Crimean resorts – a complete guide

Resorts of the Crimea – the most complete list, marks on the map, photos, hotels in resorts

Crimean resorts are famous for comfortable beaches, warm sea, rich history, picturesque views and sights. Every resort town has its own unique beauty. Here you will not find the same beaches or unremarkable corners. Any tourist who is not the first year of the Crimea, there is a favorite city and vacation spots. Usually they are the pearl of the resort – the city of Yalta, the mysterious Koktebel and cozy Evpatoria.

We suggest you join us on a virtual tour of the Crimea and choose your favorite spot. Consider not only the beaches, which will certainly please you, but also the sights of the peninsula: what to see, what places are unforgivable to leave out, where to relax in the Crimea.

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  • 2.1 Yalta resort
  • 2.2 Koktebel resort
  • 2.3 Evpatoria Resort
  • 2.4 Alushta Resort
  • 2.5 Sevastopol Resort
  • 2.6 Sudak Resort
  • 2.7 Feodosia Resort

Best resorts of Crimea

Crimea is a real gem of the Black Sea. This unique peninsula has attracted people since ancient times, there are traces of ancient and medieval civilizations. Crimea had time to visit and rich Greek colony, and the harbor of Italian merchants, and an outpost of the Ottoman Empire, before becoming a place of rest of the rulers of the Russian Empire. During Soviet times, the peninsula was the main beach of the vast country.

Rating of the best resorts in the Crimea for more than a year tops Yalta. The city became popular in the 18th century, when the royal family of the Romanovs began to rest here. Since then, every noble family considered it their duty to have a manor in the Crimea. Most often their choice fell on Yalta. Where do you think such luxurious palaces as Livadia, Vorontsov and Massandra appeared in the resort?

Crimean resorts

Cultural and creative young people from ancient times choose to rest in Koktebel. The founder of this tradition was Maximilian Voloshin, the famous Russian poet, who often gathered in the village of literary elite. In addition, today Koktebel is considered the unofficial capital of nudists. Further in the review we will describe the resort in detail, and you will learn why the village has acquired such a status.

In this review we will consider in detail the most popular resorts of Crimea. The emphasis is not on the coast, information about which you can find in detailed reviews dedicated to each resort town separately. This time will talk in detail about the attractions of the Crimea, which is worth seeing with their own eyes.

Review of all resorts in the Crimea

The Crimea can be divided into four regions. The most popular is the Southern coast of Crimea, where are located such famous cities like Big Yalta and Alushta. This region is protected from the winds by the picturesque mountain range, and the bathing season is the longest here. In addition, the South Coast is considered a place of attraction for big travel companies, because all the night resort adventures and the most exciting parties are held in the south of the resort.

Going to the west of the peninsula – to Evpatoria, Okunevka, Olenevka – do not expect to see majestic mountains. In the western part there is no mountain range and forested areas. But here a beautiful steppe air, soft sandy beaches, which are suitable for recreation with children.

Crimean resorts

There is an aerial cableway to Ai-Petri Mountain in Yevpatoriya.

In the eastern part of Crimea you will enjoy the healing mountain air and aroma of sea breeze. In this part of the resort the largest selection of coastal coverage. For example, in the area of Alushta and Sudak – sand and gravel beaches. The center of Sudak is a warm gray sand, Feodosia is a more golden sandy coverage.

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In the central part of the resort are famous cities such as Simferopol and Bakhchisaray. These resorts boast generous vineyards, dense gardens and groves and steppe air.

Yalta resort.

In addition to the pearl place of Crimea, Yalta is called a museum in the open air: there are many sights, interesting historical sites, as well as resort entertainment.

Perhaps the most recognizable landmark of Yalta is a castle on the edge of the cliff “Swallow’s Nest”. It is called a project of the German Baron Steingel, who loved to visit Crimea. To meet a tourist who was in the Crimea, but did not go to the famous Neo-Gothic castle is difficult. Have you ever been to Yalta? If you haven’t, you should definitely visit this hospitable southern town of the Crimea. What other Yalta sights are waiting for you? Imperial palaces, Chekhov’s “Lady with a dog”, as well as the house-museum of the great Russian writer, the luxurious Nikita Botanical Gardens, Massandra Palace. When visiting Yalta, do not forget to walk along the city’s embankment, where Maxim Gorky, Isidora Duncan, Sergey Yesenin, Chekhov, and other famous people of the past once roamed.

Crimean resorts

How versatile Yalta is, so diverse and beaches of the resort. Yalta coast is considered one of the hottest on the Crimean peninsula. Coverage of sandy beaches, the sea is warm and friendly, and most places of rest are open to the public. You have to pay a fee only if you visit the sanatoriums and resorts.

The best beaches in Yalta are Massandra beach, the hotel complex Yalta-Intourist, Dolphin.

What to see in Yalta: castle “Swallow’s Nest”, the palace of Emir Bukhara, Livadia and Massandra palaces, churches and cathedrals, Anton Chekhov house-museum, Yalta Zoo and the Aquarium.

Lodging in the resort of Yalta

Koktebel Resort

Koktebel is a land of blue hills and the most picturesque beauty of the Crimea. Located 20 km from Feodosia, this unique village has a fantastic aura and attraction. Having been here once, certainly want to return more and more. What is so special about this town?

Perhaps this is one of the few resorts, which is very attractive wild coast. Yes, we’re all looking for the most comfortable and equipped vacation spots, which will give us a vacation without worry. But in Koktebel you want to go just there – to the cozy shores at the foot of the extinct volcano Kara-Dag and Cape Chameleon. By the way, the coast of Kara-Dag can be a nice find: a volcano once threw a lot of colored gems in the sea, and now the precious stones often find themselves washed ashore. In general, all the beaches of Koktebel can boast something of their own: a comfortable flat entrance to the water, the longest holiday season, clean sea and the best water activities.

Crimean resorts

And now to the cultural program. Include in the list of places to visit the Karadag Nature Reserve, the Karadag Museum of Nature, Dolphinarium and water park, the estate of the Russian poet Maximilian Voloshin. By the way, not far from the estate of Voloshin today is a famous nudist beach Koktebel. Maximilian Voloshin is considered to be its ancestor, because it was his guests who liked to swim and sunbathe naked. Why has this “naked” beach become famous? The thing is that this place is in full view of all tourists, since it is not separated from other Koktebel coasts.

The best beaches of Koktebel: Central Beach, Papai, Primorye, wild beaches near Kara-Dag and Chameleon.

What to see in Koktebel: the central embankment of the resort, the factory of vintage wines and brandies, nature reserve, Cape Chameleon and the extinct volcano. Be sure to swim to the Golden Gate – protruding from the sea a rock with an arched passage in the middle.

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Lodging in the resort Koktebel

Evpatoria Resort

Evpatoria is called a little Jerusalem because it has many similarities with the city. Here you can see a Muslim mosque, synagogues, an Orthodox church, Karaite kenasa and Armenian temple. All of them are located not far from each other. In addition, Evpatoria since Soviet times is the center of children’s recreation. It is here that the most gentle sandy beaches are located, as well as many children’s resorts and camps.

The city is surrounded by arid steppe and lakes with therapeutic mud, which is why it began to develop as a balneological resort. People come here to take mud baths, swim in the healing waters of Sasyk-Sivash or just enjoy the fresh sea breeze and clean air. Once in Evpatoria, most guests begin their acquaintance with the city with Gorky embankment and Park Frunze. Decorated with many statues, they became the sights of the resort. Near the central embankments are located the most popular public beaches of the resort – Central, Azure Coast, Rodnichok, Novy Beach and others. By the way, the choice of beaches in Evpatoria large, because the coastal area of the resort has about 45 kilometers.

Crimean resorts

The newest and largest dolphinarium is also located in Evpatoria. It would be strange if the main children’s resort could not boast of such places. In addition to dolphinarium, there is an aquarium and water park, as well as a zoo and tropic park. Fans of the cultural program will certainly appreciate a tour of the city’s Museum of Local Lore, Theatre Square and the parks of the resort. We also remember a huge karting center, which is located in the vicinity of Evpatoria, in the village Suvorovskoe. This is the only professional karting center in the Crimea that hosts world-class competitions.

Best beaches in Evpatoria: Central beach, Cote d’Azur, Royal, Robinson and Rodnichok.

What to see in Evpatoria: synagogues, churches and mosques, an aquarium and dolphinarium, park “The Lost World”, a park of miniatures, Frunze Park, a zoo. Do not forget to take a ride on the famous Evpatoria streetcar, which has also become an iconic landmark of the city. This is a sightseeing streetcar, which takes tourists to the most authentic places of the city.

Lodging in the resort Evpatoria

Alushta Resort

Do you know what attractions of Alushta will make you get up from your loungers and go on a tour? There are several of them. But first on the list, we would designate a walk to the amazing and most powerful waterfall Jur-Jur. “Eternally gurgling” (so translates its name) natural monument leaves the tourists who have been here, the most vivid impressions. What about the Valley of Ghosts? No, you won’t see any flying ghosts here. But you will be lucky to see bizarre stone figures created by the forces of nature. No less unique natural sight, which is located in the vicinity of Alushta, – stone mushrooms. This is not a man-made glaciated boulders, about the origin of which geologists are still arguing.

Do you think that’s all Alushta can amaze? How would not! Do not forget that the city can boast and luxurious beaches. However, the golden soft sand here is not found. Covering the beaches of Alushta – gray shale sand, which has an incredible amount of curative properties, which will not leave you indifferent. After all, we come to rest not only to rest, but also to improve health. Alushta offers a large selection of sanatoriums and resorts, as well as hotels for independent travel. Most beaches of the resort are public.

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Crimean resorts

Comfortable place to rest in Alushta every tourist will find. Family vacationers like to stay in the city center, within walking distance – the coast of Professors Corner. This is the most equipped and comfortable beach with a gentle entrance to the water and gentle clear sea. Those who can not imagine their vacation without a night of adventure, will appreciate the central beach resort and Laskovy Beach embankment Alushta. Lover of secluded vacation will be glad to rent a cottage in a cozy resort village Semidvore near Alushta.

The best beaches of Alushta: beach Professor’s Corner, children’s beach, the VIP-shore at the hotel “Riviera”, the Azure Coast, the Central Beach.

What to see in Alushta: City embankment, Alushta Museum of Regional History, Dzhur-Jur Waterfall, Valley of Ghosts, Almond Grove Water Park, Alushta Dolphinarium and Aquarium.

Lodging in Alushta Resort

Sevastopol Resort

Sevastopol – not just a resort town, but also a museum city: it has more than 1500 attractions. Most of them are historical monuments from the times of the Crimean and Patriotic wars. A symbol of Sevastopol and a reminder of the heroism of its residents is a monument to sunken ships. It was installed in memory of sunken ships, which blocked the entrance to the bay during the invasion of the Anglo-French naval squadron. However, for history lovers in Sevastopol there is a lot to see: museums of military glory, memorials, the Valley of Death, Balaclava. Why not to combine pleasant resort rest with extraction of useful knowledge?

Let’s pass from the cultural program to summer vacation. The beaches of Sevastopol are beautiful and picturesque. Do not concede the appearance and their names – Jasper, Silver, Crystal, Marble. You will be surprised by the variety of coastal territory: there are sandy, pebble, mixed and shell beaches. One thing is unchangeable: excellent infrastructure, a lot of entertainment for all tastes and ages, warm sea, which is sheltered from the winds by cozy bays.

Crimean resorts

Another famous Crimean object, Cape Fiolent, impresses with the austere beauty of its majestic rocks. Today it belongs to the nature sanctuaries. On the territory of the cape the mountain slopes are combined with the sea territory. Wild and steep cliffs with precipices are overgrown with diverse plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book. Staying in Sevastopol or its surroundings, be sure to visit Cape Fiolent, which looks majestic and unapproachable.

In Sevastopol the best beaches are: Crystal, Silver, Jasper, Detskiy, Sandy, Omega beach, Uchkuevka and Lyubimovka neighborhoods near Sevastopol.

The museums of military glory, Grafskaya Wharf, Nakhimov Square, and the Monument to Sunken Ships are all places to see in Sevastopol. Tourists with children should go to the dolphinarium of Sevastopol, the sea aquarium museum (one of the oldest in the world) and open water park.

Lodging in the resort of Sevastopol

Sudak resort

Sudak and its surroundings are one of the most picturesque places in the Crimea. Even if you associate vacation with lazy lying by the sea, some natural attractions of the resort to miss.

The main attraction of Sudak – the ancient Genoese fortress. Here are never overgrowth tourist path, because the crowds of tourists, organized excursions or on their own initiative, rushing to get to the top of the mountain, and capture the ancient fortress in memory. The fortress has survived only partially, but it does not prevent it to host knightly tournaments, concerts and historical festivals.

In addition, the city has many interesting museums, there are memorial houses, entertainment clubs, several picturesque parks and squares, a cozy embankment, which has become a favorite place not only for tourists but also for locals. In short, in Sudak, you can not only get a good tan and taste the charms of resort life, but also to look at the natural beauty in plenty.

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Crimean resorts

Let’s move on to the beaches. Most of the resort beaches are pebbly or sandy. They are perfect for a holiday with children. Lovers of active recreation and leisure will not be bored here: the central beaches of the city live a rich musical life, and at night open the doors of clubs and bars. Divers can enjoy the delights of the underwater world in the waters near Cape Alchak. This is another natural object of Sudak, one of the most beautiful capes in Crimea. It attracts tourists with its picturesque views and ecologically clean coastline. There are water park and beautiful wild beach in Sudak at the foot of the mountain.

Best beaches in Sudak: Central, Malibu, Mojito, Kolhozny beach, the territory of boarding houses and camps. For a secluded vacation head to Cape Alchak, where you’ll find a lot of quiet wild beaches.

What to see in Sudak: the Genoese fortress, a new embankment of the city, the Cypress Alley, the Museum of History of Sudak, tasting wineries, dolphinarium and water park.

Lodging in the resort Sudak

Theodosia Resort

One of the warmest and sunniest resorts of Crimea – the city of Feodosia – is ready to take tourists from early June. During this period, the water is quite warm, and the sea is gentle and clean. Here you will easily find a cozy beaches for family holidays – closer to the center of the city in quiet bays. If you choose an active holiday and looking for night adventures, it is better to make a stop near the main streets of the city. For an independent and secluded vacation Feodosia offers to stop at the wild beaches of the resort, and an organized vacation is easy to spend on private therapeutic beaches Feodosia.

Feodosia is not inferior to Sevastopol and the landmarks of the southern coast of Crimea in the number of historical sites. There are a lot of medieval temples and towers, an ancient fortress Kafa, and ancient mansions. Here is well-known far beyond the Crimea Aivazovsky Picture Gallery. The famous artist was born and lived in the resort town, where he created his talented paintings.

Crimean resorts

In Feodosia there is the most famous and interesting historical attraction – the Genoese fortress Kafa. If you want to visit the fortress you better have a guide, who will tell you the whole story and draw your attention to the most interesting parts of the construction. Among the interesting museums of the city – the museum of local history, the museum of underwater archeology, the museum of Alexander Grin, the creator of the romantic story “Scarlet Sails”. By the way, there is also the Scarlet Sails beach in Feodosia. In spite of the fact that we did not meet there young Assol and her betrothed, the beach has seemed to us the most cosy and grateful in the city. We advise to visit!

Best beaches in Feodosiya: First City Beach, Pearl Beach, Children’s Beach, Scarlet Sails, Bounty Beach, Atlantic Beach, Pebbles Beach.

What to see in Feodosia: the Genoese fortress of Kafa, the Aivazovsky Picture Gallery, the Armenian Fountain, the Tower of Constantine, Stamboli`s Palace, numerous museums and temples of the city.

Lodging in Feodosia resort

Crimean resorts on the map

We offer you a map of the Crimea, with a map of hotels in popular resorts. Let it be at your fingertips and become a great guide to the most memorable places of the Crimea.

At this point our grand tour of the Crimean resorts has come to an end. We are left to wish you a great vacation and unforgettable travels in this amazing peninsula, which gives tourists a lot of picturesque places and resort entertainment.

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Resorts of the Crimea.

All-Russia health resort, national riviera, order on the chest of the Earth – all this is about the Crimea. For centuries people have sought this place because of the fertile climate and geographical location, and for the possession of the peninsula was fierce wars.

Resorts of the Crimea is beautiful at any time of year. Mild snowless winter, warm sea without dangerous creatures for humans, an abundance of fresh fruits, even in the off-season, clean healing air and stunningly beautiful nature. All this makes resorts of the Crimea an ideal place for a holiday in 2022. Come stay with the whole family!

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New World









Where to stop in the Crimea

Hotel “Atlantis”

Aquamarine Resort & SPA

Hotel Cipresso*4

Guest House “Triera

Aileron” Mini Hotel

Gurzuf Riviera Hotel

Hotel Mriya Resort & SPA

Eco-hotel “Levant

Ribera Medical & SPA

Health Resort “Saki

Holiday Hotel “Sun Valley

Rest house “YASNO

Hotel and restaurant complex “E.V.A.

Sanatorium “Dolossy

Hotel More Spa & Resort

Nature Clinic

Best beaches

Crimean beaches can be divided into three types: sandy, pebbly and rocky. The western and eastern coasts of the peninsula boast sandy beaches. The sand here is fine, yellow and very pleasant to the touch. And there is almost always a shallow sea – you can’t think of a better place for recreation of children and older people. The most popular resorts with sandy beaches are Evpatoria and its suburbs (Shtormovoye, Molochnoe, Uyutnoe, Pribrezhnoye, Novofedorovka), Sevastopol, Kacha, Uchkuevka, Sandy, Feodosia, Kerch, as well as the Azov coast and Arabatskaya arrow.

Pebble beaches are the pride of the Southern coast of Crimea. They are not wide and covered with different sized pebbles, rolled by the waves. Best resorts are Yalta, Gurzuf, Alushta, Rybachie, Malorechenskoe, Simeiz, Partenit.Stony beaches – a pile of boulders, going into the sea. This is a legacy of the ancient rockfalls. Such places are perfect for good swimmers and diving enthusiasts. Cape Tarkhankut (Chornomorskoye and Olenevka settlements), Alupka (Kamenny Chaos), Laspi and Foros will be a perfect match.

Victory Park Beach

Massandra Beach

Solaris beach

Central beach

Mojito” beach

Beaches Professor’s Corner.

Rest with children

Taking your child to the sea to improve its health before the busy school year is a sacred thing for every parent. What better way to relieve fatigue and stress, than the splashing warm sea waves and a lot of new experiences?

Resorts in the Crimea in 2022, offering numerous water parks, where you can ride the water slides and splash in the pools with sea water, though from morning till night. Sea walks, donkey rides in the picturesque Crimean mountains, countless excursions. And “Artek”! International Children’s Camp at the foot of the Bear Mountain, where every Soviet schoolchild dreamed of going. And, of course, there are a huge number of children’s resorts in the Crimea.

The best resorts for children in the Crimea by right are Saki and Evpatoria. Not only are numerous places of entertainment, and beaches are specially equipped for bathing little vacationers, but also a large number of health centers. For over a hundred years, this place is brought to treat children with cerebral palsy and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. There are unique healing mud, extracted from Saki and Evpatoria estuaries, as well as mineral water, which you can drink from the pump room.

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