Budapest Airport: How to get downtown

4 ways to get from the airport to downtown Budapest

In this article I will tell you how to get from Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport to downtown Budapest and how to get to Budapest from the airport at night . There are three ways to get to Budapest: by public transportation, by shuttle, and by cab. From Budapest Airport it is only 20 km to Deák Ferenc Square, the very center and major transportation hub of the city. The subway line unfortunately does not run to the airport, so you have to use different buses and subways, depending on which part of the city you are going to.

Since March 7, 2022 Russian citizens can enter Hungary without restrictions with a valid Schengen visa in spite of the Ukrainian crisis. It is no longer necessary to show a COVID 19 vaccination certificate or PCR test to anyone. Read more about covid restrictions in Budapest

Fares from the airport to downtown Budapest

By regular bus №200e and metro – 530 HUF 530 HUF = 79.5 rubles 530 HUF = 48,3 UAH 530 HUF = 3,38 Belorussian rubles 530 HUF = 1,32 Euro 530 HUF = 1,31 USD At the Central Bank exchange rate of 08.09.2022 11:30

By express bus #100e – 900 HUF 900 HUF = 135 rubles 900 HUF = 82.02 UAH 900 HUF = 5.73 Belarusian rubles 900 HUF = 2.24 euro 900 HUF = 2.22 dollars At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 08.09. 2022 11:30 , from July 1, 2022 1500 HUF 1500 HUF = 225 rubles 1500 HUF = 136.71 UAH 1500 HUF = 9.56 Bel. rubles 1500 HUF = 3.74 Euro 1500 HUF = 3.7 USD At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 08.09.2022 11:30

By bus #200 and train to Newgati station 350 HUF 350 HUF = 52.5 rubles 350 HUF = 31.9 UAH 350 HUF = 2.23 Bel. rubles 350 HUF = 0.87 Euro 350 HUF = 0.86 USD At the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 08. 09.09.2022 11:30 + 370 HUF 370 HUF = 55.5 RUB 370 HUF = 33,72 UAH 370 HUF = 2,36 Bel. RUB 370 HUF = 0,92 EUR 370 HUF = 0,91 USD At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 08.09.2022 11:30

Group transfers by AirportShuttle bus 10 EUR 10 EUR = 600 rubles 10 EUR = 365.47 hryvnias 10 EUR = 25.55 Belarusian rubles 10 EUR = 10 EUR 10 EUR = 9.9 dollars At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 08.09.2022 11:30 .

27 EUR 27 EUR = 1620 BYR 27 EUR = 986.78 UAH 27 EUR = 68.99 Belarusian Rubles 27 EUR = 27 EUR 27 EUR = 26.72 USD At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 08.09.2022 11:30

Tickets for buses at the airport

You can buy tickets for buses #200e and #100e at BKK (the official name of Budapest public transport network) offices in both airport terminals or in special machines at the bus stop or inside the airport and also at the Relay newsstand. Ticket terminals switch to Russian, you can pay with a non-Russian plastic card.

Do not change money at the airport, it’s the most predatory rate. To read more: where to change money in Budapest favorably.

The tickets are also sold by bus drivers for cash forints, but it will be more expensive and not always the driver has tickets available, it is better to use terminals for the purchase of the ticket.

Bus from the airport to Budapest 200e

Transfer by public transport involves taking bus 200e, about 30 minutes to Nagyvárad tér metro station, which is on the M3 blue line, and actually taking the metro to the city center.

Warning. The M3 subway line (blue) is supposedly under reconstruction until the first quarter of 2023.

  • During the daytime on weekdays the M3 metro line will again run between the Kobánya-Kispest and Kálvin tér sections and the city centers of Göncz Árpád and downtown Ujpest. A replacement M3 bus will run between the Kálvin tér section and Göncz Árpád city center, and a replacement M3A bus will also run between the Nyugati pályaudvar section and Göncz Árpád city center.
  • On weekdays at night and on weekends, the M3 metro line will run between the Göncz Árpád city center section and the center of Ujpest. Between the Kobánya-Kispest section and Göncz Árpád city center, passengers can take an alternate M3 bus.
  • Please note that metro cars running between Kőbánya-Kispest and Kálvin tér will miss the Nagyvárad tér metro station due to repair work. Passengers can get to the area around Nagyvárad tér on the substitute station bus M30, which leaves from Népliget, on streetcars 2M and 24 towards the city center and Keleti pályaudvar, or on foot or by bicycle MOL Bubi at Semmelweis clinics.
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The 200E bus line operates from 4:06 to 23:20 between Terminal 2 and Nagyvárad tér metro station (temporary stop of the M3 metro line during reconstruction). Single BKK tickets are required for the trip, multi-day and group passes are also valid. The cost of this pleasure is 530 HUF 530 HUF = 79.5 rubles 530 HUF = 48.3 hryvnia 530 HUF = 3.38 Belarusian rubles 530 HUF = 1.32 euro 530 HUF = 1.31 dollars At the rate of the Central Bank on 08.09.2022 11:30 per person, you must take a ticket that allows connecting, such ticket is valid 80 minutes by day and 120 minutes at night. This is the cheapest, but also the most time-consuming method of transfer. On the other hand with this method you can go to any part of Budapest, not only to the center.

Bus from the airport to Budapest 100e

Bus 100e is a special express bus from the airport to the city center without a transfer. It makes only 3 stops in the center of Budapest:

  1. Kálvin tér M (Calvin Square, ter in Hungarian)
  2. Astoria M (Astoria metro station, also a hotel of the same name).
  3. Deák Ferenc tér M (the most central station in Budapest, where all three lines converge)

At any of them you can transfer to the subway. Tickets are sold without seats, i.e. standing fare is possible. On the bus number 100e any ticket for public transport is not suitable, only a special ticket for 1500 HUF 1500 HUF = 225 rubles 1500 HUF = 136.71 UAH 1500 HUF = 9.56 Belarusian rubles 1500 HUF = 3.74 Euro 1500 HUF = 3.7 USD The exchange rate of the Central Bank at 08.09.2022 11:30, which you can also buy in a special machine selling tickets, select the button with the plane.

The first bus leaves the airport at 4:10 and the last at 01:05; service frequency is 10 minutes in the afternoon and 15-20 minutes in the early morning and late evening. The bus is synchronized with the departures. There are only 550 meters between Deák Ferenc tér and Astoria M, so it makes sense to walk to Deák Ferenc tér when you return to the airport; there the bus stands in the ring and you might get a seat.

Train to Nyugati station

The train is a good choice if you want to take the train to Nyugati train station from the airport and change to a train to travel around Hungary or to neighbouring countries.

The nearest train station to the airport is Ferihegy, which can be reached by bus #200e during the day and by bus #900 at night (∼10-15 minutes by bus from the airport terminal). Unfortunately tickets for the train are not sold at the airport terminal, you can buy them at the Ferihegy train station ticket office from 6am to 6pm or at the ticket machines on the platforms at any other time. In this case, buy the cheapest ticket on the bus 200e without changing at 350 HUF 350 HUF = 52.5 rubles 350 HUF = 31.9 hryvnia 350 HUF = 2.23 Belarusian rubles 350 HUF = 0.87 Euro 350 HUF = 0.86 USD The exchange rate of the Central Bank at 08.09.2022 11:30 .

On the way back you can buy a ticket from Ferihegy station by bus to the airport terminal only for 300 HUF 300 HUF = 45 rubles 300 HUF = 27.34 hryvnia 300 HUF = 1.91 Belarusian rubles 300 HUF = 0.75 euro 300 HUF = 0.74 USD At the rate of Central Bank of Russia on 08.09.2022 11:30 . This ticket is valid only together with the train ticket.

Transfer in Budapest by cab

For a transfer in Budapest you can order a cab in advance, especially convenient when you have children with you. You can specify how many child seats you need when ordering. For individual transfer ordering use Kiwi Taxi and , there you can see the price in rubles or euros for your choice, as you prefer. The prices at these sites are constantly changing, so you should choose where it is cheaper at the moment. At the moment of the last edition of this article the price of transfer from the airport to Budapest city center is 29 EUR 29 EUR = 1740 rubles 29 EUR = 1059.87 UAH 29 EUR = 74.1 BYR 29 EUR = 29.7 USD The exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia as of 08.09.2022 11:30 . The cost does not depend on the area of the city. At the same sites you can order a taxi transfer to other cities in Hungary. A cab driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it. These sites work in Russian.

Prices in Budapest - 2022. How to save money

It is most advantageous to pay in full at the site, so as not to mess with the exchange of money at the airport, it is definitely not profitable. I have used both sites more than once and everything was perfect, sometimes even larger cars than I ordered without any price increase. KiwiTaxi often have Russian-speaking drivers from the former Soviet republics.

Take a cab upon arrival at Budapest airport is not recommended, because they overcharge. I will not say how much they can cheat in Budapest, but in St. Petersburg at Pulkovo they cheat 4 times. This is a disease of the former Eastern Bloc countries.

All my experience of using different cab and transfer booking services in Europe from and to the airport, I laid out in one article – How to find cheap transfers in any country in the world.

Shuttle transfers in Budapest

This method my family and I have experienced. We used the website made by the Hungarian craftsmen and found a number of unfortunate mistakes. The shuttle site only works in English. But in our case was not without incident. After the payment we received no confirmation by e-mail. To break through the modern spam filters of famous mail servers, you need to hire competent programmers, such for their work are expensive, so small local services like not available.

Now there is an opportunity to buy a ticket for the shuttle through the website, to do it there is much more convenient. Cost 10 EUR 10 EUR = 600 rubles 10 EUR = 365.47 hryvnia 10 EUR = 25.55 Belarusian rubles 10 EUR = 10 euro 10 EUR = 9.9 dollars at the Central Bank exchange rate of 08.09.2022 11:30 am total.

Despite the fact that we didn’t have our payment confirmation with us, we went to the shuttle ticket counter and the girl, digging in her computer, found our payment and gave us our tickets.

Transfer in Budapest

Airport shuttle counter

Next, it’s simple, you have to follow the arrows that will lead you to a small waiting room.

Transfer in Budapest

Signage at the airport

There is a digital signage hanging in the waiting room that shows the ticket numbers for which the minibus has already been served. We were lucky we didn’t wait at all, walked straight to the bus. It was at 11:30am, maybe at other times you would have to wait longer.

Transfer in Budapest

The waiting area for the shuttle.

The shuttle has a total of 7 passenger seats and a baggage compartment. Our shuttle left almost immediately. The idea is that the shuttle consistently bypasses all of the hotels that passengers have booked. It turns out a mini tour of the city center.

The shuttle runs 24 hours a day, so at night it is almost irreplaceable. There are night buses in Budapest, but compared to the shuttle, they are certainly more difficult to use for visitors to the city. The subway doesn’t run at night.

The night before we left the hotel, we asked at our hotel reception to call the AirportShuttle-Minibusz service and remind us, as the Hungarians had shown themselves to be not very obliging and tidy people. And in the morning the shuttle was waiting for us at the hotel porch. The shuttle is not waiting for those who are late. You have to get out on the hotel porch at the designated time.

We stopped at another hotel and then drove to the airport. We took one last look at Budapest from the window of the shuttle.

Where is the best place to stay in Budapest for a tourist to see the city – a complete overview of the districts with selections of hotels in each of them, the answer to the question where is better in Buda or Pest, what is downtown Budapest and where is it located.

4 ways to get from Budapest to the airport

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4 ways to get from the airport to downtown Budapest

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From the airport to downtown Budapest and back – 5 proven ways

Those flying to Hungary inevitably face the question of how to get from Budapest airport to the city center, or any other location. In this article I tell in detail about all the ways to solve this problem: fast and not so fast, budget and expensive.

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Budapest

Budapest Airport how to get downtown

There are not many ways to get from Budapest airport to the center, you can choose according to your taste and wallet. The easiest and cheapest option – public transport. You can also take a cab on arrival or order a group transfer (minibus, where you won’t be the only one). And I also suggest you ordering an individual transfer from TripAndMe. Below I’ll talk about the pros and cons of each option, but first, a little about the airport you’ll be arriving at.

History of Budapest Airport

Construction of a new airport near Budapest began in the late 1930s. It was planned to use for civil and military aircraft. But with the beginning of World War II the military got a forum. The civil airport was for a time forgotten.

Two years after the end of the war, the Hungarian authorities decided to resume the construction of the airport. It was opened for flights on May 7, 1950. In those years, the bipolar world system began to take shape, so from Budapest the planes flew only to the capitals of the socialist countries – Sofia, Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest.

Then the usual development of the airport began: the number of flights was growing, the passenger traffic was increasing. So Budapest Airport got two new terminals: 2A and 2B.

As for the first terminal, it is currently mothballed. Its uniqueness is that terminal 1 is unlike any other airport building in the world. It is built in the form of an airplane.

Originally Budapest Airport was called Ferihegy with the letter code BUD. In 2011 the airport was renamed in memory of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt. It was just the 200th anniversary of his birth. The letter code remains the same.

How to get from Budapest Airport to the city center. I tell about each option in turn.

Public transportation from Budapest Airport

The easiest and most budget-friendly way to get from the airport to the city is by public transport. There is a public transport stop right outside Terminal 2B from which the 200E bus departs.

From Budapest Airport to Downtown

It will take you to the M3 metro station Köbánya-Kispest (Köbánya-Kispest). Residents of Budapest call it “Köki”.

Note: Due to the reconstruction of the blue metro line M3 (mentioned below), the 200E bus route was temporarily extended to the Nagyvárad tér stop.

The bus 200E leaves the route at 4 am and runs until 23:00. The interval of movement is about 10 minutes (in the early morning and late evening it increases). Journey time will take about 30 minutes.

There is a bus stop close to the terminal exit.

The cost of public transport in Budapest is 350 forints per trip. If you buy a ticket from the driver, it’s 450 forints. Single tickets and passes are sold at the transport company’s counter in both terminals (not open at night) or at the lily-light vending machines set up at the bus stop. The machine has a menu in Russian, but it only accepts forints (coins and small denomination bills), it is possible to pay with a bank card.

How to get to Budapest Airport

The route to the hotel I recommend to take in advance. That way you will know where you change from one hotel to another. From Budapest to the airport we go in reverse order: hotel – bus, streetcar or metro – Kőbánya-Kispest metro station – 200E bus.

Reconstruction of the M3 blue metro line

In 2017, a large-scale reconstruction of the M3 metro blue line began, which will last until 2022. From November ’17 to March ’19, the stations between Lehel tér and Újpest-Központ were closed. Tourists were little affected by this phase of reconstruction, as this part of the blue line does not lead to sights and important objects.

The section between Köbánya-Kispest and Nagyvárad tér stations has been closed for reconstruction since April 6, 2019. In this regard, important information for those who get to the city by bus 200E + subway M3. When you get to Kőbánya by 200E, get off and don’t go to the subway but look for the big blue M3 low-floor buses. They run between Köbánya-Kispest and Nagyvárad tér stations as a substitute for the subway. A more convenient option is to take the 200E to Nagyvárad tér and from there take the subway.

For your convenience I recommend taking the 100E express or my shuttle. Read more about both ways below.

Direct bus to the airport 100E

Since July 8, 2017, another bus route, the 100E, has connected the airport and downtown Budapest. It departs from Deák Ferenc tér (the very center of the city) daily from 3:40 am, which means you can take this bus if you are flying to Moscow on a WizzAir morning flight. Frequency of departure: every 20 minutes.

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The last flight to the airport departs from downtown Budapest at 00:40. The bus 100E hardly makes any stops (there are only two before the airport, both in the center – Kálvin tér and Astoria). The bus also runs back from the airport to the center of Budapest. The fare is 1 500 forints (4 euros).

Bus to Budapest Airport

Please note! Bus 100E does not have a pass for public transport in Budapest. To travel on it you need to buy a special ticket, which, I repeat, costs 900 forints. It is also sold at the counter at the airport and at all ticket machines in the city.

Group transfers from Budapest Airport to the hotel

MiniBUD minibuses with a capacity of 8-10 people transfer tourists from the airport to the hotel. And they are equipped in such a way that all passengers need to go approximately in the same direction.

The cost of the transfer depends on the area of Budapest you need to get to. It can be reduced if the minibus is full. The basic fare is 7 euros per person going from Budapest airport to the city center. How to book such a transfer I wrote in a separate article.

From the airport to the city center by cab

A cab or individual transfer is the easiest and most comfortable way to get from Budapest airport to the city and back. It is not customary to hail a cab on the street. You usually hail one if you’re driving from your hotel or approach the cab rank if you’re coming from the airport.

There’s always an abundance of cars, so you don’t have to wait long. But get ready to pay top dollar, too. The trip by cab from the airport to Budapest will cost you a minimum of 8,000 forints (about 28 €), but you’re likely to pay more. It makes sense to order a cab if you come in a company of 3-4 people (for example, two couples).

Dividing expenses for three or four people, you practically will not feel them. You can pre-book a personal transfer on the Internet. A huge advantage is that the driver will meet you with a sign in the arrivals hall, will take you to the car and will be Russian-speaking. Look at the prices on the form below and remember that for one, two, three or even four people you will pay the same amount (about 30 euros).

This is especially true for those who take an early morning WizzAir flight from Budapest. The driver of the pre-booked car will be waiting for you at the hotel/apartment. So you even have time to sleep:) .

Cab in Budapest in Russian or shuttle service from

My partners and I will gladly provide transfer services to all those arriving to or departing from Budapest. Our driver will pick you up at the airport or from a designated point in Budapest and take you downtown in a comfortable car. At the same time, if you want we can tell you about the city and its attractions, recommend restaurants and bars, talk about shopping malls, share little tricks, the location of the most advantageous exchangers, and so on. In general, you will not regret it =0). Especially once you know the fares.

TripAndMe transfer rates

Airport transfer and Budapest airport transfer up to 4 people (included)

  • Airport transfer from Budapest to center of Budapest (Pest) or back – 30 euro.
  • Airport – central Budapest (Buda and Margaret Island) or back – 35 euros.

Airport-Budapest and Budapest-Airport fares for a group of 5-7 people

  • Airport – center of Budapest (Pest) or back – 45 euro.
  • Airport – center of Budapest (Buda and Margaret Island) or back – 50 euros.

When booking a transfer for a company of more than 7 people the rates are negotiated individually.

If you are traveling with children under 10 years old be sure to write about it. We provide a child seat free of charge, but it must be ordered in advance.

Arrival at two addresses (for example, on the first you need to pick up the keys, on the second you will reside) costs 5 euros to the basic cost of transfer.

Transfer from Tripandme to Hungary and Europe

Our drivers can take you anywhere in Hungary: to thermal spas, to Balaton or Heviz, to big cities. We also offer transfer services to other neighboring countries: Slovakia (Bratislava), Austria (Vienna, Graz, Outlet Parnndorf), Slovenia (Ljubljana, Lake Bled).

Free Museums in Budapest

Budapest – Vienna

  • Budapest airport/city center – Vienna (1-2 persons) – 140 € 180 one way;
  • Budapest Airport/City Center – Vienna (3-4 persons) – €160,210 one way.

Budapest Outlet Parndorf (Austria) from 140 euros. Detailed in the article about the outlet.

Budapest – Heviz – from 120 euros. In all fares for transfers to Budapest – Heviz in a separate article.

“Budapest (airport) – Siofok/Zamardi/Balatonfeldvar

  • Fare for up to 2 people – ALL €110,140 one way;
  • Fare for 3-4 people – TOTAL 120 160 euros one way.

“Budapest (airport) – Balatonfüred/Balatonfeldvar”

  • Fare for up to 2 people – ALL €120 160 one way;
  • Fare for 3-4 people – TOTAL 130 18 0 euros one way.

“Budapest (airport) – Keszthely”

  • Fare for up to 2 people – ALL €120,140 one way;
  • Fare for 3-4 people – ALL €140 160 one way.

“Budapest (airport) – Hajdúszoboszló/Debrecen

  • Fare for up to 2 people – ALL €130,180 one way;
  • Fare for 3-4 people – ONLY 150 200 euros one way.

“Budapest (airport) – Miskolc”

  • Fare for up to 2 people – ALL €110 160 one way;
  • Fare for 3-4 people – TOTAL 130 18 0 euros one way.

“Budapest (airport) – Eger”

  • Fare for up to 2 people – ALL €100,140 one way;
  • Fare for 3-4 people – TOTAL 120 160 euros one way.

Excursion “The River Danube” – visiting Visegrád, Esztergom and Szentendre – from 180 euros. Duration – 6-8 hours.

All prices are final and contain no hidden or extra costs. Prepayment for order is not required. You will pay for your ride when it is completed.

How to book a tripandme transfer

You can book tripandme transfers via messenger (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) on + 36 20 851 95 58. You can also fill out the form below and we will contact you.

In the application form specify the number of travelers, the start and end point of the trip, the phone number for contact and special wishes. Russian cab service in Budapest is always at your service :0).

Train and car rental

Theoretically there are trains and electric trains from Budapest airport to the city center. In practice the option is inconvenient. First you have to take a bus from terminal 2 to terminal 1. Then wait for the train (the airport website says that there are almost 100 trains a day), which will take you to the Western Railway Station (Nyugati palyaudvar).

You can also get to the city from the airport by train

Travel time is about half an hour. Price is from 350 forints. Plus bus fare (another 350 forints). I haven’t used it personally, but readers have told me that this method works.

By renting a car you can go not only from the airport to the center of Budapest, but in general anywhere in Hungary and even beyond.

I wrote a separate article about the process of booking a car on the Internet (the link is given above).

How to get to Budapest Airport at night

Tourists are much more often interested in how to get from Budapest to the airport at night and not vice versa. This is because the WizzAir Budapest – Moscow flight departs at 6 am. So you must be at the airport at 4:00 – 4:30.

At night you can get from Budapest to the airport not only by cab, Budapest has a developed system of night transport. All night routes have a special sign in the form of an owl. When the bus 200E “falls asleep”, the night bus 900 wakes up. It runs from the airport to the city and vice versa. For those who need to get to the airport from downtown Budapest, buses 914 or 950 will do. Both routes go through the city center. The right route is easy to build with Google Maps. They “know” the schedules of the night buses and will help you plan your trip.

I recommend making the first acquaintance with Budapest with a sightseeing tour to taste each of the attractions of the Hungarian capital on your own.

Useful sites

  • – Budapest Airport (not available in Russian);
  • – routes and times of public transport, including night transport in Budapest.

Always yours, Daniel Privolnov.

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