bratislava, photo by PROBeth Doherty

When traveling to Slovakia, tourists most often do not limit their sightseeing to this country. They try to visit Austria, which is nearby. From Bratislava to Vienna is about 60 km. Going to Vienna overnight is quite expensive. But to leave in the morning and return in the evening – is economical. Let’s look at all possible options.

By bus

Bus is an economical way to travel from Bratislava to Vienna. Several companies offer their services.


With FlixBus buses you will get from the Slovak capital to the Austrian capital in 1 hour for €5.

Buses leave every hour from Bratislava bus station Nový Most, stopping at the bus station Mlynské Nivy (Bratislava, AS Mlynské Nivy), Einsteinova/Petrzalka station and the airport. Bus stop addresses are listed here. To Vienna arrive at the bus station Erdberg (VIB) and at Schwechat airport. Timetables and ticket prices are available here.

It is more advantageous to buy tickets for the bus in advance on the website of the carrier. It is also possible to buy them at the bus station cashier’s office or from the driver, but it will be more expensive.

Where to eat well and cheaply in Vienna

From Bratislava to Vienna by bus

From Bratislava to Vienna by bus


RegioJet is a subsidiary of Student Agency, which operates the bus line Vienna-Bratislava. Tickets cost from €4. If you book early on the website of RegioJet, the price of the ticket can be €1.

Buses run hourly. Passengers are offered: free Wi-Fi and hot drinks, on-board media system with which they can watch movies and listen to music, USB ports and electrical outlets.

In Bratislava, the bus departs from Nový Most bus station, Bratislava bus station, AS Mlynské Nivy and Einsteinova station. In Vienna, it arrives at the station near the Stadion Center (metro station U2 Stadion) with a stop at Vienna Airport. Travel time is about 1.5 hours.


Buses of Eurolines run frequently between Bratislava and Vienna. See timetable and stops here.

The ticket will cost you from € 5 and is cheaper at beforehand. Travel time 1-1,5 hours.

Blaguss Slovakia

Buses of Slovak company Blaguss go from Bratislava airport to Vienna airport in 1 hr. 15 min for €7,50 with stops in Bratislava at Nový most and Petržalka-Einsteinova; in Vienna at the Erdberg bus station (VIB). Timetables and prices are available at

Slovak Lines

There is also a express bus Slovak Lines. The ticket costs €5. The duration of the trip is about an hour. Timetables and bus stops are listed here.


From bus station Bratislava (Bratislava, AS Mlynské Nivy) to Vienna (Wien Erdberg) goes the bus Postbus. Ticket price €5. Timetable with stops here.

The route goes through very picturesque places. The bus stops at Heinburg. If you go during the day you can see the fortress and the unique church on the square.

By train

From Bratislava to Vienna by train

From Bratislava to Vienna by train

Getting from Bratislava to Vienna by train is almost as convenient as taking a bus, but more expensive. Trains leave from Bratislava hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station) or from Bratislava Petržalka (Bratislava Petržalka) station and arrive at Vienna Hbf main station. Interval in motion is about one hour.

Ticket price for train – from €14. Travel time is about one hour.

The timetable is available on the Austrian railroads, the Slovakian railways, and the German railways You can buy tickets online, as well as at ticket offices or from self-service machines at the station.

From Vienna to Bratislava by Danube

Bratislava and Vienna are connected by the Danube. So why not combine business with pleasure? The river cruise is much more expensive, but the difference in price can be seen as a surcharge for the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful views. The marinas are located in the center of Bratislava, near the Old Town.

Vienna Airport: How to get to the city center

In the summertime you can take a speed catamaran to Vienna or a good old-fashioned meteor. Click here for more information. Navigation is from March to October.

Fast catamaran Twin City Liner

Rapid catamaran landing in Vienna

The speed catamaran dock in Vienna.

A trip on a catamaran costs €20 one way. The trip duration is 1 hour. 30 min. There are four catamarans a day to Vienna (landing at Schwedenplatz).

See the schedule at


By meteor to Vienna

By meteor to Vienna

The hydrofoils of the LOD Ferry (Meteor) take you from the center of Bratislava to Vienna in 1 hour. 45 min. The ticket costs €20 one way; round trip €29. There are 3-5 flights a week from April to October to Vienna. See the timetable here. In Vienna the final stop is on the Danube promenade near the Schiffsstation Reichsbrücke (Schiffsstation Reichsbrücke).


Book a transfer from Bratislava to Vienna with KiwiTaxi. It will cost you from €70.


Download my audio guide for Vienna

Audioguide to Vienna

This is a ready-made audio tour of the historic center of Austria’s capital that will help you get the most out of the city and save significantly on guides. The audio tour consists of 57 sites along the most popular walking route, covering all of Vienna’s major attractions.


Hello Michael and fellow travelers!)) I have been to Vienna and Bratislava 2 times and both in winter. The first time I took the Vienna-Bratislava route by train and the second by bus. What is the difference? By rail is much more expensive and a little faster since it doesn’t depend on traffic jams. In terms of cost, the ticket is the same whether in advance or before the trip at the terminal. In Vienna, I stay within walking distance of the Hauptbahnhof train station. In addition to the rail option to get from there to Bratislava, there is also a bus option – Slovak lines. If you take a ticket at least a little bit in advance on the company’s website (with a mandatory printout of the ticket, as I recall), you will calmly pay not 5, but only 1 euro for the ticket. Nice, right?!)) But, be sure to match your arrival location with what you need. Different bus companies may have different departure and arrival points. So, for example, the aforementioned company has a route Heiptbahnhof – Bratislava Bus Station. Passengers are given a small bottle of water, though I have not seen any free chips listed on the website (well, I do not need them in the hell). Slovak drivers are not European affable and do not give seats from 1 to 4. Also between the seats on the bus this carrier has a very small distance, but in front of the seat is built in a monitor, where you can, inserting the “ears” watch during the trip selected from the list of movies, though either in Slovak or English. In general, there are disadvantages, but there are also pluses, such as the fare of only 1 euro!) Have a good trip!))

How to get from Budapest to Vienna - all ways

We traveled from Vienna to Bratislava and back by hydrofoil in August 2016. Funny thing is that the ship was manufactured in the last century in the USSR. The crew is Slovak. It’s like sailing down the Moskva River among foreign tourists. Vienna from the ship is not as interesting as its suburbs and locks, as well as the outskirts of Bratislava. To repeat our experience, take the subway to Vorgartenstrasse, pass the square near the notable Catholic Church of Franz Assisi, cross the road and enter the glass pier of the shipbuilding times. Tickets are sold there – 29 euros round trip. At the pier in Bratislava information center, you can get a free map of the city. There are also tour buses with an audio guide on board. 10 euro – an hour sightseeing tour with a visit to the castle. We managed all in a day, even went shopping. I advise to pay attention to the shoes and bijouterie – very good choice and prices.

We went to Bratislava from Vienna by train. Bratislava-ticket = 16 euros round trip + transport in Bratislava all day.Trains every 30 minutes, not more than an hour away.

Good day to all! Went from Vienna to Bratislava for one day. From Vienna we took a boat LOD, not cheap, of course, but once you can, the child saw what the locks and how they work. Were horrified when we were offered instant Nescafe for 1.5 euros (no coffee machine on board). From Bratislava we took the Regioget bus back from the SNP bridge stop. Had to be very nervous to find it, in fact, it is under the bridge, where the bus junction. No identifying signs indicating the bus companies were found until the bus itself came up. The driver opened the lid of the trunk – there was a cash register) for 2 adults and a child aged 11 years paid 11.60 euros. The bus is new, clean, headphones in the bag (the child said, the best bus in the world). We started at 18:45 – at 19:40 we were arriving at the airport Schweahat.

Thank you very much, Michael, for the informative article. For a day trip to Vienna from Bratislava, I used the RegioJet bus, having booked tickets online in advance. Indeed, it is possible to go one way for only 1 euro))

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