Crimea in the winter 2021-2022. Holidays in December, January, February

The Crimea in winter: where to go and what to see

Leisure in the Crimea in winter is a special kind of pleasure and a great opportunity to see all the sights of the peninsula without the fuss and rush. We will tell you what to do in the Crimea in winter, where is the warmest place and what you can see on your own.

How to get to the Crimea

The most popular option is to get to the Crimea by car. In winter, it’s even easier to get by car: the roads are almost free, and repair work on the popular sections is stopped. The main thing is not to speed and obey the speed limit – there are a lot of cameras on M4; in winter they don’t stop watching the drivers. You can also go by bus: large tour operators not only organize delivery of those who want to, but also offer package events, such as New Year on the seashore.

For those who value time, we recommend choosing a plane. Just a couple of hours on the Moscow-Crimea route, and you are already, for example, on the seafront of Yalta, tasting the magnificent Crimean port. All major airlines fly to the Crimea in winter and tickets cost from 5-6 thousand. Winged cars land in Simferopol, then you need to take a bus or cab to get to your destination. Cab stands are located directly at the airport, public transport stops are at the exit of the airport terminal.

There are already trains to Crimea on the new bridge across the Kerch Strait. Tickets for the train “Moscow – Simferopol” will cost from 3100 rubles for a place in the compartment and 10,700 rubles for a place in a cozy SV. From St. Petersburg a little more expensive: the parlor train costs from 3700 rubles, the compartment – from 4100 rubles.

Is it worth going by train? This variant is suitable for those who have a significant budget constraints or are desperately afraid of flying. Keep in mind the time costs – in the way will have to spend a day and nine hours if you go from Moscow.

Weather: what a winter in the Crimea.

For the rest of Russia, December, January and February are winters with bitter cold and heavy snowfalls. In the Crimea, the climate is mild, the Black Sea for the most part does not freeze, and the lowest temperature is usually recorded in the plus zone of the thermometer. In winter in Crimea people do not wear shorts, of course, but windbreakers, jeans and sneakers. The average temperature in winter in the Crimea – from +2 to +5 degrees. Only walruses that can stand severe +7 … +10 degrees Celsius swim in the sea.

The warmest city in winter is Yalta. Then come Sudak, Sevastopol, Alushta. In the mountains (near Ai-Petri) autumn goes earlier, in mid-October. But even there is a warm winter with comfortable temperatures and soft snow. If you are attracted by Kerch and small villages like Shelkino or Kurortny, note that the Azov Sea is almost completely frozen. It is shallow and non-saline, in addition it is filled with a lot of river water.

Winter 2021-2022 is expected to be warm and snowy in the Crimea. But even the minus 10-15 degrees below zero won’t spoil your vacation. It is best to check the weather forecast just before your trip – the Man Upstairs loves to surprise people.

Nikitsky Botanic Garden


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Where to have a rest in winter in the Crimea

If you have already seen the main resorts of the peninsula, go and conquer the ski slopes. Yes, there are ski resorts in the Crimea: Ai-Petri, Angarsky Pass, and Chatyr-Dag. Where to go? The easiest way to visit Ai-Petri mountain is to take a 45-minute drive from Yalta. The cableway to Ai-Petri is in operation year-round. To get to Angarsky Pass, it’s better to get there from Simferopol. One will have to spend about 40 minutes on the way. Chatyr-Dag is 45 kilometers from Alushta; travel time does not exceed one and a half hours.

Mountain resorts of Crimea offer good service and suitable pistes for any level. Moreover you will always find something to do after skiing. Here are the main features of Crimean resorts:

Ai-Petri. Its maximum height is 1200 meters. Ai-Petri has 6 slopes, 50 m altitude difference, and its maximum length is 1000 m. There are tracks for beginners (Frogletnik) with a children’s elevator and a track for professionals (Laboratory). Operates rental equipment, you can take a couple of lessons from the instructor (an hour from 150 rubles). Good prices: Rent skis for the whole day will cost about 300-400 rubles.

On Angarsk pass. Snow lies long, until mid-April. There are three slopes, elevation 100 m and 752 m above sea level. There are equipment rentals, cafes and bars.

Chatyr Dag. There are no elevators yet – administration of the peninsula only plans to develop the resort. This is fully enjoyed by fans of freeride. They like to race down the slopes of the mountain. Rental services are available – you can rent a “tube” for an hour and ride at your own pleasure.

New Year in the Crimea

Where should you spend New Year holidays in the Crimea? You have two options. You can choose a major resort, where there are attractions, water parks and entertainment complexes – relevant if you’re going with a child. You can have an interesting New Year in Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia and Alushta. Each resort has a hotel with a swimming pool, animation and a free bar, just in case you want to dive into vacation and more.

The second option is to choose a smaller resort and spend the New Year’s holidays away from civilization and noisy parties. Just 33 km from Simferopol is the ancient city of Bakhchisarai, which is an incredible reflection of all the bygone eras of history. The streets of the Old Town is the number one item on the list of things to see in Bakhchisarai. You won’t see the New Year in such scenery anywhere else for sure.

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Winter Crimea: what to occupy children and yourself

The Crimea in winter is pure magic that no child can resist. What can be done in winter with children and not only:

1. to see the sights. Palaces with their snow-covered caps look great. Just imagine the famous Swallow’s Nest on the background of the stormy sea and the leaden sky – just a frame from the movie. For schoolchildren it will be interesting to walk through the museums of the Sevastopol Hero-City. No queues, no one breathes down their necks and does not push away from the exhibits – a perfect vacation.

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2. Walk through the blooming garden. Between Yalta and Alushta is the famous Nikitsky Botanical Garden. There is no winter here – all year round plants delight the eye with flowers and riot of greenery.

3. You can admire waterfalls. February is the best time to admire Crimean waterfalls. The snow is melting in the mountains, and all waterfalls are filled with boisterous streams. The most popular are Uchan-Su (Yalta region) and Dzhur-Dzhur (in the suburbs of Alushta).

4. Wander through the caves. Crimean caves are open to visitors all year round. In the season the caves of Chatyr Dag are overcrowded with tourists, but in winter it becomes spacious and you can study in detail each crystal.

5. You can taste local wines and jams. The first option will please adults, and children can enjoy the freshest famous jam from the petals of the Crimean rose. The most famous and “tasty” tasting takes place in Koktebel and Yalta.

6. Improve your health. Winter sea is especially generous for nutrients, which is in abundance in the air. A simple walk along the coastline will lift your spirits and immunity. If you want you can take a course of procedures in one of the many Crimean resorts. For the winter they are not closed and happily serve tourists. We especially recommend them for those who suffer from allergies and frequent colds.

7. To admire the storm. Winter storm is a mesmerizing spectacle. The power of the elements, which shows who’s in charge here, is impossible to describe in words. At such moments you begin to understand how futile all human attempts to call himself the king of nature.

8. Walking on snow-covered trails. Mountain Crimea in winter is not only skis and sleds. This is also open special routes of varying complexity. The main thing is to go to the trekking trail in the daytime and carefully observe the safety precautions. From the silence that stands in the winter in the mountains, with a lack of habit may congest your ears. But then you will begin to hear the nature itself and its wild inhabitants. The feeling is fantastic.

9. Buy souvenirs without rushing. And at quite low prices. In winter there is a chance to find and bring home something really amazing. Soaps, herbs, wines, jams – everything is fresh.

How to rest in the Crimea in winter

Crimea in winter 2020-2021

We share useful information about winter holidays in the Crimea – 2021-2022. What is the weather like? Where is the best place to have a rest and what to do? In what sanatoriums and hotels to stay? Prices. Reviews of tourists.

Winter Crimea is not yet popular with tourists, most people associate the peninsula exclusively with beach holidays, and in December, January and February the number of tourists is small. Although the weather in the Crimea in winter pleases moderate cool: the day temperature from 0 to +10 ° C, dry and sunny. The climate in the southern part of the peninsula is unique in that the coast is warm, and in the mountains is snowing. At this time, the sea air is especially useful: you can walk along the sea, catch fish or leisurely drink coffee in one of the cafes.

Detailed map of Crimea with cities and towns - 2022


What is the weather in winter in the Crimea?

The real winter in the Crimea is in the mountains, the best places for snow entertainments are Angarsk pass, plateau Chatyrdag and Ai-Petri. In coastal areas of southern Crimea snow is rare, but a few days in January can be with snow. Usually it lies only a few days and melts quickly.

Let’s find out what the weather and temperatures are like in the Crimea in winter.

In December in Yalta, Alushta and Sevastopol the daytime temperature is +8°C, at night it is +1. +It is a little bit colder in Sudak and Feodosia +6. +7°C daytime and +1°C at night in Kerch +5°C daytime and -1°C at night. Sometimes it rains or simply cloudy, the weather reminds something of late autumn in the Central European part of Russia.

In January and February in Yalta, Alushta and Sevastopol it is +6°C by day, 0°C at night. The weather in Sudak and Feodosia is +3. The weather in Sudak, Feodosia is +5°C during the day, and -1°C -2°C at night. In February it is a little colder, often storms and strong winds from the sea. In especially warm winters already at the end of February in Crimea some trees begin to blossom, and in March the blossom is picked up by the majority of fruit trees, very beautiful and warm, approximately up to +15 °С.

In winter 2012, the weather on the Crimean Peninsula was unusually cold: in January, after rains with snow, it was abruptly cold, even on the South Coast of Crimea, it was -7°C, followed by a sharp warming to +8°C. The frosts in the northern part of the peninsula were so severe that the sea froze near the coast. But such surprises happen once every 80 years. In 2021-2022 winter in the Crimea is expected to be ordinary, without any anomalies.

But it is still better to dress warmly: down jacket, comfortable low shoes. Even if the temperature is above zero there are cold winds from the sea that are not very pleasant.

Learn about rest in the Crimea in summer, spring and autumn.

Where to have a rest in the Crimea in winter

(Photo: Yuriy Kuzin / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Where to relax in the Crimea in winter.

After all a winter vacation in the Crimea you should take a lot of trips and go to the south – to the cities of Yalta, Alushta and Sevastopol. These cities will surprise you with the lack of crowds and sparkling cleanliness of the streets and embankments.

Life in small resort villages in the low season slows down: the cafes are closed, no entertainment, so this holiday will suit the romantics or people who want to escape from the bustle of the cities.

Besides sightseeing in winter in the Crimea you can improve your health in sanatoriums. In Yalta and Miskhor go people with respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and nervous system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system. In Evpatoria, Saki, Sudak treat diseases of urological and gynecological character, respiratory and endocrine systems.

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Search for tours to the Crimea on Travelate and Level.Travel.

Sanatoriums of the Crimea in winter

Some Crimean resorts are open in winter and many of them are located in the suburbs of Great Yalta. At this time the prices are more affordable than in summer – in the range of 2500-3000 rubles per day. Vacationers are offered health or spa treatments, swimming pool with heated sea water, bowling, billiards, gym and other entertainment.

Almost all health resorts are located in the South Coast in park areas, for example, Yalta resort “Russia” is located in a park of the 19th century, in Gurzuf resort “Gurzufsky” is located in a beautiful old park with a river and fountains.

Sanatorium “Ai-Petri” is located in the former estate of Count Naryshkin and Princes Dolgoruki at the foot of the famous mountain. On the territory of its own large park, and not far from the resort – ropeway, Alupka Park and the Vorontsov Palace. To treat patients according to their profile procedures are applied mud cure, thalassotherapy, manual massage and other popular techniques.

In the center of Yalta in the historic site of the city is Kirov sanatorium. Nearby is the house-museum of Anton Chekhov and the house of Leo Tolstoy, the institute of wine-making “Magarach” and other interesting objects. The sanatorium is located in the ancestral princely estate, on its territory there is a large park with cypresses and other plants. To treat patients are working rooms aerotherapy, electro-mud and other procedures, there is a water pump room.

Sanatorium “Dnepr” is located near Yalta at Cape Ai-Todor. There used to be the estate of Grand Duke Romanov. Here are services of hirudotherapy, speleotherapy, acupuncture, inhalation therapy, mud baths and other services. Unique plants of the local Haraksky Park allow applying the aerotherapy method.


If you don’t need recreational treatment, you can stay at a hotel – the most popular hotels are Oreanda and Yalta-Intourist in Yalta, the family hotel Porto Mare in Alushta, the resort hotel 1001 Nights in Gaspra and others. If you need a cheaper accommodation – you can always rent an apartment or rent a room in a private guesthouse.

Reviews about rest in the Crimea in winter

The seafront of Sevastopol in the winter. Photo: vlad_k /

What to do on vacation in the Crimea in winter

What to do in winter in the Crimea, how to spend your New Year vacations or vacation? Entertainments and activities are much more than it may seem at first glance.

  • Go boating and ferries (if there is no storm).
  • Visit palaces and museums: Vorontsov, Livadia, Yusupov, Massandra palaces, Dulber palace, Swallow’s Nest, Khan Palace, Chufut Qale.
  • Go on excursions to Crimean karst caves: Marble Cave, Red Cave, Skelskaya Cave and others.
  • Also you can visit wine-tasting tours in Crimean wineries.

In summer it’s usually hard to find time to visit these interesting places, but in winter it’s easy, especially if you rent a car. Check out the itinerary for a great trip to the Crimea.

Sightseeing . In Sevastopol, Panorama works, you can walk along the city’s embankments or Chersonesos, visit the Grafskaya Wharf, Malakhov Mound and Sapun Mountain, Cembalo Fortress in Balaclava and the cave city of Inkerman.

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Nature . Animal lovers during the holidays can visit the pets of the famous Yalta zoo, a safari park “Taigan”, the aquarium, the terrarium. And if you want bright summer colors, you can go to the orchid garden in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Cultural program . Lovers of cultural leisure can visit the museum of the famous actor M. Pugovkin, the house-museum of A.P. Chekhov in Yalta, art exhibitions. Almost every day there are performances at the Chekhov Theater in Yalta.

Active rest . If you are lucky with the weather and want to feel a real winter, you can go sledding, snowboarding or skiing. To do that you should take a trip to Ai-Petri Plateau. You can get there by a cableway from Alupka or you can take a cab from the bus station in Yalta. Snow lies on the plateau from December through March, and you’re better off going skiing in January and February. You can rent the necessary equipment.

During the Epiphany people’s holiday takes place on the embankment of Yalta. A church service is held, then everyone swims in the sea, all the action takes place in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

Ai-Petri in the snow. Photo: sergioz /

Prices in the Crimea in winter 2021-2022

What pleases in winter in the Crimea are the prices! They are as low as ever. For the winter 2021-2022 you can find a room for 300 rubles. or rent a suite for 1000 rubles per day. You can have a rest and treatment at a medical institution for 2-3 thousand rubles per day. Excursions are 2 times cheaper and it is much more convenient to travel without the crowds.

Tours in the Crimea in winter are very cheap (except for the New Year vacations). A ticket for two people can cost only 5-10 thousand rubles! You can find such great deals on the price comparison service of all popular tour operators Level.Travel. Also on our site we write news about the cheapest last minute tours.

When planning a vacation we advise to calculate the cost of a trip to the Crimea – you’ll be surprised that the peninsula can be quite a budget rest.

Leisure time in the Crimea.

Some tourists complain about the notorious Crimean service, but this phenomenon is rather temporary and in the competition for customers will simply disappear as such. Do not always cope ferry crossing, the work of which depends heavily on weather conditions, so the schedule of crossings can be unexpected downtime and delays. It is also necessary to remember about possible problems with cashless payments (better take care of enough cash for the trip) and power outages.

According to the tourists, who had a rest in the Crimea in winter, the peninsula is good at any time of year. In addition, it is a unique opportunity to see almost empty embankments and deserted landscapes. The only thing you may regret, looking at all the beauty, is a cold sea – you won’t be able to sunbathe or bathe in winter here.

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Prices in Crimea in winter

Cape Fiolent in winter. Photo: olegbreslavtsev /

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