Budapest traveler reviews. Leisure tips – 2022.

Budapest. Tourist Reviews

At least I added a spoonful of soot this time. My overall impression of the trip was positive. Yes, there are a lot of problems in Hungary, it is hard not to notice them, but if you do not focus, and just relax and enjoy the process, the trip will leave.

My husband and I have been striving to get to this city since late 2020, but, because of the pandemic and closed borders, the trip took place only a year and a half later. Now we can confidently say that we have visited two major cities of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it is very.

I had heard a lot of rave reviews about the new building of the National Theatre of Hungary, so during my visit to Budapest I planned to see it by all means. The theater is located away from the center and the main attractions of Budapest in a modern coastal area.

The route of the second day’s walk around Pest – Andrassy Avenue, Heroes’ Square, Varoshliget Park, Vajdahunyad Castle with a stop at the Szechenyi baths.

We arrived late at night so we were immediately accommodated. The room was on the 5th floor. There is an elevator. The triple room was spacious with a balcony. We had a view of the park. But! It was very dirty, the bed was in holes, with hair, the walls were smeared with something. There was no shampoo, no kettle either. A lot of dust everywhere, from .

We went to Budapest almost at lightning speed. On Friday, December 17, after a week with a Christmas tree under my arm, I realized that the New Year is still two weeks away, and I want a holiday now. I want mulled wine, Christmas fairs, music and .

What you can see in Pest in one day – excursions to the Parliament, Synagogue, Basilica of St. Istvan, walks through the main streets and squares and the magnificent architecture of the city!

I want to show you another visit card of Budapest along with the Parliament and the Buda Fortress – the Basilica of St. Istvan. Basilica is simultaneously a Catholic temple, concert hall and observation deck. Three in one! You should definitely go up to the observation deck.

10 Best Budapest Hotels with Thermal Pools

I want to show you another iconic landmark of Budapest – the Great Synagogue on Dohan Street. It has a reason to have such a name – this synagogue is considered the largest in Europe and second in the world after New York’s Emanuel. It has a capacity for 3 thousand people.

The magnificent building of the Hungarian Parliament is the main decoration of the Danube panorama of the Hungarian capital and certainly the most emblematic building of the city. I managed to get there on a tour and see the magnificent interiors of the Parliament. I also invite you to take a walk with me through .

Matyas Church is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sights of Budapest. Located on the Fishermen’s Bastion on Buda Hill, it has a gothic, sophisticated look. The church has a dramatic history stretching back thousands of years. According to chronicles, the first temple.

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    Emerged from an ancient Celtic settlement, Budapest today does not cease to amaze foreign tourists with a wealth of historical monuments and an unforgettable, incomparable atmosphere of beauty and mystery. By the way, Budapest is the only European capital, which is officially recognized as a tourist city, not least because of the presence of local thermal springs. By the way, the first baths in Budapest functioned at the time when the whole area was under the control of the Roman Empire. Centuries went by since then, and today’s bathhouses of Budapest are modern recovery complexes visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year. But even without taking into account the baths in Budapest there is a lot to see. Almost all reviews of tourists about Budapest contain delightful stories about the famous islands on the Danube, for which the capital of Hungary is famous. There are four in total, but they are so intricately woven together by nature and history that they create a truly unforgettable experience. We’ve done our best to offer you reviews of Budapest hotels, monuments and historical sites and the most interesting places in Budapest.

    What tourists say about Budapest

    Reviews of Budapest

    Learn about what people say about Budapest. Pros and cons of a vacation in 2022. How they rate the weather, hotels, attractions and shopping in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Bonus – tourist tips.


    Budapest weather reviews

    Hungary is located in a temperate climate zone, so there are no severe colds and debilitating heat. High tourist season in Budapest begins in May and ends in September. The biggest influx of tourists is in July and August.

    According to reviews from tourists, many people like to vacation in Budapest in the spring. In April it’s already warm enough +15. +22 ° C, and prices for hotels are low – at the level of winter.

    Sofia Malkova: “In May it’s warm here. The temperature rose to +19 °С by noon. The wind was blowing all the time and it was too humid. Sunshine was replaced by cloudy weather. Rains in May were short and not cold.

    The average summer temperature was 26°C. The city is not very green, so in July and August the weather is hot.

    The velvet season in Budapest is sunny and warm. In September there are no winds, no rain, and tourists can participate in the International Wine and Champagne Festival. In October the average daytime temperature is +17 ° C. Due to the fogs the humidity increases.

    shuShpan4ik: “At the end of October, I braved the warm European streets and took off my jacket. Well, how not to take it off when it’s +24°C”.

    In November the weather turns bad, so there are fewer tourists. Late fall and winter are good for gastronomic trips, excursions and balneal tourism.

    Tourist reviews about Budapest

    Church of St. Matyas (Photo: / @aldwinn)

    Hotel reviews for Budapest hotels

    Search for discounted hotels on Yandex.Travel. Here are the top hotel search rules.

    Visitors stay in comfortable hotels 5*, budget hotels 2-3* and rent cozy apartments from locals. The most luxurious hotels are located in the area of Buda Fortress. Pest – a noisy and busy part of town, and the left bank of the Danube – Buda – is famous for its green and quiet.

    To make your vacation in Budapest in 2022 a success, study the reviews of tourists about the hotels. They have nuances and comments that will help you make the right choice.

    Julia : “Corinthia Hotel Budapest 5* – wonderful hotel, best location, great service. It’s the best hotel in Budapest, the best location, great service.

    Daria : “Danubius Hotel Gellert 4* has thermae. The breakfast is very good. The beds and pillows are comfortable. Good restaurant around the corner. Rooms are nice and welcoming.

    Hotel and Holiday Reviews for Hungary in Budapest

    Corinthia Hotel Budapest 5* (Photo: / Corinthia Hotel Budapest)

    Tourist reviews of attractions in Budapest

    Look for author interesting tours on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

    Tourists from Russia are offered different tours in Russian in the city and outside of Budapest. Popular guided walks through the historic center, evening boat trips on the Danube, guided tours of the Buda Fortress, National Gallery, the places of underground and gastronomic tours of pastry shops and coffee houses.

    In many reviews, tourists call the Hungarian Parliament, which was built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, the most significant attraction of Budapest. The famous opera house is now under renovation, but tours of the building are conducted with an English-speaking guide. Visitors are shown the magnificent interiors and a small opera concert.

    With children, go up to the observation deck of St. Stephen’s Basilica and admire the city from the Buda Hill. Visit the picturesque Fisherman’s Bastion and watch the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace.

    Lada : “During the tour of Budapest a completely different world opened up, bright, interesting and unexpected. The guide talked a lot about the origins of the ruins and the history of Budapest. It was a very pleasant experience. Read more about the tour →

    Tourist reviews about shopping in Budapest

    According to reviews, tourists like shopping in Budapest. Prices in this city are slightly lower than the European average. The malls and boutiques sell luxury items and democratic brands. Most stores are open on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00. Many shops are closed on Sundays. Supermarkets and malls are open from morning until late evening, seven days a week.

    As in other European cities, in Budapest, there are two seasons of discounts. Winter begins after New Year holidays and ends in March. Summer begins in August and lasts until the end of September. During sales you can save 30-50%.

    Salud-Aventura: “For the basic shopping we went to the Arena shopping center. There is a big Peek & Cloppenburg, clothes for every day, Zara, Bershka. Prices are more than reasonable, especially during the season of discounts. You can do tax free, credit cards are accepted everywhere.

    Reviews of vacations in Budapest

    Crossroads in Budapest (Photo: / @akoto)

    Pros and cons of vacationing in Budapest

    According to the reviews of tourists who visited Budapest in 2021, the Hungarian capital met expectations and left a pleasant impression. Many liked the special spirit of antiquity, distinctive architecture, delicious food and wine.

    The pros of vacationing in Budapest in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

    • Fast flights.
    • Humane prices.
    • Comfortable atmosphere.
    • Friendly attitude towards tourists.
    • Antique cathedrals, palaces and mansions.
    • Authentic cafes, restaurants and pubs.
    • Mineral springs with healing water and thermal baths. See the best baths in Budapest.

    Katunchica: “The coolest winter attraction is the Szechenyi Spa. At -2°C, you’re lying in water where the temperature is +38°C and there’s a gorgeous historic building all around.”

    Cons :

    • There are bums and beggars in town.
    • The cuisine is mostly meat. Few vegetarian dishes.
    • In summer, the humidity in the Danube Valley makes it too hot.
    • Not everyone understands English.

    Sestra1991: “Hungarian is complicated, it’s hard to learn a few phrases so they understand you.”

    Rent an apartment in Budapest

    Hungarian parliament building (Photo: / @fabevent)

    Vacation nuances in Budapest and travel tips

    For hikers with young children and elderly travelers, it is important to know that the area of Pest is flat, while in Buda it is hilly.

    What sights can be seen in Budapest for free? According to tourist reviews, excellent views of Buda and Pest are from Mount Gellert, which rises 140 meters above the Danube. Free walks in the largest natural reserve of the Hungarian capital – the green park Varoshliget, look at the ancient cathedrals and visit the historic necropolis of Kerepesi. Budapest museums do not charge an entrance fee on March 15, August 20 and October 23, the days of national holidays.

    What souvenirs do tourists bring from Budapest? According to reviews, Hungary makes delicious wine. The most popular brand is the white dessert wines Tokaji. They are made from grapes grown in the Tokaji-Hedaglia region. As a gift for a lover of hard liquor, get Unicum herbal liqueur. Housewives love paprika and Hungarian porcelain, and the most desired souvenirs for children are sweets. In Budapest, one of the city’s most famous chocolate boutiques sells handmade sweets and chocolates on Váci Shopping Street.

    Exchange offices are not as common in the city as in other European cities. Find out in advance about places where you can exchange euros or dollars for forints.

    nautay: “The main concentration of exchange offices we found on Oktogon Square (the rate is more favorable) and on the souvenir street Váci.

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