Bus St. Petersburg – Tallinn. Ticket prices. Review and advices.

Bus St. Petersburg – Tallinn.

The distance from St. Petersburg to Tallinn by bus – 370 km. Go to the capital of the Republic of Estonia can be at any time from morning to evening. Buses leave from the bus station in St. Petersburg and arrive at the bus station in Tallinn. Travel time – from 6 hours 30 minutes to 9 hours 30 minutes, depending on the flight.

Due to the current epidemiological situation some international flights may be canceled. We recommend to clarify the information on the official websites of carriers.

Bus route St. Petersburg – Tallinn runs along the highway A-180 through BCP “Ivangorod – Narva. On holidays and weekends, school vacations at the Russian-Estonian border is a queue, but buses bypass it. However, no one cancelled the queue of buses, too. After 2020, it is planned to reconstruct the road border crossing point, as a result of which the queues at the border should be reduced.

Before you travel, be sure to study the customs regulations: what and in what quantities can be brought in and out of Estonia. It is clear that you will need an open Schengen visa.

On international routes, carriers operate only comfortable tourist-class buses – all with bio-toilets and wireless Internet access.

Further in the tip you will find a consolidated schedule, as well as schedules for some individual carriers, fares for adults and children, the route with stops and other useful information for planning your trip. There is also a form for quick purchase of a ticket for the desired date.

Bus schedule St. Petersburg – Tallinn 2022

The summary table shows all the departures on this route with brief information on each flight: departure and arrival time. Next flights for today are displayed. If there are no available, tomorrow will be displayed. Go to the service website to see the schedule for all days.

Below in the text we will look at the schedule for some of the carriers separately. Detailed schedule of St. Petersburg bus station is available at its official website.

Bus schedule from Tallinn to St. Petersburg. Routes are almost non-stop, almost all direct.

Ticket price for bus St. Petersburg – Tallinn.

The cost of a one-way ticket – from 1,300 to 2,800 rubles, depending on the carrier, flight and seat category (there are so-called “business class” seats). There are discounts of 10 to 80% for children, youth and seniors.

How to reach Tallinn from Moscow and St. Petersburg

As a rule, a seat in the luggage compartment is free of charge. The same applies to carrying hand luggage in the cabin. The only requirement: size and weight must meet the established standards.

Buy a ticket for the bus St. Petersburg – Tallinn

You can buy tickets on the official websites of carriers, links to which you will find below in the text, as well as at the booking office of the St. Petersburg bus station.

The online sale is open on Busfor.ru, which brings together the offers of most transportation companies on this route. Thanks to a convenient search, you will be able to find a suitable flight in terms of cost and duration. Carriers have a rating based on passenger evaluations.

For boarding you will need an identity document and a printed e-ticket.

There is a service charge for the e-ticketing service.

Lux Express St. Petersburg-Tallinn bus

Bus Saint-Petersburg - Tallinn

One of the most popular carriers is the Estonian company Lux Express. Flights are operated daily from the St. Petersburg bus station in the morning and evening. They can be both non-stop and with one connection. Usually connection is in Narva, waiting time is from 50 minutes to 2 hours. Arrival is at the Tallinn Bus Station.

Total trip time, including possible transfer, is from 6 hours 30 minutes to 9 hours 30 minutes depending on the trip.

All buses are equipped with sockets for charging mobile devices, wireless Internet access and air conditioning. There may also be a restroom, a coffee machine, and televisions. In the back of some buses there is a Lounge area, separated by a partition – more comfortable business class seats. Water, nuts, free hot drinks, newspapers are provided.

Tickets cost from 19 to 33 Euros, depending on the flight and seat category. One can carry in the cabin a hand baggage with dimensions not exceeding 45x35x20 cm and weighing not more than 5 kg. The luggage compartment has a space for luggage with dimensions not exceeding 70x30x55 cm and weighing no more than 30 kg.

Bus Saint-Petersburg - Tallinn

PTC bus . Separately tell about bus number 971 of “Petersburg Transport Company” (partner of Lux Express). It departs from the bus station at 22:30 and arrives in Tallinn after 7.5 hours en route. The trip is carried out on a bus MAN tourist class with air conditioning, bio-toilet, USB- and sockets 220V, Wi-Fi access in Russia and Estonia, bottles of drinking water.

Prices in Tallinn - 2022. How to go cheap

The ticket price is 16 euros. Children under 2 years old get 80% discount, children under 12 years old get 50% discount, passengers under 26 years old and over 60 years old get 10% discount. Luggage – free of charge.

  • To learn more about this or that flight, including to see all stops along the route, go to the website of Lux Express.

Ecoline St. Petersburg – Tallinn bus

Another popular carrier on the route is the company Ecolines. Flights are made every day at 22:00. Travel time – from 6 hours 30 minutes to 8 hours depending on the flight.

The place of landing in St. Petersburg – Bus Station on the embankment Obvodny Canal. Arrival – at the bus station in Tallinn. Transfers on the route is not assumed.

The bus is equipped with multimedia screens, Wi-Fi access, power outlets near each passenger seat.

The cost of tickets – from 1 760 rubles. Children under 12 years old get a discount. For teenagers from 13 to 18 years old and for passengers over 60 years old – 1 760 rubles.

  • To find out more about this or that flight (route, luggage, discounts) go to the website of Ecolines.

Bus SKSavto St. Petersburg – Tallinn

Bus Saint-Petersburg - Tallinn

Passenger transportation on this route is engaged in the transport company SKSavto. Daily from the bus station in St. Petersburg runs a trip number 960 (Baltic shuttle) at 14:30 and every other day at 10:00. Travel time is 6-7 hours. Arrival – at the bus station in Tallinn.

New comfortable Yutong buses with comfortable seats, Wi-Fi access, toilets, and USB chargers go on the line. There is also a cooler with hot and cold water in the cabin.

The cost of the ticket – from 1,600 to 2,120 rubles, depending on the flight. Tickets for children have a 50% discount. The cost of luggage transportation is 50 or 100 rubles.

  • Check the schedule, cost and route on the site of the company “SKSavto.
Visa to Estonia for Russians - 2022. How to get it yourself

Bus Temptrans St. Petersburg – Tallinn

Bus Saint-Petersburg - Tallinn

The company Tempttrans operates daily flights between the cities. Bus number 922 departs from the St. Petersburg bus station at 16:30 and arrives at the bus station in Tallinn in 7 hours.

The ticket price – 16 euros. Children under 7 years – 80% discount, children under 16 years – 40% discount, passengers under 26 years and over 60 years – 10% discount. If buying roundtrip ticket – 5%.

  • Learn more on the Temptrans site.

Reviews of buses St. Petersburg – Tallinn

Read reviews of passengers who used the services of a particular transportation company, you can on the following links:

  • Lux Express: Otzovik.com, Irecommend.ru, VKontakte, Tripadvisor.ru
  • “SKSavto”: Otzovik.com, Irecommend.ru, VKontakte
  • Ecolines: Tripadvisor.ru, Irecommend.ru, Otzovik.com
  • “St. Petersburg Transport Company: Otzovik.com
  • Temptrans: Otzovik.com

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Bus St. Petersburg – Tallinn. Ticket prices. Review and advices.

Planning a trip to Tallinn from St. Petersburg by bus? An excellent decision! Tallinn is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the bus is the best transport on this route. Learn from our report about prices, tickets, schedules, border crossing and ways to save money.


Bus Carriers

The most popular bus carriers are Lux Express and Ecolines . Buses are comfortable, with toilets, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, outlets, coffee and water. The trip takes 6-8 hours. Arrival at the bus station: Lastekodu tn. 46. The only difference between companies is the price, the place of departure and the schedule.

To go to Europe from St. Petersburg, we chose Lux Express: they have a convenient schedule, suitable departure point, lowest prices, great buses. The service is good. A few years ago I took Ecolines from Tallinn to St. Petersburg – I was satisfied with the trip.

It’s faster and a little cheaper to find a hitchhiker on the popular service BlaBlaCar.ru. Offers from St. Petersburg to Tallinn are usually available every day, the average price – 700 rubles.

What to see in Tallinn in 1-2 days? Photos and route

Bus to Tallinn from st.

Prices for bus tickets to Tallinn from St. Petersburg are quite low:

  • Lux Express – from 690 rubles (there are often promotions);
  • Ecolines – from 1100 rubles;
  • Temptrans – from 900 rubles.

If you follow the action and the sale, you can buy tickets for pennies – discounts can be up to 70%.

The ticket price depends on the departure time and date of purchase: the earlier you buy, the cheaper. During holidays the cost of tickets to Tallinn increases and discounts do not wait.

For comparison, the prices for train tickets to Tallinn from St. Petersburg: a seat from 1300 rubles, parlor from 2200 rubles, coupe from 2500 rubles. As you can see, to get to Tallinn by train is much more expensive. By plane – quite unprofitable.

bus to Tallinn from saint Petersburg luxury express


Lux Express . Departure from the bus station on the embankment of Obvodny Channel, 36. From St. Petersburg to Tallinn there are 9 buses a day: 6:45, 8:15, 10:30, 13:15, 16:00, 17:00, 18:10, 22:30, 23:15. You can buy tickets online.

Ecolines . Departure from the Vitebsky railway station (near the park, the intersection of Zagorodny Prospekt and Vvedensky Canal). From St. Petersburg there are 5 trips a day: 6:45, 10:00, 15:20, 17:00, 22:30. Tickets can be bought on the site.

There is also a company Temptrans. Departure and arrival places are the same as Lux Express. There are three flights a day: 9:20 am, 16:30 am and 11:25 pm. You can buy tickets on busfor.ru.

Look for interesting excursions in Tallinn on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds and in Russian.


Bus tickets to Tallinn can be purchased online on the official websites of carriers in a couple of minutes.

Bus tickets are suitable for obtaining a Schengen visa – tested repeatedly in my personal experience.

Tickets can usually be presented on your phone, but it is recommended to have printouts. Also need to have a Schengen visa and passport. Come 15-20 minutes before departure.

bus from st Petersburg to Tallinn luxury express


Approximately in the middle of a bus trip from St. Petersburg to Tallinn, you will cross the border: Ivangorod (Russian side) and Narva (Estonian side).

How does it go through the border? The bus arrives at the border point, all passengers get off, border guards check passports and visas, put stamps, they can also check luggage, but not always. The procedure is similar on both sides of the border. On average, it takes 1-1.5 hours. Border checkpoints have toilets and waiting rooms (on the Estonian side, everything is better, neater and newer).

Where to Stay in Tallinn: 8 options from 23€

Do not forget about the mandatory insurance policy for entry into Europe. To find and buy the most favorable travel insurance, we use online service Compare.ru – 5 minutes, and the appropriate Schengen policy in hand.

how to get from st. Petersburg to Tallinn by bus


Bus is the best way to get to Tallinn from St. Petersburg. Choose the carrier whose departure station it is more convenient to get to, as well as based on the schedule and prices. Lux Express and Ecolines often have special offers, and if you plan your trip well in advance, you can save.

How to save money

Lifecycle for budget travelers. Cheap, but almost extreme!

Want to visit Tallinn and spend a minimum amount of money? Try to plan your trip this way: leave St. Petersburg late at night, spend the night in the bus, walk around Tallinn all day, drive back in the evening.

  • Pluses . You can save money on hotel and time.
  • Cons . On a restless and comfortable sleep is not worth it – the seat and recline, but it’s still not a bed. In addition, do not forget about border control in the middle of the night.

Similarly, you can go to Lithuania, Latvia and Finland.

My experience . When I was a student I traveled this way. I took night buses from Berlin to Warsaw, from Warsaw to Kaunas, from Vilnius to Tallinn. On the same trip, I also took day trips from Kaunas to Vilnius and from Tallinn to St. Petersburg. Survived! I struggled, but made my first eurotrip, spending a very modest sum for the entire trip. I had a lot of impressions! However, I have no plans to do it again.

By the way, hotels and hostels in Tallinn are quite inexpensive by European standards. Check out the deals on Roomguru. We found a good hostel The Knight House right in the Old Town – 30 euros for a double room. Quiet, clean, safe, great location – we liked it.

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