Dominican Republic in November 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and Reviews

Holiday in the Dominican Republic in November

Learn about holidays in the Dominican Republic in November 2022. What do tourists say about the weather? Are there hurricanes and rain? Where best to vacation in November. Tips for holidays with children.


Air temperature

In November in the Dominican Republic begins the high season. There is no longer a strong heat: the air temperature during the day +30. +31 ° C during the day, and at night +20. +21°С. Of late fall reminds only a short daylight.

The resorts on the Caribbean coast are very sunny. In the north and east of the country the sky is more overcast. However, this is not a problem – you can get a good tan everywhere. In the tropics the sun is always active, so do not forget to use a good sunscreen.

Katerina: “We had a rest for a week in a warm tropical climate. The feeling is unforgettable. Somewhere out there in Moscow, with frost and snow, and we’re on an island with eternal summer, palm trees, ocean and exotic animals.

Eugene: “The temperature is always above +30°C. And the sea is almost the same.”

Table of air temperatures in November, day and night:

When t by day t at night
Beginning of November +29°С +22°С
Middle of November +28°С +22°С
End of November +28°С +23°С

Water temperature

In November, the sea in the Dominican Republic is warm. The water temperature is +27. +29 ° C, and swim pleasantly even the youngest children.

EvaMax: “The water temperature in the ocean is +28 ° C, swimming is a pleasure. The only drawback is the small waves and high humidity.

alyonushka35: “The ocean is warm, gentle, with waves on which children and adults frolic. Algae was almost out of the way. Due to the fact that the sand is very fine, the water near the shore is a little turbid.

The table of water temperature in November:

When water t
Beginning of November +29°С
Middle of November +28°С
End of November +28°С

What to wear to suit the weather

For going to the beach, walking and sightseeing in November in the Dominican Republic is enough to wear shorts, shirts and T-shirts. The difference between day and night temperatures reaches 10-11 ° C, so the evening promenade by the sea clothes with long sleeves are useful.

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Be sure to pack a sun hat and an umbrella. For hiking in the mountains need a sweatshirt, windbreaker, and sturdy athletic shoes.

Some campers have complained that the high humidity makes it hard for things to dry. Take with you spare swimsuits and beachwear sets.

Yana Smirnovskaya: “Punta Cana met with cloudless skies and heat. At night nothing changed. The thermometer showed +26 °С. I regretted for taking warm clothes”.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in November

Dominicus beach near Baiaibe, Caribbean Sea.

Precipitation and hurricanes.

Although November is the beginning of the dry season in the Dominican Republic, there are still storms and rains early in the month. Clear and sunny weather usually sets in during the second half of November.

Depending on the region, the number of days with precipitation varies from 5 to 10. More rain falls over the resorts of Puerto Plata and the Samaná Peninsula. The province of San Juan, the resorts of La Romana, Cap Cana, and Punta Cana receive the least rainfall.

In November 2022, the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes persists in the Dominican Republic. Natural disasters are rare. In recent years, only once has cloudy and rainy weather lasted for five days. According to tourist feedback, the downpours can be different.

Maria: “The rains were totally unexpected. We had to run to hide – 5 minutes, and everything is fine again.”

Maria: “We came to the Dominican Republic and were surprised: it was raining with unbelievable intensity. It rained for two days and the sun looked out only once in a while.

Rest in the Dominican Republic in November

Bad weather near Catalina Island (Photo: /

Where to rest in November in the Dominican Republic

Compared with August, prices for tours to the Dominican Republic in November increase by 10-15%. A week’s rest for two in a 3-4* hotel with breakfast costs from 140 thousand rubles.

If you like a cooler climate, choose resorts on the Atlantic coast of the country. Because of the north-eastern trade winds the air temperature here is 1-2 ° C lower.

The largest and most popular resort of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, in November attracts beach lovers and surfers. Located nearby Cap Cana attracts connoisseurs of expensive hotels and luxury services. Many natural and historical attractions can be found in the tourist area of Puerto Plata .

Transport in the Dominican Republic: rent a car, buses, cabs, shuttles

In November 2022 you can enjoy inexpensive vacation at the resort of Boca Chica, which is located 40 km from the capital of the Dominican Republic. Wonderful shallow bay is great for families with children. La Romana and Juan Dolio are popular budget resorts on the Caribbean coast. Nature lovers and lovers of peace and quiet prefer to spend a vacation on the protected Samaná Peninsula .

Tour prices for 11 days in the Dominican Republic in November 2022

Resort Price for two persons Example
Punta Cana from 142 000 ₽ Find Tours →
Cap Cana From 192,000 ₽ Find Tours →
Boca Chica From 128,000 ₽ Find Tours →
Juan Dolio From 128,000 ₽ Find Tours →
Samana from ₽154,000 Find Tours →
Puerto Plata from 118,000 ₽ Find Tours →
La Romana from 166,000 ₽ Find Tours →
Santo Domingo from ₽ 175,000 Find Tours →

Holidays with children in November

In November, parents with children willingly come to the Dominican Republic. To rest comfortably, we advise to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. Even if the sea waves rise, you and your child can always swim and sunbathe.

In the Dominican Republic there is something to show children. The National Botanical Garden of Santo Domingo has a beautiful flower festival in November. Visit the aquariums and amusement parks. Take the whole family to Santo Domingo, the capital city, and see dolphins at Dolphin Island Park.

Where to relax in the Dominican Republic in November

Holidays in the Dominican Republic are mainly beach holidays, children will spend a lot of time in the sun and in the water. Photo: pippocarlot /

Is it worth a vacation in November in the Dominican Republic

Sunny weather, warm sea and fine white sand – beach vacation in November in the Dominican Republic is good. There is already no strong heat, so it is nice to go on excursions. Popular trips to national parks, jeep safaris, rafting, boat trips and excursions to islands.

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Compared to October, the humidity is lower and it is easier to breathe. This weather is good for young children, older tourists and anyone who suffers from diseases of the bronchi, lungs, heart and blood vessels.

During the second half of November, the Dominican Republic has excellent conditions for water sports enthusiasts. Many surfers come to the northern resorts. In the fall, there is excellent winds and waves up to 6 meters high. Tourists go sailing, snorkeling and diving. The Pedernalis plateau, Cabo Falso cape, the dive sites at Las Chapas and the underwater caves near the Caribbean coast are great for diving.

Snow-white beaches of Punta Cana: What is the weather in the Dominican Republic in November 2022, water and air temperature after the rainy season

In November in our country, and in many European countries, it is already cold for a beach holiday. Therefore, tourists fly thousands of kilometers to bask in the sun and swim in warm sea water. But is it worth flying so far? Is it so nice there? For example, the weather in the Dominican Republic in November 2022 is changeable, and your holiday will depend entirely on it and on the wind, which may bring the clouds with showers. Water and air temperatures in local resorts are quite tolerable, but again, how will nature behave? Today we will tell you what awaits tourists in the Dominican Republic in late fall, how much it rains and whether it is worth flying so far to relax on the beach.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

And so, in the last month of fall, the weather in the region stabilizes. The rains are beginning to abate, the humidity is decreasing, and the sun is getting a lot more. Isn’t it a tourist’s paradise? In fact, everything is not so fast and there are a lot of downpours, which sometimes turn into a storm. But tourists are not frightened, and it begins to fill the hotels and sandy beaches. And here is why.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

As we have already said, the rains are much less. Their number decreases by a third and their duration is not as long. Usually it does not rain for more than two hours or even a few minutes in November. Most rain falls in Saman – up to 130 millimeters. And there are nine rainy days in a month. At the favorite resort of Russians in Punta Cana precipitation is about 75 millimeters, and it is 4-5 rainy days. The resort of La Romana has the least precipitation – no more than 60 millimeters. And it rains here just four days. In general, in the Dominican Republic in November, most of the rainfall falls in the first two weeks of November. And as a rule, the last two weeks of the month are dry without significant precipitation.

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As for daytime temperature, it is about the same everywhere. On average, the air during the day warms up from +29 to +34 degrees. Towards the end of the month the temperature may rise a little more and reach +36 degrees. But the humidity is already low, so it will be easy enough to endure the high temperature.

But at night the air cools down differently everywhere. The coldest in Santo Domingo, where the night is no higher than +21 degrees. And other resorts night warmer and the temperature does not fall below +25 degrees. At night you can walk in light clothing and admire the starry sky. Especially true in the second half of November, when the sky is not filled with clouds and the horizon is quiet.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

So we got to the most important thing – the temperature of the water in the sea. And, I must say, it’s amazing. Water is heated up to +28 degrees and you can already swim in it. At the same time the waves are becoming quieter and their number is also decreasing. There are often days when the sea is completely calm. Yes, these days are not very many, but they are. And believe me – it’s fascinating spectacle, when in front of the whole ocean is frozen, and it seems that it does not move!

What else? The sundial and the length of the daylight hours – here the day becomes shorter than the night. But it’s fair to say that sunrise and sunset are long, so it seems like nights are shorter than days. The sunset is beautiful, and after it for a long time you can watch the sun’s rays over the water and see the red outline of a hot star.

Where best to vacation in the Dominican Republic in November

Next look at the summary table with air and water temperatures in the resorts of the Dominican Republic and find out where the best place to rest in the country in November.

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Weather in the Dominican Republic in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

In general, going to the Dominican Republic in November, you should consider that the rains are still quite real, but their number significantly decreases. The weather stabilizes and the sea also becomes calm. The sun is shining for 7-9 hours a day and warms the tourists. All this leads to the fact that tourists arrive here in large numbers and begin to occupy hotels. Prices are slowly increasing and to save money, it is better to book a room in advance about six months before the trip.

The Dominican Republic in November: the weather and reviews of tourists.

“We vacationed in the Dominican Republic from November 11 to the 24th. The rain was once and then in the evening. During the day, the sun shone more often than there were clouds. The temperature is always above thirty heat. And the sea is almost the same. The prices are not too high yet and it was possible to allow to remove a normal room in hotels. I liked my vacation, I advise everybody”.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in November 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

“Upon arriving in the Dominican Republic on November 2, we were surprised: it was raining with unbelievable intensity. It rained for two days, and only occasionally the sun looked out. After a day of rain we had a cloudy weather, and then the rest began! After three days of waiting we got what we wanted. The sun was shining all day, the sea was calm and it was possible to bathe in it at least all day long. So if you come here on vacation, then closer to the end of November.

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