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In the woods dense, in the steep mountains is hail, almost secret. Where the rivers Svratka and Svitava merge, the city called the capital of the Moravian mountains is Brno. A city that has belonged to itself for eight centuries. Around it changed.

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Irina Czech Republic , Prague February 2016

From the area of the oldest streets and squares, the hike continued to the younger in age and centuries. The city seems to flow down from the spurs of the Moravian mountains, the two hills where the city’s dominants, the Špilberk Fortress and the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, stand; and float into the sov.

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Oksana Vdovenko Austria , Bridge January 2020

For me the travel agency StarTour is known as very reliable and completely fulfills its obligations to the client – have used its services more than once. It was very nice to know that even after years it is still the same! Our referral.

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Alina Czech Republic , Prague November 2019

Good day to you all! I want to tell you about our family trip to Prague. We went in November. We flew from St. Petersburg, flight time was 2 hours and about 15 minutes, landed in Pardubice. So it took us two hours to get to Prague.

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AlexandraRomano Czech Republic , Prague August 2019

Hi all, I want to share my experience of traveling independently to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. I should point out right away that we have been to this place twice. The first time we decided to stay in a hotel of a budget level. But during the second trip we realized that it was the best value for money.

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Irina Czech Republic , Prague August 2019

Great joy to be in Prague again. The trip was with an organized tour, so walked again on the most trodden tourist trails. The city had its own interest, and a bus with a free excursion to Prague came up.

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Irina Czech Republic , Prague August 2019

The town of Loket is like a frame in which a castle on a rock is inscribed. The settlement around the castle and arose to serve the lords in the castle. But the town itself is also attractive for its miniaturization, colorful houses in the historical part. The place.

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Irina Czech Republic , Prague August 2019

Went to the town of Loket on my own by public transport and managed 5 hours from departure from Karlovy Vary and arrival back. And the castle is small, and the town, or rather its historical part, is quite tiny. Autob.

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Irina Czech Republic , Prague August 2019

The luxurious nature of the Czech Republic attracts many tourists from all over the world. The northwest of the Czech Republic has even been nicknamed the Czech Switzerland, for the abundance of high mountains, rushing rivers and dense forests. Many millions of years ago on .

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

If you have explored the spa town of Karlovy Vary up and down, bypassed all the trails in the woods, all the excursions have been visited, there remains a secret place, which is known only in the country of “Detland” and the local inhabitants.

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Irina Czech Republic , Prague August 2019

Will be in Karlovy Vary “volens not volens” visit its central bus stop Tržnice. In Russian it corresponds to the word Torzhische, which existed on this spot. Even now there is – opposite the bus stop super.

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

Alexander Dumas said that “a story is a novel that happened in reality. We can paraphrase about Karlovy Vary that a fairy tale was brought to life here. The city of Karlovy Vary is also unusual for its history, which was made .

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

To the choice of a hotel before a trip to Kalovy Vary should be especially carefully prepared. It would seem better to choose hotels right on the waterfront in Karlovy Vary. Judging by the reviews on the Internet, there will not be any own territory at such.

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

Up from the Market Colonnade is an area that used to be considered the most aristocratic place in Carlsbad – WESTEND, similar to Westend in London. In the past, it was settled here mostly by English holidaymakers, hence the .

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

At a busy crossroads, where not only the roads diverge in different directions, but also the river Teplá finally diverges, picking up speed to merge with the Ohře River, stands a monumental post office building. The post office was built in 1903 by an architect.

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

Vacationers don’t just drink water, they’re also prescribed motions. The Karlovy Vary tradition of health walks is over a hundred years old. A number of routes, divided into three groups according to the degree of difficulty, have sprung up around the city.

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

Karlovy Vary is very pleasant to walk around. Both on the embankments along the Tepla River and on the forest terrainkuras. The air itself here is a delight, the first thing that “offended” me when I returned home was the unpalatable air. When I used to breathe it day after day, it.

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Irina Czech Republic , Karlovy Vary August 2019

The spa town is located in the gorge of the river Tepla. The local picturesque landscape of water, rocks and forests attracted the attention of people not only the sources, but also the beauty. Gaining strength after a few days of rest, went on a hike to the other side of the Sta.

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Irina Czech Republic , Prague August 2019

Before every meal, spa-goers make a friendly trip to the watering hole at the springs. If you want to make an appointment, make an appointment at a specific spring, it’s hard to miss looking. Everyone is prescribed for morning, afternoon, evening .

Czech Republic – reviews of tourists

Is it worth to go to the Czech Republic and what is it famous for? Is it safe to travel in the country alone? Is it suitable for a family vacation? Czech Republic – reviews of the country, its cities and attractions, pros, cons and personal impressions, as well as recommendations for obtaining a visa and other tips and tips from experienced travelers.

Most tourists firmly associate the Czech Republic with Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Pilsen beer, and, perhaps, roasted pork knuckle. And rightly so (now I mean beer and pork knuckle). But popular tourist towns, no matter how beautiful they are are not the whole Czech Republic.

And here I want to talk about not so well known and not too much visited by tourists Czech hinterland.

So, my route I started in Prague, took the bus to Pilsen, where I made a short stop to pay tribute to the local beer.

That was the end of the big cities, and then came the small provincial towns and the real countryside.

Here was Preštice, where I decided to walk to the village of Svihov with the castle of the same name, and then go back.

In total, we had to overcome about 35 km.

The area around us was extremely picturesque.

Agricultural work had already begun in the fields.

From time to time fat hares jump out of the bushes and run away with all their might.

It is the end of March and the temperature is seventeen degrees – beautiful!

In the evening I reached Shvichov and spent the night in the woods on the nearest hill.

Night panorama of the castle.

The same castle early in the morning.

The morning fog added a slight mystical touch to an already colorful area.

There were frosts at night, by the way, so the grass was covered with frost and steam was coming out of my mouth.

Here is the ancient cemetery, now completely abandoned.

And that and the castle itself.

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Shvihov Castle is a typical medieval defensive structure – ascetic, austere, surrounded by a ditch with water. It was built in late Gothic style at the end of the 15th century.

It is one of the three best preserved water castles in Bohemia.

It’s an imposing structure. I liked it very much. We could not get inside due to the early morning.

After passing through the village, I again find myself on the highway.

The next point – the castle Roupov. Unlike its colleague, this one is in a derelict condition. It is not very similar to a castle, rather, it can be called a fortress.

In the village, which is near the castle, I managed to visit a real village pub.

You know, the kind where the locals go for a couple of beers.

No one, of course, does not understand English. At first they stared at me like I was a wonder, but then they got used to it.

It turned out to be a very cozy and atmospheric place – nothing like the always crowded and noisy tourist bars in Prague.

Another night in the woods, and another foggy morning – an unexpected meeting with a herd of roedeer.

Ended the hike by wandering for a couple of hours with a metal detector in the vicinity of the village. The result is on the photo. Among the interesting things – a pair of Austrian Hallers of the end of 19th century.

In general, this part of the trip was no less interesting than the walks through the streets of beautiful Prague.

Very cool review! A completely different Bohemia, just awesome) Especially liked the photos in the fog, really, so mystical. )

5 days in the Czech Republic: the best sights

First impressions: the Czech Republic is really an amazing country with a rich culture, history, architecture and nature. On this trip, I fell in love with the Czech Republic and got a taste of the beautiful nature. By the end of the trip I knew I wanted to stay again.

Off to the Czech adventure.
  • Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a must-see in Central Europe. One look at the Charles Bridge made me spend over 15 minutes admiring it. I know that most tourists come to Prague, are there on day trips. They arrive in the morning and leave in the evening. But I don’t like that option, it sounds like sheer torture. Stay at least 2 days to appreciate the beauty of Prague to enjoy the Czech beer.
  • Of Prague, I thought for a long time what to choose Pilsen or Kutna Hora. Both of these cities are not far from Prague.
  • I chose the first option to continue my trip. Pilsen is located 90 km west of Prague. The locals love it for its Pilsner beer. I visited the Pilsen Brewery Festival to learn more about the history of beer. In addition to the brewery, I had time to admire the Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, the Great Synagogue. I even had time to visit the historic underground. And all these places the townspeople told me. I think that a country is always represented by its people. If it laughs with tourists, it will also cry with them.
  • I did end up in Kutna Hora some time later. The location is a bit strange, the east surprised me. We are talking about the “bone church”. The history of the attraction is not for children. In 1870, a local stacked bones in a crypt and decorated the monastery with skulls and hips, with a giant chandelier of human bones as the centerpiece. There is no limit to human insanity. In addition to the bone church, Kutna Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is a prime example of Gothic art. I slept restlessly after such a busy day in the Czech Republic. But life as well as the journey went on.
  • My trip continued south toward Hluboka nad Vltavou . It turned out I was on my way to visit the most beautiful castle in the country. The baroque castle in the 18th century was reconstructed in a romantic style. It looked quite unusual, given the change of style. I walked for about an hour through the gardens of the castle, admiring another castle. There are no problems with the cuisine in the country, it is very easy to find a cafe for lunch. Therefore, it is impossible to go hungry in the Czech Republic in any case. Next stop was Ceske Budejovice, the capital of the South Bohemian region and a great place to get acquainted with the local food. I visited another Budweiser Budvar brewery. I noticed a strange pattern: in locations with beer the locals are more cheerful and talkative, although also sober.
  • After tasting the local beer, I moved on to Holašovica . It looked like a small historical village, which, despite its quaint and charming style (similar to the baroque), is full of tears of the past. I am grateful to the locals for their candor even in such a sad story. In the 16th century, Holašovice was nearly destroyed by the bubonic plague. Only two inhabitants survived, and that was it. In the following centuries, until the 1900s, the village became home to the German-speaking community. Today, the location is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an example of a traditional European folk village. It’s that moment when beauty hides an incredible pain that lasts centuries.
  • The next day I found myself in Cesky Krumlov. I stayed in a nice place called Penzion Panorama. One night cost 13 euros. I enjoyed walking around the old town. The tour was very dynamic and athletic. The next day I went for a hike through the Blansky forest. Cesky Krumlov is located right in the center of the Blansky Forest Reserve. It is perfect for hiking in the surrounding area. It’s good that I took sneakers on the trip, I just can’t go anywhere without them. In the information center I bought a card of Cesky Krumlov, to visit the museums. I recommend you to buy it too, it was really useful. I started the tour with Cesky Krumlov Castle. Then went to the Minorites monastery. In Cesky Pernika managed to find unusual souvenirs for my loved ones. Across the road, the Egon Schiele Art Center was waiting for me. I have a lot of emotions and inspiration left after this sacred place. A great day ended with beer and local food at a restaurant by the river.
  • I was advised to try the Czech soup with garlic – colorful and hearty. By the way, I had time to ride the cable car from Krasetin station near the village of Goloubov. I went down from the top, admiring the picturesque countryside on the way. One day I went to the village of Trisov, 9 km northeast of Český Krumlov. The best place in the location was Divci Kamen. It looked like the ruins of a Gothic castle from the 14th century.
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As I’m sure you realized, 5 days in the Czech Republic is not enough time to travel. But it’s a good start, now there is a reason to return. The main thing is to see in advance what the weather will be in the region where you are going. I’ve been caught up a couple of times with rain and thunder, but the experience is not spoiled. In the Czech Republic it is worth going not only to Prague, but much further. If you like to taste beer, the country has prepared for you at least two breweries with excellent tours. Camping in the Czech Republic is quite raspatronny practice, so take comfortable shoes. In some places it is worth going only with the locals, so as not to get lost. Even if you do not know Czech you will help in any way they can. Although the language at some points is not complicated, you can understand what he is talking about. The locals themselves sometimes noticed that I was a tourist. Therefore, came up, asking where I move, how to help me. Prices are fairly average, even lower than in some European countries. Therefore, I did not have to save money. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the local, it should be noted, delicious cuisine. I will go back to the Czech Republic again, I think not even alone.

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