Brussels – Bruges: How to get there

How to get from Brussels to Bruges

How to get from Brussels to Bruges

By car, the distance between Brussels and Bruges is only 96 km. You can also get there by bus and train – the flights are direct, follow the route without changes, and there are quite a lot of departures. The cheaper variant is with bus, more expensive – with train.

You can drive to Bruges on your own by renting a car: you’ll have a pleasant journey with friends or family.

For detailed information on how to get from Brussels to Bruges and how to buy tickets easily, read our article.

Information on ticket prices and timetables is as of 2020. Check the departure times and costs for a specific date when booking your tickets.

From Brussels to Bruges by bus

Travelling by bus takes a little longer than by train, but the difference in ticket price is noticeable: by train the journey will cost three times as much.

If you book tickets in advance you can save even more. So if saving money is your priority we recommend to choose the bus.


The FlixBus runs a direct route several times a day between these cities. They are comfortable buses with Wi-fi in the cabin, so the trip will be as comfortable as possible.

Flights run tentatively at 4.55, 6.55, 13.25, 20.10 from the northern railway station Gare du Nord. Arrival at Bruges Rijselstraat-Spoorwegstraat bus station near the railway station.

Travel time is about 1 hour and 25 minutes. However, on some flights, the travel time increases to 1 hour and 50 minutes.

On this bus you will find the cheapest tickets – with an early purchase you can get a ticket for only 6 euros!

Buy a bus ticket Brussels – Bruges

See the exact schedule of FlixBus and other bus carriers in Russian and buy your ticket in advance on Flights are easily sorted by filters: “cheapest”, “earliest”, “fastest”, and others, and dates with low prices can help you save on a ticket.

How to get to Brussels

There just set the departure and destination cities: the system will give you the available options for buses on the desired date. Selecting the right flight by time and price, you can buy a ticket without queuing: after payment will come to your email.

From Brussels to Bruges by train

The fastest way to get from Brussels to Bruges is by train – you will spend only 1 hour on the way if you choose a non-transfer option. The Belgian SNCB trains are much more frequent than buses (about every 15-20 minutes), so finding the best time to get there is very easy.

Intercity train

The Intercity trains run between Brussels and Bruges with about 11-24 stops: the number of stops determines the length of the journey.

The minimum time to get there is 1 hour, and 2 hours if the train has more stops. So pay attention to travel time when booking tickets.

You can get to Bruges from any of the three train stations (Central, Midi and Nord).

The first train leaves at about 5:40 am, the latest at 00:30 am. Arrival at Bruges train station.

The cost of the ticket is about 17 euros in second class and about 23 euros in first class with Full Flex fare.

Buy a train ticket Brussels – Bruges

For timetables and other information about the Belgian rail company SNCB trains, visit The interface is clear: enter your travel parameters and select the desired departure time.

On the website it is possible to buy a ticket, which will be sent to your e-mail. This is more convenient than buying at the ticket office at the train station: you do not have to wait in line, you can come straight to the boarding.

From Brussels to Bruges by car

Driving from the Belgian capital to beautiful Bruges is a pleasure! Once you’ve chosen a car that you like, you can enjoy a drive through the beautiful Belgian countryside, visiting other interesting cities along the way, such as Ghent.

How to get from Paris to Bruges - all ways

You’ll spend about 1 hour on the way to Bruges and gas will cost 12-15 Euros on average.

The advantage of driving on your own is that you can plan your own route: you don’t need to keep track of public transport schedules.

See different brands of cars and compare prices to rent a car, you can on the website.

If you want to walk around Ghent

There is a wonderful Belgian town called Ghent on the way. If you want to walk around it, see separate articles on how to get there:

Saving on a hotel in Bruges

If you’re planning to spend a few days in Bruges, choose a suitable hotel in advance while prices are low. Booking a cheap and comfortable room is easy on the Russian-speaking site

There is a large selection of hotels, hostels and apartments, the location of which can be seen on the map. Range of accommodation types, ratings, prices, distance to the city center, and other options are easy to find with our filters.

Bruges tours and museum tickets

The key sights are conveniently seen on a sightseeing tour, and for those who like unconventional itineraries, we recommend an author’s walk with a local guide. You can find a wide range of programs on the Tripster website.

Tickets for museums and other places in Bruges are easy to buy in advance – no waiting in line, even from your phone. At the entrance to the museum you will only have to show the e-ticket. To do this, you can use the Russian-language service Tiqets.

How to get from Brussels to Bruges

The distance from Brussels to Bruges is 87 km straight, about 97 km by car. There are no direct buses from Brussels to Bruges, but you can get there quickly by train.

Brussels – Bruges train

Trains pass through all three train stations in Brussels, so it’s up to you to decide which one to buy a ticket from.

Belgium: Travelling by yourself

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Train schedule from Brussels to Bruges 2022

There are many direct services between the cities daily: trains leave literally every 20-30 minutes from 6am until late at night. The last train leaves at 00:29, slight schedule changes are possible.

Intercity trains cover the entire distance from Brussels to Bruges in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Ticket price for a train ticket from Brussels to Bruges

Second class tickets cost from €14.40 one way (from €7 on promotional days). First class tickets start at 22,20 €.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. If you didn’t manage to buy it at the station you can buy it from a conductor for 7 € extra. It is not necessary to pay additionally if there are no ticket booths and ticket vending machines at the station. If you forget to warn the conductor that you do not have a ticket and he discovers this fact already in the car, you have to pay a fine.

Get full information about the cost and changes in the schedule on the official website of the Belgian Railways.

You can buy a train ticket on the Russian-language website Rail Europe, which specializes in European rail destinations, as well as through a single ticket search service for transportation around the world.

Cabs, transfer from Brussels to Bruges

Ordering a transfer is especially relevant for those who get from the airport and are in a hurry. You can book a cab for your arrival time to one of the airports of Brussels or for the departure from any hotel in the city with the help of KiwiTaxi service:

Search for transfers in Bruges

From Where to Cost
Brussels Zaventem Airport Bruges from 10922 p. Show
Brussels Bruges from 10922 p. Show
Brussels-Charleroi Airport Bruges from 13589 p. Show
From Where to Cost
Bruges Brussels Zaventem Airport from 10922 p. Show
Bruges Brussels from 10922 p. Show
Bruges Brussels-Charleroi Airport from 13589 p. Show
How to get from Paris to Bruges - all ways

How to get from Brussels to Bruges by car

The distance between Brussels and Bruges is almost 100 km, you can drive quickly in about an hour. On the way you can see some sights. It is convenient and cheap to go by car with a chauffeur-passenger, similar offers can be found with the service BlaBlaCar.

Route description Brussels – Bruges

Route length between Brussels and Bruges: 99 km

Approximate travel time: 1h 17m Show description of the route

Distance Time Note
0,1 km 1 min. Head southeast on Bisschopsstraat / Rue de l’Evêque
0.2 km 1 min. Bisschopsstraat / Rue de l’Evêque gently turns left into Rue de l’Ecuyer / Schildknaaps Straat
0.2 km 1 min. Turn left into Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères / Warmoesberg
0,4 km 2 min. Turn left into Rue du Fossé aux Loups / Wolvengracht
0,1 km 1 min. Continue on Augustijnenstraat / Rue des Augustins
0,6 km 3 min. Turn right into Rue de Laeken / Lakensestraat
64 м 1 min. Turn left on Boudewijnlaan / Boulevard Baudouin
5,0 km 5.0 km 10 min. Gentle left turn onto the R20
1.6 km 1 min. Continue on the A10
80.8 km 45 min. Continue on the A10 / E40
2.4 km 2 min. At the junction 8-Brugge keep right. Follow the signs on the E403 towards Brugge / Haven Zeebrugge
51 м 1 min. Continue on A17 / E403 / N31 (following the signs to Zeebrugge / Blankenberge / Brugge)
4,7 km 4,7 km 4 min. Continue on the N31
0.2 km 1 min. Take exit N351 towards Brugge
1.6 km 3 min. Continue on Bevrijdingslaan / N351
0,7 km 2 min. Turn left into Gulden-Vlieslaan / R30
0,5 Km 2 min. Turn right onto Ezelstraat
71 м 1 min. Continue on Sint-Jakobsstraat
0,1 km 1 min. Turn left and continue on Sint-Jakobsstraat
0.2 km 1 min. Turn left onto Naaldenstraat
0,1 km 1 min. Turn right at Grauwerkersstraat
6 м 1 min. Turn left at Vlamingstraat
64 м 1 min. Turn right onto Academieststraat
Belgium: Travelling by yourself

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