Croatia or Montenegro – where to vacation better

Croatia VS Montenegro: where to go on vacation?

“Croatia or Montenegro?” – A dilemma that torments many travelers. tripmydream broke down all the pros and cons of holidays in these countries, so that you could more easily decide on the desired destination.

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Where to stay in Croatia?

There are standard hotels, mid-range and luxury, boutique hotels. Due to the fact that Croatia is among the member countries of the European Union, all its resort arsenal is aimed at serving guests from Europe. Service there is on a fairly high level. And the prices also correspond to this level. The cost of accommodation in a 3-star hotel starts from €60-70 (for two people). Staying at a 5-star hotel starts from €230.


There are not so many variants for budget travelers in Croatia – hostels or modest apartments in guest houses. Accommodation for two people starts from €35-40.

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In Montenegro, the private sector is more actively “yoked” in the battle for tourists, and here a more popular option for overnight are private villas. You can either live with the hosts, who will take care of your meals, or stay on your own. The cost of living in private apartments at the 3-star level – from €25-30.


Hotels in Montenegro are cheaper than in Croatia, for example, a room for two in a 3-star hotel will cost €35 and more. However, the service is unlikely to be fully consistent. At the same time there are high-class hotels with familiar names (Radisson, Hilton); accommodation prices start at €150.

Prices in Croatia and Montenegro

Prices in Croatia and Montenegro are different. Montenegro is not a large, independent, Slavic country, whose main tourist flow consists of citizens of CIS countries. Croatia is many times larger, and besides it is a member of the EU, which indicates a higher standard of living, and, accordingly, more tourists come here from European countries.


Briefly about the main price categories.

Nutrition. A solid and varied dinner for two in a café or a small restaurant in Montenegro can cost you €20-25, prices in establishments on the waterfront and in tourist spots are usually higher. You can also eat fast food for €5-7, pastry costs from €1, desserts – from €2-3.

Good dinner in Croatian restaurants with traditional Mediterranean cuisine and a glass of wine for two will cost from €35-40. A light lunch at a café will cost €10-20, a coffee with dessert can be had for €5 and more.

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Transport. Travelling around the country between cities and to famous sights of Montenegro by bus or train will cost from €2-3 up to €6-7, by boat to islands – from €3. You may rent a car from €12-30 per day, petrol costs from €1,2 per liter.

Public transport in Croatian cities costs from €1,3. Car rent costs from €35 up to €45 per day and insurance costs €5. Gasoline costs €1,5 per liter.

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Excursions in Montenegro.Group tours of Montenegro (to Lake Skadar, Mount Lovcen, river canyons) will cost from €25, individual tours – from €80. Of course, the price also depends on the distance and length of the tour. Entrance fees to museums and nature reserves start from €5.

Group tours in Croatia (Split, Krka nature reserve, Plitvice Lakes) start at €60, individual tours start at €120. It is important to keep in mind that the distances between attractions in Croatia are much longer. Boat trips with fishing – from €35.

Beaches in Montenegro and Croatia

All beaches of the Adriatic Sea delight with their cleanliness and warmth. It is necessary to say that both in Croatia and Montenegro the beaches are free, you must pay only for beach accessories (umbrellas, deck chairs, etc), if necessary.


And in Croatia and Montenegro are beaches marked by the blue flag, which guarantees exceptional cleanliness and safety of the coast. However, with that holidaymakers still like the beaches in Montenegro, because virtually all of them are sandy. In Croatia, most beaches are pebbly (Central Dalmatia) or even with concrete platforms (Istria). Pebble coast contributes to the purity of the sea water, but it is not very comfortable to be on it, and experienced travelers recommend to take rubber shoes. Sandy coasts can be found only in southern Dalmatia.

Attractions of Croatia

Many travelers who once or twice flew to Croatia only to swim and sunbathe, very mistakenly believe that the country is not so rich in sights. It is not so. Croatia is very big and all its attractions are evenly “scattered” over the territory: rivers, waterfalls, canyons, ancient cities, mountains, palaces and caves, national parks and many picturesque islands. To see all the incredible natural beauty of Croatia, as well as its small towns, will take more than one vacation.


Attractions of Montenegro

Montenegro benefits from its compactness. The country is small, and it is much more convenient and faster to travel and get acquainted with all its main beauties. Montenegro also has a large stock of natural attractions: mountain canyons, picturesque bays, rivers, waterfalls, lakes. It is impossible not to mention the picturesque small towns and ancient Orthodox shrines.

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What to see in Croatia?

At least 3 places for which everyone at least once, but must visit Croatia: Plitvice Lakes – a real natural treasure of Croatia and one of the most visited national parks in Europe, where incredible azure lakes, waterfalls, mountains and gardens await you; Diocletian’s Palace – one of the oldest architectural monuments under UNESCO protection, dating back to the times of the Roman Empire, and perfectly preserved to this day; Amphitheatre in Pula – majestic ancient amphitheatre, the sixth largest in the world, in the walls of which performances are still held today.


What to see in Montenegro?

A trip to Montenegro is always a great idea. It is absolutely worth to see: the Tara River Canyon, one of the biggest and greenest canyons in Europe, which looks like it came out of a picture; Mount Lovcen, the true symbol of the country, on the top of which is the mausoleum of Petar Negus, the main thinker of the country; Monastery Ostrog, the most important sacred place of Montenegro, the old monastery built into the rock, which gives it even more grandeur.

Mores and customs

As we have repeatedly mentioned, Croatia is an EU member country, and therefore the streets are cleaner, there are no beggars, and the order is carefully monitored. The comfort of holidaymakers is in the first place here, because tourism is one of the main income sources of the country. And Croats are more “Western” people, along with the respect for the law they have some inherent closed, so do not expect much hospitality.

Montenegro is somewhat behind in this respect. This is not to say that the country is drowning in mud, but the locals may well leave the trash where they want, but not where it is supposed to be. And here you can find the same street beggars.


And Montenegrins have an open mind. Here you will be glad to find the way and help, even if you did not ask. A large percentage of people, especially in tourist spots, can understand the Russian language. And if you stay at the guest house, at the villa with Montenegrins, you will truly know what the local hospitality is like.

So, the conclusion suggests itself: those who are looking for a comfortable and relaxing European vacation and are not going to save money on it will approach Croatia. If you want a good beach, want to save money and not to worry about the lack of cleanliness in the streets – choose Montenegro. A lot of attractions and experiences you have in each country.

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Croatia or Montenegro – where to vacation better

Which to choose Croatia or Montenegro?

Where to go on vacation – in Montenegro or Croatia? Prices for tours and hotels in 2022. Where is the best climate, beaches and sea. Where it is cheaper to rest and where there are more sights.


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Package tours to Croatia and Montenegro are popular with Russians. How much is a one-week trip for two with a flight from Moscow?

Prices for tours to Montenegro and Croatia, in rubles:

Montenegro Croatia
Hotel 1-2* 61 000 ₽ – Villa Ksenija Korac 62 000 ₽ – Astra Apartments
Hotel 3* 63,000 ₽ – Apartments Madra 63,000 ₽ – Resort Duga Uvala
Hotel 4-5* 73,000 ₽ – Sara Lux 74,000 ₽ – Studio Apartments Laguna Bellevue

Where is the cheapest holiday: Croatia or Montenegro? Croatia is considered one of the most expensive Balkan countries, so the tours there are more expensive than in Montenegro. The minimum prices in the table are almost the same, but in fact in Montenegro more often you can find inexpensive hot tours for 35-40 thousand rubles for two.

Tip . To save money, rest on the sea in the low season. From August 25 to September 5-10 due to the outflow of students and schoolchildren, the prices for tours decrease by 20-25%. Very nice prices for tours to both countries are in October: a week for two for 30-40 thousand.

Where to have a rest in Croatia or Montenegro

Perast resort in Montenegro (Photo: katarinayee /

Beaches and the sea

If you want to spend a summer vacation or the velvet season in coastal resorts, it is important to know as much as possible about the beaches and the sea.

Croatia. The Adriatic coastline of this country is about 1800 km long. Including the islands the coastline of Croatia exceeds 4000 km. Most beaches are pebble or concrete platforms. Many beaches are marked with an honorary Blue Flag. Croatia is considered a nudist paradise, so there are enough places for a secluded vacation.

Holidays in Croatia or Montenegro

Split (Photo: / @spencerdavis)

Montenegro. The length of the coastline of Montenegro is 293 km. The coastline is covered with pebbles and a mixture of sand and pebbles. There are concrete beaches and beaches with imported sand. At the beginning of the season it is poured on the ground, but by the end of the summer waves completely wash the sand into the sea.

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Where are the best beaches – in Croatia or Montenegro? The Adriatic Sea is clean, but there are not many sandy beaches on its shores. For a holiday with children in Croatia, ideally suited pebbly coast of Middle Dalmatia, sandy beaches in Dubrovnik, Nin lagoon, Medulin, on the islands of Dugi otok, Rab and in Prapratno. In Montenegro, nice sandy beaches are in Igalo, Becici, Rafailovichi and resorts Selyanovo and Donja Lastva, which are located in the suburbs of Tivat.

Where to go in Croatia or Montenegro

Beach Becici in Budva (Photo: / Natalia Semenova)

Weather and Climate

Croatia and Montenegro have a mild Mediterranean climate on the coast. At the height of summer, the water in the Adriatic Sea warms up to +24 … +26 ° C. In July and August, the coastal resorts are hot. During the day the thermometer rises to +29 … +33 ° C.

Where is the best climate for holidays – in Croatia or Montenegro? Croatia is located to the north, so in Montenegro is 2-3 ° C warmer.

Where is the warmer sea in Croatia or Montenegro?

Wind generators near Niksic in Montenegro (Photo: / @appolinary_kalashnikova)

Prices for vacations

Croatia and Montenegro are neighbors, but the costs of holidays in these countries are different.

Accommodation prices. The level of service in Croatia is high, and accommodation is more expensive than in Montenegro. It is not only about hotels 3-5*, but also about budget mini-hotels and gesthouses. In Montenegro there are luxury hotels 5 *, but they are few, and they are expensive. The cheapest options offer owners of private villas and apartments.

Prices per double room in Croatia and Montenegro in the peak tourist season:

Croatia Montenegro
Hotel 1-2* 36 € – Eros Rooms 32 € – Orlovic
Hotel 3* 46 € – Divna Apartment 38 € – Apartments Victory Tivat
4* Hotel 50 € – Apartman Hajdo Rijeka Centar 40 € – Apartment Stanovcic
5* Hotel 118 € – Luxury Apartments Dubrovnik 72 € – CentreVille Hotel & Experiences
Guest house 20 € – Sweet apartment with garden near Opatija 13 € – Guest House Vukovic Podgorica

Food Prices . In Croatia the average bill in a cafe for two people is 14-20 €. A dinner for two in a cheap restaurant costs 28-35 €. At daytime visitors are offered lunch for 13-15€. It consists of an appetizer, main course, coffee and dessert. In Croatia there are many fast-food places where lunch costs 5,5-6 €.

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Food in Montenegro is cheaper. Breakfast in a cafe for two will cost 8-12 €, and dinner at a budget restaurant – 20-26 €.

Where to go for a holiday in Croatia or Montenegro

Pleskavica (Photo: / Igor todorovski)

Prices for excursions . In Croatia, a sightseeing tour around Dubrovnik costs €40, a trip to Krka National Park costs €60, and a day trip to Venice costs €75. In Montenegro a monastery tour will cost 30 €, a boat trip to Boko Kotor Bay 25 €, a trip to Lake Skadar 35 €, and a day trip to Albania 40 €.

Prices for transport rentals . To rent a compact car at Tivat Airport in Montenegro costs €27-32 a day, a medium car €35-45 and an SUV €36-90. In Croatia the rent of a car of the economy class with the insurance costs 40-50 € per day.

Where do you spend your holidays – in Croatia or Montenegro? Leisure in Croatia is more expensive for all items of expenditure.

Where to go on holiday in Croatia or Montenegro

Dubrovnik, Croatia (photo: Mathieu Breizh /


Croatia is famous for Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park, oyster plantations and architectural monuments in Dubrovnik, Split, Pula, Umag and Poreč.

Montenegro. Tourists enjoy visiting Lake Skadar, the monasteries of the Budva Riviera, the Montenegrin wineries and the beautiful Bay of Kotor.

Where is more interesting – in Croatia or Montenegro? Both countries have beautiful nature and many historical sites. At the resorts offer tours with Russian-speaking guides. Visits to islands in the Adriatic Sea, nature reserves, ancient cities, castles, monasteries and neighboring states are popular among holidaymakers.

Holidays in Montenegro and Croatia

Durmitor National Nature Park in Montenegro (Photo: / @dejan_kide)

Where is better – in Croatia or Montenegro

Where to go on holiday in 2022 – to Montenegro or Croatia? Each of the countries has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Croatia and Montenegro like everyone who appreciates beautiful nature, good environment, delicious national cuisine and loves active tourism. In both countries hotel service is inferior to the Turkish. Animation is offered only in hotels of international chains, and there are few water parks and attractions.

Croatia is a member of the European Union, so it is targeted at tourists from Europe. To visit this country Russians need a visa, but with a multi-schengen it is not required. Small Slavic Montenegro receives guests from Russia and the CIS countries without visas.

If you are interested in higher standards of service, cleanliness in the streets and lack of beggars, it is better to choose Croatia. For a holiday by the sea, it is worth going to Montenegro.

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