Dagomys troughs and tea plantation

Dagomys: routes around sights

Any vacation requires a competent organization. In Sochi, most tourists are faced with this: there are a lot of interesting sites, and time for leisure, as a rule, is not very much. This is why I want to plan my itinerary so as to visit as many interesting places as possible on one trip.

This weekend I just had a very interesting and enjoyable, in every sense, trip to the area around Dagomys.

I was able to visit the birthplace of Krasnodar tea – Solokh-Aul, as well as the famous Tea terems in Uch-Dere and Dagomys troughs.

Now I will tell you in details about all these sights.

Itinerary of Dagomys sights

First, a few words about Dagomys.


On the approaches to it, you can see the remains of tea plantations on the slopes along the road (there’s no other way to say it!). Once upon a time there were huge plantations of the crop.

Nowadays tea place on these hills is occupied by modern (and not very) hotels:

The village of Dagomys is located in the Lazarevsky district of the Sochi resort. It is only 12 km or five minutes by electric train from the center of Sochi.

Dagomys attracts those who want to relax in Sochi in the summer, but not at Sochi prices and without the Sochi vanity.

The beaches of Dagomys even in high season are usually a little less crowded than the beaches of central Sochi or Adler.

And the sea! It was of such an emerald color that I could not remember even in summer! We stopped at the observation point for 5 minutes, took photos and videos:

Tea Houses in Uch-Dere.

Just 5 minutes drive from Dagomys, in a place called Uch-Dere, there is a recommended tourist attraction – Tea Houses. This is one of those attractions of Sochi, a visit to which will bring pleasure to both adults and children. Well, it is not difficult to find it – right on the road there is a sign:

signpost to ChD

The pointer to the Tea Houses is right on the highway

After turning from the road according to the signpost we drove through the narrow streets of Uch-Dere village. There are signs to the Tea Houses there too. So do not get lost. The last 200 meters it is even pleasant to walk on a shady path lined with stones. The complex stands on a mountain, at an altitude of 302 meters above sea level, and from the viewing platforms on the way to the Tea Houses are picturesque panoramas of the Black Sea and the Main Caucasus Range.

Panorama from the Uch-Dere

Panorama on the way to the Tea Houses

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Finally, an astonishingly beautiful wooden terem emerges from behind the trees, recreating the dwelling of a wealthy merchant and reflecting the original culture of Russia.

Tea House

The tea house is an example of wooden architecture

The excursion complex was opened in 1979 when the main house was built. It was conceived specially to receive foreign guests, so that they could get acquainted with the culture of Russian tea drinking. However, not foreigners will also find it interesting to visit such interiors, as if they had descended from the pages of Pushkin’s fairy tales:

Tea-house in Uch-Dere

The hall with a tiled fireplace, wooden benches and tables… I wish I was wearing a sarafan and kokoshnika!


Even the furniture is painted as Khokhloma…

While you see this terem and listen to the guide’s story about Krasnodar tea and Russian tea-drinking traditions, you will be served tea in the house or – if the weather allows – on the open veranda. Such hospitality costs 400 rubles per person.

We were extremely lucky with the weather on that day, and we, as well as other visitors, preferred to be treated to tea from authentic samovars with hot pies, jam made of exotic fruits (figs, feijoa), honey and nuts outdoors.


Now that’s what I call a tea party!

Read more about the history of creation and working hours here: Sochi Tea Houses: Tasty and Interesting

And after a delicious tea party, we get back in our car and drive to the next place we have planned for the day – the Dagomys troughs.

Dagomys troughs.

In general, this place is better to see once to understand why troughs and why it is worth to come here:

I have a more detailed story about it here: Dagomys troughs Sochi: how to get there, description, photos

It takes us 30 minutes to see them. You have to pay for the visit – 100 rubles (but in low season you can often do without it).

Along the same road, which leads from Dagomys to the troughs, we go further, deep into the gorge. Our way goes to Solokhaul .

Solokhaul .

But it will take you much longer to get to Solokhaul.

The road to Solokhaul is serpentine, so those who get carsick on the serpentine will not be very comfortable. However, it’s not too far to go, and you can make a few stops on the way. For example, on the observation deck at the restaurant “At the End of the Earth”.

on krayu zemli

“On the edge of the earth”: a beautiful view, alas, is not saved by the absence of half of the dishes on the menu…

Winter holidays in Lago-Naki, Adygea. Is it worth to go

From here you have a great view of the valley of the River Shah. Photos do not convey what the eyes see…

panorama Shahe

Panorama of the Shakhe River valley from the serpentine to Solokh-Aul.

From here it’s only a 5-7 minute drive to Solokhaul.

Solokhaul is famous for several attractions.

One of them is Holy Cross Monastery. Located on the mountain, which offers an excellent view of the surrounding area. According to the stories of old-timers, there were hermit monks who used to live here before the revolution. This monastery, founded in 1997, was designed in a similar way to the monasteries on Mount Athos, as the nature itself and the landscape of the area made it difficult to reach. This we have seen in our own experience.

Monastyr Soloh-aul

Holy Cross Monastery in Solokh-Aul.

To be honest, I was expecting something more from a visit to the monastery. None of the brethren did not condescend to talk about their monastery, although I turned to several monks with this request. And they didn’t allow me to take pictures either. So, after visiting the chapel, we left the monastery.

It was much more pleasant to just stroll around the monastery. Beautiful nature, which no one forbade to take pictures, was like a temple of the Creator:

Svyatoi istochnik

Nature on the outskirts of Solokh-Aul.

Very close to the monastery you can and should visit the source in honor of the Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon.

Panteleimon's spring

Entrance to the source of Panteleimon

There are fonts built on it. At Christmas and Epiphany, according to our driver, there is no shortage of people who come here to bathe in the holy water. I did not take a dip and just washed in ice-cold water.


The source of St. Panteleimon near the monastery.

And we went to the next point of interest of Solokh-Aul – house-museum of I.A.Koshman. It was thanks to this man that Solokh-Aul became famous once, because it became the birthplace of Russian tea, which was first planted and started to grow here by Judah Koshman in 1901.

Koshmana's house

I.A. Koshman House-Museum – another attraction of Solokh-Aul

More about this man I told here: Solokh-Aul, Sochi: a place for tea parties and adventures

However, you can explore his story yourself by visiting the Koshman House Museum.

Once inside, you find yourself in an absolutely homely atmosphere: all household items have been preserved in their places:

domik Koshmana

The Koshman House-Museum is more of a house than a museum. That is what makes it so valuable.

Only one room is something like a museum exhibit:

Koshmana House Museum

Koshman House-Museum in Solokh-Aul.

Next to the house is still the tea plantation that started it all. In the arbors, placed among the tea plantation, you will be offered to drink tea. You are also offered freshly baked pancakes and, of course, honey from the apiary, situated nearby.

Solokhaul - mountains, tea and delicious honey. How to get there, tips and photos

The smell coming from the kitchen was very appetizing indeed. But despite the month of October, there were a huge number of tourists (I can’t even imagine how many of them there are in summer…). And so we decided to have lunch at the restaurant “At the End of the World”. We were very impressed by the views from the open terrace…

And meanwhile we worked up an appetite, going deeper and deeper along roadsless road from Koshman cabin. Behind the next bend of the road a waterfall called Weeping Elephant opens before our eyes. Indeed if you look closely you can see the shape of a big elephant whose eyes are streaming like tears from the waterfall.


Weeping Elephant Falls: look closely…see?

We don’t dare to go further because the road is too narrow and broken and our minivan is not the best vehicle to drive there…

But we still have stopped on our way to restaurant at the shore of Shakhe river. Probably, there are a lot of people here in summer because it is very good place for picnic there – clean flat shore, beautiful rocks in front. Now only a couple of tourists near us shared our autumn-walking mood.

Shahe river

Shakhe river is nice in autumn too…

Here is the restaurant “At the End of the Earth”. We sit down at a corner table with a stunning view of the Shahe River valley. They bring us the menu. But here an unpleasant surprise awaits us – there is no lamb, no beef either… There are not many salads either. Probably, it is out of season, we decide and having put aside the menu we leave the restaurant empty-handed.

We go to the seashore when the orange disk of the sun touches the edge of the sea. The seaside is still very lively in the evenings, and the hangout spots have no shortage of customers. So in a restaurant on the beach in Dagomys are both salads, and lamb ribs, and good wine. On that solemn note, our trip to the sights of Dagomys ends.


What could be better after an interesting trip than a good meal?

Without collusion we all agree that October in Sochi is a great time to leisurely admire the beauties of the mountains, breathe the clear clear fresh air and simply escape from the fall depression to the still warm sea…

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This is such a historical and tasting route you can make during one day. If you want to repeat it, I can give you the phone number of a guide with a car, which will take you there. Write your wishes in comments.

Dagomys troughs.

Dagomys troughs

Dagomysskie Koryta is one of the main tourist attractions of Sochi. This picturesque place is located in the Sochi National Park, 9 km from the village of Dagomys.

Dagomys troughs are natural pools on the West Dagomys River. This picturesque place fascinates, enchants and falls in love. Koryta with the clearest water attracts tourists and locals to swim and sunbathe here.

Dagomys troughs

Dagomys troughs have a second name – Lakes of Love, about which there is a legend that you need to swim here with your loved one to make your dreams come true together. But the locals do not like to call their attraction the Lakes of Love, so for them this place remains Dagomys troughs.

So historically, the accent in the word “koryta” is put on the last “a”, thus the word is pronounced as “korytA”.

Excursion to Dagomys troughs

Many travel agencies offer group excursions to Dagomys troughs. Such an excursion is suitable for both adults and children. During the tour you can see the beautiful waterfalls, lakes, forests, also on the tour you can swim in the pools. Throughout this place installed gazebo and tables with benches, running a small cafe where visitors are offered a national cuisine.

In addition to the site itself, tours, as a rule, include a visit to the protected areas of Dagomys, the male monastery, the healing spring of healer Panteleimon, as well as a visit to the tea plantations.


As for bathing in Dagomys troughs, you can swim here at any time of the year. The only thing is that the water temperature is definitely higher in July and August. Water in other months is cool, and the air is filled with mountain freshness. You need to bring swimming gear, a towel and comfortable shoes.

Dagomys troughs

Attractions nearby

In the vicinity of Dagomys troughs, there are sights that are also worth visiting, coming here to rest.

National Park

Perhaps one of the most important sights is Cj, where the Dagomys troughs are located. The national park is represented by incredible beauty of nature, which is rich with numerous water reservoirs, colorful waterfalls, relief gorges, mysterious caves, as well as rare species of flora and fauna.

Dagomys troughs

Cross Pustyn Monastery

Not far from the troughs is the Monastery of the Cross Pustyn, which was opened in 1997 and has been a special place for the faithful ever since. In the temple there is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Troheruchitsa”. People come here to ask for healing of diseases.

Sochi in November 2022. Where to relax. Weather and reviews

Near the monastery is a holy spring of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, where there are two holy fonts, in which you can wash yourself. It is said that it helps to cure many diseases.

Tea Plantations

Another popular place in the area of Dagomys troughs are tea plantations, where you can learn how tea bushes grow, how tea is gathered, and what changes happen to the tea leaf before we buy it in the stores. The tour is followed by a tea tasting with pancakes and honey. And the tea houses themselves are presented in the original Russian style with paintings and lace.

Dagomys troughs

Origin and geography

Dagomys troughs appeared as a result of destructive currents in the layers of sedimentary rocks. Debris began to fall into the river, thereby blocking the channel. This is how the walls and cells that resemble troughs were formed. Over time, many of them appeared, each with its own size and depth. The river flows through the troughs from one to the other.

In this tranquil place nature itself attracts tourists because of its rocks, covered with moss, and evergreen rare plants. Among the trees here are oaks, chestnuts and other species that are included in the Red Book.

Rest at Dagomys troughs

Sufficiently developed infrastructure of the natural complex allows you to rest here in the most interesting way. In addition to visiting Dagomys troughs you can engage in active recreation. There are sports grounds, horseback riding, paintball, golf, water attractions, parachute jumps. Children are offered a playground and attractions.

Dagomys troughs


There are other services on the territory of Dagomys. For example, you can rent a gazebo with a barbecue and skewers. And for those who do not want to fry meat themselves, on the territory of the complex are open cafe, which offers a large selection of wines, cheeses and, of course, Dagomys tea.

Where to Stay

You can stay during the holiday period in the village of Dagomys, where there are guest houses and hotels. The price per day will depend on the room, service and other factors.

Dagomys troughs

How to get there

To get to Dagomys troughs, you need to take one of the following buses:

  • Bus: No. 145, 146, 154.

All three buses go from “Dagomys” stop and to the terminal stop “Altmetz”. Further it is necessary to rise on highway “Volkovskih partizan” up to the natural complex. To look at the scheme of buses you can follow the link.

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