Crimea in the spring of 2022. Rest in March, April and May

Leisure in the Crimea in the spring of 2022.

This peninsula is famous for its marvelous natural beauty, multitude of attractions and curative climate. Spa season here lasts from early spring to late fall, so for the year here have time to come millions of tourists. At any time of the year vacation is wonderful thanks to the local hospitality.

With the onset of the first days of spring we are all looking forward to warmth and sunshine, but in most Russian cities real spring comes only in May. To experience the beauty of nature in the Crimea, enjoying the mild climate on the shores of the gentle sea.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a spring holiday in the Crimea

Like any part of the holiday season, spring has its pros and cons. Positive features of a spring vacation motivate hundreds of thousands of tourists to come to the Crimea. What exactly attracts them to the Crimea in spring?

  • – Low prices. Unlike the peak summer months and the popular velvet season, spring is not too popular as a vacation time. The absence of excitement means that no one will raise the prices for accommodation and services. That is why the cost of a vacation in the Crimea is 30-40% lower than in summer and early fall.
  • – There are no crowds, traffic jams, and queues. A small number of tourists on the peninsula means that there is one more advantage of a spring vacation. It is calm and quiet. The roads and streets of cities are free. In stores and near the most popular attractions there are no crushes and queues. You can leisurely stroll and explore the area, easily find seats in restaurants and choose entertainment, which in the summer period just can not get because of the overflow of people.
  • – Warm, mild climate. If the summer heat for you is akin to the throes of hell, then you should rest by the sea in the spring. During this period, the weather is more comfortable for those who can not stand the heat. In the spring you can swim in the heated pool, and in May you can open the swimming season in the sea.

However, along with the advantages, there are also small disadvantages. More precisely, the features that not everyone can live with:

  • – In March and April you can not enjoy a beach holiday because of the weather;
  • – In the first two months of spring it will be difficult to build an entertainment program, as most water parks, zoos, themed exhibitions, concerts and festivals begin only in May.
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These deliver difficulties for families with children and lovers of sunbathing, but for other categories of tourists will not make much difference.

Weather in the Crimea in the spring of 2022

Crimea is great at any time of year, but it is in the spring months of its nature is striking in its beauty. Lush greenery, colorful kaleidoscope of colorful plants and trees, filled with water mountain rivers – all this creates the perfect conditions for recreation and nature watching.

The weather in spring is cooler than in summer, especially in March and April.

  • – In the first month of spring the temperature fluctuates around +15 degrees. It is still too early to swim and sunbathe, but it is a great period to visit the main sights before the arrival of the main mass of tourists.
  • – April is more generous with sunny days: its average temperature reaches 20 degrees. At the end of the month many resorts open their doors, such as Azovsky resort, which has heated swimming pools.
  • – In May, residents and guests of the Crimea fully enjoy all the charms of beach holidays. The temperature by the end of the month reaches 30 degrees.

Crimea springSpring holidays in the Crimeaspring weather in the CrimeaWhere to have a rest in the Crimea in springBest places to have a rest in spring

Best places to have a rest in spring

Despite the fact that the vacation season is just beginning, the Crimea has prepared a lot of tourist attractions for all tastes:

  • – Motorcycle and horseback riding tours to famous places;
  • – Hiking tours to places of interest and natural monuments (Chufut Qale, Ai-Petri, etc.);
  • – Bus tours to palaces (Swallow’s Nest, Livadia, Vorontsov Palace, Bakhchisarai and others).

In the spring it is very pleasant to walk through the city parks and watch how nature wakes up after its winter sleep. In May you will find the most beautiful nature landscapes in Nikitsky Botanical Garden, in the parks of Alupka and Miskhor, near the palaces in Livadia and Massandra.

In May begins the season of Crimean festivals. So if you Google the events that will take place during your visit, you should plan your visit well in advance. If you like bright impressions, communicating and having fun, you should visit festivals of the Crimea.

Planning a trip to the Crimea in spring

March to May is different from summer in terms of weather conditions, prices, entertainment and other aspects. To make your vacation in spring a rich and memorable, while preventing possible mishaps, you need to prepare for it competently.

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If you are planning a vacation in the Crimea in spring, you should pay attention to a couple of things:

  • – The spring season is the optimal time for sightseeing. Put in your suitcase comfortable shoes, hats and a good camera.
  • – Do not forget to take sunscreen with UV protection. The temperature may not be high, but the southern sun is very intense, even in spring.
  • – If you are going to explore the mountains, take an insulated jacket or windbreaker, overalls and comfortable warm shoes. In the spring time the strong winds blow and the temperature is only 5-10 degrees above zero.
  • – At the end of spring the blooming season begins. It is worth bringing antihistamines. Even if you have no tendency to allergies, exotic plants may cause an ambiguous reaction.

Holidays in the Crimea on May Holidays 2022

May is a beautiful time of blooming and renewal, during which the Crimean peninsula amazes with its beautiful scenery, fragrances and… low prices for vacations.

Do you want to spend May holidays, swimming and sunbathing, but not leaving the country? The best prices from 1500 rubles per night per person are waiting for you in May. Book your room today to get the most popular dates.

The Crimea in spring: ideas for vacations

Crimea in spring

Is it worth to go on vacation in the Crimea in spring? Find out what the temperature and weather are in March, April and May, and how to best organize your leisure time in each month.

You can see green and blooming Crimea without the scorched by the merciless sun grass only in spring. Spring Crimea is completely different from the Crimea in summer: it’s desolate, quiet and beautiful.

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Crimea in spring

(Photo: Wolfhow / / License CC BY-NC 2.0.)

Holidays in the Crimea in March

Weather in the Crimea in March

March is the time of awakening of nature on the peninsula and the riot of greenery and colors. The weather in the Crimea in March is very comfortable and pleasant, the sun warms gently, you can even get a tan. The temperature in the Crimea in March on average +10. +15 ° C, but may reach +20 ° C. At night the frosts are not uncommon – the thermometer goes down to 0 ° C.

Why it's better to have a rest in the Crimea

You can visit the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.

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What to do on vacation in March 2022

In March, not too many tourists visit the Crimea, after all, most of them come to the peninsula for beach holidays. And in vain – vacation in the Crimea in March can be unforgettable.

When in the north and central Russia outside the window is cold and slush, in the Crimea, everything opens towards the sun. The buds open on trees, grass is greener, snowdrops, hyacinths, daffodils bloom, and most importantly – almonds. The air is full of fragrances, and it’s time to go to the mountains and do some naturalism. In the mountains, of course, it is colder, and in the evenings on the beach is cool, so take both warm clothes and light.

Besides a fine variant of rest in March in the Crimea will be excursion program – when else you can see the Vorontsov Palace and the Swallow’s Nest without crowds of tourists? We also recommend visiting the famous Nikita Botanical Garden, which is especially beautiful in spring.

Crimea in March 2022

(photo © Wolfhowl /

Holidays in the Crimea in April

April weather in Crimea

The weather in April in the Crimea is even more wonderful, because spring is in full swing. The sun is shining brightly and warm, everything is in bloom – isn’t it a paradise? The mountain slopes are covered with verdant vines, and the peach and apple orchards are in soft pink. The temperature in the Crimea in April stays at +20 ° C, at night there are no frosts. It is still impossible to swim, the sea is not warmed up, but it is possible to sunbathe on the beach and ride on pleasure boats.

Why it's better to have a rest in the Crimea

Our boat ride to a flock of graceful dolphins.

What to do on vacation in April 2022

Since the temperature is on average +20°C, it’s already quite comfortable to take walks in the mountains. In addition to the mountains, I advise to go to the steppes, because the blooming steppe can be seen only in the spring. In summer everything will change in the Crimea: instead of blooming meadows there will be prickly grass burnt by the sun.

In April, the first tourists – lovers of trekking and hiking are already beginning to arrive. Perhaps April really can be considered the perfect month to visit the Crimean mountains: around all the flowers blooming and no exhausting heat, and at night is not as cold as in March. In April, it’s worth climbing Ai-Petri until there is a huge flow of visitors, breaking through on the funicular railway. Or, on the contrary, go up by footpath and go down by funicular.

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Do not forget about the sights – what holiday in the Crimea without them? In April we recommend to visit Chufut Qale in Bakhchisaray, because in summer it is quite difficult to walk there, and there are too many people who want to see the ancient stone city.

What are the advantages of a holiday in the Crimea in April? Low prices, the minimum number of tourists, blooming nature, warm sunny weather, not too scorching sun, allowing both to sunbathe on the beach, and to make a climb in the mountains – in general, the Crimea in April is definitely worth a visit!

Read more about the most interesting places in the Crimea.

Landscape around Bakhchisaray – view from the cave town of Chufut-Kale. There are landscapes in the Crimea in the spirit of Franco Fontana.

Rest in the Crimea in May

May Weather in the Crimea

The weather in May in the Crimea is more reminiscent of summer than spring: it’s already hot and from the middle of the month the bathing season opens. But the weather in May is changeable: sometimes the heat is replaced by short showers and even hail, as well as a cold snap.

The temperature in the Crimea in May reaches +30 ° C, the water in the middle of the month warms up to +17. +18°С. From this point many open the swimming season, although the most impatient risk swimming as early as the end of April.

Crimean Nature

My favorite place in the Crimea is Cape Vineyard in Sevastopol.

What to do on vacation in May 2022

May is much like April – everything around continues to grow and bloom unrestrainedly. Especially nice among all this splendor walk in parks or climb mountains.

In May the flow of tourists increases significantly. Prices rise gradually, the air temperature rises, the sea warms up – spring changes to summer. It’s not a problem to find an accommodation, but if you’re planning your holidays and weekends in May, we recommend that you book accommodation well in advance.

So what should I do on my vacation in the Crimea in May 2022?

  • At the end of the month you can already swim or at least sunbathe. Read about the beaches of the Crimea to choose the best one.
  • Take a walk on the promontories and surroundings, as the Crimea is in bloom in spring.
  • Go to museums and visit attractions. There are no queues, no drying heat, and you can quietly learn about the ancient history of the Crimea.
Yusupovsky Palace

Crimean Nature

Hike to Demerdzhi array and the Valley of Ghosts.

5 reasons to go to the Crimea in the spring

Review Alexey Sinitsyn on a vacation in the Crimea in May.

For three weeks in May we drove around the entire peninsula up and down, and not just once. We chose the period before the high season on purpose. I knew that in late spring it would be good, but the reality exceeded my expectations. What is so good about the Crimea on the eve of the season?

  1. Few people. It’s spacious, free, and quiet! There are no lines or crowds of tourists near the sights. In underpants on the embankment and streets no one walks around, no one sucks beer, no one sings songs. No chanson and Leps (a maximum of “Hands Up”, but in moderation). Spring contingent in the Crimea is much more adequate than the summer – the atmosphere is pleasant and quiet. Uyunyeko!
  2. Not hot. In May it is already warm enough in summer, but still fresh enough. The temperature is ideal: +25 ° C during the day, +17 ° C in the evening. Such weather is perfect for hiking in the mountains – in the Crimea it is the main attraction. But alas, the water is cool (+18 ° C) and rain at times.
  3. To see the Crimea green . In summer the sun will burn out all the vegetation on the peninsula, and it will be yellow. You can see the bright colors of the nature only in spring.
  4. Poppy fields . In May the poppies are blooming in the Crimea, and it’s worth seeing! At first we started hunting for the famous Crimean poppy fields out of ignorance. Soon it became clear that there was no need to chase them – there are many bright red islands in the steppes. The largest poppy plantations can be seen along the road from Yevpatoria to Tarkhankut.
  5. Cheap . Holidays in the Crimea before the season is much cheaper. Double room in a decent guest house we rent for 500-1200 rubles, in the hotel – for 1000 rubles. Teas, souvenirs, excursions – all this is also cheaper than in the height of summer. The choice of housing is good – book at least the same day, rather than six months in advance. In the season the prices for accommodation will grow in 2-3 times.

Crimea in spring

Poppy fields in the Crimea in May.

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